As Trump Goes Down His Supporters Would Bring Down America With Him

Howie Carr, Boston’s Big Bigot, recently penned an article calling for the abolishment of the FBI. For me, that he did that is probably the best reason not to do it and to leave it alone. His attack on the premier law enforce agency in the world should rankle every America. It is done without evidence and contrary to his former support for that bureau.

His argument is straight out of the anti-American Republican Playbook. It calls for abolishing the FBI because it is investigating the extensive involvement between the Trump Administration and Russia. Obviously the Republicans and Carr are sweating profusely about the findings soon to come out by the investigation of the special prosecutor Robert Mueller. They will show the extent of the corruption in the Trump administration and among its fellow travelers. So word has gone out to attack the investigators.

There is supposedly existent in the FBI a secret society that existed that ”was plotting a coup against President-elect Trump” which  must have failed.  We are to be enlightened more about this in an upcoming faux memorandum produced by Trump crony Congressmen Devin Nunes. Remember him? He stepped down from chairmanship of the Congressional Committee conducting the investigation of the Trump Russia connection. He had a conflict of interest. Somehow he has beeen able to sneak himself back into it thinking we forgot about the conflict. It obviously still remains. How are you going to believe him?

Now it is of interest how Carr can prostitute himself for his fellow traveler Trump. Aside from paying big money to attend Trump galas at Mar-A-Largo and twisting everything to support Trump his attack on the FBI shows a complete about face. I suppose it is  expected of Howie who is one of those “what did you do lately for me guys?” He knows no loyalty except to his most recent friends.

It seems though that Carr’s memory is short. In June 2011 at the time of Bulger’s arrest he was interviewed by CBS News in an article entitled: “Howie Carr: Whitey Bulger Went Out ‘With A Whimper’.  Here’s a few of his interesting quotes a little over 6 years ago.

Carr in 2011:[Whitey got some dirt on some old time agents: . .  Rico, . . . Connolly,  . . . Morris . . . . All the corrupt agents are all either dead or gone one way or the other. These are the young guys [in the FBI], they got to be ecstatic about this.

Carr Now: “The G-men have degenerated into nothing more than a racketeering enterprise.”

Me:  That’s quite a transformation for the young guys in 6 years to go from being relieved that those alleged to be corrupt have gone and then to become corrupt themselves.

Carr in 2011: “The FBI is certainly a winner here. . . . ”

Carr Now:  “We’ve eradicated earlier threats to the public order – the American Communist Party and La Cosa Nostra, among others. Is the current police-state incarnation of the FBI any less sinister than either of those two mobs”

Me:  How quickly the “winner“ is conveniently labeled the loser. More importantly who is the “we” that eradicated the earlier threats.  It certainly wasn’t Carr who spends his time attacking public servants. The FBI did. Get it, the FBI did. It’ll also eliminate the threat of Russian attempting to destroy our democracy. For some reason Carr would prefer Russia succeeded.

Carr in 2011:  “It’s a major, monkey of the FBI’s back. They . . . always had to deal with the suspicion even though most of the agents hadn’t even been in the bureau when [Whitey] was running amuck.”

Carr Now: “[The FBI] they (sic) have metastasized into a clear and present danger to the Republic.”

Me.  This is based upon zero evidence. Most strange is the assertion the FBI were going to stage their coup “using a fake document largely produced by Vladimir Putin’s operatives” That document, the dossier compiled by Christopher Steele is hardly fake. The person who requested it, Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson explained to Congress how its research led it to believe Trump was compromised by the Russian and Italian Mafia. A transcript of his testimony which the GOP sought to keep secret is well worth reading. The dossier has been corroborated in many essential facts. It has little to do with Putin other than to suggest Putin is holding information that could compromise Trump.

Carr in 2011: “The FBI was given the mandate to go get him. . . . They could have got him a lot quicker if they hopped to it more quickly in 1995 , . . .”

Carr Now: “[The U.S. Marshals are] . . . a lot better at finding fugitives than [FBI].”

­Me:  The U.S. Marshals didn’t get Whitey, the FBI did.

There are other things than those mentioned. With Bigot Carr he picks a target and makes up things to attack it. Truth is the FBI undermined Hillary Clinton’s campaign with the notice of reopening the investigation into her emails eleven days before the election. The truth is that all the U.S. intelligence agencies asserted that Russia interfered with the 2016 election on behalf of Trump. Obama was ready to go public with it but Mitch McConnell stopped it.

