A Trumper’s View of America: See A Problem, Don’t Correct It.

America has developed slowly over time righting the wrongs that existed as time passed. One of the greatest wrongs was slavery; it took over 400 thousand Union deaths to stop it and over 300,000 Confederate deaths to defend it. There has always been a tug between hanging on to the status quo or moving forward with more progressive programs to better the life of all Americans.

A Trumper  stated: I see that the libs are the greatest threat to America: the leftists, the Dems, the autocrats like Biden, the socialists, the historical revisionists, the Big Gov Tax and Spenders, the globalist interventionists, the “hate speech” haters who hate free speech, the reverse racists who hate those of European descent, and libs who put all Republicans in one basket and spite them.” What is most ironic about comments like this is the Trumper is probably receiving Social Security and is on the Medicare health insurance program which he apparently excepts from being a threat to America. I’d also have to guess that if he was eligible then he did not turn down the most recent $1,400 check which was sent.

Those who are he now calls leftists the Trumper probably blames for the rise of the union movement in the twentieth century up until 1970, for enactment of the Child Labor Laws, for Social Security, for Medicare, and for the Civil Rights Act, and in 1988 overruling the veto of President Reagan which enacted into law the “Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1977“ which allowed women to participate in sports at all levels.

Now I don’t begrudge him these benefits he received courtesy of the Dems nor do I attempt to persuade him that America has thrived not because of folk like Trump (you will never change a real Trumper no matter how hard you try) but because we have had the pull and tug of liberals and conservatives over the years. There would be no America without its liberals so presenting them as a threat seems a nonstarter.

But our Trumper friend doesn’t stop there. As with all Trumpers he suggests  “race-baiters,”  a term which he does not define, “mostly just hate those of European descent, Greeks, Irish, Italians, Jews, Germans, English, French, Scandinavians, Baltics, Balkans, Slavs, who have contributed immeasurably to America. The “race-baiting” haters only want to paint darkly America’s history, Western Civilizations’ progress. Many liberal race baiters are self-haters and can’t extricate themselves from the past, as if no Civil Rights Laws were enacted . . . .” It is hard for me to figure out what the Trumper is talking about but from the list of countries and ethnic groups he mentioned it might have been more forthright for him to say the simple words “white folks.” So white folk are the “race baiters” who hate the white folks. That’s the best I can make of that.

I happen to believe these “race baiters” have found problems with America and worked to try to fix them. Were those who opposed slavery “race baiters?” What about those who opposed the “Jim Crow” laws or the “separate but equal” idea?

I wonder if one is a “race baiter” if that person proposes something which might involve using the government and some tax money, the stuff that is used by Medicare and Social Security, to better the lives of Americans. Did not the Civil Rights laws came about because many white Americans believed the history relative to Black Americans was a very dark picture?

What does the Trumper believe a white American should do? If that American believes there is something wrong with the way things were done in the past should he or she not try to correct them because the wrongdoers were other white Americans?

Like or hate these “race baiters” at least they tried to change things by peaceful means. They did not try to take over the American Capitol and attempt by force to change things for the worse. What then do you call those Trumpers who participated in the January 6 insurrection? “

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  1. Very rich parents help in life:
    ‘Ayers grew up in Glen Ellyn, a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. His parents are Mary (née Andrew) and Thomas G. Ayers, who was later chairman and chief executive officer of Commonwealth Edison (1973 to 1980)”


    Boudin was born in New York City to Jewish parents.[4] His parents, Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert, were Weather Underground members.[5]

    When Boudin was 14 months old, his parents were arrested for murder in their role as getaway car drivers in the Brink’s robbery of 1981 in Rockland County, New York.[4][6] His mother was sentenced to 20 years to life[7] and his father to 75 years to life for the felony murders of two police officers and a security guard.[8] After his parents were incarcerated, Boudin was raised in Chicago by adoptive parents Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, who, like his parents, had been members of the Weather Underground.[9] Boudin reports that he did not learn to read until age 9.[10] Kathy Boudin was released under parole supervision in 2003.[6][11

    More: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chesa_Boudin

      1. MSFREEH. That posted video: Spontaneous: Free-form, Presto: Like New Wave 1960s Funky. I’ve seen Folk Dance, Russian, Irish, American-tap, Azerbajanian and Greek . . .often Greek especially . . .the artistry, spiritually uplifting, soul soaring, community-connecting, elevating, unifying, FUN.

