55 Israelis Killed; Over 2,000 Injured – Many By Gunfire

That of course is an imaginary headline because if such a thing happened you would not be reading it for the first time here. Those killed and wounded are not Israelis; they are Palestinians who were gunned down by Israel soldiers. It is met with a big shrug by most Americans. Did anyone in Congress speak out about the slaughter?  Could you imagine such silence were the victims Israelis? What about you? Think it was all right for so many Palestinians to lose their lives?

The first news of the slaughter came out in the morning of yesterday. It was ongoing at the time the great festivities in the American embassy in Palestine. More than 12 hours after the protesting Palestinians had been carted off to hospitals or to be prepare for burial, I wondered how much of the news of the slaughter was being disseminated in the United States.

The Boston Herald at about 9:00 pm (4:00 am in Jerusalem) had no mentioned it. The New York Post, a Rupert Murdoch paper, also made no mention of it. I looked at the New York Daily News which also omitted any mention of it; it was concerned like the Herald with the Supreme Court decision on legalizing betting in the states as well as the death of the woman who played Superman’s Lois Lane.

I don’t watch Fox News so I went to its website. There too, in another entity owned by Rupert Murdoch, no mention was made of the Palestinian plight. The headline there was a complaint by two Republican congressmen that the Feds were attacking a congressional investigator and an article explaining Melania Trump’s hospitalization.

The Boston Globe mentioned it but not until after articles about some CEO, Melania, sports gambling, UMass, and Babson. At least it spared us an article about another 30-year-old well fed tattooed college student and others like her who are complaining that they weren’t entitled to free food beyond their food stamps. They explained how difficult it is to study when one’s belly is not sated. These articles make sure they stay away from that filthy four letter word that begins with “w”.

Most European newspapers had the Israeli duck shoot of Palestinians in the headlines. The so-called fake newspapers the New York Times, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times featured it prominently on the front page. You had to look hard for it in the Chicago Tribune and the Miami Herald but at least it was there.

All that aside though one should give thought to the difference in treatment of the coverage of the death of Palestinians and that of Israelis. Why are Israeli lives considered more important or valuable? What is it that for the most part encapsulates America in a pall of silence when a massacre of Palestinians occurs. Had the shoe been on the other foot the outrage would know no bounds?

What makes the Israeli action so outrageous are the numbers. 55 are dead on one side and thousands injured; on the other not even one is injured. Doesn’t that shout out at you that the indiscriminate gunning down had no justification? The Palestinians presented no threat to Israel; none crossed into Israeli territory.

The celebration while the carnage continued at the US embassy in Jerusalem 40 miles away from the killing fields. In his embassy speech Jared Kushner said about the Palestinians: “those provoking violence are part of the problem and not part of the solution.”  Not a word of sympathy for the dead and wounded; not a breath of chastisement for the killers.

Netanyahu’s Israel is a cruel land. The purpose behind the killings is to try to deter future protests. It should have been handled more humanely without loss of life. Why it wasn’t it? Netanyahu makes it quite clear he believes as a prominent member of his government  Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan reportedly said: “[Palestinians] are beasts, they are not human.”  How then can you be humane to people who are not human?

Sadly this incident also shows the diverse media coverage in the United States about Israel. Those who read just the local rags or watch Fox will know little about the slaughter. It is cover-ups like this evil that will lead us into war with Iran.

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  1. Wa-llahi! That’s a problem with this blog, at times. People’s comments are always telling me how they feel, instead of what they know. There’s a world of difference between the two.

    1. But Fool, Thou regularly violatest thine own canons in this regard.

      A staple of your commentary is the ad hominem attack. You … scream ….. when you could reason. You do it all the time. This is just another fatuous remark of yours that in your …. Solipsism…. you are fettered by. You are a lost cause to Reason. As an ideologically fanatical Court Jester this is just another feature of your pied personality we , again , find amusing . But it is lacking intellectual discipline, honesty, and the spine to admit when you and your pestiferous ilk are wrong.