Carr now tries to change the story. Next he’ll be asking to abolish our intelligence agencies. He’ll be telling us the KGB can do a better job. But aside from that, think who would really benefit from his attempt to undermine the FBI aside from Trump. Clearly it would be Russia. You have to wonder if Carr is looking for a job with RT (Russian television) now that his paper is going bankrupt.

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  1. Pulitzer winner Ross Gelbspan covered our 1st conerence
    investigating the FBI for the Boston Globe in 1989
    The conference was held at BU and focused in part
    on the FBI terrorizing American activists working
    to shut down the American funded death squads in El Salvador.

    Th conference featured Boston filmaker Curtis Henderson
    whose recent documentery Alabama Summer exposed
    Alabama US Attorney General Jeff Sessions had unleashed
    the forces of the FBI in Alabama to target black voter registration
    in a effort to get white US Senator Jerimiah Denton reelected
    to the US Senate so Denton could codify his introduction of
    Active Measures to give the FBI powers that the Patriot Act
    now gives to the FBI


    Active Measures_ Album of Terrorists Decoy of Duck CIA at Home, FBI Abroad Explosion of Names Excerpted From the Book Break-Ins, Death Threats and the FBI the Covert War Against the Central America Movement by Ross Gelbspan

    And so the FBI began a second round of investigation based on active measures. And it had an ally – it had some allies in the Senate. And in particular, there was a Senator named Jeremiah Denton who was head of the Senate Subcommittee on Security and Terrorism. And Denton said we need to pay attention to people who are not foreign agents of a foreign government, who haven’t broken any laws, but who nonetheless are spreading disinformation and propaganda. He said, “Sometimes people who spread propaganda are more dangerous than those who throw the

  2. Senator John Tunney . Teddy Kennedy’s secret Moscow envoy ?

    MENTALO , Were Kennedy and Tunney treasonously courting , at that time , Soviet support , pre – election .

    MENTALO says YES !

  3. Perhaps Matt has not beaten that Mueller enough . Seems ” Bob ” has some ‘splainin to do about the disinterestedness of his investigators and of the investigation itself .

    The Dems know this . They are trolling . They are throwing their usual load of scat on the wall and seeing what … Shticks . It is a tiresome act .

      1. Schlep. Shtick. Let my people go!

        As we say down here in The South, “Its a Jew thang. Ya’ll wooden unnerstan it.”

        1. Susie D. and I napped in the Park Ave . Synagogue , per the Rebbe , before hitting the Harmony Club Barmitzvah , early evening . That was Down South , in Manhattan .
          Shalom !

          1. The first time I was in Manhattan all I saw were grain elevators and cows. Went to my best friends brother’s graduation at K-State. Those Farm Girls know how to treat an East Coast Hebe, I’ll tell you.

  4. Watching Matt promote his love affair with Robert Mueller
    is like kissing someone with bad breath

    time for some mouth wash

    January 25, 2018
    According to a declassified CIA memo, Moscow has been trying to influence U.S. elections since 1964
    The Soviets began using active measures to influence U.S. Presidential elections 52 years before Trump’s 2016 election
    Written by Emma Best
    Edited by JPat Brown
    A declassified 1964 memo to the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency reveals that the Moscow has been attempting to influence the U.S. Presidential elections since 1964, a full fifty-two years before the election of Donald Trump.

    While MuckRock previously reported that the Agency first began systematically tracking Russian/Soviet attempts to influence the elections in 1982, with an eye towards the 1984 election, the 1964 memo discusses the Soviet Union’s first attempts to sway a U.S. election’s outcome through active measures, and how they used game theory to tailor their approach.

    Where the 1982 memo discussed the Soviet Union using policy and other machinations to apply pressure that could influence the election, the 1964 memo documents some of the Soviet’s earliest attempts to increase the chance that the candidate who was less hostile to Moscow would win the election. According to the memo, the Soviets initially “seemed generally relaxed about the election” until Senator Barry Goldwater won the Republican nomination. As a result of this, the Soviets took up “a harsher propaganda line” that painted one candidate in a better light.

