2016: The Year the American Presidency was Stolen.

() hillartThis was written on January 1, 2 and 3 of 2016. 

 Part 1: The Clinton Plan.

Hillary, Billary, Sought

To make Donald Trump hot

He burst into fire

And soon did expire

The Hillary, Billary, Plot

Hill and Bill Clinton have been planning on Hillary becoming America’s president since the day they left the White House back in 2000. Their initial plans for her to become what the media calls our POTUS were to get her elected in 2008. That year she lost out in the Democratic primary.

Forced by her unpopularity to defer their plans they set her eyes on 2016. They had eight years to plan for that event. By the time 2015 arrived Hillary was the leading contender for the Democratic nomination. She reached that position by ensuring that others, unlike in 2008, would not be able to overcome her advantage in money and name. She and Bill controlled the Democratic National Committee which limited the number of debates that would be held and scheduled them at times that would attract the fewest number of watchers.

That turned out to be a mistake because Hillary did well in the debates. She had little opposition. Her opponents seemed to fear her. They spent most of their time either agreeing with her or apologizing to her. One, Bernie Sanders, strangely lectured the moderator for bringing up things in her past suggesting only questions about her future were permissible. That is something I could imagine happeining in a debate in Russia controlled by  Vladimir Putin but never thought I’d see an opponent in America riding to the rescue of someone he was trying to best.

Having always been confident of securing the Democratic nomination, Hill and Bill knew that they would also have to try to influence the Republican nomination. Down deep in their bones they know she is a polarizing figure who is much distrusted and believed by many to be a liar. The latest polls show that she has an unfavorable rating around 54 and 55% which would normally destroy any hope of being elected.

That is if the election was on the level and Slick Willy knew a thing or two about making sure that did not happen. One who followed his career from the beginning noted: “I have never been able to detect any particular principle that Bill Clinton would not sacrifice in order to advance his political career.” How much alike Hillary is to Bill.

Just like they planned the debate schedule Hill and Bill would prefer to run for president in the same way Vladimir Putin does, that is unopposed.  Unfortunately that is not yet the case in America. To get elected they knows she has to have an opponent. Given that, their plan is to make her opponent so out-of-touch with the American mainstream that those who feel it is important to vote despite all their misgivings about her will pull the lever for her as the lesser of two evils.

Americans have held their noses in the past when they voted. They did it in 1972 when the dark, tricky Dick Nixon had as his opponent an old-time peacenik named McGovern; eight years earlier than that when the crude, shady fake war hero LBJ ran against war monger Goldwater; and even eight years after 1972 when a very likeable Hollywood actor, Ronald Reagan, slaughtered the sitting president Jimmy Carter who had a misery index rate of just about 20%. .

Hillary set out to find someone who was as close to being a clown as she could find. Her quest was to locate this man and do all in her power to have the Republicans nominate him. She wanted to get an opponent that looks and acts like Herschel Shmoikel Pinchas Yerucham, also known as Krusty the Clown, or even Bozo the Clown. She knew that the majority of American voters would be uncomfortable having such a person in the office and would hold their noses and vote for her. She knew that even then there would still be a large majority who would vote for a clown figuring we’ve had many in the past in the White House so it might be nice to have one there who is not in disguise.

The person had to be one: who had a prior interest in running for office; who had a huge ego and had already fooled himself into thinking he was electable; who had to believe he could alienate large groups of minority voters and still win the general election; and who would have an enormous amount of money so he could self finance his endeavor.

The New York City crowd runs in a small circle. It was not hard to find the man who would be their mark. They actually knew him. His only defect was that he had the hair style of a clown. She hoped not too many people would notice.

Here’s where it gets a little murky. Shortly before he entered the race he had a long conversation with Bill Clinton. It is not clear whether their mark has agreed to be a Manchurian candidate who is in for the purpose of losing; or if he got into the election truly fooling himself into thinking he could win.

(!) bcPart 2:  The Epstein Factor

All we can know at this time is that there is a mutual friend, a person called Jeffrey Epstein, seen in a photograph which was on the Daily Mail, who has been mentioned before in this blog, who may have played or be playing a major role in the relationship between the Clinton camp and the other camp, that of Donald Trump.

Jeffrey is known to have had a relationship with Bill Clinton. Bill said of him back in the days before he became wealthy himself and depended on him to give him a jet to fly to Africa:. “I especially appreciated his insights and generosity during the recent trip to Africa to work on democratization, empowering the poor, citizen service, and combating HIV/AIDS.”

