America: We Hardly Knew Ya: Welcome to the World of Trump

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I’ve written about this before. I suggested that the way the main stream media has ganged up on Trump like on no other candidate for presidency before was probably a good reason for people to vote for him. The Washington Post, the New York Times, the Boston Globe, and the like had nothing good to say about him. On any day during the campaign you could read a half-dozen articles telling us something bad about him.

I guess it shows how out of touch with the American people the media has become. As you know the media’s weeping and gnashing of teeth has continued since his election. With his every move there are outcries in these papers which seems somewhat a waste of time. The people who read them for the most part are the converted to their anti-Trump stance so they are writing to an audience that does not have to be convinced.

A most remarkable fact that I read coming up to the election was that Trump was endorsed by only two papers in the country. Considering how many papers endorsed his opponent one has to conclude that newspapers have lost their influence. More and more people are getting their news from other sources.

Now a great deal is being made that some of these non traditional sources spun false stories. But haven’t the mainstream media spun their own false stories about Trump; or, as we now see about some of his nominees; or, as constantly seem to read the fabrications about the outbreak of anti-immigrant and anti-black violence.

What it all makes clear is that for years there pretty much has only been one voice telling us what we are supposed to know. From what appears so far whether you like him or not you have to accept that Trump is a breath of fresh air; we are no longer getting the same old stale people doing the same old stale things that did not work in the past. Not that that was so bad.

I’ve mentioned this before and will mention it again that I did not take Trump at his word. Perhaps the reason was that I too have been so brain washed by the usual suspects that I expected like every other candidate in the past he would eventually fall into line and conform to the expectations of those who sit in their warm offices pontificating on the right way to do things; those who are not on the front lines doing thing and have never been; those who are the critics and not the doers.

One thing seems apparent in these early days of his transition, America will never be the same again after he finishes his term in office. You can make one sure bet at this time: the selection committee will not be considering Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Trump has made it clear through his appointments that the days of pushing the United States around has come to an end. We are either going to draw back into a shell or else go about fighting everyone. He has said and by now you must agree that he is going to do everything based on what he thinks is best for all his rich friends based on his belief the more money the rich have the better off the American people are.

Those who have the loudest voices in the media or on the streets will have to get used to it. There will be no coddling of them. We are in for the ride of our lives.

28 thoughts on “America: We Hardly Knew Ya: Welcome to the World of Trump

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  3. If past is prologue one should hope that Trump does not get a Nobel Peace Prize. The last President that received one had done nothing to deserve it and waged multiple wars thereafter. Why care about a long tarnished trinket doled out by PC fools in Oslo? If Trump puts America First as promised the Doors of the Temple of Janus will be closed and remain so.

    1. Tadzio:

      The prize is really a joke because as you suggest it has become a PC badge. Maybe they’ll give it t

    2. Tadzio:

      Yes, the Peace Prize is a tool of the politically correct politicians in Norway. It is a strange prize since one of the original recipients was Elihu Root who helped formulate the U.S. policy in the Philippines which was no more than a scorched earth policy. Four presidents have won it: Teddy Roosevelt a warrior in Cuba; Woodrow Wilson who got in in 1919 after getting the U.S. in war in 1917; Jimmy Carter who never found an enemy he did not like; and Barak, the president you mentioned. Lately the prize seems to go to people who did limited things in limited areas of the Third World. They should retire the prize since there are few people worthy of it.

  4. Hi Matt: I think Trump can actually win the Nobel peace prize by withdrawing all of our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. A by product of this withdrawal, I believe, would be a drop in the number of terror attacks on Americans.

    1. Dan:

      If Trump brought all the nations of the world together and everyone destroyed all their arms and there was a universal agreement that no more wars would take place and another name for the world became the peaceable kingdom the Nobel Committee would not even consider Trump.

    1. Roger:

      St. Laurent was one of five informants who gave the FBI information on the Mafia induction ceremony in Medford which was recorded by the FBI. Three of the others were Whitey, Stevie Flemmi, and Sonny Mercurio.

