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55 Palestinians Killed; You Think That Is Bad? 36,000 Children Are Missing!

For a while now children have been coming to America unaccompanied by a parent. Faced with that about two years ago the Feds started rolling back child protection policies meant for these minors fleeing violence in Central America. Those responsible for protecting our borders had to decide what to do with those children apparently numbering close to 180,000. They opted to give them out to people called adult sponsors. They were  supposed to take care of them until who knows when but certainly long after the cows come home.

The results of this grand scheme has just been learned. Almost 1,500 of those children have gone missing and are unaccounted for. This was discovered after the Feds made follow up visits to see how the kids were getting along. An investigation by AP in 2016 showed: “two dozen unaccompanied children had been sent to homes where they were sexually assaulted, starved or forced to work for little or no pay . . . “

The Biggest Lie By A Lying Witness

As a former prosecutor for over two decades I had the good fortune of not having to use admitted liars as witnesses. Having watched a federal trial or two it seems to me that the federal prosecutors aren’t that fortunate. They, at least in the cases I have seen, depend for their evidence on people who are admitted liars. But they should try not to assist the liar in his lies.

What brings this to mind is that this week one of the biggest liars ever to take the federal, or any other, witness stand, will testify. That man I often call Benji Ditchman because his life was spent in the equivalent of a benjo ditch. He is Steven Flemmi.

Flemmi is Whitey Bulger’s former partner both of whom were  protected by FBI agent John Connolly because they were his informants. Flemmi admitted he was an informant – Whitey averred he (Whitey) wasn’t – but there is no way Connolly could have obtained the information from Flemmi except through Whitey.  Whitey has been trying to redeem some scintilla of misguided honor from his decrepit life by denying the obvious.

55 Israelis Killed; Over 2,000 Injured – Many By Gunfire

That of course is an imaginary headline because if such a thing happened you would not be reading it for the first time here. Those killed and wounded are not Israelis; they are Palestinians who were gunned down by Israel soldiers. It is met with a big shrug by most Americans. Did anyone in Congress speak out about the slaughter?  Could you imagine such silence were the victims Israelis? What about you? Think it was all right for so many Palestinians to lose their lives?

The first news of the slaughter came out in the morning of yesterday. It was ongoing at the time the great festivities in the American embassy in Palestine. More than 12 hours after the protesting Palestinians had been carted off to hospitals or to be prepare for burial, I wondered how much of the news of the slaughter was being disseminated in the United States.

The Boston Herald at about 9:00 pm (4:00 am in Jerusalem) had no mentioned it. The New York Post, a Rupert Murdoch paper, also made no mention of it. I looked at the New York Daily News which also omitted any mention of it; it was concerned like the Herald with the Supreme Court decision on legalizing betting in the states as well as the death of the woman who played Superman’s Lois Lane.

Salemme v. Flemmi: Two Old Friends Vie In Federal Court

Two guys in their 80s will vie this week in front of a jury in the federalcourt house in Boston to see which one is the sleaziest.

Both were born in the Thirsty Thirties when after thirteen years the failed experiment of imposing morals through the Constitution by those who poo-pooed the habits of the Irish and German immigrants finally admitted failure. The main result of ther noble efforts was the enriching of the Mafia and setting the  table for the fortune of the father of the 35th president of the United States when the 21st Amendment repealed the Eighteenth. Joe took full advantage of  the new found freedom to legally quench one’s thirst.

In one corner, the one stained badly by the blood of others, is Steve Flemmi. Opposite him in a corner is his life-long buddy Frank Salemme.

The Salemme/Flemmi contest comes at a time the air is filled with rumors that the 22nd Amendment may be the next repealed. These two hoodlums grew up in the Roxbury section of Boston binding in the Fifties over their idea they were tough guys because of their willingness to kill people.

A TRT: Trump’s Payment to Putin

A Trek’s Rest Thought.

There’s an old Sherlock Holmes story about the best way to hide something is in the open.

It’s an open secret that the Russian economy is highly dependent on oil. Under Obama the price of a barrel of oil fell substantiality. When Trump took office it was about $50. The Bank of America is forecasting it will exceed $100 by next year.

That will double Russian oil income. It will double the cost of gasoline. It is one way Trump can thank Putin.



Sating the Anti-Catholic Feelings Among Evangelicals

It appeared the Evangelists struck again as they consolidate their power in Congress. This time it was a somewhat petty maneuver but one has to admit that with their gaining the ascendancy in the United States they are entitled to the spoils that go along with gaining significant control of Congress and the White House.

It had been years that they were subject to the humiliation of the prayer that was offered at the beginning of each day. It was not being offered by one of their own but by one of a suspect faith. Father Patrick Conroy a Jesuit of the Catholic religion was the chaplain of the House of Representative. He had been chaplain since 2011 when he was appointed by John Boehner (a Catholic) along with the concurrence of Nancy Pelosi (a Catholic). His predecessor appointed in 2000 was Father Daniel Coughlin. That had the Catholics in charge of offering the opening prayer for 18 straight years.

When Father Coughlin was appointed it was after a slight controversy. A search committee had been formed to nominate the next chaplain. They took a secret ballot after conducting interviews and voted for a Catholic priest.  The Speaker, the estimable pervert Dennis Hastert, ignored the committee and picked a Presbyterian minister. Complaints alleging anti-Catholic bias resulted in the minister withdrawing and Coughlin (a different priest than the one who received the votes) being appointed.

To War or Not To War: That is the Question

Whether ’tis  enough for the country to suffer
The stings and lies by an outrageous leader,
And then to take arms against a foreign country
And by doing so cause many there to die and to weep.

Yes, it is said today is the day when the person in the clothes of the president will tell us what he decided with respect to Iran. He must decide whether to abide by an agreement with Iran that we entered into with our European allies, Russia and China; or whether to abandon that agreement because of his desire to satisfy the longings and prayers of Benjamin Netanyahu who has been coveting war against Iran for many years.

The odds are that he will side with Netanyahu. He has already shown his subservience to him by moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. All who have followed the Netanyahu saga know that his falling out with Obama was because of the latter’s unwillingness to war with Iran but to try to bring peace to the region.

The United States of Retribution: Is That What We Have Become?

You don’t have to be around for a long time in this country to understand that we have slipped into a state of where retribution reigns supreme.

If you are from Massachusetts as I am you have seen that four of our local boys, JFK born in Brookline, Mike Dukakis born in Brookline, George H.W. Bush born in Milton, and J. Forbes Kerry, a military brat who settled here, relatively recently vied for the office of president of the United States.

Two won; two lost. JFK defeated Richard Nixon; H.W. defeated Mike Dukakis, and John Kerry lost to George W.

Nixon as we know would go on to become president; Dukakis to a career as a teacher at a university; and Kerry to become secretary of state.

Looking back to near the end of WWII in 1944 FDR defeated Thomas Dewey; 1948 Truman defeated Thomas Dewey; in 1952 and 1956 Ike defeated Adlai Stevenson; 1960 JFK over Nixon; 1964 LBJ over Barry Goldwater, 1968 Nixon over Humphrey, 1972 Nixon over George McGovern; 1976 Jimmy Carter over Gerald Ford; 1980 Reagan over Carter; 1984 Reagan over Mondale; 1988 H.W. Bush over Dukakis; 1992 Clinton over H.W; 1996 Clinton over Bob Dole; 2000 George W over Al Gore; 2004 George W. over John Kerry; 2008 Obama over McCain; 2012 Obama over Romney.