A Plague of Unreasonable Men.

Yesterday and this morning reviewing the comments it appears that  two people have taken them over. One mainly tells us how bad the FBI and the American police forces are. I think of him as Mr. Anti-FBI; the other who throws out the Trump line continuously on every conceivable subject who I think of as Mr. Prototypical Trump.

In reading the comments I noted the Prototypical Trump posted about the president: “Biden the Baby Butcher, Biden the turncoat like Benedict Arnold. . . . Biden’s a hypocrite, a mud slinger, a reverse racist, a historical revisionist (Biden said Edison didn’t invent the lightbulb). An unprincipled man is dangerous. A man who stands for nothing who wavers, who switch sides whichever way the wind is blowing, is a man who’ll fall for anything.”  Then talking about the election said: “None of those claims about corrupt voting have been “disproven”. I am not satisfied these contested election results in three states with razor thin differences have not been adequately and fully investigated.”

A woman (Peggy Ann) responded to his comments saying about the election: “Didn’t Trump’s lawyer say her claims of fraud in the election were not libelous because they were such nonsense no one would believe them. I hope you will not become a witness for those suing her since you believe what Trump’s lawyers say no one would believe.”

Prototypical Trump responded: “Peggy Ann, with all respect, I suggest you are probably believing leftist MSM disinformation or fake news. I am sure her quotes were taken out of context.”

The woman got her information from a court filing by the lawyers representing Trump’s lawyer Sidney Powell. It reads talking about election fraud that: “No reasonable person would conclude that the statements were truly statements of fact.”  It wasn’t “leftist MSM disinformation or fake news.

The problem with the Trump folk is they  – as Kellyanne Conway noted – believe in alternative facts – that is any fact they don’t like they come up with another one so as not to face up to the truth.

Many years ago President Truman had a motto: “There is no substitute for a fact. When the facts are known, reasonable men do not disagree with respect to them.”

You really have to wonder how did Trump bring it about so that so many unreasonable men popped up in America.

On another subject.

It appears neither Mr. Anti-FBI or Prototypical Trump feel a need to follow the guidelines I have suggested. I have previously asked that comments be no longer than 500 words, concise, directed to the subject at hand and limited to one per person each day. I have said that one may respond to a comment directed at his or her prior comments but again asked that they be concise. Not quoting the contents of an outside site would help in this regard. Note the site so that people may go there if they are interested.

I am considering lowering the amount of words in comments and having to go back to editing comments. As you can tell from the quotes on Biden above not only is the person who comments not sticking to the subject but is just rambling on.

2 thoughts on “A Plague of Unreasonable Men.

  1. In reply in < 500: free flow: your rules said no more than about 500 words, but also that commentators could respond to others' comments.

    I've done my best to comply with rules, seemingly apply to some, but not others. example Elmer; example you misconstrued my Capitalizations was Shouting, when I thought it was just like e.e. cummings, but opposite. Not shouts, just being different

    Otherwise, what "statements" were Sidney Powell referring to specifically?, Let's quote those exact statements she said were disbelievable . . .Oftentimes lawyers cite hypothetical facts, or general facts. . .for example, lawyer O'bama said the rising seas would subside
    Even Obama did not believe that.

    Also when Joe Biden, the baby butcher, said that we experienced in 2021 the worst attack on Democracy since our Civil War; He forget 9-11. Planes hit NY and the Pentagon, the last headed for the Capitol, but crashed in PA. He forgot Pearl Harbor and Patriot's Day. In our Republic citizens have a right to peaceably assemble, at parades, and marathon road races. Attacks on our First Amendment freedoms are core attacks on our democratic values.

    But, thanks for quoting me exactly, every single word of which I stand by

    Confused about Sidney Powell's statements? Write her and ask her to clarify. She has not been charged with filing a perjuriously false plea in Court, was she?

    We 75 or more million Americans stand by our long held traditional, religiously oriented, Constitutional principles grounded in Common Law and echoed in the English Declaration of Rights , , ,see the Movie 1944 circa, This Land is Mine . . .it's a four star with Laughton and Maureen O'Hara . . .Splendiferous in face of the Vile National Socialists' book burning;

    3. Let's clarify the exact rules and apply fairly to all. I learned in the Catholic Church, and on the boxing club team, and on my football team, that I had a right to self-defense. I can take a few low blows, but repeats I respond with all the rhetorical force, like tacking as hard or punching as hard as I can, and keep at it, till the man's down, or quits, or my team winsl

    Don't like opposing views . . . .Don't like a long post. Skip It or speak freely what's on your mind;

    I don't think I've called anyone a Nazi. I've said Biden and his liberal leftist acolytes are akin to socialism, Marxism, Communism, Stalinism, the true terrorism of a Big State, Orwellian's 1984 which augers what we're seeing now with liberals, oppressive, intrusive Big Governments' dangers, and Orwell reminded folks that Nazism is akin to Stalinism. They forget Animal Farm: all are equal, but some are more equal than others. Leftists think they have the right to silent opposing or offensive views.

    So, we disagree. Feel free everyone speak and write to your hearts' content.

    In fact, we don’t know if Matt has ghost writers, or FEDS, or commie bun party dolls write on this blog.

  2. Matt

    If it’s not broken why are you trying to fix it?

    It is not clear to me what you are using as a active
    barometer for the success/failure of your blog.
    You can either have a homogenous or heterogenous
    grouping of people who post here.

    You can’t have it both ways.

    I am not trying to be unreasonable with you,eh?

    Couple of years ago I had a chance to videotape
    and interview Dianne Wilson at the Bioneers conference
    In New Bedford Mass

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