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By His Words You Shall Know Him: D.Trump Speaks

paper moonIt was only a paper moon.

I don’t suppose any of the D, Trump supporters remember the Great Recession. There is no reason for them to do so. Their world apparently began with the inauguration of D.Trump in January 2017. At least that is what D.Trump thinks. How do I know that? Well lets read one of D.Trump’s latest tweets. Yesterday he wrote: “The media has not reported that the National Debt in my first month went down by $12 billion dollars vs a $200 billion increase in Obama first mo.”

If that is not the worst type of statement trying to con the people that you ever read coming from someone in the Oval Office, even including the night custodian, I do not know what is. Does D.Trump really believe that his followers forget that the Great Recession began under G.W. Bush and that Obama took over when the sky was falling in? Are people to forget that and pretend that both he and President Obama took office when the conditions were equal? I mean, seriously, D.Trump must think his followers are historical illiterates trying to pull the wool over their eyes in such a gross manner.

Dumpty Trumpty Sat on a Wall: You Know the Rest

kimAll the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Trumpty together again.

That ole tyme nursery rhyme is now much more understandable seeing the man perched on top of the wall at the present time. And by the way I do not refer to the Mexican wall.

According to some like Charles Krauthammer Trumpty is playing Daffy Duck while others in command positions on his staff are acting like a grown up Donald Duck. The grown ups including the generals and secretary of state travel from country to country explaining Daffy Trumpty does not mean what he says but he is just acting as a demented fool to please his supporters. As Bannon his Rasputin noted Trumpty made his promises to his supporters and he is, as I have previously noted, a man of his word. So he will stick to his promises while the grown ups on his staff assure others such as our European allies or Mexico that it is just Trumpty being Trumpty. That nothing is really changing other than people’s perceptions. Trumpty is sort of like the Wizard of Oz.

We’re Going To Need A Wall on the Canadian Border!

(1) 1 irishMaybe most people are too young to remember the days of the Soviet Union and the fall of the Berlin Wall. The wall came down for all practical purposes on November 9, 1989, when the doors that separated East Berlin from the west were thrown open. That was almost 28 years ago so assuming some people start paying attention to things at age 12 then you would have to be over 40 to remember that day.

Even less I figure would have been around at the time the Soviets began construction on it back in August 1961. It remained standing for 28 years. Its purpose was to keep people from fleeing from East Berlin to the freedom of the West. Once that fell the imprisoned Eastern Europeans saw their border open up and many felt the taste of freedom for the first time. Who would ever think people would want to flee America? Or, we would try to keep them here.

The West represented freedom; the East the repression of the Soviets. Almost no one went east. Those given the choice flocked to the west. Russia experienced a short-lived democracy which has again disappeared as democracy is wont to do in Russia. It now has a president for life who is duly elected without opposition and has been for 17 years.

The Quixotic World of D. Trump


 I suppose you have heard of D. Trump’s astounding victory in the electoral college. He even mentioned it during his press conference with his latest best friend Benji or is it Bibi. He again mentioned it yesterday. He said something to the effect that it was the most electoral college votes since Reagan. Of course that was another lie. Bush and Obama and who knows who else had higher vote counts than he.  When confronted with his lie, or as some suggest mistatement, he mumbled that he was saying it “because that was what he was told.”

“Aha!” I said. “So that’s what Kellyanne Wrongway meant when she talked about alternative facts.” There’s the truth and there is what you have been told. The latter remains the truth until someone tells you something different. That explains much of what D. Trump has been telling us. It also helps us understand his statement yesterday that the reports on the leaks are true but are still fake news.

Pity poor “Outlike Flynn.” A wonderful man who was undermined by fake news which apparently D. Trump believed. He was fired because he dissembled to the vice president even though it was the fake news that undermined him

Is Trump’s Escape a War or Terrorist Attack

() wolfIt is becoming more and more clear that the Trump is in oodles of trouble. Could you ever have imagined the top intelligence adviser being caught in lies and being forced to resign within the first thirty days of an administration? I can only think of Tevye saying “unheard of!”

Now the alleged reason he resigned is a lack of trust brought about in part by his lying (so often that word is used dealing with Trump and his team) to Vice President Pence about having discussed sanctions with the Russian ambassador. That left me with two questions: why did he lie about it, if as Spicer alleged, that was his job to reach out to people like the ambassador during the transition. The second is I ask whether it is conceivable he did this without either being told by Trump or informed him of his having done it right afterwards. I have written previously that he had to have discussed sanctions yet I find little satisfaction in knowing a general with 33 years service in the Army would go over to the other side so easily.

Out Like Flynn!

(`) Joe BltzI guess we have to change the old saying, “In like Flynn.”

It is amazing though that a three star general could betray his country in the manner Flynn has done by lying to the vice president about his conversation with the Russian ambassador, Why would he do that? Remember Obama fired Flynn. Yet, Trump had no problem appointing him to the highest position in intelligence in his office.

Why did Flynn lie to the media when asked if he talked about sanctions with the Russian ambassador?

Why did Trump continue to keep him in this highly sensitive position for over a month after being warned by the acting attorney general that he had lied and the Russians knew it so his would be subject to blackmail?

On Tuesday morning Kellyanne Conway said that his misleading the vice president was unsustainable in an interview with Matt Lauer. She was then asked if that is the case why didn’t Trump act one month ago when he first learned that information. From that we get confirmation that in fact Flynn lied to Pence and that Trump knew this a month before but he nevertheless continued to include Flynn as part of his administration. It was only when the information became public that Flynn was out!

Who Threw Tom Brady’s Jersey in Mrs Murphy’s Chowder?

Old time radio record playerWhen I was a young lad living at 18 O’Callaghan Way in South Boston my house was filled with Irish music as St. Patrick’s day loomed. My folks owned one of those big pieces of furniture which hid a record player inside. Along with the grand piano it took up most of our first floor living space. The piano made a good hiding place or a fort when my cousins the Concannons would come over to play.

One year when I was quite young, I’d guess about 5, my mom and dad wanted to test out my intellectual acumen. The Irish music records had been playing for a day or so and Mrs. Murphy’s chowder happened to be one of them. They asked me to listen it to and see if I could figure out who threw the overalls into her chowder. I don’t know how many times they played the lyrics to the song on the record over and over again but as you can see the incident stuck in my mind these many years later. I don’t suppose the two Irish Superbowl quarterbacks Brady and Ryan encountered this but if they did I am sure they got the answer.

Were You On the Bus? If So Tell Steve Bannon

SnowSteve Bannon is interested in learning the identities of those who were on the bus. He promises that there will be no retribution against you or your friends. If you do not trust he will keep the commitment you can contact me and set up an attorney client relationship where I can pass on the information to him anonymously.

You wonder how I am involved in this. Bannon, I suspect, has reached out to prominent bloggers in Massachusetts to assist him in this. He recognizes that we are closer to situation than others. The only condition he imposed is that we not disclose the content of our conversation.

All I can say is this is very important to him. I assure you your confidentiality will be respected unless it is determined that it is necessary to do otherwise. So please, if you were on the bus or know anyone who was contact Steve.