Alan Dershowitz: A Man Who Needs Close Watching Considering His Past 1 of 2

This is not about Jeffrey Epstein.

Nor is it about Dershowitz’s constant defending his buddy Trump.

Nor is it that Dershowitz and the president share a number of friends and acquaintances, including Patriots owner Bob Kraft. The two men met years ago in Kraft’s suite at a Patriots game, he said. “I liked him,” Dershowitz said. “He was very nice, he was very affable. We talked football.” 

Just as an aside. Trump and Kraft are best friends. I read, “Just a reminder, the “spa” where Kraft committed his alleged crimes is located about 20 miles north of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.” In early July Kraft was sitting at the same table as Trump, the Qatari Emir, and next to Christine Lagarde,  in a dinner honoring the Emir while criminal charges against him were pending. I’m sure Lagarde had that itchy, creepy/crawly feeling after she left.

Nor is it about Alan Dershowitz telling us how he did get a massage, or massages, at Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion in Palm Beach but he kept his underwear on and the masseuse was an adult and not one of the thirteen year old girls that seemed to be ubiquitous around Jeffrey’s den of iniquity. Why he was getting a massage at Jeffrey’s diddling house of horror he did not explain. He’s now pathetically telling the world that he couldn’t have raped some young girls because he had a “perfect, perfect sex life during the relevant period of time.”  Ah, it recalls Hamlet telling his mother: “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”,

Nor is it about the hostility that exists between Dershowitz and Bulger. I wrote about that years ago when I tried to discern what was it that made Dershowitz act toward Bulger as if he was the camp commander of a Nazi concentration camp. I came to the conclusion: “I could never put my finger on it. I tried to think of the way both men communicate. I realized listening to Bulger talk is like enjoying a perfect spring day; listening to Dershowitz is like hunkering down awaiting a late fall northeaster. One is light; the other is darkness. One leaves you happy, the other leaves you angry. One lifts your spirits; the other gives thoughts of suicide. Then right out-of-the-blue it came. Bulger has the one thing that I’d suggest Dershowitz would like more than anything else in the world: a quick wit defined as: “a natural aptitude for using words and ideas in a quick and inventive way to create humor.” It’s a good feeling to finally solve a puzzle.”

Nor does it have anything to do with the public dispute between Dershowitz and Bulger at a judge’s nomination. Bulger called him and his lawyer friend “crafty.” “connivers” and “manipulators” who had “no moral constraints.” Bulger called upon those present to “look at them, look at them.” Afterward Dershowitz slunk away. Later when asked about his comments about Dershowitz, Bulger said: “The man is a liar. And it makes no difference what his nationality or his religion is. He is a liar. And he is a murderer of reputation. And he is a conniver and he is whatever else I called him that day.” 

None of these subjects in which Dershowitz has been involved is what I want to write about. There is another matter which he has stuck his nose into that is worth exposing to show the way he has no difficulty like his friend Trump to tell less than the whole truth. Trump, in his most recent disgraceful performance stood by while people chanted “send her back.” He would then denying that he did it. This is typical of the Dershowitz approach to many matters including the one I will write about tomorrow.


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  1. Matt aptly summarizes the flaws in Professor Dershowitz’s resume, although I always not as Harvard Law Professor and Public Persona he’s done a lot of good intellectually. I enjoyed his debates with Bill Buckley, et alia.
    Bill Bulger was a brilliant public servant, an honorable man, lifelong through, much accomplished, with a very quick wit and good sense of humor.
    Too bad Professor Dershowitz sought and exacerbated a personal VENDETTA with Senate President William Bulger.
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    CONCLUSION II: I look forward to Matt’s expose/analysis of Professor Dershowitz’s faux pas, Part 2.

    1. For at least the last thirty years there have been 500,000,000 to a billion internal combustion engines running on this planet without a single break. And there is the millions of miles daily that jets travel. Do you think there have been by-products in all of that exhaust? Even if there is no global warming, what do you think the quality of our atmosphere is now compared to fifty years ago? Our soil? Our oceans? They bring fish up from the deepest oceanic trenches and they have mercury in their blood. Lets just agree on this, Bill. Its about time we started thinking about what kind of world we are going to leave behind for Keith Richards to live in.