After that Bill would use Jeffrey’s jet called the “the Lolita Express on many occasions that he could have been called a frequent flier. The plane logs of the trip showed that Bill was traveling with an actress in softcore porn movies.  There was also another woman who Clinton traveled with over a dozen time who some allege had provided underage girls to older men for sex. The plane got the name from locals who watched as “numerous girls were allegedly taken to [Jeffrey Epstein’s] 78-acre Little Saint James hideout in the US Virgin Islands.”

Jeffrey likes to tell people that “I invest in people — be it politics or science. It’s what I do.” We know when Jeffrey invests in something he buys it. Jeffrey said this of Bill:“He’s the world’s greatest politician.” It seems with his fondness for “investing” in people one can only question whether he has taken Bill on as part of his retinue. Maybe he has also invested in Hillary. We already know he invested heavily in Professor Underwear, Alan Dershowitz, aka Dersh Ball.

What is frightening about all of this is that not only is Jeffrey friends with the Clintons, he has another admirer. That is Donald Trump who had some nice words to say about him. Back a little over a dozen years ago he could not stop himself:  “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

As for Jeffrey Epstein, who is a billionaire and buys people I suppose the best way to sum him up is by quoting from this article:

“Epstein pleaded guilty in 2008 in Florida to one count of soliciting underage girls for sex (and one count of adult solicitation), for which he served just over a year in county jail. But sprawling local, state, and federal investigations into the eccentric investor’s habit of paying teen girls for “massages”—sessions during which he would allegedly penetrate girls with sex toys, demand to be masturbated, and have intercourse—turned up a massive network of victims, including 35 female minors whom federal prosecutors believed he’d sexually abused. He has reportedly settled lawsuits from more than 30 “Jane Doe” victims since 2008; the youngest alleged victim was 12 years old at the time of her abuse.”

This is the type of man with whom Bill Clinton and Donald Trump maintain a relationship. They are not alone. In 2003 the Harvard Crimson noted that Dersh Ball, who called Jeffrey “brilliant”, was among his “bevy of eminent friends that includes princes, presidents and Nobel Prize winners. . . . “  The article also mentioned that Epstein served with  Larry Summers, secretary of the Treasury under Clinton, as well as Bill Clinton on the Trilateral Commission founded by David Rockefellow and the Council on Foreign Relations, “two elite international relations organizations.”

I noted it gets murky at this point – the secretive Epstein with his enormous wealth and friendships with “princes, presidents and Nobel Prize winners” who is admired by both the Clinton and Trump camps may be behind the plot that is becoming more obvious each day whose eventual goal is to put the Hill_Billy duo back in the White HouseDonald Trump is playing a major role in all of this either wittingly or unknowingly. Is Jeffrey Epstein pulling the strings?

(~~~) trumpPart 3:  The Plan to Win.

Trump as I noted is either a Manchurian candidate in which case he has been planted in the race; or he is in the race thinking that he has a chance to win. I find it hard to believe the latter is the case because a simple perusal of our past presidential elections show that those who appeal to our most base motives lose. Americans vote on hope not hate. No candidate can alienate a significant group of voters and expect to win. Under either circumstance it is clear that if he is still in the race in November he will be the major factor in the win of Hillary and Bill Clinton.

What makes clear to me that Trump’s in the race to make sure that the Hill_Billy team wins the election are two things: his outrageous statement designed to alienate large minority groups to cater to a small bunch of right-wing voters on the outside chance he will get the nomination; but mostly, his the ever-increasing war of words between Hillary and himself.  It makes no sense for Trump to be after her when he has yet to get the nomination. It is hard not to believe that these are not planned scenarios to dupe the voters.

Always keep in mind Hillary’s unfavorability rating. Now keep in mind the American desire for fair play. The game between her and Trump is to have Trump attack her. Hillary acts the victim of Trump and turns his attacks on her into gems for her candidacy gaining more people to support her who resent the unfair attacks.  Why would Trump be taking these shots at her which he should know helps her unless that is his intent?

I suppose you could argue that attacking Hillary will gives Trump a greater share of the voters who hate Hillary. I don’t buy that. Those voters are already in Trump’s camp. He gains nothing by his attacks while helping her along. That spells conspiracy to me.

If Hillary is worried about Trump she would not be in a war of words with him at this time. She is deliberately elevating him in the eyes of the public. Remember Hillary is all about pretend and con.  Her hope is that by acting as though she is afraid he becomes a candidate will heighten his standing among the Republican electorate.  When Jeffrey Epstein called Bill Clinton the master politician this is an example of his work.