        I’m genetically predisposed to Irish Riverdance type, but best ballet, all children love not so nutty Nutcrackers Sweet Suite, Tchaikovsky’s infusing synergetically multi-cultural flares: like Tchaikovsky’s played everywhere on July 4th Celebrations: The 1812 Overture.

        Flares? Inspiring cannon, bells, fireworks? Set afire the world? The Jesuit motto: Light up the Word! A.M.D.G. Or is that Newspeak taboo, too inflammatory? Hasn’t Newspeak, Academia and Media banned “crazy”?

        See/hear: Lee Ann Womack’s “I hope you dance.”

        “I hope you never lose your sense of wonder
        You get that fill to eat but always keep that hunger
        May you never take that single breath for granted
        God forbid love ever leave you empty handed . . .
        Promise me that you’ll give faith a fighting chance
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        I hope you dance.”

        Bon jour, adieu, see you later, alligator.

        P.S. there are way more than five senses; there’s six senses; there’s a dozen energies that impinge our bodies, even neutrinos can knock off a DNA’s spin. Says who? No one now, yet. But Scientist doubts our bones sense VIBES.

        Music is sensed in our bones, in every cell. Dance, besides good exercise, is like Music, a spiritual force.

  2. Systemic Racism in Chicago?

    1. 2,240 Shootings, 440 Homicides from January thru July 2020. Almost every shooter and homicide were BLACK – 97.7%, but BLM and Chicago‘s Democratic Politicians blame “police and systemic racism.”
    2. The Chicago mayor is black.
    3. The Superintendent of Police is black.
    4. The Cook County States’ Attorney is black.
    5. The Chief Judge of Cook County Circuit Courts is black.
    6 The Illinois Attorney General is black.
    7. The Chicago Fire Department Commissioner is black.
    8. The Cook County Board President is black.
    9. The State Senate Majority Leader is black.
    10. The Illinois Lieutenant Governor is black.
    11. The Illinois Secretary of State is black.
    12. The Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County is black.
    13. The Cook County Clerk is black.
    14. The Chicago Treasurer is black.
    15. The Chicago Police Board President is black.
    16. The Chicago Transit Authority President is black.
    17. The CEO of Chicago Public Schools is black.
    18. The Commissioner of the Department of Water Management is black.
    19. 40% of the City Council belong to the Black Caucus.
    Their average pay is $122,304 annually each, PLUS $122,000 per year in expenses. Their pension for life is 80% of last pay.
    The Republican headcount in the City Council is ZERO.
    William Hale Thompson was the last Republican Mayor of Chicago in 1931.
    For 89 years Democrats have controlled the Chicago Mayor’s Office.
    At the end of fiscal 2019 the Chicago deficit was $838,200,000!

    Can someone please explain how it’s possible for Republicans, Donald Trump in particular or white people in general, to be responsible for Chicago’s horrendously dismal condition?

  3. No doubt many government workers have done good. We are indebted to good public servants. No doubt Governments have done good. No doubt Governments historically and today have committed and perpetuated evils. No doubt some public servants have abused power. America, under the leftist Bidenites, today, are on the brink of establishing an enforced Constitutional-rights-suppressing autocratic socialistic State. Race-baiters today are leftists, like Biden. Ever hear of Critical Race Theories taught in schools, Academia, and Government, endorsed by the leftists in MSM?

    I avoid race-baiting and judge by character not color.

    What do you mean by Blacks? Genetically they’re 27% of European descent. MLK urged us to ditch race-baiting.

    I accept the benefits I have received because my private sector tax-payer dollars have paid for them. Every dollar we get “from the Government” in fact comes from private sector taxpayers.

    Some lifelong government workers or some persons who’ve lived in Public Housing forget that everything they have gotten is from the Private Sector. The Private Sector Taxpayers give Government all its money to operate, to pay public employees their salaries, benefits, and pensions. The Private Sector built Public Housing Projects; built by private sector builders, bricklayers, carpenters, laborers, electricians, plumbers. Too many public employees/pensioners who have lived off the Public Teat for a lifetime, forget that the private sector, the manufacturer, producer, farmer, trucker, grocer, retailer provided them with all their appliances, furniture, food, clothing, cars, gadgets et alia you live off and use.

