A Recipe For Anarchy: The Democratic Candidate for Boston District Attorney

I’ve been away a bit. Baby sitting grand kids, household chores and generally trying to do other writing. I had no intention of posting but what I just read had me screaming. I felt like that when I read the list of crimes that Rachel Rollins the person who won the Democratic nomination for district attorney said would be the default position of her office. She listed crimes her office would not to prosecute when she becomes district attorney.

To begin, let’s consider what a wise old judge Elijah Adlow a brilliant and long-serving justice of the Boston Municipal Court said: “the whole point of culture [is] to give everyone peace, quiet, and the right to enjoy life.” He talked how essential it is for a person who works all day long to be able to go home and relax in the comfort and safety of his or her home. Let’s also consider what Danny Ryan, sometimes called the mayor of Savin Hill once told me while we were standing in front of the State House and Scott Harshbargher was speaking. We were discussing crimes and he noted how important it was that what many consider to be small crimes be prosecuted. He told how difficult it is for city folk (having lived in the suburbs for many years I had forgotten this) when some guys gather on a corner at two or three in the morning playing their car radios loudly while others are trying to sleep because they have to get up for work. Yes, he noted, arresting people for disturbing the peace is important so that people can have a little peace and quiet.

Here are the crimes Rollins will decline to prosecute. Trespassing, Shoplifting, Larceny under $250, Disorderly Conduct, Disturbing the Peace, Receiving Stolen Property, Minor Driving Offenses,  Breaking and Entering into vacant property without causing damage, wanton and malicious destruction of property, threats excluding Domestic Violence, Minor in possession of alcohol, drug possession, drug possession with intent to distribute, resisting arrest without other charges connected to it, resisting arrest involving any of the other charges.

It sounds like Boston is going to become a version of the Old Wild West.

You want to try to run a business in Boston, good luck. You have a small store. A young lady walks in around 5 in the afternoon and starts helping herself to some of your goods. You call the cops. They come. They try to arrest her, she resists their attempt. They take her to the station and book her. I suppose they can hold her overnight. Will they be able to get a criminal complaint. I assume so. Rollings says the the DA’s default position will be to dismiss the case. (Actually the DA should nolle pros the case.) The woman will walk – does she get to keep the goods? Can she do the same thing the next day?

What will be the effect on the cops knowing they are doing an exercise in futility. Isn’t the idea behind arresting someone for a crime having them answer to the charges?

If you feel like a nice orange or apple, you can now walk into Whole Foods and help yourself. If you’re crossing the street and a car is blocking the cross walk you can get a brick and break its window. You can then decide you are tired and lie down in the middle of the street. You can be joined by your friends who have helped themselves to snacks in Whole Foods. You can then hand out some heroin for your buddies to enjoy.

If Rollins is serious about this Boston is not going to be a pleasant place to live. I agree that sometimes too many small crimes are prosecuted but what she is talking about are not small crimes, they go to the heart of our culture. These are precisely the crimes that interfere with our peace, quiet and right to enjoy life.

I know little about Rollins. I hope she is not serious about this. There are better ways to do it. I remind her of the experience of many police department that if you tolerate the small crimes expect to get a great increase is more serious crimes.


19 thoughts on “A Recipe For Anarchy: The Democratic Candidate for Boston District Attorney

  1. This is the thing about Rachel Rollins :

    She is …… Extraordinarily ….. Articulate and engaging and easily humorous and reassuring in her tone and completely unlike the person you would expect to hear and …. Well, Rachel is not your average radical bear !!!

    Both Carr and Carlson were clearly disarmed by the Rollins warmth and wit when they interviewed her, Carr yesterday, Carlson the day before.

    When she says it costs 45k to adjudicate a shoplifting charge and mentions the host of pilot fish in the judicial system who attach themselves to the criminal shark who got caught stealing jerky, you do note that there is potential method in her madness.

    Walk it back, dance it back … I don’t care if the team is …….. Strugggggggglinnnggg …. I just want to kiss Rachel !!!

    Your Honor .

  2. Hopefully after sitting down with Commissioner Gross,the Mayor,the Chamber
    Of Commerce and others from the entire community,this campaign rhetoric
    will be replaced by a sensible approach to the offenses mentioned .The DA elect
    may be forced to walk back some promises made on the campaign trail.

  3. Sodomized and begorahh, Freeh !

    Bill was a cabin boy. A salt with a harpoon air, or ear , or er or whatever. He has told no such tales !

  4. Matt
    Can I borrow your recipe?

    Here are a couple of new recipes


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  5. Matt

    Just thought you might want to check
    on the progress of Alan Caron , a candidate
    for Governor in Maine.

