Agents Gone Wild

fbi gone wildAdrian Walker of the Boston Globe wrote: “[Middlesex District Attorney Marian T.] Ryan declared that “the Middlesex district attorney’s office is fully capable of conducting a review of our internal processes.’’ But that’s a terrible idea. As a person who investigates cases for a living, Ryan surely knows that a DA’s office can’t investigate itself.”

Where have you been Adrian Walker? Does it take the murder of Jennifer Martel for you to see the obvious? Does it take a great public backlash at a district attorney who appears to have stumbled for you to come to the startling conclusion that an investigating agency can’t investigate itself.

Now it would be nice to extend that idea to the other prosecutors and to the FBI which has been investigating itself since August 2011 to learn why it used Mark Rossetti as an informant. Why is it we can’t find out the relation of Tamerlan Tsarnaev the Marathon Terrorist Bomber to the FBI? Or, why they killed Ibragim Todashev or James Lee DiMaggio Do you think that it is only DA Ryan who can’t investigate herself and somehow the FBI can?

Assuming the obvious is true that an agency cannot investigate itself, why is the FBI continually allowed to do it? Why is it in the United States of America we have a group of individuals who can hide its involvement in criminal activity as it did with Whitey Bulger and Mark Rossetti by protecting these criminals and conceal why it was necessary for it to kill people as it did with Todashev and DiMaggio?  Is it because it is not answerable to anyone except itself?

Bill Keating a U.S. Congressman is trying to find out some simple answers to what was the FBI’s involvement with the Marathon Terrorist Attack and he is being stonewalled. Senator Lugar comes up against the same wall asking about Mark Rossetti. The FBI even refuses to testify before the Homeland Security Committee. When accused of stonewalling by Representative McCaul it denied that was the case saying “It’s an ongoing investigation and a pending prosecution,”

As we’ve seen with any investigation the FBI does, it can continue it into the future forever since only the FBI decides when an investigation is over. That’s another reason why an agency cannot investigate itself. Knowing this, what are the members of Congress going to do about this?

In the face of the worst terrorist attack on American in the last ten years where three people were killed and hundreds maimed neither President Obama or Attorney General Holder judging from their actions seem to feel any responsibility to the people of Boston to get answers. Neither does Congress for all its complaining.

When Representative McCaul the chairman of the committee sought to get the answers what did he do, he issued an invitation to appear before the committee. You don’t get any information issuing invitations, you have to issue subpoenas to require people to appear.

This is America today where the FBI has developed into an agency that is not accountable to the American people. Why is that?

We have created in America the idea that FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover drilled into our minds during the 48 years he was its director that it is above reproach. The House Committee on Government Reform wrote a report that went into laborious detail explaining how the FBI used known murderers as informants and allowed innocent people to be sent to prison. It titled the report: “Everything Secret Degenerates.”  It tells not only of the FBI’s sordid behavior but the ongoing difficulties of getting information from the FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ) and its continuing covering up of important documents. On page after page it shows evidence of the FBI and DOJ’s willingness to hide documents and obstruct the congressional investigation.

Yet, and here’s the problem, in this report the Committee feels compelled to say:

“The United States Department of Justice is, without a doubt, the finest federal law enforcement organization in the world. The men and women of the Justice Department are dedicated, professional public servants. The integrity of the vast majority of these men and women is beyond reproach.”

After uncovering a horrid situation and fighting with the DOJ to get basic information, rather than recognizing that the DOJ’s investigative arm the FBI is really spinning out of control the cowardly committee feels compelled to mouth the usual mush which just about undermines its report. We’re left to think, “if everything is so wonderful why worry?” as if we are all Alfred E. Neumans sitting around with goofy smiles.

If there are a few rotten potatoes in the peck you don’t say this is the finest peck of potatoes in the world. If an organization can team up with murderers and obstruct a congressional investigation it is not the finest of anything.

We’ve seen what happens when people are left on their own without supervision. We’ve seen how those unsupervised college coeds on spring vacation acted. Like them, we can see that the FBI agents have gone wild.

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  1. At the end of this British newspaper article we read that the FBI created and ran a huge “child abuse” website trying to catch buyers of child porn. So they become crimnials to catch the criminals? “We had to destroy the village to save it” type logic.

