Advise To Whitey – Take It Like A Man

DSC_0393It all comes down to one thing, Whitey, we know you will testify and will admit to most of these murders. I predicted last August you would testify. In February I told you  that you were  a fool to consider it. I still believe you gains nothing by testifying.

Your best “get back” to the society you have scorned all your life is to give it the bird. Why go down whining like a baby? Why go down making a spectacle of yourself like some poor folk who were born with defects, we used to label them freaks, have to do at traveling carnivals to survive in some societies.

The prosecution has aptly told us who you are.  A cruel, greedy man who was the leader of a criminal enterprise in a small area of a small city. A man who put other men in fear for their lives who knew he had little regard for the lives of others. You think that is something to be proud of. You think we admire you because your friends were Murderman who shot unarmed people in the back of the head; or Benji Ditchman who you swam beside in that life of swill for many years.  What is there to your life that would cause us to think we would have been better off as a society if you had not been born?

You’ve so messed up your life that you can’t even get into the gangster hall of fame. Why not spend a few moments, it’d only take a few, while you sit in the best accommodations you are going to see for the rest of your life, and think back over the trail of horror you left behind.

I’ve written all along that you want to accomplish two things from this trial: you want people to believe you weren’t an informant, and that you’ve never killed a woman. Let me tell you something, James, no one cares. Maybe you weren’t an informant but we know if becoming one would have filled your pocket with more gold you’d have done it in a New York second; we know if any woman presented a threat to you you’d take her out without a moment’s delay.

Why pretend you’d never hurt a woman? You’ve devastated the lives of many women by murdering their husbands, fathers or sons. You’ve seen them come in and tell of their sorrow and grief. Remember Tommy King’s wife telling how you brushed her off with a lie. Is that how you treat women? Remember the smile of Dianne Sussman recalling her boyfriend you maimed for life? Do you think for one moment we will believe you weren’t capable of killing those women who Benji will tell us about? Or we don’t believe what Fortnight Weeks told us about seeing you on the floor strangling another in a ghoulish manner? Your denials, if you do deny them, will fall on deaf ears. You will be convicted of murdering those women.

Why pretend you were not an informant. Who cares? Your lawyer said you’re a true Irishman, Irish Whitey, and as such you’d never be an informant. Let me remind you the book The Informant is written about Irishmen who informed. The Irish are as well-known for informing as they are for their fondness for drink. Look at all your Irish friends who have become informants. You’re no different than they are. You’ll do what is necessary to help Whitey and pretend to yourself, after all being a criminal is all about pretending as we’ve seen from Murderman who justified all his murders as being necessary and Benji Ditchman who pretty much does the same thing, that you aren’t what you are.

And speaking of being an informant, the jury will not consider that issue, so your testimony on that issue will accomplish nothing.

You testify and no one will believe you. You testify and the media will mock your every answer. You testify and you become a laughing-stock as every right thinking mind will say here is a tough guy who wasn’t so tough after all. He wanted to explain his actions like a little child. He wanted people to understand that he was just doing a job to get through life. How sad to go down whining.

If you are really this tough guy that you think yourself to be, then act like one. Remember all those guns you hid in the wall of your hide out in Santa Monica, they were there, I assume, because you wanted to go down fighting. You wanted to go out in a blaze of glory not explaining or apologizing to anyone. What happened to that man?

As I said Whitey, for what you gave to society better you had not been born. The sooner you disappear, the better we will all be. Take your medicine like a man. Take your secrets with you to the grave. Let the people wonder about what you would have said or what you really did.

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  1. your right, he’s irish therfore couldnt be a rat, only prob with that is reality, the ira troubles and the greater boston area and life in new england!!

  2. as i look today, sunday, i disagree with what i said yeaterday! if any of what we have learned of whitey is true eg: historical buff avid reader etc then he will want to emulate the leaders of his passion, history, he might want to go out having said”im not a fing rat and i didnt kill them girls” idk he just seems too smart to roll over like that! he had years to prepare for this day, he will recite some blerb from the Patton serios or go out like the desert fox from germany fame in ww2, i just think if the media is even right about him one iota, he will not name any names of importance if at all, and although i think in a way he is a victim of his morbid chess game w leo types his grave mistake was outliving thenm all, or outlasting! the thing matt has said that has stuck out in my mind is totally true, gucci and his ex gf are free and c.greig is in the fed for 8, and whitey on trial on the word of known liars, dispicable, i love the old pic of him in his 40’s era gangster hat, id love to be able to rock my scally in my previous mugs! jk

    1. PAT2E

      Do you think his lawyer will ask that he be given a swagger stick and helmet to wear on the stand? I don’t think the court will let him dress like Rommel with the swastika insignia on his arm.