      Is this what I feel ; What I know ; What I think I know ; What I feel I think ???

      The problem with hope is that it is this side of …. PRESENCE ….Fool .

      Do your best. I am sure Bill in his Catholic being will easily forgive you. I just find your twittering about the Revolution to be … Ironic. Do you want us to start a GoFundMe page for you to go in and kick some Bourgeois shins in the tonier parts of Caracas ???

      NOPE ! …. You are not .. That … kind of Fool, Right ???

      1. Well then, we should like to know what they feel .

        One would think .

        Ya’ know?

  2. Catch-22 . Yossarian ??? ……. Yossarian??? ….Are you alive ?

    Yossarian stirs …

  3. Well, I enjoy reading and learn a lot from reading all the comments. My advice, to one and all: Keep on writing!

    Did Ii tell you this true story: About two weeks ago I bumped into an old time psychiatrist of mine . . .he declared me “fit for duty” though a little wacky . . . .So, I said to him, after exchanging good greetings and how-are-yous, and how’s the families, etc, and having not seen him for almost forty years: “Doctor Kelly, how come I’m always fighting with folks.” He said, “It’s good for you Billy; it keeps the juices flowing.”

    Keep sparring!

  4. Stop with the Google eyes, Purrfessor.

    Usual Alinsky quisling tactic of taking a criticism levelled against you by several on this blog, that your “Scholarship” and textual renderings are suspiciously cut and paste, and stomping your heels and saying … No I’m not .. You are !!!

    Your comments viz myself have always been about matters of style in writing. Your pedantic self-,consciousness and lower middle class desire to conform masquerading as a Revolution manqué fools only yourself. You are the exemplar of hyperbolic rhetoric and yet you are hyperbolic even in your baseless charges of hyperbole by others. Your syntax is credibly done, but your punctuation is often superfluous and not that of a disciplined academician, which claim you make . You are not . You are an overachieving and overcompensating Spike Lee wannabe with a portrait of Lenin on your wall and Julia Child’s French cookbook, your Bible for all Revolutionary barbecues with your fellow parasites in the Land of Milk and Honey, on your kitchen counter. A real ” Kitchen Cabinet ” of radical gourmands, no doubt.

    Khalid, Get a Life. You do not know what you do not know . Better that way. Be a disgusting provocateur and call it speaking truth to power. Continue your vulgar rhetorical excesses .

    Prate on My Fool !!!


  5. Alright, why do I bother ?

    Look … ” When I want to be solipsistic I simulate certain aspects of the Cheyenne culture ” …

    You cannot ” Want” to be solipsistic . The sword blade cannot cut itself and all that. If self-awareness is your Alpha and Omega then there is no ontological vantage point from which ” Self ” can regard ” Self.” … The subject and object are the same; forms that well up out of the void. Devoid of the illusion that you can corral meaning and being with words like ” Self ” you become free to just … BE YOURSELF !!!

    Don’t waste a lot of reflection on it . Just reflect on the waste of time involved reflecting on it .

    These stout burgher twitterings from you about the neuroses of ” Self” are rather bourgeois of you, Khalid.

    The Revolution has no place for navel gazers .

    Not that there is anything wrong with it !!!

  6. You are projecting your own mental contents again, Khalid. No need to be sorry . Physician heal thyself and all that.

    Here in the Clinic we don’t waste a lot of time with philosophical angst over critical …. Solipsism … issues . You have basically presented yourself as a patient and a student in the guise of doctor and teacher to me long ago on this blog. As this delusion , hypnotically , has been useful , we have let you wax on like a frantic Woody Allen shifting in the psychiatrist’s chair and pontificating on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to Dr. Maslow himself .

    We call this confusional technique in the service of therapeutic aims.

    No, not Role Play . That requires self-awareness by respective parties.

