Massachusetts Gender Member Mishmash: Yes, Dorothy, We Do Have Traditional Gender Roles

carmenCarmen as a man?

In Massachusetts it seems if we question giving a man the role of Carmen or a man any role that we enjoy being normally played by a woman such as Juliet then perhaps we have a discriminatory view toward life. That is what the Massachusetts Commission against Discrimination (MCAD) is telling us. It says it  is the intent of the new law prohibiting gender discrimination.  We must treat every job as open to each gender.

The crazies have taken over. We are told we are acting with a discriminatory intent and trampling on the civil rights of others if we object to people who do not follow traditional gender roles, stereotypes, or cultural norms.

I happen to like the Opera Carmen. I have seen it many times. Carmen is usually a beautiful seductive lady who causes the corporal Don José to fall madly in love with her as she dances the provocative habanera after having a fight with another woman who worked with her at the cigarette factory. Throughout the opera she dances and lures men including the famous toreador Escamillo who arrived at Lillas Pastia’s Inn where Carmen escaped to. He sings the Toreador Song  while unable to take his eyes of off Carmen.

My Discussion With Donald Trump: An Insight Into His Thinking

p1030525As you can tell from the photograph on this page I did accept the invitation to visit our president-elect Donald Trump at his transition headquarters in New York City. The visit was supposed to be secret but an AP photographer called to me as I was going past two policeman. I stopped and turned back to see who called. He was there with his camera and took the shot above. Once I recognized the cat was out of the bag I figured the visit was no longer secret so I will write about it.

Yes, I did clear it with Mr Trump that I would write about the visit. He did not appear to care one way or the other if I did. Kelly (Kellyanne Fitzpatrick Conway a long time friend who I met at an Irish blueberry festival) who was instrumental in setting up the meeting and was present all during our discussion added that she saw no problem with me writing anything I wanted. That sealed the deal since Mr Trump relies on her advise heavily.

Women Going Topless; Men Using Women’s Bathhouses; Welcome to Massachusetts

topless-women-2Only in Massachusetts could the people pass an amendment to the Massachusetts Constitution that said judges have to retire at age 70 and judges decide they do not have to retire at age 70. The problem with having these people on the public payroll is they want to stay on the public payroll as long as they possibly can so by saying retire at 70 does not mean retire at 70 they can continue to live off the public teat until they croak.

The sad thing about this is that the Legislature goes along with it. It funds payments for judges who are over 70 years of age. You would think that by 70 all judges would retire. It would allow for younger people to become judges; people that will have to live in the future with the decisions they make.

Things are so bad that the attorney general has to sue some district attorneys who refuse to follow the law concerning public records. What are they hiding? How are people supposed to follow the law when the people who are supposed to enforce it are violating it?

Today I Think I’ll Be A Couch Potato: Now How Does A Couch Potato Dress?

tutuI sort of chuckled when I read about a new law in Massachusetts that deals with gender identification. I pictured myself as an employer waiting for a person to come in and interview for a job. I’m a conscientious law-abiding guy who wants to stay on the good side of the law. I’m reading the resume of George Goodfellow. He actually has the education and experience that I am looking for. My secretary buzzes me and says, “your scheduled appointment Mr.  Goodfellow is here.”

My door opens and in comes a bald, fat guy wearing a pink tutu and pair of ballet slippers. I try not to do a double take. I stand up and indicate with my hand a chair opposite my desk and say,  “Have a seat, please.” I’m a little confused. I was going to say have a seat Mr. Goodfellow but I did not know if he wanted to be called mister.

He sits down. I say, “well Goodfellow, thanks for coming in.”  He says, “call me George.” 

Roman Catholic Church’s Massive Violation of Civil Rights in Massachusetts

catholic-church-symbols-papallogo_colorIt is Sunday. The day Christians have set aside for us to pause and think of God. Often it is called the Lord’s Day. I believe this is the right time for us to consider this matter in a calm, relaxed manner while our thoughts are not on earthly matters.

Just when you think you have had enough with the Roman Catholic Church up pops its extraordinary violation of the civil rights of the citizens of Massachusetts. This open obvious ongoing outrage on our civil rights must be brought to a head and those in positions of responsibility must do something about it. How long, I ask, how long will it be allowed to continue? What is the complicity of those public officials with connections to the Catholic Church in perpetuating this?

We have seen how a small group of priests in the Catholic Church committed vile acts against a small number of children and the outrage that produced. The result of that sent a Boston cardinal fleeing to Rome for sanctuary and the widespread disillusionment toward the Church and the great sorrow of many in the Church that such could have happened and been covered up. It was not only in Massachusetts but the disease among some of its priests spread throughout the nation and was found all over the world. It has resulted in some people leaving the church especially the young unaware how the actions of those evil few had no bearing on its teachings.

Some Things You Accept; Some Things You Don’t Do

Trump The Cowardly Basement Bully: We’ve Got Real Problems

kimThere are many things that bother me about Trump being our new president. Perhaps the worst is I believe he is a coward. Yes, the worse kind of coward. The type I call the basement hero who hides in the basement of his house and tells how outrageous things are but when in a face-to-face meeting with one of the objects of his scorn melts like the Wicked Witch of the West after encountering water.

Trump has no basement to live in but he has the equivalent. This is his little device attached to the Internet which allows him to tweet. He can be big and bold on the tweeter but when in a one on one situation he becomes a Casper Milktoast or a Shivering Sadie. All his life he has hidden behind lawyers and been in situations where he has not had to tell a person who was on an equal basis with him difficult news to that person’s face.

America: We Hardly Knew Ya: Welcome to the World of Trump

The ride with the shortest lines at disneyworld...

I’ve written about this before. I suggested that the way the main stream media has ganged up on Trump like on no other candidate for presidency before was probably a good reason for people to vote for him. The Washington Post, the New York Times, the Boston Globe, and the like had nothing good to say about him. On any day during the campaign you could read a half-dozen articles telling us something bad about him.

I guess it shows how out of touch with the American people the media has become. As you know the media’s weeping and gnashing of teeth has continued since his election. With his every move there are outcries in these papers which seems somewhat a waste of time. The people who read them for the most part are the converted to their anti-Trump stance so they are writing to an audience that does not have to be convinced.

A most remarkable fact that I read coming up to the election was that Trump was endorsed by only two papers in the country. Considering how many papers endorsed his opponent one has to conclude that newspapers have lost their influence. More and more people are getting their news from other sources.