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Indicting the Wrong People in the Russian Conspiracy To Bewilder Americans

On Friday the front page of the New York Times told how the Justice Department accused Russia of interfering with this year’s election. It unsealed a criminal indictment against Elena Alekseevna Khusyaynova, 44, of St. Petersburg,. It charges that she was involved in an effort “to spread distrust toward candidates for U.S. political office and the U.S. political system.”

Then I wondered, was she the 400 pound individual Trump referred to who was sitting alone in her basement hacking around with her computer. You’d have to agree if that was the case that it was pretty good she could have done that by herself. If that was so, why are the Russians being blamed if this was a lone wolf operation.

Reading on in the article I discovered: “Ms. Khusyaynova managed millions of dollars for a company owned by Yevgeny V. Prigozhin, a Russian oligarch sometimes called “Putin’s chef.” ” That left me a little confused. Was she a restaurant manager? It would seem a chef’s company would be a restaurant. That wasn’t the case. Apparently Prigozhin did other things than cook food. He cooked up mischief against the United States during the 2016 election for which he was indicted in February.

RIP: Another Good Guy: John McGuirk

If you’ve been with this blog a bit and look at the photograph here you may say “Hmm, that looks familiar.” You’d be right. I used it about four months ago when I wrote about a law school classmate, Jimmy Dean, who had passed away. It doesn’t make me happy to have to be using it again.

Jimmy Dean is in the front on the right in his red sweater his wife Peggy has her hands on his shoulders. Over Peggy’s right shoulder is John McGuirk who has his hand on his former wife Pat’s shoulder. They are surrounded by five of their children. The photograph was taken at Camp Rye’n Water one of those hidden luxurious resorts located on Lake Pawtuckaway in New Hampshire. That camp was owned by another classmate from Boston College Law School, Joe Ryan, who made it available gratis. His generosity gave our families a week or two away from our nascent law practices and the city’s heat. It also allowed us to continue our relationships which otherwise we would have not done because of the distance and the demands of family and law practices.

To The Busybodies in the Pro-Life Movement: Life Does Not End At Birth


Did you ever hear the term busybody? I suppose I heard it first as a kid when I’d be talking with my mother about what someone else was doing or should do and she would tell me to mind my own business and not be a busybody with the words, “stop sticking your nose into someone else’s business.”

The dictionaries define busybodies as “a meddling or prying person.” It also defines meddle as “Interfere in something that is not one’s concern.;” and it defines pry as “enquire too inquisitively into a person’s private affairs.”

What all that means in everyday language is that a busybody wants to tell other people how they should live. That’s a wonderful feeling I suppose for one person to approve or disapprove of the way others should conduct themselves. What makes it so exquisitely delightful is that the busybody does not have to do anything but talk, and along with the talk, condemn. Like the cross is to Dracula, the proverb of the Cherokee tribe of Native Americans: “Don’t judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes” is to busybodies.

Remember The Big Beef of the Stamp Act Congress? Has History Repeated Itself?

You got to give it to Trump. He hid and still hides his tax returns. Now we know why. I’m just looking at this article on his son-in-law Jared Kushner who is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and pays just about no income tax. Extrapolating from that I assume that’s also Trump’s gig. It is such a racket but what makes is so abhorrent is that it is all ostensibly legal.

It’s all legal? Well sort of. It’s legal because these rich people with money have been able to influence the way the tax code is written. Our fine Congressmen in our nation’s capital have decided that some people will pay to carry the country while others, mainly the rich, will enjoy its benefits without having to contribute. It ain’t gonna change without a revolution so if you’re a working stiff on a salary just pony up and shut up. Pretend the deck isn’t stacked against you.

Trump’s First Real Test: My Guess Is That He Will Lie and Fold Much To America’s Disgrace

Jamal Khashoggi went in the house;

Jamal Khashoggi never came out;

All the Saudi money and all the rogue spin

Couldn’t put Jamal together again.

Yesterday I wrote about the mystery surrounding Jeremy who went into Gerry’s office and never came out and was never seen again. Some might have noticed the similarity between that and the situation involving the missing Saudi dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi who went into the Saudi tent and never came out. Well, that’s not totally right. I should write he never walked out again.

There is a mystery now facing the world. No, not the one about Jeremy. I think we were able to figure out what happened to him. And not the one about the Jamal Khoshoggi. I think we can pretty much figure out why it is that he didn’t come back out of the Saudi Arabian embassy in Turkey after leaving his fiance waiting for him. The mystery is why some people  think this is a mystery.

Can You Solve This Great Mystery? Many Seem Unable To Do So.

Part of my legal career was spent as a prosecutor.  The district attorney who I worked for gave me the ability to operate as I saw fit. His belief was that he hired attorneys with enough brains and skills that they could  handled matters assigned or what they got themselves involved in without any interference from him. His approached worked well because most were self-motivated and capable.

Capable. That’s a word often used by the gangsters when talking about someone who could well take care of himself among the fellow gangsters which usually meant he had the wherewithal to murder someone else either by himself, in the company of others, or by having people killed for him. As a prosecutor because of the freedom given me I liked to investigate these type criminals using various forms of electronic surveillance.

Some situations were not amenable to that so we had to use our human resources. That would mean we used undercover police officers or former gangsters who had seen the light, usually the light came from looking at a long prison sentence, who decided to assist us in some of our work.

“It Wasn’t Me That Commited Dem Murders: The CIA Made Me Do It.” Says Whitey Bulger

Why is it all of these guys who go about killing people when caught try to blame something or someone else for their despicable actions. Take Whitey Bulger, he’s now peddling the maddening story that somehow his being a guinea pig for a CIA experiment with LSD turned him into a two-bit murderous felon. We can only thing of the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde except Whitey doesn’t have to ingest any laboratory formula from a test tube to lose his otherwise benign composure, it comes in the form of flashbacks that come during the nighttime nightmares..

The matter that is thrown at us is that Whitey would have been an upstanding citizen had he not been set upon by men in suit jackets with needles. We are supposed to accept that  Whitey had some time of post traumatic stress disorder which causes him to turn into a monster.

it might have had a chance to pass as credible if one were to ignore his past. Whitey was bad to the bone since he was a young teenager. He just wanted to live on the wild side a step or two over onto the wrong side of the law. There’s  a newspaper article about him being caught lifting goods off of the back of a truck. Tailgating it was called back then before the term became polished up and expropriated by the college and professional football crowds to describe their pre-game parking lot banquets.

Don’t Ever Think Whitey Bulger Was A Stand Up Guy: He Was A Craven Betrayer

Whitey was a guy who was looking for excuses, sad to say. He wasn’t really a stand up guy because the first chance he had to come up with a scheme to try to get himself off the hook he threw the guy who had been his friend and who protected him from other people to the wolves.  I’m not going to get into whether Whitey was an informant or not at this point, but you do know that since about 1975 FBI Agent John Connolly protected Whitey.

He also protected Steve Flemmi, who we know was an informant because he testified under oath in 1997 that he was one since the mid-1960s. Connolly did not develop him as an informant. That was done by FBI Agents Paul Rico and Dennis Condon who handed him over to Connolly after Rico left Boston for the Miami FBI office in 1975 and Condon retired in 1977.

I think it was Condon although it could have been Rico who introduced Connolly to Flemmi. Flemmi, as you know, had just returned from Canada to Boston in 1974 after being on the lam from serious state criminal charges including blowing up a lawyer’s automobile. Condon was able to get those charges squashed which opened the door for him to come back and help the FBI out again.