A TRT: Trump’s Payment to Putin

A Trek’s Rest Thought.

There’s an old Sherlock Holmes story about the best way to hide something is in the open.

It’s an open secret that the Russian economy is highly dependent on oil. Under Obama the price of a barrel of oil fell substantiality. When Trump took office it was about $50. The Bank of America is forecasting it will exceed $100 by next year.

That will double Russian oil income. It will double the cost of gasoline. It is one way Trump can thank Putin.



12 thoughts on “A TRT: Trump’s Payment to Putin

  1. Beat the Dog in the Water

    Iron shirted horsemen loose trotting lackeys.
    Snarling, snapping, curs drive us into the sea.
    The cold depths are our sanctuary.

    Come dogs! Come!

    Swim to us, our throats are bared.
    Visions of the masters’ favor
    lure them into deeper water.

    Come dogs! Come!

    Where we can stand, but, you cannot.
    Strong hands will hold you beneath the waves.

    Angry Templars stand upon the shore.
    Plaintive whistling cannot bring back dead dogs.

    The Believers are an ocean.

  2. Wa-llahi! I’m watching Kushner’s speech in al-Quds. Orwellian double-speak. The Trump’s ambassador just introduced Bibi. I don’t know how he can top that megachurch preacher’s effusive panegyric to Trump, but, he’s trying. Bibi salutes brave defenders of Israel’s border. Trump,Trump, Trump. Thanks for the weapons. Trump,Trump, Trump. Welcomes ambassador. Bibi happy with all the peace Kushner brought him. Trump, Trump, Trump. Bibi says, Truth, peace, justice, but, not for Arabs and, that’s the Truth. Trump, Trump, Trump. Dozens of Palestinians killed, almost, two thousand wounded.

    Ramadan starts tomorrow. The month of sacrifice, when, Muslims spiritually arm themselves to do battle with the nafs. Subhannallah! Al-hamdulillah! Allahu Akbar!

  3. It’s on, today. The people of Palestine are throwing themselves on the fence that divides them from their homeland. They are sacrificing the only thing they have left, life itself. They are the first drops in Trump’s reign of blood, the drizzle that precedes deluge. Tomorrow is nakba. The madness of Trump is drowning our world.

    All praise to the martyrs. All power to the dialectic!

  4. Wa-llahi! Let’s have a figurative show of hands. How many of you trumpies going down to enlist? If you’re too old to have to worry, will you drive your kids and grand-kids over to the recruiter? C’mon chicken-hawks speak up. Support your dictator.

  5. Wa-llahi! Ukraine’s to be the dowry.

    Oil’s still in the grasp of the invisible hand, market forces. A potential closing of the Straights of Hormuz is the menace of the moment. Destroying Saudi oil infrastructure would be a prime mission for the first wave of Iranian counter-strikes. With the Persian Gulf out of play, who knows how high the price of oil would rise? The moment Glorious Leader pulls the trigger, our world will change.

  6. And of course that no-one would buy Iranian oil if it is verboten. Why that money might end-up in the hands of real bad people.

    1. Are you suggesting that Clinton pardoned for cash Marc Rich has reformed and will not get back in the business of providing a willing Israel with below market priced oil from an Iran it claims is seeking a nuclear weapon? Say it isn’t so. Bibi wouldn’t do that again.

  7. Saudi Arabia is pushing production higher as Iran gets put back in the doghouse . Iranian oil price depression is yet another symptom of an American President’s obsession with placating another head of State as if they were two Democrat Senator’s on a Fire Island party boat . Just plain weird . The Left ‘s obsession with having Russian hookers piss down the backs of the Ninety million plus American’s who Constitutionally elected him and calling it …. Collusion … is just …. unhinged and growing increasingly … substantially … WEIRD .

  8. If you want to lose your shirt trading oil futures consult the above. It expresses a subzero mastery of the oil market.

  9. So, you think Trump has a dial in the White House world control room that he can turn to affect the world petroleum market?

    This is ridiculous.

    “Saudi Arabia-led OPEC and Russia reached an agreement in late 2016 to pump less oil. OPEC and its allies agreed last November to extend the cuts through the end of 2018.”

    “The United States, on the other hand, has been exporting oil since lawmakers ended a 40-year ban on exports in late 2015. And US production of crude recently hit a record high because of the shale oil boom.”

    There are reasons oil prices go up and down. None have anything to do with Trump.


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