America’s Greatest Injustice and the Involvement of John Durham

Sometimes I feel like I’m beating a big drum in the woods and the only ones hearing me are the trees. I’m in the final stages of putting out a book I call The Boston Mobster Murders – there were almost 100 of these committed from 1956 to 1976 – a good number by some real evil criminals like Steve Flemmi, John Martorano, and Joe ‘the Animal’ Barboza and a lesser number by equally depraved men such as Howie Winter and Frank Salemme. The thought came to me that these men did very little time in prison for their murders. Unlike a man who never murdered anyone who will die in prison.

I’m sure anyone with a passing knowledge of the Boston’s crime scene will ask: “where is Whitey Bulger?” One thing, he was in prison from 1956 to 1965 so for half the time he isn’t a player; the other thing is that prior to 1973 when he’s 44-years-old there is no evidence he murdered anyone. He was implicated by John Martorano in the six murders done by Howie Winter and John Martorano on contract with Jerry Angiulo the Boston Mafia boss but his role in those was more as a bystander – he fired no shots at anyone but according to Martorano was in another car somewhere.

My total on murders committed by Whitey is about eight. This is well short of those committed by the earlier mentioned. All his murders were in South Boston or the adjacent neighborhood of Morrissey Boulevard or Savin Hill. How then did he become the king pin? That’s the marvel of myths.

The drum I’m beating is the exquisite unfairness and corrupt justice inflicted on John Connolly the retired FBI agent who will die in a Florida prison based upon the myth that Whitey Bulger was a top gangster. I’m not diminishing Whitey’s evil since anyone who murders others for monetary gain or revenge can’t be considered other than evil. But his murders paled in comparison to others who were around at the same time.

I though of Connolly last week when I learned that the person who carried out the federal prosecution of him, John Durham, was in Italy looking for evidence to exculpate Russia from involvement in the 2016 election. It was Durham who used John Martorano who admitted murdering 20 people to testify against Connolly who he had never met. (The jury did not believe anything Martorano testified to which was not corroborated.)  Durham also used Mafia boss Frank Salemme (he testified before a grand jury but was not required to testify against any Mafia people) who was later indicted for perjury as a result of his testimony. His testimony was critical to several of the accounts for which Connolly was convicted but on appeal the Appeal Court decided it didn’t matter. You might say the propaganda about Whitey had permeated the judges judgments.

What is particularly disturbing about Connolly’s fate is that he was a member of the FBI. His actions, even if one puts the worst spin possible on them, were done with the consent and direction of the FBI. They were done pursuant to a program set up by the FBI which said one thing on paper but in reality operated totally different. That, though, now inures to his detriment.

The present occupant of the Oval Office is on a vendetta against the FBI. His lead dog Durham put Connolly in prison. Wherein are the chances that Connolly will ever receive consideration for the horrible injustice that has been his fate.

He had no criminal record. He never committed an act of violence or was involved in drug dealings or any frauds. He has been in prison since 2002 at age 62. He has served 17 years. His first parole date in Florida is scheduled for when he is 99 years old in 2039. This stain on American justice just grows bigger.

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  1. Shout-out to Elmer:

    Wa-llahi! How do you like Glorious Leader, now? Do you still believe he’s a friend to Ukraine? Seeing that it’s plain that Trump is Putin’s dog, what can be said of Trump’s Ukrainian American supporters? Shouldn’t loyalty to Ukraine trump your commitment to Fascism?

  2. Excellent post. Connolly was framed. The DoJ and the FBI needed a scapegoat so they invented the rogue agent theory. They blamed Rico and Connolly for all the Feds misdeeds. The Feds got in bed with the Mafia. The media got in Bed with the Mafia. They made money off the Mafia. The Media told the big lie. Whitey as master criminal who ruled organized crime throughout eastern America when in fact he didn’t even control Savin Hill in the 70s. Connors did. 2. Everyone who knew Connolly personally said he was honest. Only those who didn’t know him claimed he was bad. The media ran a smear campaign against him. The DOJ in Boston prosecutes the innocent i.e. Tim Flaherty, Connollly, Probation officers, Fitzpatrick, Swartz, Joyce and Turner. All bogus prosecutions. 3. The media told another big lie that Tammellio, Limone and Greico were innocents framed by the FBI . The judges at the Moakley Courthouse were craven light weights afraid of their own shadow. They only did what the press told them to do. The Court of Appeals overturned the Probation conviction a month after Trump got elected. They knew that hiring” not the best qualified” standard could be applied to their hiring of law clerks. Thus making all Federal judges subject to possible indictmen on the whim of Trump on the same basis as Probation. Not an appealing prospect to the Jurists.

  3. Let’s hope that all those who knowingly took part in a fraud on the court and profited
    financially with books,movies and lucrative legal careers get the justice they deserve.

  4. Looking forward to your new book. Looking forward to your viewpoints on the Trump impeachment.

    1. Ugh!

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  5. According to Jim Bulger, Connolly was an accessory in various crimes. But, he has served his time, especially given the fact that John Morris was rewarded for the same crimes and more… Given the fact that Martorano and company were rewarded for murders they committed.
    Keep beating that drum, Matt. Perhaps one day some will hear and respond.

  6. Agree, Matt. Connolly should be released from prison immediately. He’s suffered for his sins, and then some. Do you have an agent for your book? You should try to find a commercial publisher.

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