A Most Dangerous Game: Libeling a True American Hero Robert Mueller

Yesterday I wrote about the unwarranted and what I believe are Russian encouraged attacks on the FBI. I noted how much it falls to the Russian benefit to have people like Boston’s Bigot Howie Carr rile up his readers against it. Carr in case you didn’t know it reads off the names of Latinos who have been arrested while the Mexican song La Cucaracha plays in the background. For years he has worked hard to create hostility toward Latinos and denigrate them. This act probably accounts for his friendship with Trump.

I pointed out the reason for the attacks on the FBI is that it is working hand-in-hand with Robert Mueller who is the special counsel investigating Trump’s involvement with the Russians during his campaign for president. Be clear about this, our intelligence agencies have spoken unanimously that Russia did that for the purpose of aiding Trump. Any suggestion that Hillary was involved with Russians and that they were working on her behalf is truly laughable.

Anyone who is familiar with the tactics of good criminal defense counsel can spot the ongoing act a mile away. When a defendant client is caught cold then you have to attack the investigators. What else is there left to do. You’ve seen it in the OJ Simpson case. No longer was he on trial but the LA police department seemed to be in the dock.  The Trump people have even asserted that the former Trump National Security Adviser Flynn who has pleaded guilty is not guilty.

It does not bother the Republicans and high level Trump supporters they are undermining America. They have picked up a Russian trick, an old one from the KGB, which seeks to cause confusion  among people in democracies so that they fail to trust anyone such as the news media or the people doing investigations who work to protect them. They sling mud everywhere they can hoping some of it sticks. Aside from hurting America what is most wrong about what they are doing are their unwarranted attacks against Robert Mueller.

What I find as most astounding here is the attack on the Americanism of Robert Mueller who fought for this country as a Marine lieutenant in combat in Vietnam and who received awards for bravery. Ironically those who did not serve are the biggest ones calling for his head. The demeaning of the men and women who put on the uniform by those who did not serve continues.

Mueller has led an exemplary life in both the public and private sector being appointed to highest government positions by Republican presidents with the approval of Republican Congress. He is a man of the highest repute and the longest-serving FBI director since J. Edgar Hoover. He has often been highly praised by those who know of his service to America. He was given a unanimous vote by the Senate less than seven years ago for a two-year extension of his term as FBI director. That’s a unanimous praise for a 67-year-old man who had in the opinion of everyone in the Senate, both Democrat and Republican, served the United States both honorably and well.

He left the directorship less than five years ago and entered private practice. His reputation was unblemished. He was called upon last year to be a special prosecutor, Now because he is conducting an investigation he is being reviled by the Republican Party and their toadies. We are now supposed to believe a man who left the FBI to many kudos at age 69 has suddenly turned rogue. And, astonishingly, some believe it. I dare any who doubts his integrity to put themselves up against his in terms of service to the country and tell us why we should believe you over him.

It is the country that suffers with these unprecedented attacks which have arisen since Trump gained office. He has called the media “fake” and “enemies of the American people”; he has attacked the intelligence community;he has fired the FBI director for not shutting down the Russia investigation; he has attacked Mueller and his investigation.

Is this the America where you want to live where the president tells you all the agencies set up to protect you are not to be trusted. What can we expect of good men in the future when they see how Robert Mueller is being slandered and libeled? is it Trump and the Republicans purpose to drive the best from public service so only the corrupt serve? Hard to see what else is their purpose.