    1. Roger:

      The plot thickens. DeSarno pleads. Salemme is all that is left. Both guys are state witnessed for Freddy Wyshak who is in bind because the DiSarro family is pushing to learn the relationship between Stevie Flemmi and then FBI because if the FBI told Flemmi that DiSarro was cooperating against Salemme and Flemmi told Salemme then the FBI might be liable to the DiSarro family. Wyshak is buddies with Flemmi so he is trying to protect his nonsense story that he walked in on a strangling and walked out. Flemmi was probably the guy who strangled DiSarro and he is putting it on Salemme and a couple of dead guys.

      1. Matt
        Thank you for the insight. I did think it was odd that Steve Flemmi would walk out of a room where DiSarro was being murdered. So your conclusion would be that Steve Flemmi probably killed DiSarro along with Frank Salemme (not teh son)? How would DeLuca be involved then?

        1. Roger:

          They had to find a place to bury the guy so Frankie called up DeLuca to find it. Salemme and Flemmi are closer at this time than Whitey is to Flemmi. Brookline dectective Billy McDermott testified to their relationship showing them hanging around in Brookline at a couple of hood hangouts. Flemmi probably killed him by himself — he never needed anyone’s help. Salemme arranged for the plot.

          1. Matt
            Appreciate your insight and expertise in this matter. Are there any links that show the testimony of detective Billy McDermott and the addresses of the local hood hangouts in Brookline? There is another gentleman accused of killing DiSarro with Salemme but that is a smokescreen too?

  5. Matt
    Would love to read a post on your thoughts about Cambridge Ridge and Latin former star basketball player Rumeal Robinson

    I personally know Rumeal and its still hard to believe he did what he did and one doesnt usually think of athletes as “con men”

    1. Roger:

      From the articles I see Rumeal’s story is that of a lot of guys who don’t know how to handle money and get a lot of it quickly and then get involved with others who know how to take what they have from him. I don’t see the guy as much as a con man as someone who came up with a scheme that he hoped would allow him to become rich and finance his way of life which would require many millions. I’m sure he never intended to hurt his mother and fully intended to pay her back but without much experience in business or not being surrounded by people who would help him he lost his way. If you now him try to reach out to him and give him some encouragement; don’t give him any money.

      Thanks for the stories. I enjoyed reading them.

      1. Matt
        Thank you for the feedback. I will send some of the stories that detail more about what was discovered during the trial. The thing I am unclear about is it does not appear that Rumeal had any intention of actually building a resort in Jamaica. Also, the aspect of him sending money back to the loan officer and employing his stripper girlfriend seem a little shady no? I guess its difficult to determine what exactly Rumeal intent and true goal was when he did everything. I dont understand how the court system expects Rumeal to get a legitimate job to pay off over $1,000,00 in restitution now that he has a prison record.

        Based on your perspective it sounds like Rumeal got in over his head trying to build a business. But what about him spending so much of the loan money on everything but the actual business itself?

        1. Roger:

          I’d have to guess, and it is a guess, that Rumeal intended to build a place in Jamaica. Of course giving the money to the loan officer was shady and paying his girlfriend that amount was not as shady as it was trying to keep her happy. I wonder where she is now. But Rumeal had things backwards; he had already acted as if the Jamaica resort was bringing in big money and spending it rather than waiting until he got it going. Maybe though it was all a pipe dream.

          The restitution order is a joke — the court knows he will never get that money. Worse, the guy is down and out so it gives him no incentive to try to build up his life again if anything he earns will be taken away from him. The poor guy was just out of control in spending. He had gone through millions so what was another hundred thousand or so.

          1. Matt
            It was this link that got me wondering exactly the extent and intention of Rumeal. Like I said I know him and he has always been cool with me. The feds try to portray him as a con man and scam artist but since its the FBI I am reluctant to trust their viewpoint. Rumeal did ask his former coach and teammates for money but the question is did he have intention of paying anyone back:



            I am not the expert you are in these matters. Thanks again and enjoy the website. refreshing.

  6. “…I did not take Trump at his word.”

    For me, this approach towards Trump (aka Mr. Bluster), combined with the awful threats of a Clintons rise to even more power, was the key to choosing to vote for Trump. It was that easy.

