55 Palestinians Killed; You Think That Is Bad? 36,000 Children Are Missing!

For a while now children have been coming to America unaccompanied by a parent. Faced with that about two years ago the Feds started rolling back child protection policies meant for these minors fleeing violence in Central America. Those responsible for protecting our borders had to decide what to do with those children apparently numbering close to 180,000. They opted to give them out to people called adult sponsors. They were  supposed to take care of them until who knows when but certainly long after the cows come home.

The results of this grand scheme has just been learned. Almost 1,500 of those children have gone missing and are unaccounted for. This was discovered after the Feds made follow up visits to see how the kids were getting along. An investigation by AP in 2016 showed: “two dozen unaccompanied children had been sent to homes where they were sexually assaulted, starved or forced to work for little or no pay . . . “

The almost 1,500 figure is surely a gross understatement. it was arrived at like this. During last October to December 2017 people at Health and Human Services decided to follow up on some of the children the agency had placed with sponsors. They checked on 7,635 and found 6,075 of the children were still living with their sponsors, 28 had run away, five had been deported and 52 were living with someone else. The rest (1,475) were missing.

The 1,475 is almost 20% of those checked out. Assuming there have been 180,000 children who have been placed under this program and assuming 20% of them are missing then the better figure to be dealing with is 36,000. It’s like the Town of Natick or Braintree simply vanishing.

Where some fear to thread is that these children left alone among strangers are easy targets for those engaged in harvesting body parts. There is a very lucrative market in the United States and elsewhere for these parts. How difficult is it to get one of these kids away from these people being paid to mind them when greater sums are offered to them?

How can the HHS report that so many kids are missing and leaving us in the dark as to what was done to the person who was supposed to insure the safety of the child. I get the impression an HHS person went to the caretaker’s house and said “where is Jose Perez who was placed with you.” The caretaker responded, “Gee, I don’t know. He ain’t here anymore.” The HHS person, “okay, I’ll mark him missing. Thank you. Oh, by the way can we send you another one?”

The government takes kids from safe environments, parcels them out to indifferent caretakers, and makes a half-hearted effort to see what happened to them. You’d hope that the lesson would be learned and better facilities and accommodations would be made available to ensure the children’s safety.

Unfortunately, the opposite is taking place.

When I read about slavery one of the great horrors which was part of it was that one person owned another. (How would you like to be owned by someone else.) It was not just the person but all in the family of the person.  A slave mother’s children also were property of her owner. The horror of being owned was doubly so when the owner had the right to take the children as they grew older and sell them to others. I could not imagine anything worse for the mother or the child. When I had kids I could not imagine the devastation I would have suffered had someone come and taken them away. That would have been the worst of the worst.

The only thing that would have made it worse would be if I knew my children were going to be put in a place where they would face great dangers and the likelihood of losing their lives. If I knew I could never see them again.

Today we know those unaccompanied children face great dangers. But what are we now doing to children who are arriving with their parents. Under the Trump administration we are stripping them away from their parents just as the slave owners did. But worse than them, we are sending them into a situation where one in five children seem to fall into the hands of evil people. When slavery was stopped the dividing of families stopped; now it is back where innocent children are taken from their mothers and placed into situations that have been proven dangerous.

To my knowledge we are the only nation in the world resorting to such barbaric behavior. There can be no justification in a civilized nation for destroying families and injuring children.  Matthew: 18:6 “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”

Woe unto thee America!



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  1. Well said, Bill .

    Señor Roberto testified today that Steve Flemmi’s nickname on Federal Hill was ….. The Nice Man !!!

    Who knew ???


    Talk about pornography !!!


    Also four or five young men killed during Vietnam War . . .Dorchester’s Bobby Griffin, an athlete weightlifter Marine whom Sam Silverman wanted to turn pro boxer, whom I knew and was a friend of my brother and four or five others from B.C. High and Boston College whom I knew and a brother of my friend Dukie Joyce from South Boston whom I worked with in Old Harbor as janitors/painters . . .all KIA . . .and then the many who died after the War like Phil Sweeney whose deaths in part I attribute to the Vietnam War . . .post traumatic stress and other symptomology well known to VA Hospitals like Doctor Crosskerry of L-Street, former head of Boston’s VA who served as combat surgeon in WWII, Korea and during two tours in Vietnam.

    We remember and honor them!

  3. Back in 2002-3 (UW), I was doing research on the connections between the Phoenix and Volksplatz counter-insurgency programs. Both programs utilized torture, and, assassination, extensively. There was quite a bit of cross-fertilization.