    “The arrest of Mr Marques represents an apparent uptick in the sophistication of such operations by the US. It emerged this year that agents ran a child abuse site for several weeks in 2012 to identify its 5,000 customers who shared thousands of images of children.”

    1. Henry:

      I don’t fault the FBI for trying to determine the identity of people who abuse children. I believe setting up a trap to lure criminals in is an effective tool. Sometime you do have to act as a criminal in order to catch them, it’s commonly done in undercover operations.

  2. Matt: You gotta step back. Give me a shout out and come and visit me in Maine. Or we can meet up in Rockland Maine for some fresh seafood after we take in the Andrew Wyeth collection of paintings at the Farnsworth Museum.
    I bet that volunteer civilian review police board with subpoena powers is looking better. Imagine if that was your legacy to Massachusetts?
    In other news I told my buddy at the FBI agent John Conditt about your blog but he said he was to busy to check it out.He was in charge of the FBI Office of professional Responsibility and was responsible for investigating FBI agents for misconduct. see

    FBI Agent Pleads Guilty to Child Abuse

    Tuesday February 17, 2004 11:46 PM

    The former chief internal watchdog at the FBI has pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 6-year-old girl and has admitted he had a history of molesting other children before he joined the bureau for what became a two-decade career.

    John H. Conditt Jr., 53, who retired in 2001, was sentenced last week to 12 years in prison in Tarrant County court in Fort Worth, Texas, after he admitted he molested the daughter of two FBI agents after he retired. He acknowledged molesting at least two other girls before he began his law enforcement career, his lawyer said.

    another backstory anecdote and then I will sign off.

    FBI informant Kimball was released from prison early to work for the FBI agents. He continued his serial killing of women funded by your tax dime on the payroll of the FBI.

    see link for full story

    1. MS:

      Anecdotal evidence is not that persuasive to me. I never thought that every FBI agent was heavenly sent. In any organization there will be some bad apples. That an informant committed some murders is hardly new seeing this is about Whitey Bulger.

  3. Rather not, what about eliminating non serial sex offenders. OC murderers hang out with fellow murderers, therefore, it’s more understandable using a murderers accomplice than using a serial sex offender that preys on innocent young girls who are not involved in organized crime such as OC informant Edward MacKenzie, it might take a murderer to catch a fellow murderer/accomplice but it shouldn’t require the assistance of a serial sex offender.

    1. Jan, Who knows what else Ed MacK was involved in and what bigger fish than Whitey he’s already given them. Sex offenders deserve the harshest treatment on the street, in the courts, and in prison. However, murder is in a separate more serious category, and should be, in my opinion. My sincerest sympathies for yours, or your loved ones victimization at the hands of Ed MacK. Oh, I Googled the story of the daughter. Looks like a bright crowd she’s running around with. A bunch of criminal masterminds, they are not.

      1. There are many young girls victimized by Edward MacKenzie and somebody has to speak up, that somebody is me!

  4. Matt, Why cant they officially modify the “Top Echelon Informant” program to only include non-murderers, or eliminate it if that’s not possible. The program’s utter failure has been fully exposed for all to see. Start an “Upper-Middle Echelon Informant” program, if necessary. Also an immediate Presidential/Congressional mandate to create a separate watchdog agency over DOJ/FBI with dedicated Internal Affairs departments permanently embedded in DOJ/FBI, would be a nice start.

    1. Rather:

      The program is supposed to keep out murderers as it now stands but it doesn’t. They created an OIG in the DOJ which is supposed to oversee the FBI but we see its investigators are working with the DOJ attorneys (Marra) rather than checking into the FBI actions. We already have a means to watch over the FBI and it is Congress but it is intimidated by the FBI. Your ideas are good but when you can have a guy killed in a room with five or more cops in it in May and we are coming up to September and the FBI is still investigating what happened you need little more to figure out we’ve in deep trouble in this country. The FBI can kill anyone it wishes and then investigate why it did it forever and no one will complain. That’s not the American way.