    I have gotten you somewhat rehabilitated, time to time, on this blog.

    Almost civilized and able to present thought and argument lucidly, and with the aplomb you lack in your weaker moments .

    My Fool is clever !!!

    My Fool amoooses me !!!

    The KING will see no harm done to his loyal and witty Fool .

    1. Self is not a prison. Self contains your will and your will is based upon its content. Like, ya know, everything you are. Even our greatest revolutionaries, often men and women that never spent a day in jail, by the way, were inspired by this.

      So, Celtics in 5?

      1. That skinny white boy, Tatum , gave LeBron quite a stiff shot . Would have broken a lesser man’s jaw. Might start watching these bastards again !!! …In 7 .
        Abe, get a chance , watch Jerry the G’s ,Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Trevor Noah interview . Netflix has first four seasons and last four soon . Put it off because I don’t dig Lefties and then watched it and found Noah thoughtful and funny . It is a Jewel .

  7. Huh ? … Do you just throw words together in exciting combinations and hope you make some sense ? … Stick to your Shtick . Your cut and paste political nonsense caterwauling takes you where it takes you, I guess. You are not my peer. Sorry . Just a matter of experience. Btw, the word is * efflorescence … you wrote florescence. Also, Purrrrrrrfesssor Prison Paws you Marxist Minx, your metaphor of foundering on a reef, as does a ship , when applied to a metaphysical quality such as solipsism … is muddled, angry, and desperately sad in some way I cannot even explain right now .

    Have you got the Trotskies again ???

  8. John: You’re foundering on the reef of solipsism. What are you talking about?

  9. How much mercy do you think Palestinian people have left inside, when, they leave Israeli prisons? None, why would they?

    1. That would depend on how much they had when they went in. Wouldn’t it? Like a hen not near draint.

      1. When I want to be solipsistic I simulate certain aspects of the Cheyenne culture.

        1. “When I want to be solipsistic I simulate certain aspects of the Cheyenne culture.”

          HA! That makes perfect sense. The name Cheyenne was given to them by the Sioux. It roughly translates to “speakers of strange words”. Little did you know how right you are.

          “I kill many buffalo, Kemo-therapy.”

  10. And, oh yeah, America has a gulag, too. Been there, done that. Lenin said there are no revolutionaries worth a spit who haven’t done prison time. Dead-on, he was. The prison experience grinds the mercy right out of a person, and, lights a fire in the guts. You got stomach, by the time, you split that scene.

    1. “Lenin said there are no revolutionaries worth a spit who haven’t done prison time.”

      He also said, “Imagine there’s no heaven……”

  11. To call yourself a Communist, you must have a party card. Mine expired decades ago. I’m fine with militant socialist, though.

  12. Guarantee that Tadzio will not respond to being played by The Boys From Brazil James Mason with a … Bullshit Alert !!!

  13. Sorry, just cannot stand a sentimentalist who wears his Swastika on his sleeve. Buck up Ol’ Boy !!!

  14. What a Yuletide celebration. Swastikas optional. Tadzio as James Mason???Most definitely. Great casting !!! A positively ” Toasty” image .

  15. Tad: How can you survive with all that venom in you? Turn on the X-mass lights that frame your portrait of Hitler, give the fuhrer a heartfelt stiff arm salute, and, say a little prayer for the white race. If your missive isn’t answered, sacrifice a burning swastika.

    1. There is no venom in my fangs, only facts. The bile in your rhetoric is clear. Anyone of a different opinion than yours supports a long dead German leader. I own no Swastikas. I will bet that you own Hammer and Sickle paraphernalia though. You support, doubtless out of love, communism – a vicious system responsible for more deaths and human misery than resulted from the economic breakdown occasioned by Allied bombing of the civilian infrastructure of the enemy during the Second World War. The civilian death toll of that conflict shrivels beside the peace time communist abattoirs known as the Gulags and planned famines such as the Holodomor..