  4. Joseph Slovo was a Lithuanian Jew whose family emigrated to South Africa. He was the co-founder of ANC’S military organization. Trevor Noah would know the name. Mr. Slovo was a committed Marxist-Leninist. He’s considered a hero by most South Africans (blacks, coloreds, and, radicalized white folks). If you don’t believe it, send Noah an e-mail. He’ll be surprised that you know anything about Slovo.

  5. It takes a supremely cruel individual to deport kids back to the conditions in Central America.

  6. Wa-llahi! Joe Slovo. My bad. Read his bio in WIKI. He was one of those Communist Jews, I so admire.

  7. Appalling . Reading Sweet (Laurel)) tweets on Bob DeLuca testimony. She notes his widow being agonized at the macabre description DeLuca gave of Stephen DiSarro’s body being trucked around the Branch Ave. house of horrors like a monster’s plaything.

    Successively …Mrs. Di Sarro sat through accounts set forth as : DeLuca , brother Joe, Harpo Garabedian and a DeLuca in-law arrive with the body ; Eerie stairways are mounted and nightfall is awaited : a rusted hand cart , as DeLuca describes, is used in a frantic dash across an open yard en route to the toxic waste pit : Harpo stumbles, the body falls out of the cart and is dragged the rest of the way and buried ; the next morning Mr.Ricci is busy with the backhoe exhuming the body and in the process snagging it on the backhoe’s teeth so that the body falls out and the offending blue tarp, viewed with the now ” blue tarp jaded eye ” of Mr. DeLuca, hangs in tattered testimony to ….One whopper of a tale !

    Ricci , who was supposed only to be covering the grave with debris the next morning was , at DeLuca’s instigation, digging up the body because brother Joe DeLuca was freaking out that … The Godfather … was demanding the whereabouts of this vexing blue tarp.

    This same tarpaulin that, as Frank Salemme allegedly delivered Mr.DiSarro’s remains to the DeLuca group in North Providence , he was actually said to have told Bob DeLuca words to the effect of ” There are fingerprints all over this thing and now yours will be all over it too. ”

    How … IMAGISTIC .

    Yet, this incredible piece of nonsense that suggests a guy is warning you before you have ever, for only a moron would, placed your fingerprints on a tarpaulin, that you must take extra care to dispose of … GET THIS … not the body …. but the blue tarpaulin the body is in , because by then you must have been as careless as everyone else .

    It is embarrassingly insulting to a Jury”s intelligence to present such artificial scenarios and expect them to be examined uncritically.

    There is a real violence being done to Stephen DiSarro’s widow if these lurid and ghastly tales , so reminiscent of the Whitey the napping fiend who strangles Flemmi’s Ladies while Flemmi watches fabulisms , are just so much more fantastic purchased testimony.

    There is a lot of bad writing going into these Government scripts .

    2018 …not ’82 … not ’92 …….. 2018 !!!

  8. The 180,000 children should have been promptly removed to the countries from which they were enticed by Obama’s heartless refusal to fulfill the laws of the land. Their home countries, where they would have extended families, are the most appropriate places for their safe upbringing.

    But Obama thought there were votes in endangering the kids. Any effort to rectify this baleful condition will be blocked by judges on the 9th Circus. Trump and Sessions should redouble their efforts to return all the children to their homelands. Any thing else is abusive in itself and fraught with placement abuses here.

    Just because Obama did not give a fig about the welfare of these youngsters is no reason for the Trump administration to accede to the unsavory consequences of the of Obama’s pandering to the left wing of the Democrat Party. The problem should not belong in the United States.

    1. 180,000 children escape conditions so dangerous they are willing to leave, at great risk, the “home” countries that are fostering the threat of annihilation, and you would return them to those same conditions. “Not my problem”.

      Whose problem then?

      1. Just the logistics of moving 180,000 people of any size around like poker chips.

        The problem IS ours.

  9. The beat goes on :

    Linus had his blanket and now we learn Frank Salemme Sr. had his blue tarp. DeLuca testified this morning that the Godfather was ripshit that DeLuca and Harpo Garabedian and the rest of the Branch Ave. office guys had not apparently removed a highly incriminating, because freighted with Salemme fingerprints innumerable, blue tarp that Steven DiSarro’s body was wrapped in. Thus, the grisly crew had to exhume Mr.DiSarro’s body to remove …. and … destroy the blue tarpaulin winding sheet the Godfather and scion allegedly wrapped Steven DiSarro’s body in , having whacked him in the Godfather’s … Living room.

