A Continuing Prejudice

2013 08 30_4070There are four rankings of colleges in the Boston area that I found.


MIT 5, Harvard 7, Tufts 25, Boston College 36, Brandies 74, Boston University 89, Northeastern 209.

U S News:

Harvard 2, MIT 7, Tufts 28, Boston College 31, Brandies 32, Boston University 41, Northeastern 49

Business Insider (Top 50): 

MIT 1, Harvard 3, Tufts 38, Boston College 39.  

About.com (12 Top Colleges in MA not ranked – listed those in Boston area)

Babson, Boston College, Brandeis, Harvard, MIT, Olin, Tufts, Wellesley

The rankings seem to be fairly consistent with MIT, Harvard, Tufts and Boston College as the top four universities in the area.

Some have suggested that the idea that a Catholic University like Boston College being considered one of our top universities was anathema to the Boston Globe.  It preferred to ignore it and did it best to do so. A little proof of that suggestion came about last week.

In the Globe Magazine on Sunday, August 17, 2014, H.D.S.Greenway, who went to Milton Academy and Harvard and worked for the Boston Globe from 1978 to 2000, rising to become editorial page editor wrote:

“from my point of view, the Globe had an advantage that other provincial papers did not have. With Harvard, MIT, Tufts, Boston University, and other institutes of hIgher learning in its circulation area, international news was both appreciated and respected.”  


10 thoughts on “A Continuing Prejudice

  1. My sister married a Jesuit after the church paid for him to get his PhD in Physics at MIT. The back story about BC is while I spent a year shopping around for a college
    to site our conference investigating crimes committed by FBI agents after Professor Howard Zinn at Boston University sponsored our 1st conference in 1989 a adjunct
    Professor at BC Learning to Learn program supported our conference
    and took a leadership role in bringing many of our speakers to Boston after they appeared at Bates College in Lewiston Maine.I am especially grateful for BC underwriting the cost of bringing William Pepper an alumni of the BC Law School.
    Pepper represented the Martin Luther King family in the 1999 landmark civil lawsuit
    where he convinced a Memphis Jury the FBI had assassinated Martin Luther King.
    Read his book Act of State:The execution of Martin Luther King.
    I left my Catholic Tribe a long,long time ago and celebrate it in this post I created.
    No I am not a Mormon.

    Having attended Brandeis in 1969 where fellow students included Lefty Gilday,Susan Saxe and Kathy Powers I take it as a personal affront at the incorrect spelling of Brandeis by Matt, eh?

    1. msfreeh: You forgot to mention the late Stanley Bond along with fellow-Brandeis students Lefty the Electrician and their gal-pal killers of policeman Walter Schroder. There was a 4th member of the gang, but he was at Northeastern as I recall.

  2. It would be nice if Boston College were still Catholic in not only name. In truth, though, there isn’t much nowadays to distinguish them from any other local school of higher learning. Harvard at least gave the Church Cardinal Avery Dulles.

    Billy Bulger is a Triple Eagle. Maybe that’s another reason the Boston Globe hates him.

    1. Boston College maintains its strong Catholic presence, in Masses throughout campus, in crucifixes in classrooms, in Jesuits, other clerics, and nuns on campus and living nearby, in its evangelical-ecumenical outlook to all, in its student body (85% Christian, as I recall the latest stats) in its promotion of Judaeo-Christian values, Judaeo-Christian history, biblical studies, etc., and in the Administration’s constant reaffirmation of central Judaeo-Christian ethics and its specific opposition to abortion and refusal to fund through its insurance policies anti-life medicines (abortofacients, mercy-killing drugs, opium dens) and in its scrutiny of and intolerance of drugs on campus, addictive behaviours, self-destructive behaviors and hedonism. It still promotes the Jesuit ideals AMDG and “Men and Women for others.” Boston College is doing a good job, an excellent job at teaching, research and student formation. The arts and sports flourish here, as to all scholastic endeavors. Go BC!!! Of course, I too am critical of the occasional insensate radical liberal professors in the law school and other departments. There’s rotten apples in every bushel.

      1. Cardinal O’Malley seemed to think BC was too liberal when he boycotted the place last year. Personally, i think BC epitomizes what Pope Leo XIII condemned as Americanism.

        1. Henry:

          BC is Jesuit. It is as you say quite American. It is more like the Jesuit Pope Francis than a Pope Benedict, who by the way present a difficult problem because Francis is supposed to be ill and if he passes on will Benedict be pope again? If BC did not adjust to the changing mores of our society it would have slipped down significantly in college rankings.

  3. It is possible that H.D.S. is the acronym as well as the eponym for Mr. Harvard Divinity School Greenway. Cut the sailor some slack, he hasn’t been made aware of anything else besides the Reformationists. You note that he isn’t aware of Brandeis and its roster of Nobel Winners.

    The heyday of the Globe can only be seen in the rear view mirror.

  4. Boston College High School and the University of Massachusetts, which are across the boulevard from the Boston Globe, do not receive the love.

    Perhaps the Globe does not enjoy the view from their windows?

  5. Why is it that, if you are looking for a snub, you can almost always find one?
    Is it an Irish thing or just specifically a BC one?
    Eagles seem a bit insecure, if you ask my humble opinion.

    (Northeastern University ’78)

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