Alan Dershowitz: The Extortion Racket

(1) big pigI’ll write more about the crimes of Jeffrey Epstein as I go along; let’s say the allegations indicate that he was involved in white slave trafficking which is another way of saying he was moving young girls from state to state for the purpose of prostitution. As we know one of the young girls has accused Epstein’s close friend Professor Dershowitz with being involved with her in Epstein’s crimes.

I’ve noted in the past some have called Dershowitz Professor Torture because of his advocacy of torture that seemed quite unusual considering America’s long time abhorrence of such activity. Of course Dershowitz wants to use it on people he doesn’t like.

I’d suggest another name that he could be called is Professor Extortion. It seems everywhere he goes he finds extortion happening. If it he doesn’t like people like Billy Bulger he accuses them of extortion; if he likes people he is suggesting they are being extorted. It’s a pretty cute trick: you besmirch the reputation of people you don’t like by calling them extortionists and you vilify those who say things about those you like by saying they are trying to extort your friend.

That in fact seems to be Dershowitz’s defense to the allegations of Virginia Roberts one of the girls his good friend Epstein was pimping about. She says he had sex with her when she was under the legal age of consent.  She said Dershowitz who was a 60-something old man had sex with her when she was 16-years-old. It is reported as I noted before Dershowitz “says that the sex claims are a “completely, totally fabricated, made-up story” and that he is an “innocent victim of an extortion conspiracy.

But that is nonsense. If she were tying to extort him she would not have gone public with it but approached him on the QT and said she would be going public with it if he didn’t do this or that. You don’t go public and then try to get something from the person since the damage to the person has already been done. So when Dershowitz claims Virginia is extorting him it just seems it ain’t necessarily so. As a further indication of this is there were many other men thrust upon this enslaved girl who she could have named if that was her purpose.

Now you have to love this. Really this is something that’s must be treasured. The opening paragraph of the article where I found it reads: “Film director Roman Polanski is not the only convicted pedophile to walk free this month and return to a life of privilege. On Wednesday, hedge fund manager Jeffrey Epstein completes his one-year house arrest in Palm Beach, which has been even less arduous than Polanski’s time at a Swiss ski chalet.”

It goes on: “During Epstein’s term of “house arrest,” he made several trips each month to his New York home and his private Caribbean island. In the earlier stage of his sentence for soliciting prostitution with a minor—13 months in the Palm Beach Stockade—he was allowed out to his office each day.”

You like that.  That’s the best kind of justice money can buy.

The article goes on:

Meanwhile, “Epstein has settled more than a dozen lawsuits brought by the underage girls who were recruited to perform “massages” at his Palm Beach mansion. Seven victims reached a last-minute deal last week, days before a scheduled trial; each received well over $1 million—an amount that will hardly dent Epstein’s $2 billion net worth.”

Then again we learn of some of Epstein’s friends besides Dershowitz who were chauffeured around in his private plane: “former President Bill Clinton; Prince Andrew; former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak; New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson; and former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers.”

Then the article goes on to ask a question how was it he was able: “to receive only a slap on the wrist for crimes that carry a mandatory 20-year sentence? Was he able, with his limitless assets and heavy-hitting lawyers—Alan Dershowitz, Gerald Lefcourt, Roy Black, Kenneth Starr, Guy Lewis, and Martin Weinberger among them—to escape equal justice.”

You don’t need more than a grammar school education to answer that question.

But here’s the best part. Dershowitz’s take on what happened to his friend and client Epstein who is alleged to have bought himself out of some serious crimes into a picnic-type sentence, It is reported: “Attorney Dershowitz says Epstein’s agreement to pay attorney fees for the victims and agree to civil damage claims—without admitting guilt—amounted to “extortion under threat of criminal prosecution.”

How can you believe anything Dershowitz states. He was Epstein’s attorney. If there were extortion he should have gone to trial. He wasn’t forced into pleading guilty for the great deal he got. Dershowitz should have told his client not to pay out the millions to the young girls that it is alleged he has done. As I said Dershowitz uses the word extortion so freely that it has lost all meaning when coming from his mouth.

