An Old Letter Written By A Lawyer – Standing Up for One’s Rights

I’m in the process of compiling an index for my book “The Boston Gang Wars – 1956 to 1976”  It really is taking much longer than I thought so as far as other things I have been quiet.

But I was recently sent a copy of correspondence between a lawyer and the Cleveland Browns that I believe you would enjoy reading when you have a spare minute.

Hope you are well.


12 thoughts on “An Old Letter Written By A Lawyer – Standing Up for One’s Rights

  1. Matt
    Time does not stop for the FBI just because you are writing your book.
    Do you plan to shows photos under the heading Boston FBI Crime Family
    Mafia Crime Family, Media Crime Family and Victims in your book?

    In other time streams….

    Court documents: FBI agent, Army Reserve colonel exposed himself to minors, expressed attraction to teenage girls

    The FBI and The CCP: Masters of Manipulation

    Aug 03, 2021 10:13 AM

    Are There Any Good Apples at the FBI?

  2. Matt
    I thought your book might reach a larger
    audience if you conducted separate
    interviews with Angela Clemente , Frank
    Serpico and Brendan McQuade.
    I might task your blog readers with submitting a list
    of questions that would be used in these

    Another suggestion would ask you to include a curriculum in the
    back which could be used by teachers K-12 to teach a
    survey course on this topic.
    We already know you plan to include a annotated bibliography,eh?

    In other prime directives….

    Farewell America: The Plot to Kill JFK Paperback – November 22, 2002
    by James Hepburn (Author), William Turner (Author)

    JFK Jr.’s Interview About The New World Order In George Magazine
    “The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.” J. Edgar Hoover (lol)

    The Sins of Robert Maheu

  3. There has been a lot of talk and reporting, although only from exactly one individual, Stephen Kurkjianm, about an “ongoing gang war in 1990.” But I can’t find any reporting about it until decades later.

    From the Hartford Courant 6/4/98: “In the uneasy months following the June 13, 1989, shootings, [of Frank Salemme, who survived and New Haven. CT underboss William Grasso] the then- family boss “Junior” Patriarca negotiated a truce with Joseph Russo.”

    So the Hartford Courant reported there was not so much a gang war as that there were some “uneasy months,” and the famous recording of the Mafia induction ceremony was part of the truce. Patriarca was formally bringing in some of Russo’s people to calm any lingering tensions.

    In 1997, Attorney Anthony Cardinale claimed that “FBI agents undertook a campaign of news leaks, public speeches and other conversations to persuade alleged Mafia lieutenant Vincent Ferrara that alleged mobsters Francis “Cadillac Frank” Salemme and Raymond Patriarca had put out a “contract” on his life.

    So there were some uneasy months, as a result of extenral pressures, which were quelled by “Junior” Patriaca and that was about all. Salemme was shot and survived and Grasso was slain, but it was down in CT, not exactly an indicator of a “Boston” gang war. And that was the extent of a gang war in 1989, it seems, beyond taking a journalist at his word, concerning historical events.

    Matt, are you ending your book in 1976, because that’s when the gang wars ended? Were there other gang wars after that, as the term is generally understood. Because there is no mention of a Boston gang war at that time, until 2015, although quite frequently since then, but just from a single, high profile, individual.

    1. GOK

      You may already know about Angela Clemente
      and her groundbreaking work investigating
      the New York FBI office and their collaboration
      with the Mafia.
      She exposed FBI agent Zip Lyndley DeVecchio ‘s relationship
      with Mafia serial killer Greg Scarpa. See

      Her current quest is to use FOIA and obtain the Redacted
      FBI files on the TE (top echelon”yawn”) FBI Informant Jeffrey Epstein
      who worked hand in hand with his FBI handlers to sexually
      blackmail politicians,political activists , members of the media
      and corporate leaders.

      In other why am I posting at this blog news…

  4. Matt

    Someone handed me a copy of Cyril Connolly’s Unquiet Grave in 1965.

    In other Cave Art…

    The FBI’s bungling of the Kavanaugh investigation can’t be buried

    FBI refuses to release INSLAW PROMIS Files


    Greenwald: Media Has Declared It Off Limits To Ask Did The FBI Purposely Let The Capitol Riot Go Forward

  5. Matt: I am saddened and disturbed that you are not within the index to MY book….you certainly are there in spirit….I have included: Bunny, Bugs 256….Della Russo, Gary ‘Whacko’ 240-241…..Ferrick, Bob 188……Ginsburg, Woo Woo 46-47….the law firm of Marshall, Thurgood 276 and Marx, Groucho 347-348,381, 403….Pooh, Winnie 308
    and these fabulous C’s:
    Caesar, Sid 382
    Cain, Jess 46
    Camus, Albert 277
    Carr, Howie 204
    Casey, Peter 214
    Castro, Fidel 229
    Cheevers Family 175-176
    Collins, Linda 36
    Confucius 307
    Coughlin, John 221-223
    Craven, Sheila 53
    Crockett, Davy 39-40
    Cronin, Mark 18, 167,199, 209-217
    Best wishes…your fellow author or Arthur

    1. Being the youngest of my family, it was decided that I would be the one to yell “Woo Woo” at Adventure Car Hop. I did, sparing my brothers of embarrassment, and we all got free Ginsburgers.

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