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The Order To Begin The Whitey Bulger Trial

IMG_3938Posted today is the following order:

Full docket text for document 954:

ELECTRONIC NOTICE OF HEARING as to James J. Bulger Jury Selection set for 6/4/2013 09:00 AM in Courtroom 11 before Judge Denise J. Casper. Jury Selection set for 6/5/2013 09:00 AM in Courtroom 11 before Judge Denise J. Casper. Jury Selection set for 6/6/2013 08:45 AM in Courtroom 11 before Judge Denise J. Casper. Jury Selection set for 6/7/2013 08:45 AM in Courtroom 11 before Judge Denise J. Casper. (Hourihan, Lisa)

The Washington Post Wakes Up – What About Our Local Media

IMG_3955In an unusual event, the Washington Post has called upon the FBI to quickly explain what happened in the Todashev killing.

Strange to say none of our local papers have any interest in doing this even though the events surrounding it arise out of the Marathon Terrorist Attack (MTA), involve a triple murder in an neighborhood adjacent to Boston, had two Massachusetts state troopers as witnesses and are otherwise of great local concern. Is it simply that our local media is incapable of finding anything wrong with the way the FBI operates. That seems to be the case. We should wonder why?

The Boston media does seem to have a much too close relationship with the FBI. Where are the local papers clamoring for an answer in the Mark Rossetti case that mirrored the Whitey Bulger situation. The FBI has been investigating for two years why in 2011 it was replicating what it did with Whitey Bulger after it said back around 2000 it had discontinued doing those things. No local media says that two years investigating what happened in your own offices is an outrageous slap in the face of the public.

Whitey Bulger’s Witness List Kicks Up The Excitement

IMG_2637I was talking to a lawyer yesterday about the FBI and the Tobashev killing and he replied after listening to me for a bit: “What happened to Whitey Bulger?”  I immediately knew what he meant. I’ve wandered off track again. So it’s best I get back on the job especially since the jury will start to be impaneled in less than a week.

Here’s what’s just happened. The prosecutor and defense counsel have filed dueling witness lists. On the basis of numbers alone the prosecutor’s 83 names of witnesses it intends to call is 5 more than the number the defendant proposes to call. But, the prosecutor indicated that it may not call all 83 while the defendant reserved the right to call more than his 78 or, like the prosecutor, to call less.

Scanning the prosecutors list one has difficulty restraining a yawn. The prosecution side of the case can always be tedious because you don’t have many witnesses who have some character to them. You must go through all the steps of trying to build a case by laying brick after brick to establish each of the elements of each crime charged; the defense has more fun in trying to pull the bricks out after the prosecutor puts them in trying to weaken the building.

The Mysterious FBI Investigation or Is It An FBI Cover-Up

2013 France-3000_1800Margaret Hartmann in the New York Magazine sets it out pretty concisely and well: The report last week that FBI agents shot and killed Ibragim Todashev just as he was about to sign a confession implicating himself and Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev in an unsolved 2011 triple-homicide was already pretty bizarre, and on Wednesday night it got even weirder.” 

FBI spokesman Paul Bresson said:  “The FBI takes very seriously any shooting incidents involving our agents and as such we have an effective, time-tested process for addressing them internally. The review process is thorough and objective and conducted as expeditiously as possible under the circumstances.”  

FBI spokesman Bresson added “the department can not confirm details of the investigation while it remains active.”

The FBI internal investigation into why Mark Rossetti a man believed to have been involved in up to six homicides and was a Mafia capo was a Top Echelon Informant began in the summer of 2011. It is still continuing over 20 months later.

How long will this investigation take? Perhaps this is the reason for the delay.

John Bologna The Mirror Image Of Whitey Bulger – FBI – A Few Big Lies – (9)


The New York FBI brought John Bologna into its fold and protected him. His story is told by a reporter from far out in the west of Massachusetts, Stephanie Barry of the Springfield Republican newspaper. She has been covering the 2003 murder of Alfredo “Big Al” Bruno who was born in Bracigliano, Italy, and worked his way up to be the Mafia kingpin in the Springfield area.

Bruno was the frequent racquetball partner of the Hampden County DA Matty Ryan. Matty used to show up every year at the State House at the DA budget hearings and yell and scream at the legislators claiming that they were not properly funding his office. When the budget came out they proved his point.

Stephanie Barry reported that the prosecutors filed a 34-page summary that “offers a fascinating picture of a mobster whom investigators have previously gone to great lengths to protect.” Unlike with the Whitey/Connolly/Flemmi relationship, we aren’t informed of the identity of the FBI handlers of Bologna.

Court records submitted in advance of his sentencing document Bologna was an informant for 17 years, longer than Whitey, while ascending through the ranks of the Gambino, then the Genovese crime families. He ultimately landed in the latter’s inner circle. Bologna helped plot murders, orchestrated shakedowns and manipulated the entire crime landscape in Greater Springfield from 2001 to 2003 according to the prosecutors.

Quick Note: Your FBI At Work – The Same Old Same Old

cropped-2013-France-3000_1746.jpgPatty & MS tell me that ABC News will show us our modern day FBI in action.

It’s a Russian gangster who had been involved in a murder or two who has been protected by the FBI for many years.  Another FBI Top Echelon Informant; another matter the FBI will have “to investigate.”

“Tune in tonight to “World News With Diane Sawyer” at 6:30 p.m. ET and “Nightline” 12:35 a.m. ET for ABC News’ full investigation into The Murder, The Mobster and the FBI.”


If One Motive Fails They’ll Come Up With Another Motive


Billy Sunday Talking About The Devil - We'll Hear From His Namesake Dick Sunday

I’ve shown how the theory that it was on the anniversary of 9/11 that the three men were murdered on Waltham and given the significance of that date that the murders was probably done by a person who was a Muslim extremist was wrong because the murders took place on 9/12. Since that post some have suggested that the murder did take place on 9/11 and the bodies were discovered on 9/12. That may be the case and not having the evidence I can not answer that.

However the reason I don’t believe it had anything to do with 9/11/2001 is that an anniversary attack meant as a follow up to a famous event will not be done in secret. It will be publicized as being a follow up to the earlier event. If not, why do it?

The FBi though has to connect Tamerlan Tsarnaev into the triple homicide even though the theory of a connection to 9/11/2001 doesn’t follow because his friend Ibragim Todashev was killed by an FBI agent.

The Secret Story Of Another Whitey – FBI – A Few Big Lies – (8)

DSC_1239_0959Those who have closely followed these matters know that what happened in the Whitey case with John Connolly was supposed to be an outlier. We were told it was one in those once in a lifetime events.  It was pointed out that one of the major things was the happenstance that both were boyhood friends. We were supposed to overlook the eleven years in age that separated them. You knew they grew up in South Boston, and you’ve heard all about that place, Southie, which the prosecutor said was one of the reasons for Connolly’s downfall.

You understand that the result of their working together was the reputation of the FBI was unfairly shredded. However we were comforted to understand that once this rogue agent Connolly was rounded up and corralled things would go back to normal. The fetid atmosphere of the FBI Boston office caused by Connolly having been exposed would be cleansed.

It was back in 2002 that Connolly was led out of court shackled. We felt happy knowing we’d never see such a thing again. Books were written to tell us about this. One exclaimed : “The Irish Mob, The FBI and the Devil’s Deal.”