A Trump Supporter Spells Out Why We Need Trump:

Hugh Hewitt is a very big Trump supporter. He finds gold in Trump’s leadership where others would see pyrite. He writes for the Washington Post and on June 11, 2020 he wrote about Trump and why we would want to choose him come November as our leader providing that  Trump doesn’t have to walk down anymore ramps.

Here are some of the things he  tells us about Trump.

“Trump is chaos theory contained in a man,  an explosive combination of complete candor as to what he thinks and feels, a willingness to brawl, an almost animal energy for the fray.”

Is this what you want in a president who has to deal with many different problems: “a willingness to brawl.” Or is it something you’d expect to see in a barroom drunk who after tossing down a few has the “in vino veritas” moment where he tells someone his less than deep thoughts, usually far from being complimentary, and then wants to fight the other person which begins with an  animalistic assault on the other. I’ve seen enough angry and mean drunks to know I’d like the leader of our country to be devoid of these characteristics that Hewitt seems so proud Trump possesses.

It would be nice to have someone with a little bit of class who you could say to your children be like that man. Has anyone ever wanted their child to grow up and be like Trump with his three wives and multitude of paid female escorts?

“With Trump, all will be well in the country and all will be in upheaval inside the Beltway, Manhattan, Silicon Valley and Hollywood.” 

The last I looked the Beltway, Manhattan, Silicon Valley and Hollywood were part of our country. Did I miss something? Can the country be well if parts of it are in an uproar.

Isn’t Manhattan our financial capital and Silicon Valley our technical capital where much of the things we enjoy in our present life come from. Can you imagine America without those four places? Apparently Hewitt can.

And as for all being well in the country outside those areas, we can see how that is working our over the last couple of years, months and weeks. Under Trump the country has never seen such upheaval as shown with the newly created Trump admirers the Boogaloo Boys.  Our country is ravaged by Trump’s indifference to a pandemic – has he mentioned it over the last month other than to get waivers so he won’t be liable for more American deaths. We have also suffered from his total lack of concern to the murder of George Floyd – a name that has yet to cross his tongue. If this is our country being well, then we are in deep trouble.

“Trump’s team is serious and finally fitted for his temper, which is of course volatile.”

Of course that is how we should run a government with a bunch of guys who are volatile. Imagine how the other countries like dealing with us when one day we say one thing and the next day another. I’ve never known any country that did well with volatile diplomacy especially as we have seen with Trump’s unsteady hand on North Korea. Then there’s this:

“that Trump’s vision (and not that of the traditional D.C. conservative foreign policy elite) is implemented”

It sort of shocking to see the word “vision” connected with a guy who is said to be volatile and is “chaos theory.” One rejects the idea of the other. Seventy-five years of peace and prosperity in Europe are to be ignored and we are supposed to replace it with chaos. Is that the best that America can do?

“The most malignant authoritarians will again have what they want — predictability, and predictable surrender of U.S. interests.”

You really have to have just landed from another planet to believe Hewitt would write this. Has any president cozied up to the “malignant authoritarians” more than Trump. He praises and adores Russia’s Putin, North Korea’s Kim, Turkey’s Erdogan, Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman, China’s Xi, Brazil’s Bolsonaro, the Philippines Duterte  and Israel’s Netanyahu. Under Trump they have all gained prominence and thrived.

Reading his column I’m thinking maybe Hewitt did just arrive from out of space.

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  1. When a pickpocket stands in the middle of a group
    of Saints
    All he sees is their pockets

  2. A good businessman? Born to the purple, lapdog to Mrs. Helmsley (“Taxes are for little people”), 6 bankruptcies between 1991-2009.. What a whiz!

  3. Let’s see: The unemployment rate is 13.5 percent and we’ve been rocked by nationwide racial unrest. Did I mention the pandemic? (Still can’t believe Trump is making his fans sign a waiver absolving him of any responsibility for the Coronavirus they might pick at his Tulsa rally. The Faithful are also getting masks and their temperature taken. Plenty of hand sanitizer too! Andrew Cuomo would be proud. ) Well, at least US troops have been withdrawn from Afghanistan and the Middle East. No? Well, after 3-1/2 years, Trump is working on it. Can you believe that this is the man who said he inherited a “mess” from Barack Obama?

  4. Throughout his life, Donald Trump has been a good decision maker, very successful in business and on television, with a popular show: the Apprentice.

    President Trump has worked in the Private Sector his whole life until elected President.

    He has a temper, but so did great Presidents Andrew Jackson and Teddy Roosevelt and even Harry Truman. And most presidents like most human beings have idiosyncracies and or character defects. None were saints; none were perfect. None claimed to be.

    As for three wives, Ronald Reagan had two. Many men have been divorced and remarried. As for philandering, Bill Clinton has admitted it; my favorite JFK has been accused; even Ike and FDR have had mud slung at them. Nothing credible has been alleged against President Trump. Before he became President, between marriages, as a younger man, like all bachelors he’s likely had his flings and sprees. Besides Jimmy Carter, who hasn’t? And even Jimmy Carter, a great exemplary Christian man of deep faith of constant charitable actions, admitted to having “lust in his heart”. Who hasn’t? I like that song by the all-girl rock&roll band with the line: the angel of love disguised as lust. I like Jesus’ words: “Let him without sin cast the first stone.” Howie Carr take heed: character assassins and mudslingers are nothing new, a dime a dozen.

    Donald Trump has five children and ten grandchildren, all of whom adore him. He’s a devoted father. His children proudly stand by his side, supporting him in every way they can.

    He is a conservative, like Benjamin Netanyahu he is a strong leader, a patriot who loves his country. Like Netanyahu he gets along with other world leaders, but kowtows to none.

    Trump has maintained peace and good relations with Russia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, and Trump is a great friend of Israel. Trump is withdrawing our troops from the Middle East, and avoiding being plunged into useless wars as Obama-Biden-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were in Syria, Libya and Yemen, and like Bill Clinton’s illegal bombing of Serbia and support of the KLA resulted in Kosovo being split from Serbia.

    President Donald Trump does not drink alcohol, does not use drugs, does not smoke, and is loved by his wife Melania, as classy and as beautiful a First Lady as has existed, an immigrant who fluently speaks five languages, and is a credit to America.

    President Trump has made our economy the best in the world, prior to the Plague, and he and V.P. Mike Pence are working tirelessly to help us rebound from the Covid-19 Plague.

    Trump-Pence are the best pro-life team America has seen and together they have sought and appointed the best pro-constitutional Jurists to the Federal Courts. They have stymied and stirred the court away from its dreadful drift towards judicial activism, and have stabilized it with jurists who apply the law, not jurists who think they’re legislators or social justice warriors.

    I would be proud of any relative or friend or associate who worked soberly as hard as Donald Trump has lifelong through and who has accomplished so much both in the private sector and in his 3.5 years as President of the United States.

    Trump-Pence 2020: the right vision for America. God bless America.

    1. Well written, Bill. I agree with some of it and can find fault with a few of the statements, but in general you should be on his staff. I think YOU should be his press secretary.

      And Harry Truman was restrained by several people when some reporter insulted his daughter’s ability as a singer of operatic arias. I remember Reagan telling a bothersome reporter to “…..JUST SHUT UP…..!”

      It can be inspiring to see our person in highest office lose temper. I have never in my life felt that our country is more divided than it is now. I do not blame Mr. President for that but if you believe he has not contributed a lot to this situation by his actions then I don’t think you are being totally objective. I have read both side long lists of pro and con statements about POTUS and to me most of them cancel each other out. As I have said many times; He is the president and that is that. Deal with it or stay in your room until next November.

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