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My Type of Gal: That’s All I Have to Know About Her!

This is a story I heard about or perhaps I dreamed about it.

Derd Dryshack was sitting home on a Saturday afternoon doing what he usually did on Saturday which was watching Fox News on television. He liked Fox. It was predictable. It was comforting. Everyone on there agreed with what he believed. He did not have to hear about anything else that might interfere with his right thinking especially something that the Libtards might say.

Derd has spent the morning outside doing odds and ends. Now it was time for a beer, to watch the tube, and to relax and take a nap. He was at peace with his worId and himself when the door bell rang.

Normally Margie would have answered it but she had gone out to Billy Joe’s her hairdresser and then over to the fingernail place where the foreign gals worked – Derd could never remember the name of it. Somewhat dismayed at being interrupted in his “doing nothing time” he rose from the couch and went to the door.

Oh Where Oh Where Has The President Gone?

He is absent during the greatest pandemic to hit the United States in a century. He has no conception of leadership. He has done everything to convince the American folk that they are not being infected in record numbers. He has convinced his friendly governors to care more about him than the people who put him into office. He refuses to socially distance or wear masks. He has made America the laughing stock of the world as its rate of coronavirus infections keep climbing while the rest of the world other than a few countries you can count on the fingers of one hand take control of their problems. He has taken the country once noted for its scientific and medical advances and turned it into a third-world backward country. He has shown himself to be the fool he has always been and has set the country back in race relations over fifty years. He has made the world a much more dangerous place by refusing to look beyond our borders to our traditional allies to work together in a common endeavor. He has turned our Center for Disease Control into a Center for Damage Control where the scientist are afraid to speak out to protect the people from diseases.

Of Whites and Blacks: America’s Circular Path

Breathe there a man with soul full alive who knowing that his privileges abide has said  to himself: “These I must forego.”

If there be go mark him well for as far as a I can tell none have given what they have so others may be glad.

Which makes me wonder what’s going on that so many people can be wrong who think things can suddenly change by marching down the streets to complain, by tearing down monuments old,  believing the bill of goods they are sold.

It was news when the head of Roman Catholicism’s Jesuit society ordered American Jesuits to throw themselves into the fight for total African-American equality. He ordered American Jesuit purchasing agents to boycott firms that discriminate against blacks.

He pointed out that the American Jesuits have become “identified more and more with the middle-class white segment of the population.” He went on to say, “our record of service” to the American blacks “has fallen far short of what it should have been.”

He called for recognition of the blacks economic and civil rights but for a thorough retraining of mind and emotion to eradicate prejudices. He deplored racism every where in the world as a violation of the Christian concept of man but singled out the situation in America as the most alarming.

Dred Drysack’s Big Decision. Making a Deal To Get Others.

The federal prosecutor Dred Drysack had returned indictments against a group of fellows who had been involved in violent criminal activities for many years. He charged them all in such a way that he could say they were together in a criminal enterprise. The law provided that all folk involved in any such enterprise had little rights when it came to defending themselves.

What I mean by that is that Dred indicted Albie, Beto, Gammy, Delvoy and Eppy suggesting they were part of a criminal combination. All were known to have murdered people. That meant he could introduce evidence against Eppy by using a conversation between Albie and Beto talking about Eppy. It was a clear violation of the hearsay rule of evidence developed in England before the founding of our country and adhered to by most courts. But the federal government in an attempt to make it easier to put in evidence against people and convict them pretty much did away with it when an enterprise was alleged.

Detective Sprague’s Big Decision. Finding the Body of Hannah Heartless

The Hanlet police department first heard of the disappearance of 18-year-old Hanna Heartless when her mother and father came to the station and reported her missing. They did not pay much attention to it. Hanna had often spent a day or two doing what she called “travelling.” As time went on and she did not show up along with the parents constantly asking them about the progress they were making Detective Brian Sprague was assigned to the matter.

He put out information over the CJIS system describing her seeking the aid of other police departments. He circulated within the area recent photographs of her to other local police departments and local media. He visited her home, interviewed the family, and talked to the neighbors and at the end of it knew very little more than when he began.

A week or so after her name was circulated and some of the media picked it up Timmy O’Toole a young man in his twenties showed up at the detective bureau  asking for Detective Sprague. He was out on the road so he was called back in. He took Timmy to a small conference room and sat down with him. Timmy said he heard about Hannah’s disappearance on television. He then took a dirty wallet out of a brown paper bag he had with him. He handed it to Detective Sprague who immediately saw that the license in it showed that it  belonged to Hannah.

Trump’s This Is Spinal Tap Re-Run

Spinal Tap was a popular rock band that was planning to do another nationwide tour hoping to capture the past years glories. Unfortunately the music and fans had gone on leaving the band behind. Fewer and fewer people showed up for their concerts leaving them in a land of irrelevancy. Throughout their demise they bickered behind the scenes, pointed fingers at each other for the dismal reception they received, but it was common knowledge that never seemed to penetrate the group as it looked for scapegoats they were simply washed up.

The Saddest Americans: Those Who Support Trump’s Destruction of America

Welcome to Coronavirus Spread Day!  Yes, rather than having Juneteenth as a national holiday we will make this day a holiday and call it the Dumbest President’s Day. Is there anyone who believes holding a rally during a pandemic in a closed arena where there will be no social distancing and few, if any, masks is a good idea in a state and country where Covid-19 is increasing? Does anyone think this is a good example for a president to set? You know what, there should be no one who would say yes but there are many who will and some of them are reading this blog. They will spout all sorts of nonsense and whatisms  but there is truly no way they can defend this.

If this week hasn’t shown how bad Trump is then there is nothing that will dissuade them. When you see what he has said this week if we had not been so inured to his ignorance and narcissistic actions right thinking people would have descended on the White House and thrown him out.  Earlier in the week it was reported in the Wall Street Journal:Mr. Trump said testing for Covid-19 was overrated and allowed for the possibility that some Americans wore facial coverings not as a preventive measure but as a way to signal disapproval of him.” 

Will The Name Of The United States Be Changed To Reflect Reality

A night out after a long time of isolating.. Friends at Lynch’s Irish Pub Waiting for Coron Avirus

Before, some of the States wanted to change the name. They went to war to do it. It was a little more than that because they also sought to have a new nation for themselves. Not happy with the word united, they wanted to be confederated. That is another word for united or for banding together. We saw how that worked out. There were 600,000 deaths before that matter was settled.

That was over 160 years ago but for many the desire still lingers for the separation and name change. We know how much people rue or celebrate old events. If we forget we will be reminded of that next month when the hundreds of Orange Parades take place in Northern Ireland, mostly on July 12th, which celebrated the 1690 victory of William of Orange at the battle of Boyne.