      He won’t name names, he’ll just tell what he did. Rats name names. He’ll talk about Greig – the prosecution will try to shut him down on that – the judge will call a side bar – she may rule it inadmissible – he’ll talk about it anyway.

  3. Your great efforts on Todashev may be bearing fruit. Geraldo had a segment on him on his show. Geraldo is deeply skeptical about the affair. He had two clowns on as guests defending the act. An ex FBI guy from NY who justified the shooting by saying seven shots is not that many when you have three law enforcement types present. He also had HL Carr rationalizing that the FBI agent was alone in a room with Todashev and had to shoot him. ( Two total shills for the government giving contradictory reasons)

    1. N. Connolly- I saw it last night and it was good to see geraldo bully the bald one Carr. He was wearing a shirt with steve flemmi’s nickname, how perverted. Carr was stuttering like a baffoon, he thought Geraldo was going to be lobbing softballs to him.

    2. N:

      Did you ever drop food in front of a hungry animal and keep walking and see how the animal will keep following you? That what our federals do to the media guys, they keep dropping tidbits to them so they have to stay in line. Of course, the former FBI guys will always posit an idea of not embarrassing the family The guy was hit with 7 bullets from one of those guns those guys carry that shoots 7 bullets with the pull of a triger.
      The most likely scenario for Todashev is that they were playing Russian roulette and he killed himself. Then all those in the room were required as a show of support to each put a slug in him.

  4. If as was previously posted, WB wants to stay at Plymouth for as long as he can testifying will delay judgment day. On the other hand the government has produced a series of killers and career criminals as witnesses completely lacking in credibility so there may be no need to take the stand. The Feds have proven that 19 people were killed and that Gucci, Flemmi and Weeks were involved in those killings. It is a substantial leap from that to WB proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be involved in those affairs. The jury has to assign some level of believability to those three killers. That may not be as easy a hurdle to jump as the media wants you to believe. The entire campaign may be a Mafia disinformation effort to undercut the FBI of the eighties and chase WB out of the area so the heroin trade may flourish. 2. Bill did an excellent job pointing out the the Flemmi flip flop. Initially he’s a TEI and protected and Connolly is honest to seven years later Connolly took 200 G. Obviously adjusted his testimony to what the prosecutor told him to. Who is more dishonorable the criminal who lies under oath or the prosecutor who induces the falsehoods? 3.How nonsensical is Flemmi’s story that his girlfriend was killed because she heard Connolly’s name? The jilted boyfriend is never the suspect in a young woman’s murder. The reason OJ had to kill Nicole was Will McDonough mentioned Connolly’s name in front of her. The same with Rakes first wife. She overheard Connolly’s name and that led to her demise. If one utters the unspeakable name of J. Connolly death invariably results. With or without a throw away gun. 4. WG is not all bad. Every Christmas he gave Mrs. O’Sullivan two thousand. How much did the Veranis family get from Gucci or the Fitzgerald family from Salemmi and Flemmi? How much of the blood money did H.L. Carr give to the victims?

    1. N:

      1. I’m not judging on what the media wants but on my impressions of the evidence. Whitey has as much chance as a jelly fish on the wall of Savin Hill Beach on a hot summer day.

      2. Flemmi lies and lies and lies – the prosecutor picks those he likes and uses them – let each man judge himself.

      3. Flemmi blaming Whitey for Debbie’s death because she heard Connolly’s name is absurd. If that were the case Whitey wold have to have killed everyone who saw him meeting with Connolly including all the FBI agents in Connolly’s office who saw them meeting along with Mrs Flemmi. Is she the Ma Barker making spaghetti sauce while poor Debbie is dragged down stairs to her demise.