  5. In the world of organized crime, murderers collaborate with fellow murderers, extortionists, drug dealers, armed bank robbers, etc., therefore, it does seem reasonable that the FBI may have to cultivate OC murderers as informants in an effort to bring down the criminal enterprise, however, an excellent example of crossing acceptable professional boundaries in the usage of informants would be cultivating members of the criminal enterprise who routinely brutally sexually assault young innocent girls which the prime example of that locally would be the FBI’s usage of serial sex offender/rapist Edward MacKenzie as an informant. The lack of coverage in the media of MacKenzie’s recent bail hearing status (after decades of overlooked crimes) is unacceptable – MacKenzie has been a darling of the media for years, the local media of which selectively overlooked his history of vicious sexual assaults as did the local law enforcement to include the FBI. Sacrificing the most innocent members in our communities in the name of using a serial sexual assailant as an informant. I hear MacKenzie’s daughter Devin MacKenzie recently played a role in a bank robbery in Weymouth, MA – as I said before, it’s in their DNA.

  6. Matt et al.,

    This may be out there, and if so, I want to see it:

    A timeline
    With pictures

    It would help if I could see things like:

    *All details we can have of the mother’s arrest for shoplifting: arresting officer/s, how it went through the courts.

    *Tamerlan at mosques with beard. Reports of calling attention to himself

    *Pictures with his friend/s in Waltham

    *Reports from Waltham citizens

    *Report of Dartmouth resident concerning bomb blast and the search of law enforcement for the bomb site

    *There was a story from a cabbie at a purple line train station north of Boston, Malden?, who said he picked up two guys with backpacks that he almost drove away with (in trunk). He said he stopped the cab after someone banged on it as he was about to drive away, and when he opened the trunk and picked up the backpack, it was abnormally heavy.

    *Reports from kids at UMass Dartmouth. (Howie Carr slammed the students and administration so hard and so fast I couldn’t believe it. He attacked and insulted the school so powerfully I’m sure it inhibited people from talking. They were too ASHAMED to be from UMass Dartmouth!)

    *Reports from citizens of Cambridge. Howie Carr mercilessly attacked Cambridge day after day as if it were responsible for the bombing at the Marathon. He called them every name you can think of, stirring the pot.


    It would seem to me a news organization would compile every single fact of this case and discuss how/or if it has been verified.

    We should be able to see which officers on which force were involved with which part of the case.

    This is, after all, what investigative reporters have done since 9/11.
    But it didn’t happen in time.
    People waited for the officials to tell us what happened.
    We waited and waited.

    Theories took off without the facts, and it covered the tracks of bad police work.

    Maybe Boston can learn a lesson from New York.
    Someone with a great news or blog set up could step forward with the technology.
    Maybe one of our university presses.
    Maybe more than one of our university presses!

    We could send them the information we have individually gleaned with the verification.

    In other words, Greater Boston undertakes its own investigation.
    It uses its own resources to track down what happened.

    We would need the technology and teams of people.
    I have a feeling Bostonians would like to help.

    1. Couple of thought to help you become a better CSI.

      Two weeks before the Boston Marathon bombing I started a post titled:
      ” When will FBI agents create their next terrorist event?” see

      I detailed the evidence for FBI agents creating the 1993 1st World Trade Center bombing; Oklahoma City bombing; 911; the Lockerbie bombing; TWA Flight 800 downing; the Mumbai Terrorist attack; and recent evidence
      linking FBI agents to the Boston Marathon.I am also fairly certain the C4 explosives the Boston FBI Office gave Whitey Bulger to give to the IRA was used in the Omargh Ireland bombing.

      Two of my favorite investigators Daniel Hopsicker see

      and Russ Baker see

      are doing great investigative work around the Boston Marathon bombing.

      Of course there is my favorite website

      1. Msfreeh,

        I think you misunderstand me.
        I don’t want to be a CSI.

        I want a timeline with pictures.
        Facts and how they’re verified.

        No theories.
        Then, maybe, I can competently think for myself.

      2. MS:

        I’ve noted before we part company wherein you suggest actual FBI malice in Oklahoma City and 9/11.

    2. Firefly:

      I like this idea. Maybe we can set up a blog and ask people to contribute to it.We would then be able to check out the contributions and make sure they are properly vetted and gather them together in our own little compilation of questions and answers. I’m going to give this more thought. Thanks

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