Am I My Brother’s Keeper? The Unique Attack on Billy Bulger

IMGP1177Kevin Weeks is expected to take the stand today or if not today later this week. I got to thinking about him.

He has written a book called Brutal. That’s what he thinks his life story is about, being brutal. Apparently he’s proud about this life. Where most decent people would slink away and be ashamed of that type life he cannot want to shout out about it.

What kind of morally corrupt person would admit to being involved in taking the lives of at least five people – standing by while their lives are extinguished — and then brag about it? That’s who the government will used to testify this week, a man so amoral that he will lie and lie and not blink an eye. He will assume the persona of righteous indignation when cross-examined. He will defy you to disbelieve him.

He did five years in prison for the five murders. Think of the young kid, as Ralph DiMasi told us about, who commits one murder and the government wants to send him to the chair. This man did one year in prison for each murder. Not only that, he had all his drug dealings, extortions, leg breakings and other vile acts forgiven and was given back his lottery winnings.

Who said crime doesn’t pay? Just make sure you do it and bury some bodies so you can help the government dig them up later and have someone else to blame it on, ideally an accomplice with a handle. You’ll be given a hearty handshake by the federals and forgiven for all your crimes.

Weeks is back living in South Boston; according to some he’s in the extermination business; others have suggested he has a good career ahead of him digging graves. But he leaves a good lesson for future criminals of America: commit your crimes with someone else you can blame. Or, better still, sign up with the federals first then you don’t have to worry about any consequences since we’ve heard them say to their criminal informants, “my job is to keep you safe.” You probably never knew your taxes were paying the salary of FBI guys so they could keep top-level criminals safe.

I got away from my purpose in this post — thinking of Weeks’s bragging about his life seems to throw me off stride. Makes me wonder about our country. But back to the subject matter.

Kevin Weeks has two brothers. One, Bill, is a town selectman and a director of a company. The other, Jack, is involved in running campaigns. Bill wrote the foreword to Kevin’s book. He brags how a fellow director said of him: “I guess you come from a family of high achievers, no matter what you are into.” 

Bill wrote, Kevin “led the good life, in the style of Godfather — money, street respect (all that really counted), and the knowledge that everyone knew who you were, knew the power you held, and understood the consequences of crossing you.”  He later told us, Kevin “never complained about the time he spent in prison,” as if he should have gotten less time or did his time and kept his mouth shut.

Bill concluded that Kevin is, “still affable, still with a quick smile and a quip, still with an alertness and an inquisitiveness to everything around him. He has tamped down the violent side, keeping his hands n his pockets and not making fists as readily as before. But I wouldn’t suggest that you get in his face. You can only expect his to be so nice?” 

Stop for a second and imagine Billy Bulger writing something like that about Whitey.

He never did. Never came close. He wrote that he only hoped what he heard about Whitey was not true and that those who became witnesses against his brother were well rewarded to come up with their stories.

We have read the other day the Boston Globe telling us to shun Billy because he never felt it was his job to police his brother. He once expressed the sentiment “did you ever try to tell your big brother what to do?” Billy has been shamefully vilified because his brother was a criminal as if he were to blame.

The Weeks brothers are deified — I don’t suppose the high achievers Bill or Jack Weeks ever felt it was their job to police Kevin even though he was a younger brother. Not only is Kevin bragging, his brother Bill carries it even further with a don’t get in his face warning. No one has condemned Bill Weeks or called for him or his brother Jack Weeks to be shunned. No one seems bothered that Bill seems rather proud of his brother’s evil exploits.

We let it go because we know it is unjust to blame them for Kevin’s sins. We understand a brother will see a different person than we do. Yet we’ve seen for over 25 years how so many have condemned Billy Bulger for the acts of Whitey.  No one in the media has dared defy those who have been on this crusade to blacken his  name. Not one person has seen fit to stand up and call foul. That’s right, not one.

In my opinion that’s one of the biggest crimes that has been perpetuated in this whole affair.

4 thoughts on “Am I My Brother’s Keeper? The Unique Attack on Billy Bulger

  1. Jack weeks was the Einstein who suggested mike Dukakis put on a helmet and ride in the tank.
    The weeks are a loud and obnoxiois clan. Smart and successful but aholes about. Really do think they are better than everyone. Easy to think when u have no ethics.
    Btw jack and Kevin’s flag football team use to play Shelley Murphy and other globies in flag football.
    Jack likes to think he is a tough guy. He thinks having a brother not afraid to pull a trigger makes him tough.
    Jack is a fraud and obviously his brother bill is one of those tools in the suburbs that days, “hey look at me, I’m from southie. I know people. I’m tough. O get to walk around with a swagger bc I from southie. Im a tough guy.”

    Kevin weeks is a pussy with a gun. Jack and bill are pussies bc they think they are tough because they have a puusy brother with a gun.
    They are not true southie. They are southie whores.

    1. Ernie:

      Well said. I wonder if any of the brave Weeks brothers ever served our country. If not, that would explain Mike looking like a rabbit riding in the tank. How do we end up with such candidates Dukakis, Kerry and Romney?

  2. Dear Matt and Billy,

    If I may be so bold to call you both by your first names, I do it to reach out. You see, I didn’t understand what was going on. For years. But after re-watching Billy’s appearance at the congressional hearing on CSPAN via Youtube, and after living through those hate-radio years, I think I understand.

    They wanted our city.

    So they took advantage of our weaknesses and growing pains, our passions and excesses, our devotion to history and education. And they swiftboated us.

    Before there was swiftboating there were the Bulgers. And for me, it was the knowledge that there were fireworks set to go off over Boston Harbor for a different president – fireworks over a place I dearly love – that set things in place.

    They’d conquered Southie and the North End, brought in their candidates, and planned the celebration.

    Except… there’s us. Boston. Greater Boston. Our neighborhoods.

    Billy, thank you for staying strong.

    Matt, thanks for figuring out how to blog.

    Both of you have so much to say.

    (Matt, do you protect our emails? I’m sorry to say that I’m terribly afraid.)

    1. Firefly:

      Thanks for the post. Appreciate the thoughts.

      Only if persons comment on the blog does the correspondence go public. Other than that if you use any of my emails such as or then I consider that correspondence private and do not publish it. I have people who do communicate with me that way and I respect their confidences as I do anything I learn in private.

      However the NSA might be storing them for future use.

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