    1. GOK:

      Trump who I call the basement bully would never have been in office if the Democrats were not captured by the Clintons. They were both horrible candidates. I voted for neither. It does not make me feel better that Trump was not as bad as the Clintons. I too did not want another go around with the Clintons but I’m not sure we won’t have Hillary running against him again in four years. That is if we have a country in four years.

      1. Matt,
        (Trump)…”…not as bad as the Clintons?”


        Trump didn’t pay federal taxes for 20 years…boo hoo…cry me a river…he’s only one guy…and he’s only playing the system by the rules that were IN PLACE.

        Hillary, on the other hand (who was the apparently really the power behind the throne)……..well, let’s just say we pretend none of the other myriad Clinton scandals occurred and we judge her solely on this one little incident that really highlights the depths of depravity and blackness of the soul of…wait, she has NO soul….of the evil, diabolical wildebeest.

        The 1999 FALN terrorist murderers “pardon for votes” deal delivered the NYC Puerto-Rican/Hispanic vote for Hillary, possibly making the difference and getting the non-New Yorker elected in 2000. This one knocked me off my chair. None of the 20-plus year prisoners were involved seeking legal relief or in pursuing pardons, …they came out of no where, a couple of days after some P.R. civic (moron) leader from NYC wrote to Crooked Hillary
        …another kiss from Bill and Hill while he was on his way out the front door, and she was sneaking in the back.

        That was cold-blooded murder of Americans, on American soil, long before 911.


        Bye Bye Crooked Hillary.

  7. Matt: I agree with your views on the monolithic media and its many unfair, slanted and sometimes fraudulent stories. I agree with Daniel, if we get Immigration controlled, that’ll be a promise fulfilled and a feather in Trump’s cap.
    As for the rich, if Trump quickly carries through on eliminating the “carried interest” provision, I’ll begin to believe his promises to reign in Wall Street and lobbyists. He’s already implemented bans on some officials’ future lobbying (5-years for domestic lobbying; forever for foreign lobbying.)
    I have no problems with lowering taxes for businesses, reducing regulations, reducing the size of government, to stimulate the economy. Lower taxes for all. Maybe we’ll all get a little richer (or a little less poor.)
    Time will tell!

    1. Bill:

      Trump on immigration: A wall and now no wall. All have to leave the country and now they don’t. He has no immigration plan and never did but somehow people think he did. Don’t hold your breath on that.

      As for his lobbying plan from what I read it only applies to the executive branch and not Congress and that it will be easy to get around by not registering as a lobbyist. It seems like it is a lot of fluff.

      As for taxing “carried interest” differently you are putting a lot of faith in a guy who will not even show his own tax returns.

      You might have no problem with lowering taxes on the businesses and the rich but someone is going to have to pay the taxes — lower taxes for all does not make the cut. By some estimates a middle class family of four can expect to pay a couple of thousand more dollars under his plan while he and his rich friends (how many billionaires are in his cabinet?) get zillions in breaks. Oh, yes, they will use that to stimulate the economy.

      As for regulations it is those regulations that are important to keep banks solvent, people healthy, and protect safety. You talk about how the Robber Barons gave people jobs; they also kept them working in unsafe conditions where thousands died each year. Did you ever hear of the Breaker Boys? Boys as young as eight years old were employed by those industrialists in the breaker houses at the mines sorting coal. Check that out. One of those regulations people complain about was a law forbidding child labor which by the way was first ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court as interfering with an employer’s right to enter into contracts.

      I’m glad you see some optimism; I don’t see anything but wars and the destruction of the middle class.

  8. Trump can get a doable, rational immigration policy passed, if he can do this his Presidency will be a success, unless he runs into a serious recession. Many of the things they have said about Trump they said about Regan and now they say Regan in the same breadth as Washington and Lincoln, better make room on Mt Rushmore.

    1. Dan:

      He already told us what he is going to do with the illegal immigrants. Is that rationale? Or, is he going to something else that he hasn’t told us about. The idea that Trump is anything like Reagan who was involved in some type of political action most of his life is a big stretch.

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