    As the CIA memo notes, Soviet propaganda until that point had taken the position that there was “little basic difference between opposing candidates or policies.” The 1964 election was the first time they made “sharp distinctions between the contending parties and policies, and their preference for President.” The Agency noted that their preference seemed to be for Lyndon B. Johnson over Goldwater, apparently based on the Soviet assumption that Goldwater would take a harder line with the Soviet Union than Johnson.

    While the Soviets didn’t endorse or defend Johnson, they abstained from criticizing him personally. Contrasting this with “Khrushchev’s open attack on Senator Goldwater,” the Agency concluded that the Soviets had a preference against Goldwater. According to the CIA, the it was Goldwater’s candidacy that the Soviets credited with “the emergence of tense situations, as in Vietnam and Cyprus,” as a result of the “election pressures.” According to the Soviets, the right wing was “fanning chauvinism in its most extreme form.”

    The memo to the CIA Director concluded that the Soviet’s views were authentic and not merely machinations, while noting that the concerns were likely to be temporary. Both the Soviets and the Agency seemed to (correctly) expect Johnson to win the election. According to the Agency, if they were right, and Johnson did win, Khrushchev would hold it up “as a vindication of the USSR’s peaceful coexistence policy and as a rebuff of ‘fascist’ forces.” On the other hand, “if Senator Goldwater is elected, then the Soviet propaganda machine has laid the groundwork for a change of Soviet policy,” likely referring to Khrushchev’s open attacks on Goldwater.

    However, the Agency was uncertain exactly what changes in policy the Soviet’s would pursue if Goldwater did win the election.

    Regarding the Soviet’s approach to affairs after the election, the Agency seemed to suggest a “wait and see” approach be adopted, predicting gestures and probes from the Soviets to determine the U.S.’s post-election stance on issues. The memo notes that the Soviet’s tactics would depend a great deal on the U.S.’s reaction to their probes and attempts at outreach, though they expected Khrushchev “to stimulate hopes for a further reduction of international tensions” (the Cuban Missile Crisis having taken place just two years before, and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy by Soviet defector Lee Harvey Oswald having taken place just under 11 months prior).

    The Agency backed up this conclusion by noting that the Soviet Union didn’t seem to be in a position, either strategically or economically, that allow an “abrupt shift to a rough line,” noting that “there are strong forces” that would seem to preclude this.

    While the Soviet’s initial propaganda offensive regarding U.S. Presidential elections seems quite tame when compared to the events of 2016, they nevertheless began Moscow’s tradition of attempting to influence the outcome of American elections. Combined with the 1982 memo discussing the need to systematically study Soviet active measures as they applied to elections, and noting several suspected attempts to create conditions that would favor one candidate over another, the 1964 memo gives us another important point on the timeline tracking Soviet and Russian attempts to interfer in U.S. elections.

    Significantly to anyone looking to understand how Russia chooses one candidate over another, their choice in the 1964 election seems to have been as much about who they didn’t want to win the Presidency as who they did – similar to the 2016 election.

    A FOIA request has been filed to learn more about the 1964 election and Soviet attempts to influence it. Until that request is fulfilled, you can read the complete 1964 memo below.

    FBI Agent Accused of Touching Woman Inappropriately at Holiday Party: Police

    An FBI has been charged with sexual battery in Virginia, police said.
    Prince William County Police arrested 49-year-old Charles Allen Dick earlier this month after a woman he knows filed a complaint that Dick touched her inappropriately while they posed for a group photograph at a holiday party in Woodbridge, sources told News4.
    The woman is the wife of another FBI official, sources said.
    Dick was released on personal recognizance after his arrest.

    1. Why would it be a surprise that the Russians (or Soviets) have always tried to influence other nation’s elections? The British tried to influence American public opinion in the run up to both World Wars. The CIA has done the same in hostile and friendly countries alike. The only difference here is that partisans are trying to explain away the failure of their own messenger.

    2. The Soviet Union tried to influence US presidential elections starting in 1920 on forward. France, in the 18th century. Ditto, England. In a relative free society anyone can try. Today the major foreign influence is Israel. Deadening silence on that one in the outraged media schlepping the collusion delusion. They are pretty much one and the same in any case.

      Basic questions not asked: So what? Who cares?

      That does not mean that free speech washes the dirty hands of bribe taking by a public official in the conduct of her office. Journalists and publishers have always been for sale and anyone who has so much as scanned a volume on diplomatic history understands this. This affair is a contrived moral panic about….Nothing.

