Alan Dershowitz: A Brief Story

(1) big pigThere have been various descriptions of the mansion in Florida where Jeffrey Epstein is alleged to have sexually assaulted the young girls. One of the young girls who at 15 years old became a white sex slave who Epstein is alleged to have trafficked about is Virginia Roberts. She is the one who said that she had sex as part of Epstein’s control of her with Alan Dershowitz one of Epstein’s best friends. It wasn’t at just one place or in one state but in at least three states and the Virgin Islands that she claimed she had sex with old man Dershowitz (he’d have been about 50 years older than her, yikes!) and that it occurred at least six times. Dershowitz denies her allegations. I think, although it’s really not clear to me, that he denies even knowing Virginia.

Here are some of the descriptions of Epstein’s mansion.  The search warrant indicated that there were pictures of naked young girls throughout his house where the girls were being sexually abused. The police also seized penis- and vagina-shaped soaps which were even in guest bathrooms.

Now, as I said, Dershowitz has been to Epstein’s mansion at least once. I don’t know how many other times. But I assume it is more than the fingers on your hands. Now with all the items Epstein has about his house you’d think that Dershowitz would be wary about doing anything other than sticking to the legal matters Epstein hired him to take care off. You’d hope he would not be involved in anything that had to do with him taking off his clothes.

Dershowitz said he never saw any young chicks when he was at Epstein’s. The guy Epstein hired to keep $2,000 in cash in his pocket and to pay the young chicks after the “massage” said Dershowitz was around when the little girls were there. Dershowitz denies this too.

You’d think that anyone concerned with his reputation would run away from a guy like Epstein as fast as he could. I’ve said before Alan has all the right in the world to represent Epstein if he chooses but if he was at all concerned with how the world viewed him he’d have been more discrete in his association with him especially when he was at his mansion of iniquity. The last thing you’d expect from the professor is that he’d strip off his clothes. So when I read that he said he undressed down to his underwear while in the house of horror to get a massage I couldn’t really believe he’d have done that.

What adds confusion to his words is the word “massage.” Virginia has told us that is a code word for sexual activity. Now I’m not sure that Alan is admitting to any sexual activity so I have to assume what he means by massage is massage and has no sexual connotations as it does when used by his buddy Epstein.

Although Alan denies having seen any of the sexual objects in Epstein’s Bluebird-type mansion I thought the reason for that was that he was reading his briefs whenever he got inside there; I never thought that he’d be reading his briefs in his briefs or that the briefs he was wearing were the ones he was reading.

Anyway, Alan has fessed up to have a massage by an adult woman in the home of this sexual pervert. What’s makes his statement even more weird is he says he doesn’t like massages. How does that make sense? He goes to Epstein’s home and gets himself involved in something he does not like to do.

What we do know for sure if Alan is to be believed is that he stripped down to his briefs while in Epstein’s den to get a massage; that like the young girl prostitutes who are forced into sex with old men he does not particularly like having what was done to him done.  It’s surprising that he did it after all but maybe somehow he was extorted into doing it.

The problem with all of this is when you hear that Dershowitz was working on his briefs you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking he was either working in his briefs or even that he was washing them or repairing them. If your mind wandered a little more you could see him in court holding up his briefs and telling the court he’d like to file them. Like in the child’s story the Emperor’s New Clothes everyone in the court room including the judge would have to nod with approval and think it was appropriate for Dershowitz to put his briefs in the case file.



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  1. Years ago, when I lived in Cambridge, I read an article in a local newspaper about Dershowitz having a daily swim in the new swimming pool he had just built as an addition to his home. He said he found the pool and swim necessary for his bad back. Apparently, he had a bad injury to his back and needed daily exercise and physiotherapy, doctor’s orders.

    For those readers who might not know, a new swimming pool, costing over $100,000 in the 90s, would be an income tax deduction. Subject to a complicated formula; basically, it’s a huge deduction. Provided that the daily swim was for medical reasons and on a doctor’s orders.

    I don’t know whether Dersh took the deduction or not, but I’m sure he knew about it. There had been a big IRS court case with a man in Newton who had deducted the cost of flute lessons for his son as a medical cost and had been challenged by the taxman. The son suffered from an overbite and the flute was corrective.

    The tax court ruled that the lessons were a legitimate income tax deduction as they had been ordered by an orthodontist (made no difference the orthodontist was a relative.) There was another creative case of piano lessons for carpal tunnel syndrome.

    Just get a prescription and keep scrupulous records and you could probably get a deduction for all sorts of things, even massage for a bad back.

    (There is a good photo of the pool, sadly sans masseuses, here:

    He has since sold out of Cambridge and moved to New York City.

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