      1. No hammer and sickle. But, I do have a handsome portrait of Lenin on the living room wall, and, two oil paintings of Trotsky, that, I put out at the front gate on May Day, if it’s not raining. I want to add Nestor Makhno to the mix. It’s a red, and, black thing.

        All power to the dialectic!

  16. Abe: A vigorous work-out with the old paper brain weights will get you up to speed.

    1. I have this problem. I don’t believe everything I read.

      When I first moved here from Boston, my wife, an Irish Catholic as we called them in Suffolk County, brought me to a Passover sedar that a workmate of hers, an Orthodox Jew as we called them in Suffolk County, had been trying to get her to attend for years. Now she had to go, me being a clip-tip and all. I was seated, carefully I will add, next to an Israeli. He was in Washington on a diplomatic mission of some kind. His job in Israel was as head of a think tank that was trying to figure out how to stop Palestinians from crossing into Israel and blowing themselves up in Jewish markets and other meeting places. Bus stations, religious meetings like seders and holy services, sports events, on buses. Hamas claimed that they were responsible for just about all of these attacks. Hundreds of innocent civilians were being blown to pieces by these suicide bombers. Hundreds of others were being maimed and crippled. Like the people at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Do you recall that horribly tragic event? Maybe not.

      Anyway, when we settled in a corner of the living room after the meal my new friend gave me some sad numbers and incredibly graphic details of these bombings.

      So keep those old paper brain weights moving, Khalid. You wouldn’t want to talk to anyone that might give you first hand details of what the story is. As William Burroughs would have said, keep feeding from that newspaper spoon. And remember to chew you food well. Mastication is essential to a healthy diet.

        1. The Jews of the First Aliyah regarded the Weizmann Jews of the Second Aliyah , circa early Twenties, with contempt. All Jews and all Zionists ! This caste system of invidious distinction in the Home population, shall we say, was energized by the emigration of Arab country Jews to Israel and subsequently by the huge influx of Russian Jews from the Soviet Union.

          The demographics are interesting.

          1. Abe, being a masticator was the least of Billy Burroughs’ problems. I mean the guy wasted his wife while purportedly trying to shoot an apple off her head. That spoon thing is a real Tell by the way.

      1. Oh, you dispute history. Can’t help that. Palestinians do those things because the Zionists stole their land. Palestinians are killed at a much higher rate than Israelis (10-1). It’s too bad you can’t understand. Palestinians don’t have an air force . They have to hand deliver their bombs. If they had planes, I’m sure they measure up to Israeli standards of aerial massacre. They have no tanks, so knives will have to do. Are you making a technical complaint against their style of git-back? What would you do in their place? Buckle under?

        1. I dispute history? Are you shitting me? As long as two wrongs make a right people like you will have a soap box. Maybe some day the soap will be put to its proper use. Palestinians don’t have an air force. ‘Amazingly pathetic’ doesn’t do a comment like that justice.

          I got to go milk my goats. C ya.

          1. Why is that pathetic? Enlighten me. Are you well read on Israeli-Palestinian relations? I was paraphrasing Edward Said.

  17. Not every Jew is a Zionist, but every Zionist is a Jew.

    Not every Nationalist is a Zionist, but every Zionist is a Nationalist.

    There is a quote to the effect : ” It seemed like one nation came and the other went away . The nation that came was from Hell, from Auschwitz . The other nation left.”

    Not simple. Anti-Semite or its ideological cousin, Anti-Zionist, are old hat tricksters. Regardless of their motives Israel faces its existential foes.
    Words and actions speak plainly it seems when it comes to … The Jewwwws !!!

    1. Bullshit Alert: “…but every Zionist is a Jew.”.

      Lyndon Baines Johnson was a Zionist when, groveling for 30 pieces of silver before Jewish donors, he abandoned 34 American sailors to be slaughtered by the pilots of the “special ally” in planes provided by a craven Congress. On paper those donors purport to be Americans. They are not. Nor are their minions. You cannot serve two masters. When you serve one you deny the other.

