Bernie Is Running For President in the Wrong Country



“This land is my land, this land ain’t your land, you love another, and it ain’t this land. Why don’t you go there, and run for office. That land was made for those in slavery.” 

Of course Bernie could not go there and run for office. No other parties are allowed to run against Putin’s. Being barred there, he is running here seeking to put into effect here what they have there. Where I grew up Bernie would be called a “motor mouth, all talk and no action. He has left no footprints that he ever served in Congress.

I really sit here wondering has it come down to this in a land of 300 plus million people that we have such a poor crop of potential candidates for the presidency. None are distinguished in any way. Here’s the crux of the matter: is there one you would enjoy having a beer with?

These times demand more and more of our leader in the Oval Office but our choice when whittled down is dealing with people who are more suited to be on the stage in the afternoon matinée at the Old Howard than the White House.

“Any ice today, Lady, any ice today lady?”  There was a time in America when ice men with thick leather aprons would roam the streets of our cities looking to dispense blocks of ice that would keep the food cool in the ice box prior to the days we all got refrigerators. Those guys had to work hard; it was either that or starve.

Now – I met this guy who told me: “I used to work in Chicago in a department store – I used to work in Chicago, I did but I don’t anymore.” He went on to say there was a guy running for president who never had a steady job until he was over forty.

That eliminated Hillary since she was not a guy. Her rationale for being president is that we’ve never had a woman as president before. We’ve never had a communist so should Bernie be next.

She suggests she has worked hard to rise to this position. That’s something Bernie never said. Hillary wants us to forget she was married to Slick Willy without whom she’d be just another Wellesley lady. Bernie wants us to forget his true love which is a soviet style system.

I asked Maggie’s father, the guy from Chicago, how could a guy who wanted to run the country never have worked a legitimate job for over half his life? He said check it  out. I did.

Here is what one person Emily Zanotti , you know how well those Italian women can cut to the core, described Bernie. He was like, that jobless friend who hangs around coffee shops where he cons you into buying his drink, only to talk your ear off about how amazing Che Guevara was, and how he’s living off the grid in an apartment without flooring or heat because he doesn’t trust The Man because The Man is totally in the pocket of corporate America, even though you’re meeting in a Starbucks and his order was way more complicated than yours.” 

I’d learn Sanders told Vermont public TV in 1985,”I never had any money my entire life,”  as he settled into his first real job as mayor of Burlington. It never occurred to him that he needed to work to get money. He must have thought someone was supposed to set up a bank account for him and filled it up with twenties.

I ran into my friend Penny while I was having fried oysters on Route 1 in Maine near Kennebunkport. She told me Bernie had worked. It was in a kibbutz in Israel. I was surprised. I looked it up. “The kibbutz was founded in Romania in 1929 and established in pre-state Israel in 1935. It saw the Soviet Union as a model, and often flew the red flag at outdoor events.” (my emphasis)

Ah,  the red flag. As we know Bernie went on his honeymoon to the Soviet Union. You do recall how all the Socialists in the earl 1920s became communists and took their orders from Stalin. They, like Bernie, wanted to model the United States after the Soviet Union.

You know when you come down to it Bernie’s heart is not here. This really ain’t his type country. Maybe Vladimir the Putin will have an open election and Bernie can go home to the land of the red flag. Home is where the heart is.

Even more amazing is that he is getting votes. But then again it is mainly from professional students sill living in the basements of their parents home who really think that the reward for citizenship is a free lunch.  They never heard of Bernie’s much admired “Uncle Joe”.

13 thoughts on “Bernie Is Running For President in the Wrong Country

  1. Nothing new for leisure class to run things.
    Young fella running for Congress politicking in the North End–Old Timer asks him “Hey kid…you ever work?” Kid replies: “No”.
    Old Timer pauses and finally says “You didn’t miss much”.

    Jack Kennedy won the seat (and the North End.)

  2. “Lowest unemployment” — a bogus statistic since it does not factor in the approx 100 million who have dropped out of the workforce and/or are not seeking work. Our economy is in shambles !!!