      4. No one is all bad.

    1. BRS:

      I’m told he does learn of my stuff – it may be rad to him over the phone – so perhaps he will hear it and make a decision based on it – or he has already so determined to testify that nothing now will stop him – tell his story and refuse to be cross-examined – that would be just as good remaining silent I sometimes think –

    2. I bet Carney prints out Matts posts and our comments every day for him. If he ever wants to find out what his “constituents” really think….then this is the place. I bet Wyshak and Kelly read this blog too. It IS the preeminent Bulger site.

      1. Rather:

        Some people have come up to me and complained about what I wrote and then told me they don’t read my blog. There’s a lot of curious people out there trying to figure out what the non-brain-wahed ar thinking.

  5. We are all probably guilty of minor cases of self delusion, “I am not really that overweight”, “My job is very important”, “I don’t really have a drinking problem”, etc. etc. One of the aspects of characters like those in this trial is that they have lost touch with reality to such an extreme degree. They may not be a better example than Martorano stating that he thinks he is a nice guy, despite killing AT LEAST 20 people.

    Fascinating points of view from some very despicable people.

  6. As far as the Gypo Nolan syndrome goes,what’s the big deal, another squealer in a long line of squealer. In the Prince St. caper the only one that anyone I know remembers 70 years later is Charlie “Specs” O’Keefe another hibernian manque`

    1. Hopalong: Your comment illustrates my point. He was Joe “Specs” O’Keefe, not Charlie, and the robbery was only 63 years ago (1950,) not 70, so even you remember imperfectly. I knew several members of the gang, including Joe McGinnis. He was always my choice for taking the state’s money for a ticket to Amerikay.

      1. Henry:

        Thanks for the Amerikay – had to Google it to learn its meaning – but why would Joe be going there if he was there?

  7. outstanding soliloquy

    Mr. White,to be anything but the delusional psychopath that the public has come to know, without a scintilla of romanticized respectability a la Ned Kelly and Jack Duggan.

    He should do what Father Connolly suggested Rocky Sullivan do. Throw yourself on the floor of the Moakley Courthouse in front of Judge Casper and beg G-d’s forgiveness, the forgiveness of all those you harmed and the forgiveness of your fellow citizens that suffered from your heinous misdeeds. Tell the next generation about the shallowness and depravity in living a life of crime, tell the federales that all the headlines and promotions garnered are not worth selling your dignity and honor by jumping into bed with twisted human beings. Tell the Irish that you are sorry you sullied the sons and daughters of Finn MacCoul and Cuchulain.

    Be a man for chrissakes.

    1. Hopalong:

      The chances of Whitey doing any soulful introspection is between nothing and zero. If he followed your suggestion which I had not considered because of my belief in the utter impossibility of him dong that it would make me think maybe there was a reason for his birth. Excellent suggestion – if only he would do something like you suggest and not be like all the other gangsters and try to justify the unjustifiable.

    2. Excellence in writing!!! Hopalong! Good ideas. But I want him to do everything you say AFTER he tells his story and produces whatever documents/photos he has, then after saying his Mea Culpas, I want him to do what Matt says; Sit down and say nothing to the FEDs and just keep sitting there and SMILE. That would be my entire scene in the Next novel I write. It’s title, understandable only by me and my next wife, M, will be this: “The Cheshire Cat Who Swallowed A Canary” subtitle: “The Tall Tale of How the Tail of Whitey the Cat Wagged Fido the Fed’s Nose in it.” Perhaps now you know why no publisher, except one just one time, has the testicular fortitude to publish my books. I THINK WHITEY DOES HAVE THE INTESTINAL FORTIDUE TO DO EXACTLY AS WE SUGGEST. Surprise! We agree!!!

  8. yes matt i agree with you 100pct! the media will have a field day, im sure he wish he did in fact relieve howard carr of his duties as said by fortnight, but he hasnt got his side out and i bet he will protect his real sources and brothers friends, while the music lasts anyhow, im looking fwd to him showing the liar, rats they pitted against him were lying, and proves it, and im hoping here, maybe has a dociment or a recording of Osullivan granting him Massachusetts freedom, short of murder! the only crime here is all theese guys were set up to get one man, wb, so we have countless men w rap sheets to get their boss? a loss for the presecution in my book, wyshak should be ashamed,but most DA and law types live in a bubble like most of us criminals do , i guess we both have flaws! its my take and i know most wont agree but i think his last shot at going out guns ablazing is this, i bet thee is alot of pensioners not too comfortable in the greater boston area this weekend, even one on holiday at tanglewood, who is very worried!!!!