      1. Historic myopia and, unusually, in this case, hysteric myopia. The U.S. was hedging its bets with the Liberty. Nasser had gone bully boy on the border and the lean jackals, Syria and Jordan piled on in ‘ 67, Right ?

        You do not have to be a Jew or a Zionist to support Israel’s existence. I am neither, and neither was LBJ who could see that the Star of the State of Texas was not the Jewish Star .

        The thirty pieces of silver is yet another Jew blood libel that you have been spending down at the charnel house for the last 2,000 years.

        A dead Jew is a good Jew ye say ???

        He is certainly the most articulate , no we wouldn’t say Anti-Semite or Anti-Zionist, he is the most articulate Jew baiter hater any historical logic see you later proto-Nazi ( not you Saint Bill Buckley) we have seen wandering around the Sinai in … Ages !!! No BS !!!

  18. Wa-llahi! The problem isn’t Jews, it’s Zionism. Separdic Jews lived among Muslims for centuries. They often held high positions in Muslim nations. In medieval Egypt, the Mamluk aristocracy hired Jews as tax farmers to supervise their Iqta.(fiefs) The problem with the Arab world came as a result of pogroms in western Russia during the mid to late nineteenth century. The persecuted Ashkenazi Jews from the shetls in the Pale appealed to Western European Jews for relief. Hertzel and Weisman founded the Zionist movement to find a homeland for the Ashkenazi Jews. The Zionist movement was offered both Uganda and Madagascar. Which they refused. Only Palestine would do, despite, it being heavily populated by Arab Palestinians who could trace their ancestry, and, claim to the land, back a better than a thousand years. At first, the influx of Jews was slow, but, by the 1930’s it had increased enough to cause economic friction. Ashkenazi Jews, being European, were part of the technological florescence of the early twentieth century. They had capital, know-how, and experience on their side. The Arab majority, still locked into quasi feudal tenurial relations, couldn’t compete. Slowly, but, surely, the Arabs were pushed out of the economy and off the land. Finally, they were terrorized from their homes by the Irgun and Shtern Gang. It was the westernised Ashkenazi who created Israel.

  19. All this brings back fond memories of listening to Father Feeney on the Boston Common preach against Israel in 1955. He warned that in the future Israel would be a very serious problem for the US and that it was Europe’s creation, let Europe take care of it.

  20. “The old wolf always returns to the unguarded barn .”

    And the wolf cubs watch and learn. So the JQ. Is there some final solution to that question?

    Who started this current mess? I was away birdwatching. My hands are clean. It seems tear gas and rubber bullets would have been more than enough, but I’m way over here and can only speculate. I wish I had the authority to comment even one true fact.

    Hey, Tadzio. Welcome to my club.

    1. “Is there some final solution to that question?” No. Man is a warring animal. Surveying history I see none as constant innocents. Guilt may well be universal. It is not going to end well in this country. Not in my lifetime and likely not in yours. But the bill will be presented.


      This is a modification of a poem written during by Kipling during The Great War. It rings too sadly true.

      1. So do we take the advice of the old Egyptian and leave Israel alone so that she may tear herself to shreds?

        Father Feeney should have preached to the countries that coddle her. The goals Israel has attained that are seen by others as threats were only done naturally by a nation with a past such as hers.

        It reminds me of a story that the superb boxing writer, Hugh McIlvanney, has in his collection “The Hardest Game”. It is about poor, skinny Welshman Johnny Owen, who’s extreme courage was his demise. He died from injuries suffered at the fists of the bantamweight world champion, Mexican Lupe Pintor. “It is his tragedy that he found himself articulate in such a dangerous language.”

        The Jews of Israel do not wait. That did them no good. One contradiction to that was when scuds were falling in their country. But in general they value much of The Old Testament.