    So, A guy who has admittedly killed men before in his mob career suddenly becomes a fretful novice ?
    The Salemme’s must have just been out of surgical gloves, or something ,to
    have left such a rich palette of incriminating fingerprints on this talismanic blue tarpaulin. That said tarpaulin is an item DeLuca says Frank Salemme specifically exhorted him to take extraordinary pains to remove, which instructions DeLuca ignored, is
    fine except that DeLuca waves the hypnotic flag of Government evidence, the blue tarp, once too often. Why, when questioned by Frank Salemme , would he not simply have lied and said … No problems there Boss .

    Crazy story . Illogical .

      1. Watched the Trevor Noah interview. My problem with him was that I never watched him. Only the snippets I would see on an occasional news cast. I don’t watch much news so I had little to base my opinion on. Two weeks ago a friend and her husband were here from Seattle. They are pretty conservative folks but suggested I watch his show. I was surprised at the advice but did catch a few shows. His show is much better than his snippets. He doesn’t appear as someone that has been involved in a struggle but few Americans know what apartheid was. He does. He’s a bright guy and I appreciate his views.

        1. Trevor Noah is too young to have been in on the fight against apartheid, a struggle led by Communists. South Africa is a revolution, only, half finished. The capital resources, and, land, of the nation must be confiscated and redistributed according to need. Amandla.

          All praise to Joe Slavo. All power to the dialectic!

          1. South Africa is a Revolution only half finished.

            Your grammarian credentials are suspect. The commas you placed before and after …. only… do not belong there. Typical of you.

            Noah’s mother was black and his father white. Mother and son lived in the Johannesburg suburb of Soweto. As he was bi-racial he was considered ” colored” in the caste system. His mother and he could only see the father by day in the city proper as all blacks had to leave by sundown. She had to pose as a cleaning lady as a pretext to come , and often leave pushing curfew, with her colored son, Trevor. She also had a cover story for her “colored” son , that she had him along to babysit him as she worked, because otherwise she would have implicated herself in what the Apartheid society considered miscegenation. The consequences would have been negative.

            In his most formative years he lived with his mom under Apartheid in the worse ghetto in Johannesburg , Soweto.

            No, unlike you , who we are certain was there and burning tires and fighting the fascist forces, Trevor Noah had his own experience of Apartheid .

            Joe Shlomo ???

            1. Vide Supra … That first sentence is written as your sentence should have been written.



  10. Hamas just revealed as bribing Palestinians to storm Israeli birder fence despite emphatically clear Israeli warnings as to how IDF would respond. The Hamas agents were videotaped .

    Iran has no comment .

    Mr. Netanyahu … Don’t you dare tear down that wall .

  11. Another incompetent government program. Why are so many people improperly crossing our border? Along with the Europeans, America does not shoot people breaching our border fence and entering our country illegally. That is real restraint. Not the bogus claim of the American U N ambassador that Israel showed restraint in shooting a thousand Palestinians.

  12. The duty of the Federal Government that places these 180,000 immigrant children in foster homes is clear . . .it is the same duty federal/state governments face in supervising nursing homes for seniors . . .the seniors health, safety, comfort, enjoyment, “liveability” must be guaranteed as feasible via periodic monitoring and reporting . . .
    the Difference is the FEDS are the ones doing the Placements . . .the FEDs have a higher duty to monitor and report (require reporting, keep strict records) on EACH AND EVERYONE OF THESE CHILDREN as the FEDs have assumed the role of Guardian.
    The STATE sometimes remains the Guardian of an indigent/abandoned senior citizen placed in a Nursing Facility or Senior Housing.

    One again, our bloated Federal Government, which does much good in many fields, is woefully and dangerously negligent is this most vital of fields: the CARE OF CHILDREN as it is in its Boston Offices and DC Offices in the administration of JUSTICE.

  13. “To my knowledge we are the only nation in the world resorting to such barbaric behavior.”

    Slavery is common in many countries. Millions of people worldwide, whole families, are enslaved in places like India. Children are plucked from families never to be seen again.

    A couple I know that were teaching in an international school in Saudi Arabia were often asked to “….take my baby…” so that child, always a girl, would not be taken into lifelong servitude by a brutal, middle of the night, visitor.

    I believe this evil goes back well before the Trump administration. Back before the forming of this country.

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