      1. Ernie:

        PAT2E – makes a good point – the alternative to walking away is to tell all and then walk away – when he finishes and Wyshak gets up to cross examine him he should get up out of the witness chair and say I have nothing further to say – that my friend would be brilliant.

    1. PAT2E:

      You give a good counter argument to my position – the only thing I will say is how much of what he says will we be able to believe – I know he will testify – if he has the records that you talk about and all his marbles maybe he can shed a different light on himself. He’s got to do it in a take no prisoer attitude – then refuse to be cross-examined.

  9. Matt, in response to your question regarding a “Stoughton bottle”. Look up the book “A History of Drug Containers and Their Labels” by George B. Griffinhagen. It will answer your question. Thanks, Rather.

  10. Matt, excellent post. His theme song could be “Behind Blue Eyes” by The Who. Look up the lyrics, they could fit Whiteys mindset at the moment. Are you encouraging him not to testify? I thought you wanted to hear him. I know I do. Why not sit back and enjoy the show while his huge ego and self-centered sociopathic personality are put on display on the stand. It will surely be very interesting at the least

    1. The collaborative part of Bulger’s huge ego is that there are so many people that effectively assisted in creating it with him, thereby, deriving a huge sense of ego for themselves via their association. I think it would be good if Bulger testifies, there will be enough interesting and hopefully new truths in his testimony to make it worthwhile.

      1. Jan, excellent points both at the begiining (never thought of him that way, but makes perfect sense now) of your post, and the end. I don’t want him to take the secrets to the grave, I want to hear them through the filter of his twisted logic.

        1. Rather:
          How do we separate the wheat from the chaff? What will make Whitey any more believable than any of the others? I know what you mean though, there is a need to want to hear him – for him to walk away leaves us no wiser than we have been even though if he testifies we still may be no wiser.

          1. That is true Matt, but this guy has been like an invisible black cloud (Freddie W.’s words not mine) over Southie, Dorchester, and my life for over 40 yrs. I , you, and the public deserve to hear what he has to say, just to get it on the record, if nothing else. I have no illusions about the self-serving, perpetual lies that will spill forth from his mouth, but I just want to hear his version. I am sure alot of people agree with me.

        2. Rather, Bulger should do what father Connolly suggested that Roky Sullivan do as cited below here by poster hopalongsays – since Bulger allegedly will not be accepted into the ‘Gangsta Hall of Fame ” anyhow, he may as well offer his life’s hard learned lesson of what NOT to do in life as advice to impressionable youngsters and include along with that the list of corrupt officials from all law enforcement entities – from civilian parasitic wannabes, to the court employees, BPD and other local cops, Staties right up to the judges and everyone in between….he should also provide details on serial sex offender Edward Mackenzie’s informant/protectorate history that allowed MacKenzie to brutaluze young girls – Bulger exposing MacKenzie and Mackenzie’s brutality towards girls would back up his claim that he is not responsible for the murder of Flemmi’s girls.

      2. Jan:

        Good point but isn’t it by now that we are sinking under a sea of gangster lies.

    2. Rather:
      I’m really of two minds on this – wanting to go in and see the sight behind the carnival barker and somewhat burned out by the many sights I have already seen behind the others.
      I guess I would like to see him on the stand. It will be an ignoble end to an ignoble career. His life was devoid of any dignity and he’ll top it off making a spectacle of himself.
      Perhaps that is how it should be.

      1. Precisely. I think he can’t resist. And how fitting. It will be impossible for him to change anyone’s opinion, but in his mind it will make it all worth it.

        1. Rather:

          I’m sure he won’t take my advice. But if he testifies, his glory will be in telling his story – telling that he did everything he is charged with but was not an informer and didn’t murder the women (he still wants to get into the hall of fame) and then make the brilliant move of getting up from the stand and going back to his defendant’s seat as Wyshak rises to cross-examine him. That would be a glorious ending.