  21. Yes, by any estimate, and by the new math sane ( sic ) as the old math …. This is a very low ” JQ” post .

    Lotta low, reflexive, and … Tendentious …. JQ … energy always roiling the blood of those who dare anyone to call them anti-Semite . The ” Jewish Question ” … Isn’t that what the Blonde Beast , Heydrich and his host of Nuremberg racial law purists called it during the Wansee Conference as they re-defined what it was to be ” German? ”

    The old wolf always returns to the unguarded barn .

    Israel is not an unguarded barn .

    Deal with it .

  22. “It should have been handled more humanely without loss of life. Why it wasn’t it?”

    Because the ‘protesters’ wouldn’t have it any other way. Have you really dug in this, and watched some of the videos of what was going on? This was not a peaceful protest, it was a violent riot, including burning of tires, hurling of stones and molotov cocktails, and yes, fire guns at Israeli defense forces, in conjunction with attempts to breach the border wall.

    Don’t take my word, watch the videos.

    And why no mention of Hamas in your story?

    You should talk and biased reporting!

  23. Bravo, Matt. You will now be called an Anti-Semite. Welcome to the club. The horror of considering Gentiles of any stripe human is a step beyond for too many Jews. Not all, maybe not most, but for most Jewish leaders.

    In 1982 I listened to the BBC reporting on the Ariel Sharon organized massacre of thousands in Sabra and Shatila. It was not his first genocidal crime against humanity. [Israelis later rewarded him by electing him Prime Minister while loudly boasting that the IDF is the Most Moral Army in the World.] It took two days before America’s faunted Free Press deigned to pick up the story.

    That sort of coverage was Old Hat to me. In 1975 The United Kingdom and Egypt agreed to return the bodies of the two Jewish Terrorists who murdered Lord Moyne in 1944 for an agreed upon private burial. The stiff-necked, arrogant, faithless Israeli government met the corpses at the border with an Honor Guard and gave them a State Funeral. Simply put a contract was broken.

    It was front page across the globe. I know this to be true because I was in London on a stopover at the time and bought a copy of the Times. Inside there were facsimiles of headlines from everywhere – Paris, Madrid, Beijing, Tokyo, Moscow, and so on. Except the United States – zilch. After arriving in Boston I inquired of friends about the moral outrage. No one knew about it. It was located later at the BPL in the New York Times in a two paragraph, page forty something, article.

    Does anyone here remember the slaughter of 34 Americans on the USS Liberty in 1967 and LBJ’s treasonous betrayal of the crew? That is the most shameful act any American president has ever been responsible for. He preferred to curry favor with a few big Jewish donors to supporting young Americans on the front line.

    Americans have a problem. It is verboten to discuss the JQ, the Jewish Question, that has troubled Christian Europeans for over a millennium and a half. Jews have persecuted Christians at every opportunity over the centuries. Christians have not always turned the other cheek. They have retaliated and persecuted.

    In the mists of time the back and forth killings have left no innocent victims. There is a lot of guilt to go around. No Holodomor, no Holocaust. By the way, it is not a criminal offense to research the facts or doubt some stories about the former. It is across the West a ticket to jail to verify a single purported detail of the mythos of the latter however ludicrous it is.

    Liberty on the JQ is badly needed. At this point in time, in the context of restraints upon America’s liberties, and in view of the genocidal agenda of the Zionist entity, a question of Moral Theology must be explored: Is it immoral to not be an Anti-Semite?

    Again, welcome to the club, Matt. They will never forgive you.

    1. Wa-llahi! Matt could be thought of as an anti-Zionist, not an anti-Semite. Anti-Semeticism is something different, it’s hatred of all Jews, regardless, of political persuasion, and/or, religiosity. Anti-Zionism condemns the racist nature of the State of Israel, and, it’s treatment of Arab Palestinians as helots, but, does not disparage Jews as a religion and/or ethnicity
      Trotsky was an anti-Zionist, as, were, all the Bolsheviks, many of whom, were Jews. Left-leaning Jews are, generally, anti-Zionist.