    Alan was part of the prison reform group
    SCAR in the early 1970’s here in Maine.
    I invited the group to speak at Tri County
    Mental Health where I was working as
    a probation parole liason with the jails/prisons
    and the Mental Health system in Lewiston



    As you know FBI agents were successful in infiltrating SCAR
    using their infomant Joey Aceto to get SCAR to build and
    detonate bombs.



    in other FBI Anarchy


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  6. Is Healy the AG going to back up Rollins’ approach? If she does it may hurt her politically. She should distance herself from Rollins and pledge to enforce the law if the DA doesn’t. Another remedy if both prosecutors decline to enforce the law could be available in Superior Court. The Mayor could order the Police to arrest all violators. Take them to the station, identify them and then bring them to Court. All the merchants in the city could combine to place an agent at the Station or Courthouse to serve process on the arrestee. A TRO compelling one to stay away from the premises of the merchants ( shop or restaurant) could issue. A violation of that order could result in contempt and a period of incarceration for the shoplifter or trespasser. The Mayor could circumvent the lawless DA.

  7. Matt:

    You see , Old Shoe, this is what your Lefty sympathies have produced on your old field of play : You are shuffled off in slippers and a pipe dream into history. You are male . You are White. Rachel and Ayanna and Alexandra and the the rest of the Socialist Warrior Princesses want you to know that you created all these probs … WHITEY !!!!!…. Oh, you damn Crackers …. Really Matt, Rach finds you and your views anachronistic and irrelevant.

    You’ve been thrown off the island by your fellow travelers, Matt.

    Seditious !

    Malicious !

    Delicious !

  8. Matt :

    You White Supremacist bourgeois barrister tool !!! … Do you have a problem with REPARATIONS ?!?

    Ask Khalid, the Revolution is on baby. And these Conmie diehards are in full throated baying bloodhound chorus .

    Deplorable !

  9. Good to see you quoting Elijah Adlow, a much neglected jurist these days. You might read some of his books, if you haven’t.

    “The Genius of Lemuel Shaw Expounder of the Common Law” used to be well-known. It was published originally in the Massachusetts Law Quarterly years and years ago.

  10. More prisons. That’s always been the answer. But, who is to pay for them? That’s always been the question. You gotta pay to punish. Where’s the dough coming from?

    1. Preventive Policing . . . .arresting/prosecuting/rehabilitating youthful AND adult first-time heroin possessors saves $$$ . . . .nip it in the bud, before they grow into career felons and lifelong drug addicts . . . .police/prosecutorial intervention Early & Often saves Society and saves Taxpayers Money

      An ounce of Prevention is worth a Pound of Cure

      No sane parent raises a child without punishments for bad behavior . . .
      No safe society winks at youthful or adult possession of narcotics . . .
      Prosecute and mandate treatment and testing . . .
      70,000 Overdose Deaths last year (revised numbers) . . .imagine the toll on the addicts children, families, . . .imagine the toll on neighborhoods of the addicted/drug abusers/pushers . . .imagine the costs of treating (E.R.s, NARCAN, Rehabs) the addicted, abuser and their families . . .the social costs, mental health costs, medical costs . . . .

      Prosecute simple possession of heroin, opiates, crack cocaine and other hard drugs to the Fullest Extent of the Law . . .STAT . . . .

      Mandatory Treatment, Testing and Rehab . . . STAT . . . it’s critical . . .

  11. wa-llahi! Cook County in anarchy? Call out the outfit, the machine, and, CPD! They’ll restore order.

  12. It sounds like she has jammed Bill Bratton’s “broken windows” approach to law enforcement into reverse. Does this woman have a worthy opponent, or is her election a foregone conclusion since she’s a Democrat?

  13. If the future District Attorney were to follow through with her promise to refuse to enforce the law I believe that action would be tantamount to an act of sedition !

    Sedition as defined is “resistance against or refusal to act in accord with established lawful authority ” or “incitement of discontent towards or resistance against established authority of law ”

    Anarchy such as presently observed in Cook County (Chicago) will surely follow !

  14. Agree with Matt and NC . . . the addicts and drug abusers will run wild . . . “simple possession” of narcotics, heroin, opiods, crack cocaine IS NOT SIMPLE, STUPID . . .simple possession leads to O.D. Deaths, E.R. Admissions, Wasted Resources on NARCAN responses by Fire Depts and EMTS, and the SIMPLE POSSESSOR of NARCOTICS (opiods, heroin, et al) is most likely involved in Serious Criminal Activity (Thefts, B&Es and Robberies) to support his habit, his addiction.

    Don’t prosecute the simple trespass, wait until after the tresspasser B&Es your home in the nighttime . . .give the petty thief another chance to rob you blind . . .

    Didn’t this DA ever hear of the concept of PREVENTIVE MEDICINE . . .intervene early and often, prevent the petty crimes to deter more serious offenses, lessen the incidence of petty crimes and lessen the incidence and prevalence of more serious crimes.


    Here prescription for society is to leave untreated minor illnesses, to let low level diseases fester, flare up and metastasize, and to only treat the terminal illnesses. DISASTROUS THINKING.

  15. If implemented this plan would be complete chaos, Expect the new DA to amend her position otherwise total anarchy. Every junkie in New England will head to Boston. Shoplifting with impunity and shooting up on every corner with no arrests. Every shop on Newbury Street would close within a month. Expect the A G to step in and prosecute if the DA doesn’t. This permissiveness would destroy commerce in the city. The Governor. the Mayor and the SJC aren’t going to allow this. 2. Would the DA be in violation of her oath to faithfully execute the law? What political party does she belong to?

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