    You forget that the Police, Firemen, EMTs and Soldiers enlisted, came from the private sector and their selfless services are admired, applauded, and also paid with Private Sectors’ tax dollars. Private sector Founding Fathers started this Country, and those who held local offices were elected by the public, their private sector, their contemporaries, a Free People. Remember Valley Forge, volunteers, mostly unpaid, who sacrificed all to serve.

    Some lack gratitude for their educations from Catholic, Christian, Jewish schools, from Churches/Synagogues, the social-medical services received from religiously affiliated hospitals, clinics, social service centers. Some public servants forget public schools and public hospitals are funded by private sector taxpayers and private sector charities.

    The men at Bunker Hill were volunteers: farmers, shipmen, retailers, smiths, artisans, tradesmen, hunters, ordinary townspeople, pamphleteers, preachers, physicians like Joseph Warren.

    All the good Government did was due to Private Sector Tax dollars and efforts, is due to “We the People”. Much of the good America did/does was due to Private Charities, Private Churches, and the petitions/protestests/pamphlets by free people who freely spoke and freely associated. The People demanded justice, equality, fairness, and those public servants who enacted/executed just laws were elected by the private citizens or appointed by the duly elected. Even judges are appointed by duly elected public servants elected as representatives of We The People, the private sector.

    Think of Civil Rights supported by the Catholic Church, by Jewish and Christian Organizations. Think of Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. Think how government responded to Citizens demands.

    You can cite some liberals who did good works, but ignore the leftists’ socialistic evils perpetrated throughout the World: Stalin, Mao, Venezuela.

    You forget to thank Conservatives and Traditionalists.

    You seem to think liberals are morally and intellectually superior to Conservatives.

    Open your eyes and see today’s abuses of power by both FEDs, Staties, Locals in government and privately owned/operated Corporations. Think of Academia’s and Media’s abuses, today.

    1. We all know that it was the conservatives that led to passing all those programs that you cited. No doubt that without their passionate efforts there would be no social security, public housing etc. and the right to organize would have gone nowhere without the Right.

      Child labor laws also not without the efforts those factory owners and their blessed support.
      We should get down on our knees and thank these visible saints. It is not like laws had to be passed to secure these basic human rights.

      1. Hutch: Liberals did not invent labor unions or social services. It was the Catholic-Christian traditions that predated and inspired America’s 1930s social programs and 1960s Civil Rights Movements.

        Remember, old fashion liberalism (1930s) was more akin to today’s Conservatism. Old Fashion liberalism was against Socialism and Communism, explicitly.

        Conservative Christian Churches and Associations were Social Services long before FDR. Think of the Salvation Army, Methodist affiliated, founded as a Christian Charity in 1865.

        Today “Catholic Charities” is rated as the fifth largest social services Charity in America. The Catholic Church is the largest charity in the world. There are numerous other Conservative Catholic, Christian, and Jewish social service organizations in America and worldwide.

        The Catholic Church in America:

        Before U.S. was formed, missionaries, priests, and nuns served, educating and providing social services.

        In 1727, French Ursuline Sisters founded an orphanage in New Orleans.
        Throughout the nineteenth century, local churches provided social services and advocated for justice.

        The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul was found in 1845 and soon hundreds of SVDP local societies arose.

        Wikipedia: “By 1900, there were more than 800 Catholic institutions dedicated to the care of children, the elderly, the sick, and the disabled.”

        The National Conference of Catholic Charities (NCCC) founded in 1910 “met that year at the White House at the invitation of President Taft.”
        NCCC drew its inspiration from the social teachings of Pope Leo XII, whose Rerum novarum (1891) which condemned socialism, and the concentration of power in the State.

        The Encyclical “vividly depicts the plight of 19th century urban poor” and condemns unrestricted capitalism. “Among the remedies it prescribes are the formation of trade unions and the introduction of collective bargaining, particularly as an alternative to state intervention.”

