Alan Dershowitz: Makes One’s Skin Crawl

(1) big pigWho know if Alan Dershowitz had sex with a girl fifty or so years younger than himself? Virginia Roberts that young girl said he had sex with her at least six times. He denies it. But watch what he is up to.

We do know is that Virginia Roberts was lured into the manor of Jeffrey Epstein, a close friend of Alan’s, at the age of 15 and turned into a prostitute.

Here is what she wrote about Epstein: From the first time I was taken to Epstein’s mansion that day, his motivations and actions were sexual, as were Maxwell’s.  My father was not allowed inside. I was brought up some stairs. There was a naked guy, Epstein, on the table in the room. Epstein and Maxwell forced me into sexual activity with Epstein … I was paid $200.”

She went on: “Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell trained me to do what they wanted, including sexual activities and the use of sexual toys. The training was in New York and Florida at Epstein’s mansions. It was basically every day and was like going to school … I was trained to be ‘Everything a man wanted me to be.’ It wasn’t just sexual training — they wanted me to be able to cater to all the needs of the men they were going to send to me.”

She was not the only one. It has been alleged that upwards of 40 young girls were corrupted by billionaire Epstein’s lust and money which not only buys him the innocence of youth but also endears him to politicians, universities, and others who scrounge for his money disregarding his moral turpitude and creepiness. Epstein in 2008 served 13 months in jail after being convicted of soliciting a minor for sex. How can anyone be in the same room with him or take his money knowing what he had done?

By the way, that is one of the great problems with the way our national campaigns are presently operating. The crooks in Congress and the Supreme Court Judges have conspired to make it possible that guys like Epstein with their vast wealth can support parties and candidates anonymously. We’ve seen in the past how Bill Clinton awarded his big money supporters with an overnight. How do we know he won’t be able to do it again if Hillary wins the job of president?  I’d like to know who that guy Epstein is supporting – will he be able in some future date to use the Lincoln Bedroom at the White House to bring in some twelve-year-old girls?

It seems to me that when a young girl has her virtue stolen from her by your buddy you don’t still hang around with your buddy and call the young girl a prostitute. Yet that is apparently what Alan is doing. In his trek throughout America protesting his innocence he sometimes comes up against a reporter who has yet to join the great majority of bum-kissing reporters who fear doing other than acting as stenographers for Alan.

It seems Alan was on his innocence tour in Florida when he came up against the intrepid reporter Bob Norman who did not shrink from confronting Alan.

Here’s part of his report:

“This is a woman who is a serial liar,” Dershowitz told Local 10 News reporter Bob Norman. “She’s lied, lied, lied, lied.”

“But she wasn’t lying about being sexually abused by Jeffrey Epstein,” said Norman.

“That is a different issue,” said Dershowitz. “That is between her and Jeffrey Epstein.”

Is Alan jettisoning his buddy Epstein or was he at a loss for an answer. How is it she didn’t lie about Epstein but is lying about Alan? Alan says it is different.

But it gets better.

Dershowitz later says: “She’s now an admitted prostitute. I can tell you she is still a prostitute: she is selling these false stories now for money about me. That is a form of prostitution.”

Norman asked. “Do you have any concern calling her a prostitute when she was victimized at such an early age by a wealthy man?”

Dershowitz replied: “She was not victimized … she made her own decisions in life.,”

Norman came back: “But at the age of 15 some would say … she was taken advantage of.

Dershowitz said: “I’m talking about the age of 19.”

Norman replied: “But it started when she was 15.”

Dershowitz answered: “I am not involved in that. I have no knowledge of that. That’s between her, and the federal government and the people who victimized her. All I know is she has victimized me. At the age of 31 she has made up false allegations against me. She is a mother of three children, and she is now living a lie to her three children and the question is whether she is an adequate mother of her three children going around selling her false stories of prostitution.”

The sleeziness just seems to ooze out. His friend not only raped her but he’s suggesting she’s not a fit mother hoping to have her three children taken away from her. Will Epstein use his vast money to cause an investigation to be made into her fitness by her state authorities? Will that become a tactic in having Virginia back away from her allegations?

Fortunately for Virginia she’s not in Massachusetts because she’d probably already have had the Department of Child and Family services chasing her. I hope there are more courageous reporters like Bob Norman who won’t be intimidated by wealth and threats. Just the manner in which Dershowitz is going about this calling her a prostituted and suggesting that a young woman is an unfit mother makes my skin crawl. Why won’t he tell us why she picked him out of all the people she could have  named?

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  1. Matt: I agree. Norman did his job well. The interview is also a great illustration of the known fact that Dershowitz simply can’t stop talking. He received a massage at Epstein ‘s mansion with his underwear on? What that supposed make us think better of him? Good grief.

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