    3. “Watching Matt promote his love affair with Robert Mueller
      is like kissing someone with bad breath…”

      That depends on where you are kissing them.

  5. Wa-llahi! Bill. That’s a stretch. MAGA! (Mueller ain’t going away.)

    When history is written about the Trump era, Mueller and Comey, will be the heroes of their time. Glorious Leader will be execrated worse than Nixon, far worse. There’s no room for fascism in the American story.

  6. Regarding Matt’s post on Robert Muellar:

    There are no Sacred Cows in America . .

    Benedict Arnold also served courageously, exemplarily, in a leadership role

    Bill Bulger was raked over the coals for 40 years and retired with an unblemished record.

    Robert Muellar’s record has yet to be fully examined and serious questions exist about his actions/decisions in his official government role in several matters. NO gold star, for him, until those questions are fully answered.

    What is laughable is to put any stock in what CNN, Wash Post, NYTimes, etc, tells us today. Yesteryear, you could take them, always with a grain of salt, but generally trust their reporting. Today, Americans rightly do not trust most major news organizations. Check out the polls . . . Congress and Media and Press are about the same in trustworthiness . . .

    No Connection between Hillary’s Campaign and Fusion GPS and the Russian Dossier which is a politically hatchet job, scalping of candidate Trump?

    What prosecutors often do is state as FACT matters which are highly disputatious and open to grave doubt, if not entirely wrong. There called “Opening Statements” and not only are they not “factual” they are not even evidence.

    There is NO unanimity of opinion in Intelligence Agencies about the degree of so-called Russian “meddling” the last election . . . As I’ve stated, IT IS MINISCULE . . .AND decidedly not outcome determinative . . . . in other words, All Agree, alleged “Russian Interference” had ZERO to to with HIllary’s loss.

    I say appoint a special prosecutor to thoroughly investigate Muellar, his operation as special counsel, and his years in Government, to see if he’s shown the same kind of bias, James Comey has demonstrably shown in letting Hillary off the hook, and in setting up Trump and Flynn, directly and indirectly.

    1. You may have seen the Dutch were the first to notify the US about the Russian interference. They provided video of the Russian bots and tracks showing their intervention.

    2. did you read the transcript before Congress of the Fusion GPS co-founder’s testimony. Is that fake new or can he be believed.

      there is unanimity about Russian interference – at least you admit it but now want to quarrel about the extent of it saying it is minuscule yet before you scoffed at it. Minuscule or not it is Russia attacking our election system. Is that OK with you.

      Why would you want to appoint another special prosecutor after you criticize them so much?

      How did Comey let Hillary off the hook? Didn’t he damage her by publicly announcing he reopened the investigation or was that fake news. What was the crime Hillary committed. Using an email at home that may have contained some classified information? You think that is important.

      How about Trump firing Comey because as he said it was because of the Russian investigation. How about Trump wanting to fire Mueller because of the Russian investigation. Why are the Republicans trying to shut down the Russian investigation. Do innocent people do those things?

      1. Matt: The GPS Transfusion Transcript is nothing but spin, self-serving statements. Wait until GPS and its agents are crossexamined and all is revealed in the full light of day

  7. Bottom Line: I don’t view Howie Carr as a benign jokester.

    I see Howie Carr as a malignancy . . .a metastatic cancerous growth within America’s Media . . .the traditional media, where left and right, liberal and conservative clashed . . .Bill Buckley took on all comers and so did Christopher Hitchens and Thomas Sowell and Leonard Bernstein piped in and we read the Nation and National Review and Commentary and Time and Newsweek . . . all of YESTERYEAR’S VERSIONS

    And then came the slime masters . . .

    And so, I conclude Howie Carr is a sinister force on the Airways and in the Press; he is not a journalist, true; but he’s not just an entertainer either; he’s a sinister, malignant person, who speaks and writes “with malice aforethought.”