        Remember Catholic colleges established social work programs. Loyola of Chicago (1914) and Fordham (1916). Boston College founded in 1863 espoused Christian dedication to service, “Men and women for others.”
        Pope Leo’s encyclical quotes Thomas Aquinas, affirming private property as a fundamental principle of natural law. Pope Leo quotes Gregory the Great: “He that hath a talent, let him see that he hide it not; he that hath abundance, let him quicken himself to mercy and generosity; he that hath art and skill, let him do his best to share the use and the utility hereof with his neighbor.” Wikipedia: 19 Century Catholic conservative teachings condemn socialism-communism “which would restrict or eliminate individual rights.”
        The Encyclical also recognizes “the special status of the poor in relation to social issues, expressing God’s compassion and favor for them.
        During the Great Depression, the NCCC’s leader “Monsignor O’Grady supported the Social Security Act of 1935 and federal housing legislation.” O’Grady fought against passage of anti-immigration laws restricting WWII refugees.

        Pope Leo saw socialism as fundamentally flawed, a threat to destroy the family unit and morality. LBJ’s Welfare State has.

        From 1949 onward, Catholics spoke against certain Welfare State laws, fearing Big Government’s intrusion on families’ and individuals’ rights.
        In the 1960s religious Christians and Jews walked hand in hand with Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., supporting Civil Rights. The Religious, traditionalists, not leftists, led the way to equality.

        Pope John Paul II and Catholic organizations focused on helping the poor and immigrants, and supported better healthcare programs, while consistently opposing abortion.

        Remember Dorothy Day’s homeless shelters and Saint Paul’s Shelters providing meals, beds, warmth, career-counseling, and care. Remember Mother Teresa.

        Remember Boston’s Laboure House, Carney Hospital, St, Margaret’s Hospital, and Pine Street Inn founded by Catholics, Paul Sullivan, and led by Catholics like Richie Ring, the former Catholic Memorial quarterback we played against. Was Savin Hill’s St. William’s Church and St. William’s School started by FDR, liberals or conservatives? Remember other voluntarily formed social services organizations.

        1. I didn’t know that the success of Gompers and others was due to the largesse of the Catholic Church. Are you maintaining that the sermons from the pulpits of the Catholic Diocese of the ‘thirties were steadfastly supporting the coal miners of West Virginia? Really.

    2. Wilhelm of Cognitive Dissonance


      J. Edgar Hoover’s role in the killing of two Black Panthers demands a reckoning
      Hoover’s name should be removed from the FBI Headquarters Building in Washington D.C.

      Feb 1, 2021, 2:00pm CST


      The FBI’s War on Black-Owned Bookstores
      At the height of the Black Power movement, the Bureau focused on the unlikeliest of public enemies: black independent booksellers.

      FEBRUARY 19, 2021


      Just Being Black Was Enough to Get Yourself Spied on by J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI
      The files obtained during the break-in in Media, Pennsylvania, revealed that African-Americans didn’t have to have radical ideas, or engage in violence, to merit surveillance.

      Was J.Edgar Hoover Black?


  4. Matt
    Just got this email from Solutionary Charlie Sullivan
    the former Catholic priest who co founded CURE
    in 1971.



    I have had a chance to sit down with Bill Ayers on several occasions.
    Most recently at Colby College last year where I interviewed him.
    His adoptive son is Chesa Boudin who is now District Attorney in
    San Francisco.


    From: Charlie Sullivan
    Date: April 17, 2021 at 3:36:25 AM EDT
    To: Charlie Sullivan
    Subject: Fwd: THE POWER OF LOVE

    Dear friends, Chesa Boudin is now the elected District Attorney in San Francisco. When he was in college, he and a few others did a research project on the visiting rules of the prisons in the country. He sent CURE a copy. Charlie & Pauline

    Friday, April 16, 2021

    Aloha e Justice Advocates!

    I hope this finds you safe and well this Aloha Friday! I was on a webinar on Wednesday with writer Sylvia Harvey and Chesa Boudin (SF District Attorney) about parenting from prison. It was AWESOME!

    Below is an article written by Chesa Boudin and that is followed by a recording of the webinar.

    To hear Mr. Boudin talk about incarcerated persons as human beings is so heartening. He ʻgets itʻ that the criminal legal system is not equipped to address social challenges and makes some suggestions at the end of the almost one hour interview.

    Across Prison Walls, I Felt My Parents’ Love
    For Chesa Boudin, his mother and father were radical not for their politics but for the extraordinary lengths they took to parent him while incarcerated.
    By Chesa Boudin
    MARCH 8, 2021


    Talked with photographer Alan Pogue,
    another friend of Charlie Sullivan yesterday
    He is going to let me use photos he took
    of Caesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta in my Robert Shetterly doc.


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