The Republican party has been maneuvered into a corner by Hill, Bill and Trump. How can one not wonder whether the “brilliant” pedophile Jeffrey Epstein who is friendly with both camps is behind this. We know the Clintons were lending out the Lincoln bedroom in the White House to their supporters. Are we to imagine that Jeffrey will be allowed to use it for his dalliances with 14-year-old girls?

The situation has reached the point where the Republicans have to give him the nomination. This gives the presidency to Hillary. It is clear that if they deprive him of it he will turn around and run for the job as an independent. I know he said he would not do that but you (and the Republican big wigs) know he will. He will allege they did something or other wrong which relieved him of his obligation not to run.

As an independent he will take along with him many of the people now supporting him who actually think he believes his outrageous statements about other people like immigrants and Muslims. They will feel good voting for a man they think has the same deep felt biases as themselves. They will never understand how they have been victimized by this grand scam.

We do know this. Bill Clinton will soon be out on the campaign trail for Hillary. Right after Hillary’s announcement for president, the every scheming Bill called Trump in late May to talk to him in a “private conversation” about politics. Shortly after that call Trump decided to get into the race although he said he had already made up his mind to do so prior to Bill’s call.

Trump will continue to assault her turning her into a victim rather than the villain that she is. She will fight back with crocodile tears. Sadly, there is now no way that Hillary can be stopped if Trump is not stopped first.

(@) clintonHillary, Billary, Sought

To make Donald Trump hot

He burst into fire

And soon did expire

The Hillary, Billary, Plot




5 thoughts on “2016: The Year the American Presidency was Stolen.

  1. I often wondered if Trump was a plant, it is a stretch, but with the Clintons nothing is beyond the pale. The sordid details of BC and his involvement with Epstein, a convicted pedophile, is mind boggling. It is nauseating thinking Clinton might get another shot at the WH to further embarrass the American people. When I think of the dignity of Washington, Adams, Jackson, Lincoln, the Roosevelts, Truman, Eisenhower and we are inflicted with the Clintons it makes me wretch.

    1. Dan:

      Agree. I do feel that nothing is beyond the Clintons and before they leave the White House – they are guaranteed a win with Trump as I see it – they will make history again by being the only presidents who entered the White House broke and leaving as billionaires. Don’t forget about their personal lawyer who was caught stealing historical documents from the National Archives.

  2. The discrete charms of the American bourgeoisie?
    Absolute power corrupts absolutely–Lord Acton.

    The system is a fraud, a bourgeois dictatorship that rules over the national consciousness by imposing a media directed psychological regime of petit-bourgeois conformism, thereby, tamping down any creative/threatening political urges/thoughts that might emanate from the proletariat (Eric Fromm).

    The objective of the revolution is not to reform capital. The objective is to expropriate it.
    V.I. Lenin

    The ascension of Glorious Leader to the pinnacle of American political power will hasten the revolution. The great God of conformity would be dead and everything possible, once again. Trump may well surpass Nixon as a focus of popular hatred. As happened in the late sixties, and, early seventies, a large percentage of the populace would come to regard the government and its’ institutions as their enemy. Dragons’ teeth were planted, then. Perhaps, they are sprouting , now.

    If the revolution makes one apprehensive he/she can always choose the Clintons. Like blood-sucking wood-ticks, Bill and Hillary have an interest in keeping the host healthy and unchanged.

  3. Matt, Trump is like Truman; Truman could be crude and blunt when on the attack. Remember when Truman vowed to break a critic’s nose, blacken his eyes and kick him in the groin because he criticized his daughter’s singing.
    Hillary, is an inveterate liar, like Brigid O’Shaughnessy in the Maltese Falcon:
    “Sam Spade: [smiling] You are a liar.
    Brigid: I am. I’ve always been a liar.
    Sam Spade: Don’t brag about it. Was there any truth at all in that yarn?
    Brigid: Some…not very much…Oh, I’m – I’m so tired, so tired of lying and making up lies, not knowing what is a lie and what’s the truth.”
    Hillary doesn’t know whether she voted for NAFTA or not, whether she landed in Bosnia under sniper and ran with her head down to to military vehicles or not, whether Chelsea was jogging around the Twin Towers on 9-11 or not, whether she was for or against so many things it makes our heads spin.
    Trump = Truman (a good hearted, plain talking, blunt businessman)
    Hillary = Caligula, (a calculating, power-hungry, cold-hearted, deceitful lifelong politician)

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