Apology To Those on My Email List

I’m new to blogging.  When I set up my blog I made a lot of categories and few tags.  I plan to utilize the rest of the day trying to organize myself.  I am going to cut my categories down to five (six with the uncategorized) and include tags under them.  I believe this will make things more orderly.

If you are going to receive an email every time I update I apologize for any inconvenience I am causing you.  Anything you receive from me for the rest of the day, if you do, you should delete because it is old stuff.  I thank you for your understanding and regret the inconvenience I am causing.

4 thoughts on “Apology To Those on My Email List

  1. AWWWW Matt, I would never delete anything you wrote. Forget organizing….keep writing! I love it! Hi to Maria!

    1. Aren’t you nice to say that. Maria says hello. I hear you’re going to be in the neighborhood more. That should be nice. Give the lady next door to me my best. (and Andrew) Thanks for writing.

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