5 thoughts on “Alan Dershowitz: The Extortion Racket

  1. Creepy old bourgeois perverts. Back in the day, they’d answer the door to a roll of dimes, and, get dragged by the ankles down several flights of stairs. Justice was served up hot, and, hasty, in the old neighborhood. Expensive legal assistance was no defense against the rage of relatives. Silk-stocking “tree-jumpers” should be lynched.

    1. Khalid:

      Absolutely they are “creepy old bougeois perverts.” The roll of dimes you talk about has been turned into a roll of hundred dollar bills which they carry around to pay off the poor families from which their victims come. You can’t get to their door because they have too many lackeys protecting them so you can only take the pittance they offer for the life of your child they have ruined. When it comes to justice money does speak loudly.

    2. In the old days Epstein and Dershowitz would have been dealt like Otto Frank was. And yes Otto Frank was as guilty as sin!

  2. Nothing Torture says is to be believed. Hitchens called him a scumbag lawyer and his conduct in this affair may justify that. Wasn’t his first defense that the charges were false and that the only time he was at Epstein’s island he was with his wife and daughter. Later his memory improves and he remembers a massage. What will he recall next? 2. Hannity on Fox is following this story as it applies to Clinton. The rest of the media seems intimidated. Most of what passes for news is celebrity gossip anyway. This morass would seem to be right up cable TV’s alley with all the rich and famous involved. Hannity noted a claim that the FBI had videos of Epstein and other well known individuals getting massages. Did the knowledge of those videos cause the adjustment in Torture’s defense? 3. How can any honest American have faith in a judicial system that treated Epstein the way it did? Or the treatment of Scwartz, Grieg, Turner, Mrs’ Tierney, The Probation people, Connolly and Rico? What is better run? The FBI, DOJ, City of Detroit, Greece, North Korea or the MBTA?

    1. NC:

      I can’t find where Hitches called him a scumbag lawyer. He did say: “Professor Alan Dershowitz, known to many as the obsequious loophole-artist for such fragrant clients as Claus von Bulow and OJ Simpson.” He went on to say: “The worst thing, in reading the work of Alter and Dershowitz, was the shudder of recoil at the posturing attitudes they kept striking. Both wrote as if it had cost them a lot, by way of moral courage, to say the unsayable and to call for torturers to be put on the federal payroll. How disgusting. It’s good to report that, thus far, no such obscenity has been permitted, but there will have to be vigilance to ensure that such moronic and inhuman views (and people) are handled with tongs from now on.” I suppose you could infer from his description of Dershowitz’s views as being “moronic and inhuman” he did consider him a scumbag.

      Dershowitz is all over the place with his defense. He’s scrambling to find out what they have against him and fitting his story into the evidence. It was good he was wearing his briefs during the massage or was he just thinking of them.

      2. Virginia Roberts is trying to get the DOJ to release the evidence the FBI seized at his house or the evidence seized at his house by the local cops which the FBI took control of . The FBI won’t return it. It says ask the DOJ. The DOJ so far hasn’t given it out. Not only does it give the case away it then protects the scumbags by withholding evidence. Haannity is as bad as the rest; they’re all afraid to take on Dershowitz and Epstein and their many suck-up friends.

      3. The justice system does not come out of this smelling too well. All the democratic newspapers are suppressing the story because we’re not supposed to know Hill’s Billy aka the Arkansas Goat is still chasing after little girls; he was upset that Monica was so old. It’s a close call on what is better run: for total ineptitude the T wins out from what I can see. The operating budget of the MBTA is 1.866 billion and it has about 6,900 employees. New Yorks Metropolitan System has an operating budge of 13.6 billion and 66,600 employees New York’s budget is a little over 7 times that of the MBTA and it employs 10 times the number of people as the MBTA. It costs NY about 204 thousand per employee; it costs the MBTA 273 thousand per employee. Add those figures up and divide by the FBI, DOJ, Detroit, Greece, North Korea and you get your answer.

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