A Couple of News Items Gives An Idea How Much Out of Step the Local U.S. Attorney’s Office Is.

A Deep Abyss

The New York Post had an article about a mobster.  It starts off “This mobster is the scam artist-in-chief. A longtime Gambino crime-family associate tried to convince a judge he’s politically connected . . . . “  It’s about Anthony “Tony” O’Donnell.  He’s awaiting sentencing after having been convicted “on federal charges of shaking down owners of Sitt Asset Management, a Manhattan real-estate investment firm.” 

He was arrested in January 2011 “alongside 126 other wiseguys in the largest single single-day operation against organized crime in US history.”  The raid rounded up members of the five Mafia families of New York.  Tony “has previously been convicted for the armed robbery of a UPS truck and a mob-related extortion, federal records show.”

It is reported “Assistant US Attorney Whitman Knapp said O’Donnell has served as the right-hand man to a powerful Gambino capo, “has a significant criminal history” and “poses a danger to the community.””

So you figure the guys going to do big numbers being so closely connected to a Gamino family capo with the history of violence in his past.  Then we learn he faces up to 37 months behind bars under a plea agreement.

Whenever I read that stuff I have to think of Catherine Greig who had no record, went off with her boyfriend Whitey when he took off and stayed with him, and committed no violent act, is not a danger to any community but she got 96 months, based on recommendations from the local U.S. Attorney almost three times what a mobster with a long record will receive.

Then I see the Sheila Burgess case has another reporter on the story. We read the same story again but this time the search is on to see who hired her. One thing missing in these articles is the date of these accidents and how bad they were. I’d like to know how old she was when they happened and her age at the time of the misdemeanor auto offenses. What we do know about her is despite her past when she was on the job she did a good job.  She had been praised by the US Department of Transportation “for continuous improvement in communications” with the federal government.”  Isn’t that the standard we should be looking at? How did she perform as an employee and not what may have happened twenty years earlier.

The article then goes into the idea she was not qualified for the job according to the guidelines.  Yet the guidelines seem wrong when considering the job was nothing other than a PR job urging us to drive safely. She had spent 20 years communicating ideas about candidates running for office.

If we didn’t have such a cowardly governor there would be no issue.  Someone would have stood up and said: “I hired Sheila Burgess because she did a good job running campaigns for Moakley and others. I knew of her driving record. I considered it would not be a disability to her. I knew she was good at communications which was what we needed in the job. I was right. She did a good job.”

We don’t hear that because the person fears the governor will not stand behind her or him. Everyone is running around like the three blind mice making this an issue when it really isn’t because a newspaper writes about it.

On second thought, maybe the fear is not of the governor firing the person but of the U.S. Attorney in Boston who has brought RICO charges against the probation officers for not hiring the most qualified persons. (We have to believe U.S Attorney herself and everyone in that office are the most qualified to hold their positions.) It seem every time this newspaper spins its stories the U.S. Attorney finds a crime in it. Perhaps the word is out that some AUSA is preparing a RICO indictment against the Public Safety Secretary, Mary Beth Heffernan, and the people who hired Sheila base on the idea they mailed out rejection letters to other applicants after hiring Sheila who wasn’t the best candidate.

We’re pretty much at a loss to figure out the local U.S. Attorney’s office.  It does seem to be out of step with the rest of the nation as we heard from Governor Weld who used to be number 3 in the Justice Department.


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  1. Once again, i must point out one of the prime examples of a US attorneys office that has complletely lost their moral compass. Their job is not to pick out an enemy and turn them into a criminal. I think it points out the true measure of the man when you read The statement Bob George made PRIOR to his sentencing. To proclaim your innocence while fully knowing that it could literally cost you many years in prison tells me he is a man of courage and conviction. The fact that he is going to prison while the filthy con man that the government has gotten into bed with continues to wreak havoc on the innocent public is beyond reprehensible. Never mind the fact that they continue to pay this career criminal while he owes hundreds of thousands in restitution and child support, which the USAO willfully ignores. The Boston USAO is Morally bankrupt. Please make the time to read this:


    1. Declan,
      Thanks for the information on George. I’ll post a short blurb about it today for those who may be interested.

    1. Declan:
      Weld was the U.S Attorney in Boston before he became governor. He was in that office during some of the time when Judge Stearns, Jeremiah O’Sullivan and FBI Director Mueller and Judge Wolf were members of that office.

  2. the author has mentioned in previos posts that the feds tried to make catherine greig give up the location of whitey money. one topic the author has never broached is the belief among some that whitey and steve flemmi were child molesters. whitey with children of both sexes and stevi with females. most all people abhor child molesters and the author very much a lawyer always writes about what can be legaly proven rather than what some people consider a very important moral component.catherine greig kept whitey free and heathy and many people have no problem with her sentence

    1. Hawaii: (Norwood Born)
      There is no evidence Whitey ever molested any children, male or female. Where did you get that idea? Stevie is believed to have molested his step daughter. It’s throwing canards out like that which I am trying to fight against. How could you suggest such a thing? Please, tell me where you got it from since it is the first time I have heard it.
      If Catherine Greig had married Whitey she could not have been charged with anything. She has no record, committed no violence, and took no one else’s property. She did little to keep him free since it was more difficult for him to disappear with her than it would be by himself. She may have kept him happy since she was his girlfriend and I assume she was in love with him. No one has suggested she had anything to do with his crimes. Gangsters are being sentenced to one-third or a half of what she received. I know the judge and the prosecutors have no trouble with her sentence but I do because it is so out of line with what she did it is close to cruel and unusual punishment bespeaking of totalitarian societies where people are imprisoned for what they know and not for what they have done. She is not being punished for her criminal act but because she refuses to cooperate. That has never been a reason to give a person more than they normally should have received.

  3. They are not out of step they are simply using the Office and their positions for their own political gain.

    Enemies of the elite are routinely punished while the connected go about there business regardless of whether its legal or not.

    Its simply Law and Order Boston style.

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