    Call a spade a spade . . . a Merchant of Malice, a Merchant of Malice

  8. Don Rickles was entertainment and he mercilessly raked everyone over the coals . . .but you knew he had a heart of gold; it was a staged routine; just part of his schtick (if that’s the word.)
    Howie Carr, however, is mean-spirited and purposefully intends to mischaracterize, malign and hurt people . . .and he knows he’s hurting and maliciously maligning innocent folks and he delights in doing so . . . Sadism mixed with Malignant Mudslinging . . . . Plus, when he maligns and mocks, he never presents the opposing view . . .for example: He excoriates the Kennedys for some shortcomings, human failings we all are prey to (affairs, biased views (Old Joe’s) incidents and accidents young men and even middle aged and old men share naturally (Remember Yeats’ pondering why Lust and Rage attend old age . . .why because we’re human beings) BUT HOWIE CARR presents only the dark side, the slip, the fall, and dwells on it and repeats if endlessly, while ignoring a lifetime of noble achievements for country, family, friends and neighbors by the Kennedy Family.
    Here too, Howie Carr does deliberate harm and a deliberate disservice to history. I don’t agree with Chris Matthews on much, but I much prefer his balanced rendition of JFK, RFK,, of Teddy’s role in American and World History, than anything Howie Carr utters, writes or thinks.

    In other words, not to be kind, Howie Carr’s mind and spirit are in the gutter . . .and he likes it there . . .he makes money there . . .he likes living in his mental shit-hole . . . and he revels in splattering others with his shit . . .pardon me the vulgarity, . . .he delights in besmirching others with the detritus of his fetid mind, his fecal-fouled frame of mind . . . who else would run a Death Pool and rejoice when someone dies? Who else would spend 40 years smearing good men’s and women’s reputations?

    I understood Don Rickles’ audience. Bob Newhart, Don’s best friend, knew Rickles was a good decent man, a comedian, out to entertain, not hurt, to rattle, to poke jibes and jabs and knock down with good natured ranking.

    Howie Carr for 40 years has been out to hurt . . .to seriously harm others, many innocents!

  9. Howie Carr has done to our minds
    what Industry has done to the land

    we now think like New York City looks


    in other poesy

    Kidnapping victim killed by FBI agent when he opens fire during raid in northeast Houston

    January 25, 2018
    The secret origin of J. Edgar Hoover’s nickname
    FBI newsletter obtained by Russ Kick offers an official explanation for why senior staff could call Hoover “Speed”
    Written by JPat Brown
    Edited by Beryl Lipton
    One of the lesser-known scandals associated with the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s most infamous Director, J. Edgar Hoover, is that for years, he answered to his childhod nickname, “Speed.”

    While various sources have attributed the name to everything from Hoover’s habit of talking quickly (allegedly to mask a stutter) …

    to his swiftness on the football field (a sport he never played) …

    an official FBI newsletter released to Russ Kick offers the official origin story.

    Yep, dude was just really good at groceries.

    This is further confirmed by Hoover’s own account …

    though, as with anything coming directly from Hoover, it’s best to adopt an attitude of “distrust, but verify.”

    Read the full newsletter on Kick’s page, The Memory Hole 2. Kick does great work, so please consider donating here. Additionally, the first part of Hoover’s personal FBI file is embedded below.

  10. Carr is not a journalist. Even he admits that and calls himself an entertainer. His shtick is attacking public employees and playing on public resentment of them. He has finally developed a fanboy crush on a politician – Trump. He should not be taken seriously intellectually – there’s no point identifying logical inconsistencies – but he has a dangerously large following.

    Respect for rank and file FBI agents does not diminish the fact that the top management has been shanghaied. A special prosecutor is needed to look into their campaign involvement – the Clinton email server case, Trump campaign surveillance and politically motivated post-campaign efforts to “get” Trump.

  11. A secret society within the FBI ??Republicans are so imaginative. And they’ve supposedly got a confidential informant. Must be the loathsome John Morris.

  12. Carr is an overachiever . It rankles the e-book Pulitzer puppies , but try to choke it down .

    It is easy to bitch ad nauseum about Carr . Yawn ! … Life just ain’t that simple billy Jo !

    Keep your friends close and your memories closer .

    How many did Howie whack ?

    I just noticed the Freudian slip above , the word … Memories … Unconsciously … for … Enemies .

    Lesson to ya ‘ !

    As we used to say … Some people don’t get it until they get it .

