2016: The Year the American Presidency was Stolen: The Plan to Win. Part 3 of 3

(~~~) trumpTrump as I noted is either a Manchurian candidate in which case he has been planted in the race; or he is in the race thinking that he has a chance to win. I find it hard to believe the latter is the case because a simple perusal of our past presidential elections show that those who appeal to our most base motives lose. Americans vote on hope not hate. No candidate can alienate a significant group of voters and expect to win. Under either circumstance it is clear that if he is still in the race in November he will be the major factor in the win of Hillary and Bill Clinton.

What makes clear to me that Trump’s in the race to make sure that the Hill_Billy team wins the election are two things: his outrageous statement designed to alienate large minority groups to cater to a small bunch of right-wing voters on the outside chance he will get the nomination; but mostly, his the ever-increasing war of words between Hillary and himself.  It makes no sense for Trump to be after her when he has yet to get the nomination. It is hard not to believe that these are not planned scenarios to dupe the voters.

Always keep in mind Hillary’s unfavorability rating. Now keep in mind the American desire for fair play. The game between her and Trump is to have Trump attack her. Hillary acts the victim of Trump and turns his attacks on her into gems for her candidacy gaining more people to support her who resent the unfair attacks.  Why would Trump be taking these shots at her which he should know helps her unless that is his intent?

I suppose you could argue that attacking Hillary will gives Trump a greater share of the voters who hate Hillary. I don’t buy that. Those voters are already in Trump’s camp. He gains nothing by his attacks while helping her along. That spells conspiracy to me.

If Hillary is worried about Trump she would not be in a war of words with him at this time. She is deliberately elevating him in the eyes of the public. Remember Hillary is all about pretend and con.  Her hope is that by acting as though she is afraid he becomes a candidate will heighten his standing among the Republican electorate.  When Jeffrey Epstein called Bill Clinton the master politician this is an example of his work.

The Republican party has been maneuvered into a corner by Hill, Bill and Trump. How can one not wonder whether the “brilliant” pedophile Jeffrey Epstein who is friendly with both camps is behind this. We know the Clintons were lending out the Lincoln bedroom in the White House to their supporters. Are we to imagine that Jeffrey will be allowed to use it for his dalliances with 14-year-old girls?

The situation has reached the point where the Republicans have to give him the nomination. This gives the presidency to Hillary. It is clear that if they deprive him of it he will turn around and run for the job as an independent. I know he said he would not do that but you (and the Republican big wigs) know he will. He will allege they did something or other wrong which relieved him of his obligation not to run.

As an independent he will take along with him many of the people now supporting him who actually think he believes his outrageous statements about other people like immigrants and Muslims. They will feel good voting for a man they think has the same deep felt biases as themselves. They will never understand how they have been victimized by this grand scam.

We do know this. Bill Clinton will soon be out on the campaign trail for Hillary. Right after Hillary’s announcement for president, the every scheming Bill called Trump in late May to talk to him in a “private conversation” about politics. Shortly after that call Trump decided to get into the race although he said he had already made up his mind to do so prior to Bill’s call.

Trump will continue to assault her turning her into a victim rather than the villain that she is. She will fight back with crocodile tears. Sadly, there is now no way that Hillary can be stopped if Trump is not stopped first.

Hillary, Billary, Sought

To make Donald Trump hot

He burst into fire

And soon did expire

The Hillary, Billary, Plot




6 thoughts on “2016: The Year the American Presidency was Stolen: The Plan to Win. Part 3 of 3

  1. Dr Steven Greer’s new film SIRIUS might help you connect the dots Matt.

    Until then call attorney John Clarke in Washington DC to get a
    copy of his investigation into the FBI coverup
    of the Vincw Foster murder.


    and by the way exert a liitle energy into understanding
    how FBI agents got caught committing voter fraud.


    Feb 8, 08: Why doesn’t the Department of Justice (DOJ) investigate electronic vote fraud? Is it that DOJ and the FBI have long been involved in it, themselves? Read: The 1987 Leonard Gates Deposition — Gates, a Cincinnati Bell employee for 23 years, testified that in the late 1970’s and 80’s, the FBI assisted telephone companies with hacking into mainframe election computers in cities across the country. The first election Gates provided the hack for was in 1979, see http://www.sos.state.oh.us/sos/ElectionsVoter/results1970s.aspx?Section=517 PLUS… 1985 Background Material from Jim Condit, Jr. and also see: DOJ & FBI complicity


  2. Matt:

    I would say that millions of Americans are tired of the Republican – Democrat con game, subsidized by unlimited taxpayer dollars.

    Trump offers an alternative.

    Based on his boasting, he must deliver or be labeled a fool.


  3. Wa-llahi! If you want to see whose playbook Trump is using, google Karl Lueger.

    The best thing that could happen between now, and, the election, would be for the extreme wings of each political party to break off, and, form separate, and, opposing political entities. If there were four parties contesting for the White-house, we might change direction, and, evolve into a truer democracy, rather, than, continue the slide toward oligarchy.

    Why should the proletariat (formerly known as the middle class) grudgingly toil under the onerous rule of the Republicrats? Revolt. Reject their message. Down with bourgeois tyranny, and, the decadence it spawns (Epstein). Capitalism is rotting from within.

    “Workers of the world unite. You have only your chains to lose.”

  4. @ Tadzio … Invigorating … cold water splash in the face … All hands on deck !!! 🙂

  5. An interesting scenario, possible, but too tendentious for me.

    First, a candidate can win while belittling a significant demographic. Obama did it twice, scorning White working class men. His campaign explicitly wrote them off in the second go round.

    Second, kicking Hillary is an excellent strategy for a primary operation. Red meat for the base.

    Third, Trump does not make statements that are outrageous to any but the Main Stream Media. Example, if one parses his “Muslim Ban” one finds he wants a cooling off period until we find out what is going on. That is reasonable. We have had such bans in the past that targeted specific groups. It is embedded in the law. Trump is very good at baiting bigoted pressitutes.

    Fourth, Trump has expanded the Overton Window and the election will hinge on subjects formerly verboten, most importantly immigration. This can only benefit the Republicans up and down the ticket by expanding the left’s theory of Identity politics to White Christians. Other than California, the states with the largest minority demographics are the most solidly GOP. White self-identity equals the marginalization of the Democrat party.

    Fifth, a splinter from the Republican party does not spell defeat. it could work the other way. In the past century such fissures have a mixed record. In 1912 the Rs split, the Ds won. In 1924, the Rs split and won in a landslide. In 1948, the Ds split three ways and won. In 1968 the Ds split and lost. In 1980 the Rs split and won. It is unclear if either party split in 1992 but a significant segment scorned both parties. In truth a splintering of a base can inoculate the remainder against a fractious minority within the party.

    My reading of the tea leaves at this point in time is that the Republican candidate that grabs the banner of Trump’s issues is well placed to win the 2016 election.

    Two asides. One. Jim Webb is still a wild card. Two, it surprises that no one has declared that he would rescind the order assigning women to combat roles. Obama’s diktat is not an advance for civilization and only the pressitutes think that it is. This could be a hot button that would contrast the wet dreams of a few lesbians with with the basic horse sense and the Christian humanity of the Common Man. This would benefit the GOP, the implicit White party opposed to the Democrats, the explicitly anti-White party.

    Thank you for shining light on the cesspool that is Jeffrey Epstein and his slimy tentacles that have reached across the national hostile elite.

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