    2. But the Brits would not repatriate the remains of executed Roger Casement, decades after his swing from the gibbet. McMillan tells DeValera, with a straight face, he would like to help but he has a problem with “Norman law”.

      DeValera reassured M that he has a dozen Irish lawyers that will help him out of his difficulty just send the remains that he may be buried with his compatriots!

      There is no end to the vile machinations of the Anglo-Saxon barbarians when it comes to the Irish Question.

  24. No American should die fighting Israel’s wars. Don’t let Glorious Leader get us in deeper.

  25. The Liberty was denied a destroyer escort, sought by its Captain , by Admiral Martin . It was a converted WWII light cargo Liberty ship , the Simmons , collecting signals intelligence and was clearly marked , in neutral waters , as a U.S. naval vessel . Admiral Martin did promise Captain McGonagle that fighter jets from the sixth fleet would be overhead in ten minutes, however, if the ship was atracked.

    The Liberty was attacked . Relentlessly . The incident has a Bay Of Pigs feel to it. It speaks to a lack of unity and/or coordination among the political, military, and intelligence pooh bahs at the time.

    That is a … Diplomatic … way of putting it .

  26. You are 100% correct on this issue. Black Lives matter. Arab lives matter. All lives matter. If one looks back to 1956 the Imperialist nations of Britain and France combined with Israel to invade Egypt in an attempt to seize the Suez Canal. Ike stopped the war and ordered the three aggressors to leave Egypt. They left rather than face U S sanctions. This force was used shortly after the Soviets moved on Hungary. Ike said we weren’t going to have different standards for our friends and our foes. Aggression was to be denounced wherever it took place. America had a strong honest President in the 50s. 2. In 60s things changed. During the Arab Israeli war of 1967 Israel attacked the U S ship Liberty patrolling in the Mediterranean killing 42 sailors and marines. A corrupt U S President LBJ did nothing. Nor did Congress. They were all paid off. Today they are still paid off. So expect no reaction from our political or media class. Remember in the 60s there was universal condemnation of the murders of civil rights workers in the South. The media, politicians and public were outraged. But hardly a peep over our dead Marines. 3. What is the difference between what was done in Gaza and Bloody Sunday in Northern Ireland? Thirteen civilians were gunned down by armed soldiers. The world was shocked by the British cruelty. No response to Arab deaths. Egypt, America and Israel are committing war crimes against the people in Gaza. Britain, America and Saudi Arabia are committing war crimes in Yemen. 4. If China, Russia, Japan the E U and India combined to tell Israel , Britain and America that they have to comply with international norms and refrain from killing civilians then maybe the violence could end. It is probably a long shot but our political and media classes are so debased that internal reform seems unlikely.

  27. Excellent article, Matt. Right on, about biased media coverage. And right on about excess use of killing power by the Israeli armed forces.

    Reminds me of Kent State . . .only 4 lives loss . . .but the horror

    Shoot to kill only those presenting an immediate risk of grievous bodily injury/death; and even then, if less lethal means available(tear gas, bean bags, water cannon, ) use them first; AND before shooting to kill, retreat . . .property damaged can be repaired; rioters can be filmed and later arrested

    Only in the case of immediate risk/threat to life or of great bodily injury should police/soldiers use Deadly Force.

    Israeli forces are rightfully condemned in this instance and the individuals who shot or who gave orders to shoot should be prosecuted fully. AND ISRAELI POLICIES/PRACTICES ON WHEN TO SHOOT MUST CHANGE

    I write as a strong supporter of the State of Israel and all its people; I also strongly support the Palestinians quest to rule themselves independently of Israel in their own State

    but who am I? Just another Savin Hill Billy…..

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