The Man From Bizarro Land: The Trumpster

Trump DrawngIt must be good being a Trump supporter and knowing of the close connection between Trump and Bob Kraft. Or perhaps even the connection between Trump and Ike Perlmutter the head of Marvel comics who along with Bob Kraft, who flew down to Mar-a-Largo in Air Force One with Trump, had dinner with Trump on Saturday night. Melania was bumped on the flight by Kraft.

There have been few reports out about the purpose of the dinner. But now it can be told that it was to discuss upcoming plans for new superheroes that Marvel Comics intends to put out in this fall to go along with its Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and all those other  heroes. There was no discussion of new super villains like the Joker.

As you know Trump is not a big reader but he does love comic books. Since he was a kid he wanted to be a super hero so at dinner he repeated his suggestions to Permutter that he make him into a super hero. Permutter surprised Trump by telling him he had already arranged to do this. This September they are coming out with the Trumpster – not as a villain as is portrayed in the media (or fake media as the Trump followers recite on cue) but more as a Superman type. In fact, they are taking the first introduction to Superman which was done back in the 1940s and using it for Trumpster believing that most people have forgotten it.

Time To Make A Change: Thoughts on Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade

St. PatrickWhat is the purpose of LGBT (gay) veterans wanting to march in St. Patrick’s Day parade? We never seem to get to the bottom of that issue. The veterans who run the parade say it is all right for gays to march in the parade as long as they stay in the closet. Imagine a group of straights pushing closets down Broadway. It would be all right if they did not have to push them up Telegraph Hill to the Dorchester Heights. (As a kid living in South Boston I could never figure out why that was the name of the heights.)

I suppose if George Washington’s troops could push cannons up that hill there are people around today who could do it with the closets. Of course the closets would all have to be painted a battleship gray (or is it grey) and no rainbows would be allowed to be seen on the outside. Gays are welcome as long as those conditions are met and under no circumstance should they be able to show pride in being gay unlike the Irish who can show pride in being Irish or veterans who can show their pride.

Do We Stop Gorsuch Hearings Because FBI Is Investigating Trump

() HareThere are only nine justice positions on the United States Supreme Court. At present one remains unfilled. The person originally nominated for that justice seat was Merrick Garland. He was nominated a little over a year ago on March 16, 2016. In an unprecedented action the Republican controlled US Senate refused to meet with him or grant him a hearing. Their role in the nomination was to advise the president and consent to or not consent to his nomination. This it refused to do.

The one thing you could say about Merrick Garland is that he was not nominated by a president who surrounded himself with people who are under investigation by the FBI for colluding and conspiring with Russia to undermine the American election. He was nominated by a president above any suspicion so that had he been approved by the Senate he would have joined the Supreme Court without any taint.

Thus it is that Democratic Senate leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) called for a halt to the nomination process in which he was joined by Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. Shumer said: “It is unseemly to be moving forward so fast on confirming a Supreme Court justice with a lifetime appointment while this big gray cloud of an FBI investigation hangs over the presidency.”

The Unpaid Kremlin Stooges:

Trump DrawngDo you remember what the dossier compiled by the British agent said about the agreement between the Trump team and the Russians? That dossier was known to the FBI sometime in December 2015 or thereabouts. The exact dates aren’t that important except to notice that it was compiled and given out before the beginning of 2016 and the start of the primary conventions in the Republican Party that led to Trump’s nomination.

It said Trump team members went to the Russians to seek help in getting him elected and the Russians agreed to do this using their cyber war capabilities. This has all been confirmed by all our intelligence agencies that Russia did do this despite some people suggesting it did not happen. In fact, Comey testified that Russia did not even try to hide its involvement as if it did it as a message to America that if it wished it could destroy our election process.

The question remains unsettled as to how much involved was the Trump team in helping the Russians undermine the American election and throw it to Trump. That is what the FBI is presently investigating. But in as much as the dossier made those claims it has been verified.

Tex Tillerson: The Man From Exxon

Cowboy MoonA lonesome cowpuncher living under the open skies if he did not say similar words certainly would have thought them if approached by a reporter.

In his first extensive interview Tex Tillerson was asked why he did not bring the usual coterie of media people along with him on his trip to the Far East.

He answered: “I guess, what I’m told is that there’s this long tradition that the Secretary spends time on the plane with the press. I don’t know that I’ll do a lot of that. I’m just not … that’s not the way I tend to work. That’s not the way I tend to spend my time. I spend my time working on this airplane.”

Later he continued: I’m not a big media press access person. I personally don’t need it. I understand it’s important to get the message of what we’re doing out, but I also think there’s only a purpose in getting the message out when there’s something to be done. And so we have a lot of work to do, and when we’re ready to talk about what we’re trying to do, I will be available to talk to people. But doing daily availability, I don’t have this appetite or hunger to be that, have a lot of things, have a lot of quotes in the paper or be more visible with the media.” 

Gardner Museum Heist: 27th Anniversary Story: The True Story; Not the FBI’s One: Complete

Gardner MuseumI’ve waited until close to March 17/18 to discuss this matter. I have had the new material on hand for several months. Now I can get back to this. This is the story of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Heist. Those who were in their early thirties at the time it happened are now in their sixties. It remains unsolved.

I have written on this subject before on more than a half-dozen times. You can see the prior articles by typing in Gardner Museum in the space on the front page of the blog next to the “Q.” Why then do I write again? It is because a package arrived at my secret Post Office Box #9 at 02574 (the West Falmouth Post Office) a short time ago which contained a narrative that explains in great detail what the author of that narrative believes was behind the theft of the museum art.

I have said from the first time I wrote about the matter that the FBI being a one trick pony when it comes to most of its investigations has been on the wrong trail. Because the FBI relies on the same old methods the mystery surrounding the heist continues.  Now the FBI is caught in a trap of its own making.

Gardner Museum Heist: 27th Anniversary Story: The True Story; Not the FBI’s One 8/8

Gardner MuseumEveryone agrees heiress is fine woman and SOB an SOB. As Al pushes on he finds out that SOB went to a big wedding on a private island in the Mediterranean. There he met a guy names Pops who owns the island. He leads him down secret passages to a hidden room. In there Pops shows him a violin that had been stolen years earlier. Pops tells SOB he is a middleman for art and tells him he has a buyer for some of the specific works at the Gardner and if Al can get it then he’ll make Al a rich man.

Al thinks it over and does not commit. In the meantime it will turn out Pops is an undercover cop or informant who was trying to set Al up. But Al doesn’t know this and he goes back to Boston, calls in his nephews and son and the four of them lay down the plans for the robbery.

Saint Patrick’s Day and South Boston

Today is as good as any to conclude my South Boston series because if you are from Boston you cannot think of St. Patrick’s Day without thinking of the South Boston parade which I went to in my early years as a child and teenager. It used to be celebrated on March 17 and not a neighboring Sunday. It used to be a parade of bands, politicians, beer trucks and fun (and a fight or two). I said what I did in the parenthesis because while writing this I recall I was very young at my grandmother’s house up on East Fourth Street and a brawl broke out in front of me in which some relatives had a jolly good time.

Now to think of the parade one thinks of the issue surrounding the GLBT group marching in it. Fortunately and happily that has been resolved once and for all so the parade can again go back to its roots of welcoming everyone brave enough to march.