At A Trek Stop: Rose Anne’s Viginette On The O’Reilly/Goldberg Act

(3) a O'reillyI listened in after we finished eating when I heard Rose Anne D. say: “If it weren’t that it wasn’t Saturday night and that it was around eight o’clock, I’d have thought I was watching a Saturday Night Live spoof of the Bill O’Reilly show rather than the show itself.”

Rose Anne went on: “O’Reilly has this guest Bernie Goldberg. He says during his performance that there’s “an ancient slander that all the Jews stick together.” “

She went on: “You quickly figure out that as you watch Goldberg and O’Reilly do the old soft shoe their act is premised on reinforcing that slander. O’Reilly started by tossing Goldberg a slow pitch wondering why almost the Jews in Hollywood have been silent over the war between Israel and Hamas. In other words he’s asking why haven’t they stuck together supporting Israel. Goldberg starts off by saying he’s an expert on this. He complains: “many liberal Jews in Hollywood are liberals first and Jews second.

Rose Anne stopped and looked around with that ironic smile. She went on: “I start wondering if he complains about other Jews like that:Jewish judges, Jewish politicians, Jewish bouncers. Jewish cops. I pictured a Jewish cop arresting a Jewish robber and the robber saying” “Hey, officer, I know I held up the bank but you and I are Jews so let’s pin it on somene else.”” 

She added: “O’Reilly and Goldberg act as if there is one way Jews think. Goldberg spells it out saying: “[the Hollywood Jews] know Hamas started this. They know that Hamas wants to kill everybody in Israel and if Hamas could get away with it, kill every Jew in Hollywood” but he adds they remain quiet because if they speak up people will say “the Jews are all sticking together.”

After sipping from one of those bota bags she’s always lugging around she said: “Can you believe it? What he’s suggesting which he apparently doesn’t get is the truth of the ancient slander: the Jews stick together but some keep quiet about it because they don’t want people to know they stick together.

The sad part is that neither O’Reilly nor Goldberg understand what they are saying. They want their audience to hate the liberal Hollywood Jews so show themselves as two bigots. It’s ignorance like theirs that give rise to the false ideas they complain about.”

After everyone retired for the night I then wondered what type of following O’Reilly had if he was producing segments like the one Rose Anne spoke about. I found an article that said Fox suffered its worse ratings in 13 years. The article noted: “It’s even worse for their top rated program (O’Reilly) who’s average viewer is over 72 years old. And their Great Blonde Hope (Kelly), who was specifically brought in to draw younger viewers, also exceeded Fox’s average with her typical viewer voyeur being over 70.”

I’m surprised the average is so young.