A Halloween Trick and A Challenge To The FBI:

(``) comey obamaI cannot but help hearing echoes of J. Edgar Hoover. I wonder if Director Comey his reincarnation? He is sure up to Hoover’s old tricks.

In doing research for my planned book I have studied the involvement of J. Edgar Hoover in various historical moments in our country’s history. It was back in 1919 or 1920 when he was running the Justice Department’s radical bureau that he came out with a warning to all police departments in the nation that the Reds were planning major disturbances throughout our county on the 4th of July. The cities went to great lengths preparing and the day came and went and nothing unusual occurred. It was after that sanity returned to America and the Hoover’s creation known as the “Red Scare” pretty much went into the history books. Hoover, the man behind much of the scare at age 24, would go on to become director of the FBI for 48 years.

His career was full of scare tactics. He did well with the Red baiting up through the 1950s. He was a source for his friend Joe McCarthy. He knew that scaring the American people was a good way to get more money for his pet project, the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Hoover knew that by keeping the American people in fear that all the Congressmen would want to avoid anyone making the slightest suggestion that they interfered with him whose only thoughts were the protection of the American people. He knew they would fall over themselves giving him everything he requested and more.

Hoover played out the Communist menace so long and so well that he could never get that monkey off his back. It was estimated that late in his career he was still issuing dire warnings. At that time there were 8,000 members of the Communist Party in America and 1,500 of them were well paid FBI informants.

The FBI faced more scrutiny after Hoover died in 1972. Between then and the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001 it had no great enemy to scare the American people with. Sure it had the Mafia but it was difficult demonizing it too much since the Mafia needed America’s capitalistic system to thrive. It did not present a threat to most Americans who knew if they avoided dealing with it they would not be bothered. Hoover would create the secret Top Echelon (TE)  informant program where he recruited high members of the Mafia and other gang organizations to join with the FBI. I have no figures on this since the FBI  won’t disclose the number of its Mafia TE informants so for all we know a good percentage of those now in the Mafia are also agents of the FBI.

The terrorists are the new communists under Comey’s FBI.  I recognized that a while ago when I thought Comey, unlike the directors who preceded him, seemed to be a fear monger extraordinaire. He recently made a speech at the University of Chicago where he blamed the increase in crime to the increased scrutiny of the behavior of police officers.  He said:  “I do have a strong sense that some part of the explanation is a chill wind that has blown through American law enforcement over the last year, . . . ”  

There was nothing to back it up. He just threw it out as a scare. He doubled down on it the Monday following saying:  maybe, just maybe, because those lines are arcing away from each other, we have a crisis of violent crime in some of our major cities in this country, and in those cities in some of our most vulnerable neighborhoods.” (The arching is between the police and the communities of color.)

The thing I don’t get is what is his purpose in doing this. Does he want the cops to be under less scrutiny?  Is he trying to turn the cops against the blacks? In answer to a question he said: he “didn’t know” whether police hesitance explains the uptick in violent crime in some cities, but said that he has “a strong sense” of it. His sense seems to run contrary to that of the people in the community (as well as the president, who appointed him – “good job Barry” ) and is somewhat controversial among the experts who don’t see a big uptick in crime.

Where Obama complained of the mass incarceration of people, Comey belittles him. He suggests “to speak of ‘mass incarceration’ I believe is confusing, and it distorts an important reality.” I would say Comey’s Republican roots are showing but not his gratitude for the job.

Comey has now overdone it. There can be no doubt he is acting like Hoover trying to scare the American people and Congress. Here’s his latest. His FBI has sent warnings throughout the country of a possible ‘Halloween Revolt’ by a dangerous anarchist group.” 

That anarchist group is known as the “Nationalist Liberation Militia.” (see footnote) I Googled it. I entered ”Nationalist Liberation Militia” with the dates 9/11/2001 to 10/25/2015. Five, 5, sites came up. Checking them they were updated to include the present information. In other words, there is no evidence of the groups existence outside the FBI warning.

I expanded the dates to include October 27, 2015. I came up with 18 pages with that name. By this Halloween there will be many more. This demonstrates how widespread the FBI warning is circulating in the media and on the web. Yet no group with that name has ever been in existence according to Google prior to the time the FBI invented it. Think of the ramifications of this.

The FBI is pulling a Halloween trick. It invented a group and created its name just to put out a scare notice to the American people. The FBI can easily prove me wrong.

I challenge the FBI to tell us more about this group. Where is it? How many members does it have? Who is running it? Why have we never heard of it? How did it get the information? How long has it known about it. Surely it can answer these questions if the group exists, or is it just a ghost of Halloween.

PS: if the revolt doesn’t happen, then have a Happy Halloween.

Footnote:  I misnamed the group as the Nationalist Liberation Militia. The name should have been the National Liberation Militia. Neither group is shown to exist and the first mention of it was by the FBI.

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  1. Matt- We can’t answer that, it is an ongoing investigation. That is the bread and butter defense mechanism tactic. I heard Comey testify i think it was 10-22-15, he seems like a tough nut to crack.

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