About the Author

Ipone Picture July 4 2012 828_edited-2I write about the Boston scene and the country. I have written a book that was more like a transcript but for those interested in trials it provides nice reading.

The book is about the trial of an FBI agent who was sentenced to prison in 2002 and is still there. It is expected he will die there. He never murdered anyone but guys with up to fifty murders in their belt in order to get a break said he ordered a murder which was far fetched.

I’m a lawyer, former defense counsel and long time prosecutor. I’m not as young as I look in the photo. Wore the nation’s uniform in the military. I’ve children and grandchildren who have all led productive lives.

I enjoy blogging at times; then again, love to get away from it. Trying to do another book but ran into much difficulty. Hopefully I can get back to it.

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