A New Name: A New Theme: A New Hope

In my trek towards the truth I began to feel like the blind pilgrim walking in the Camino de Santiago at night. In other words I was not getting any closer to the truth than when I began especially with some folk who repeat the same things over and over again who  have closed their minds to logic and reason as shown by the repetition of their mantra ad nauseum.

In anticipation to setting up my site that will deal with the gangsters I decided to make this site appear different than it did in the past. I set up a new theme which is what you are looking at.

This site will be open to various topics outside of those dealings with the gangster with the caveat that comments should be limited to the point of the post and should in no event exceed 500 words by those who are regular commenters. If a comment by someone exceeds that amount and the person is not a regular and the subject is of particular interest I will let it pass.

The comments should not be repetitive insults of persons or political positions you do not like. I had hoped on the trek that there would be more discussions than diatribes but in the present land that is America that turned out to be a vain hope. That is why I find America has become a strange land thanks to the Trump and his folk who still insist Trump won the election. Which is a great folly when Putin recognizes Biden as the American president but over 50% of American Republicans do not.

America has become very strange from the time I served in the military those many years ago. Maybe the failure to continue some type of national service contributed to what we see now. Maybe the folk out there have rarely strayed outside of their place where they were born – maybe moving for a bit – but never getting their minds away with their bodies.

I do not know how many served overseas with our armed forces like I did. There you gain a different perspective on matters in those foreign lands where you interact with folks from other countries but mostly with Americans on the same mission as you are from all parts of the nation without difficulty or name calling. Where you recognize we, as Americans  in uniform, are all in the same boat. The military was a true melting pot where much of the advancement was supposedly based on merit and a great attempt was made to treat everyone equal.

As soon as my gangster site is set up I will let you know. I have been away from blogging putting the finishing touches on my gangster book which has been much more difficult than I had expected. I apologize for the delays in all these areas and thank you for your patience.

For those who asked questions about the gangster aspects I will answer them when the new blog is up, I hope you do not mind but they are good questions and will require some more thought than I can devote to them now.

That’s it. Hope you do not mind the changes. And, by the way, today is Juneteenth, our newest federal holiday, so  have a good one.


13 thoughts on “A New Name: A New Theme: A New Hope

  1. Matt, Good Luck and just keep writing. Remember what the Great DMR still
    writes “ THE ROAD TO THE TRUTH IS A ROAD WELL TAKEN “ or was that RF?
    Thanks for all the past great daily topics!

  2. I don’t blame you for the note of discouragement. When loyal Trump supporters declare the election was clearly not stolen, when Republican governors declare their elections were a paragon of fairness and a month later call for stringent voting laws to ensure integrity, and the futility of discussion is so obvious–its time to throw in the towel.

    Happy Father’s Day and thanks for the run.

    1. Hutch:

      Happy Father’s to you and all the Hutchinsons. It amazes me that the Republicans who had established the way in which the election should be run, and then ran it in the way they designed it, complained that it worked the way they wanted it to work, and now set out to make sure it does not run in the way they designed it by redesigning it.

    1. MS:

      You and Tucker Carlson make strange bedmates. I’m not sure the guy in the first part talking about Hoover and the FBI knows what he’s talking about. Things were a lot more straightforward than what he suggests. Hoover’s interest was no so much convincing the public but convincing Congress. He seems to forget Hoover died in 1972 so he had little influence in the 1970s. Sometimes one gets too close to a picture and does not see it all.

  3. Thanks for all of your work on this blog.

    Its not that people wont change their stance on a subject that bothers me. What bothers me is that so many people wont even consider the alternatives to a subject. They are afraid to even give a look to the other possibilities that might be out there. I love the fact that my father always said that “My way or the highway” is a cancer to the advancement of thought. Back when the Hardhats were crying “Love It Or Leave It” my father said that the whole point of this country’s existence is lost with that statement. You can love it or change it. At least try and change it. That is why we created a democracy.

    Anyway, to all out there of the hairier gender that have produced offspring, have a great Father’s Day.

    1. Honest:

      Your father was a wise man. It is good to recall some of his wisdom during Father’s Day weekend.

  4. Looks good Matt, thank you for your efforts over the years and I look forward to your future posts and discussions,


  5. Mr. Connolly, I’m looking forward to the new blog. Best of luck with it, and with finishing up the new book.

    We don’t subscribe to the Discovery Plus Channel, so we didn’t see “My Name Is Bulger” Thursday night. Maybe some other time? I hope your segment made the final cut.

    Happy Father’s Day to you and to the Father’s in your readership.

    1. I don’t subscribe to it either but I figure at some point it may end up in a library or somewhere where I can see it. I’ll have to see it at some point before doing the Whitey book which is the follow up to the gangster book. Keep up the fight your guy – although I’ll never understand it I like it that you do put your opinion out there. Happy Father’s day to you and your friends and family.

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