    2. The Finns! Oh, yeah. I forgot about those brilliant people. They’re the ones Bonespurs said raked their forests to prevent forest fires. Then Bonespurs said mismanagement by the Californian Forestry Department caused the fires in that state. Has there ever been a funnier two years in the history of this country? This planet???? I can’t wait to see what fifty million tongues in fifty million cheeks looks like.

  2. It was very disheartening to see that Trump is dispatching hundreds of U.S. troops to Saudi Arabia. This can only throw Saudi Arabia’s numerous religious nut jobs into a frenzy. It was the presence of U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia that gave a major boost to Osama bin Laden. Our forces are seen as defiling the land that is home to Islam’s holiest site.

    1. Good point, DanC. The Daish/ISIS are still strong in Saudi. I have a pal coming to visit. He’s an Egyptian dentist who practices in Riyad. I’ll get the fresh skinny on conditions in the Kingdom. The position of MBS is in question. There’s been indications that he’s falling out of favor.

      1. “He’s an Egyptian dentist who practices in Riyad.”

        He’ll get to the root of the problem.

        I have a theory about why dentists are some of the most ignorant people when it comes to the news. Their subjects can’t talk while they are in the chair. Ever try and convers when six pieces of paraphernalia are in your mouth and half of your face is sound asleep? Now if you said an Egyptian friend who was a barber was coming for a visit, I’d believe you could get the real dope on the situation. Barbers have all the news, and unlike dentists they are not so down in the mouth.

  3. This is a case that just keeps on giving. The feds found piles of cash and diamonds in Epstein’s safe. Ho-hum. Boring. But they also discovered an Austrian passport listing Epstein’s home address as Saudi Arabia. Now that’s something you don’t see every day! The passport has Epstein’s photo and a phony name. Surely someone in the capitals of Europe must remember the strange Austrian from Saudi Arabia who spoke with an American accent. The passport is long expired, but in the 1980s, it looks like Epstein was throwing his cash around in various European locales. (I suppose it’s also surprising that the feds found only one bogus passport.)

    Also priceless is that old video that shows Trump awkwardly dancing to the beat with the now-defunct Buffalo Jills. (The cheerleading squad was shut down in 2014 following a lawsuit that said the Jills were being exploited economically in addition to be pawed by Bills’ fans at various appearances.) But I digress. Epstein can be seen on the video, doubling over at some witticism whispered into his ear by you-know-who.

    And then there’s Epstein’s old pal, Bill Clinton, insisting that he knew nothing, nothing! of the sex fiend’s hijinks with vulnerable, underage females. This was another great moment in the Epstein saga.

    I haven’t forgotten one-massage Dershowitz and his “perfect sex life” defense. Even here, Dershowitz couldn’t resist lawyerly equivocation by noting that his sex life was perfect “during the relevant period of time.” So I suppose it’s reasonable to assume that were darker, non-perfect moments in Dershy’s sex life. Of this I can only say that my sympathy and prayers go out his first wife, now deceased, and his current spouse.

    1. The idea that Bubba and Eppie, two limaceous hounds, got together on various occasions and sex with young ladies was never discussed….. Please.

      Bring back public bullwhipping.

  4. Bulger is right. Al is a liar and a conniver. He falsely claimed that all Boston Police are liars. He claimed that Sen Bulger was the Godfather of the Winter Hill gang. Another lie. He is a life long liberal Democrat who supported and voted for Hillary and is now a Trump sycophant. A betrayer of his political allies. The Judas of the Democrat Party.. 2. Recent studies by Finnish and Japanese scientists have completely debunked the man made global warming theory. They found less than 1% of the warming which is only 1 degree in the last century is caused by man. So much for Al Gore’s and AOC’s chicken little theories. 3 Tensions are high with Iran. Watching Fox news coverage is good for a laugh. Hannity is beside himself denouncing Persia and pleading for war. Tucker Carlson is the total opposite. He says nothing positive can result. Carlson has the better argument. If the U S strikes, Iran will decide when the war ends. Restraint and deescalation are needed.

    1. Al is a horrible bullshit artist. But when do Finnish and Japanese scientists sit at the head table on climate change? Got a spare copy of their resumes? The Japs are killing whales again. Fuck them.

      Hannity, Gore and Carlson should form a conga line and dance off a cliff. This whole Gulf thing is men in power playing with their toys. Can’t save us from a disastrous war if there isn’t a war or the threat of one. The tail is wagging the dog again and both sides watch the news and sponge.

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