  13. Someone on this site pointed out the multi decade abuse of the FBI. The bogus claim they are 155 for 155 in shooting episodes. A ludicrous perfect score. They claim infallibility. They framed Rico and Connolly and betrayed their own honest employees. They lied about Tsarnaev and the Boston Marathon. They acted as a secret police in refusing to answer to Congress on the Marathon bombing. They framed the Probation officers and others. They used the Fake Dossier to get FISA warrants in violation of the 4th Amendment. They plotted against the elected President. They have become a Rogue Force that should be disbanded. Merge them all ( FBI, DEA, ATF, CUSTOMS ) into one unit. Appoint a retired MP as the boss. 2. Comey didn’t prevent Hillary from winning. He saved her. She lied under oath to Congress about whether she had classified intel on her computer. She destroyed her e-mails while under subpoena thus obstructing justice and she was grossly negligent in handling classified materials. She commits multiple felonies and yet is not charged. The FBI exonerated her before the investigation took place. 3. When does the decade of Hillary start? 4. Two Special Counsels are needed. One for the FISA abuse and the Deep State Plot against Trump. The Seven Days in May scenario.The second for the Clinton Foundation, Uranium One, Foreign money in American elections, pay for play and the selling of pardons. Looks like a RICO enterprise. Happy Days are here again.

  14. Wa-llahi! Glorious Leader knows he’s circling the toilet bowl. You can read it on his face. Swirling around with him are his creepy family, and, all the rest of his hand-picked Quislings. That realization is on their faces, too.They are all on their way to society’s septic tank, and, the FBI will have done its’ part to send them there.

  15. All and all RT has in recent years has practiced journalism of a higher standard than Fake News outlets such as CNN, NYT and WaPo. During my grammar school days I learned to follow stories of importance by listening to multiple sources. In addition to the MSM of the US I listened to the BBC, Spanish National Radio, Radio Deutsche Welle, Radio Moscow, Radio Tirane [which had a very strong signal] among others.

    Over the decades historians have in many cases clarified what really happened. My conclusion is that the ethical standards and basic competence of American journalism are in no way above that of many of the others. At the moment they are at a particularly low point.

    Never in American history, or the history of any country, has the press been above rampant corruption and/or bias. Carr is an example. But he is no worse than the leftie shills you place your faith in. Today the MSM deserves to be held in contempt, lower than that of Congress, lower than that of used car salesmen.

  16. Carr is a strumpet trumpet who blows whichever way the prevailing winds blows. He’s a malignant mudslinger, nothing more, nothing less.

    He hates government workers while he broadcasts courtesy of FCC or whoever regulates the airways. He drives the highways. He likes police protection, fire protection, politicians he can suck up to, free speech for some. He’s a blowhard. Pay no attention to him. You know, I shouldn’t engage in DETRACTION, but forgive me for saying this; Howie Carr is a small minded mousey milquetoast mouth . . .all mouth, and a foul, vicious, malignant mouth at that . . . he mock’s persons’ deaths.

    2. Only 3 Intelligence Agencies “confirmed” Russian Interference . . .the degree of such interference is so miniscule it is virtually non-detectable . . .ex: $50,000 in “neutral” Facebook ads, against $2 billion spending by Hillary and her helions.

    3. The true facts in the Dossier included such things as Moscow is a city, Putin is a world leader, Prague is a city . . .the falsehoods and false flags are myriad . . . .where was Mr. Cohen when he was supposed to be in Prague exchanging top secrets with Russian spies? And what was that germaphobe Trump doing with those incontinent strumpets anyway. The Dossier is as fake as the day is long.

    4. The Same Folks hoping for a Grand Finale from the Russian Collusion investigation are the ones who expected a grand slam Hillary victory; they may be get instead a head on collision with reality. But who knows? Trump could be foolish enough to talk to Mueller under oath, and Mueller will indict him for “lying to an FBI agent” about whether he telephoned some lawyer’s office several years ago. You know how it goes, how they rig cases, not the FBI, the malicious prosecutors, who take FBI interviewers’ notes and twist innocent answers into Felonies.

    5. There’s rot in THREE major places: TOP LEVELS OF JUSTICE DEPARTMENT (INCLUDING A HANDFUL OF TOP DOJ/FBI OVERZEALOUS EMPLOYEES) 2. THE MEDIA: the rot in places like Howie Carr’s mind has to be purged: calumniating columnists, mudslingers, should be purged from the Press and Media in general; they harm too many innocents and deceive too many gullible listeners and readers. 3. ACADEMIA must be purged of its LEFTIST ideaologues. It’s good to be a liberal or conservative; but today’s LEFTISTS have become intolerant of free expression inside and outside the academy.

    In sum, I agree on Howie Carr, a low life. Ignore him!

    You’re correct: 995

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