          1. That may very well happen. For a control freak like him, it might be his last chance to control anything.

            1. Rather –

              His commencement speach is going through its final edit. It is subject to no one’s approval. Even his lawyers have no idea he is doing it.

          2. Hall of fame? Matt how about flemmi testifying he and whitey and martorano split between 10 and 15 $thousand a week on drugs in southie. That is not a lot for big time gangster.
            Who was getting the cuts of drug profits in east Boston Chinatown, Brighton, roslindale, savin hill,
            And who was getting paid by bookies in these places?
            Was southie such a fucked up place to do business that the mob had to partner w someone from there to do business rather than run it themselves. Never leave money on the table.
            The Italian Mon was getting a fit of everything

            It sounds like was a partner with the mafia in a crew.
            Whitey, Stevie and martorano werent Pepsi to the Mafia Coke. They were Sprite to Coke. Bottled by the same company for people with different tastes. The money still goes to Coke

            1. Ernie:

              Benji is pissed because Whitey was robbing him blind. He thought they were splitting the proceeds but Whitey thought most of it belonged to him. The profits from guys outside Southie Benji split with Whitey, Whitey always told him he was getting very little from Southie and what he got he had to divide.

              Whitey left nothing on the table. The North End got some of the stuff, not much. Gangsters are very greedy. The North End left Winter Hill seem to be independent because they did the hits for it. They let them run their own businesses as long as they would take out anyone who threatened the Boston Mafia. They were allies sort of like UK and US in WWII – splitting some victories but doing many others on their own.

          3. Matt, that’s the script I’d write: Whitey testifies; Wyshak starts asking questions and Whitey sits down!!! Ha, ha, ha!!! Only in America. Might be a scene in my next novel. (2) Whitey might surprise us by producing convincing evidence, even documentary or photos, that reveal facts no one has ever heard before. (3) I agree basically you can’t trust the words of the career gangsters; any words; but words coupled with photos and authentic documents might be another story.

    3. Rather:

      I think that is Whitey’s idea of himself. No one knows what trouble he’s had.

      1. Yes Matt, thats what I meant. Im picturing him sitting on his stainless steel hopper (with no lid or seat) humming it to himself, while lamenting the bad old days.

        1. Rather:

          He thinks if only I was young again I’d do the same things. He looks upon his life as an example to all. However, he would probably suggest to future gangsters that they don’t fall in love with stray cats.

  11. Good post Matt. Despite all the FBI corruption and federal deal-making exposed by the case, Whitey is still a vile evil man who deserves what’s coming to him.

  12. Although Boston-born and bred, I spend part of the year in Ireland and part in Trapani, Sicily. Guys like Martorano and Bulger would not last long in either place. They think they are real wise-guys but they’d wet their trousers in the presence of someone like Toto Riina, all 5’ 2” of him. Toto – Il Capo dei Capi – personally killed by various means over 100 people, and probably ordered killed an estimated 1,000 plus. His successor heads of the Corleonesi were and are just as brutal.

    Informers were killed along with their entire families from babies to grandparents. The IRA sympathisers in Southie pubs never seemed to know or care about the 3,000 plus people murdered during the so-called “fight for freedom,” mostly innocent civilians who could not care less about IRA turf and drug wars. The IRA was so full of informers that the British had to set up special offices with large staff to handle them.

    The Whitey Bulgers, Johnny Martoranos and Kevin Weeks are very small-minded players with provincial attitudes and desires. In twenty years, no one will remember them just as few people today remember Jimma Faherty or Mike Geagan.

    1. Henry,
      The fbi and the media created the myth of these guys. They are small and provincial. Beyond provincial.
      Always were. And obvious. It appears whitey was the means for the mob to control other business. Stevie and martorano were probably made men. Their brothers were/are and JM father was.
      So why was this one in a million thugs like bulger the #1 most wanted for the longest time in fbi history

      1. Ernie:

        Good points – doesn’t it show the power of the media and something even more sinister. Was he elevated in order to destroy his brother?

    2. Henry:

      I agree – they lived in a pretend world where whey survived because they were protected and ignored.

  13. Hey Matt, its not about whitey. Its about me. And I want to hear his story.

    1. Ernie:
      You’ll get your wish because Whitey thinks it is about Whitey – so bring in the clowns and pop corn.

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