    1. JPC:

      Been to Boston lately? Have you seen all the new buildings going up? Been to Florida” Have you seen all the new buildings going up? Have you looked at all the stores seeing workers with their “help wanted” signs. There is a lack of skilled workers for construction jobs in Boston. Or maybe the head of the federal reserve in San Francisco might help you: John Williams, President & CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, told CNBC on Monday that the U.S. economy was doing “quite well,” pointing to stable inflation and strong employment growth. Or here’s another view: The strongest wage gains were in occupations experiencing labor shortages. Boston, Cleveland and St. Louis cited “sizeable” wage growth for workers in such fields as information technology, skilled construction jobs and some manufacturing trades.”

      Learn to give credit when it is due. Compared to the last year in Bush’s term when we were entering into the greatest recession since the great depression of the 1930s we are really in a good economic period.

    1. NC:

      The suggestion of carpet bombing people in Muslim countries. That’s not love. The tearing up Iran deal to set stage for war with Iran. The changing of Obamacare to cause more people to lose coverage. By the way did you note how well economy is doing. Lowest unemployment application since 1973.

    2. NC:
      You do though make a good point. I am going through some of his positions and have to say that they are closer to what I believe than I thought. I’ll have to do some more due diligence on Cruz.

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    Color of Surveillance
    What the FBI actually learned from spying on Martin Luther King, Jr.
    4/12/16 11:06 AM

    On Friday, Georgetown University’s law school hosted ‘The Color of
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    Americans. Two of the most anticipated speakers were James A. Baker,
    the FBI’s general counsel, and David Garrow, an MLK biographer who has
    documented the FBI’s unlawful surveillance of Martin Luther King, Jr.
    and other black Americans. The conversation, and the room, were
    somewhat tense: Baker was cautious and Garrow sharp-tongued, though
    the latter emphasized that the FBI of the 60s was the primary focus of
    his ire.

    In the 1960s, the FBI used wiretaps, bugs, and informants to dig
    deeply into King’s personal life, because the United States government
    felt that his peaceful activism for civil liberties was threatening.
    Garrow said that much of the information gleaned from that government
    spying on King remains unavailable, including the informants used.
    Garrow said he had even been threatened with violating the Espionage
    Act in the early 1980s (when he first started researching the FBI’s
    surveillance of MLK) “because of the informant identities [he] had
    managed to discover.”

    Garrow said that the FBI at that time had “an organizational culture
    of surveillance and of political control,” and that it wasn’t limited
    to the FBI’s founding director J. Edgar Hoover, who remained its head
    until his death in 1972 and is notorious for his abuses of power.
    There were attempts at blackmail and encouragement of suicide. “There
    is only one thing left for you to do. You know what it is,” wrote an
    FBI agent in a letter to King that detailed knowledge of his
    extramarital sexual activity. The FBI also leaked the gossip to the
    press, but it declined to report it.

    Baker, who has been the FBI’s general counsel for a little over two
    years, didn’t defend the agency’s actions in the 60s. He agreed with
    Garrow and everyone else that spying on King as it was done was a
    mistake, saying, “There were insufficient constraints on the
    government’s authority to engage in national security surveillance.”
    He repeated a story that FBI director James Comey told The Guardian
    last year, about the director keeping attorney general Robert
    Kennedy’s approval of the wiretap order for King on his desk as a
    reminder of the agency’s mistakes.

    So what the FBI really learned from spying on MLK is that it is
    capable of making terrible mistakes and going too far when it comes to
    surveillance. Baker, who teaches law school courses, said that the MLK
    example is one he has used for

  4. Cruz is not distinguished in any way? Solicitor General of Texas with six arguments before the Supreme Court. Law clerk to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Elected U S Senator. Can you name another candidate for Commander in Chief that had a better background? 2. Bernie’s attraction is that he is genuine, sincere and a true believer. His biggest asset is he’s not Hillary. Could the choice be an ivy league NY liberal who is dishonest vs. an ivy league NY liberal who is dumb and vulgar? The Republican field had many talented people. A CEO of a major firm and two MDs amongst others. The media gave monopoly coverage to one candidate and precluded the others from getting their message out. The public fell for this charade.

    1. NC:

      1. Cruz is distinguished for the hate he preaches. He is distinguished by being quite dangerous and a little bit screwy. He may be bright but so was some very evil people. A divided America is not what we need and that is what he brings. What does it tell you about a guy that almost everyone he worked with he offended?could not stand; that none of his fellow senators endorse him. There is something very strange about him but don’t confuse brightness with ability.

      2. Bernie is attractive because he’s preaching a modified form of socialism – the everyone-hug-everyone-else kind. It appeals to people who don’t recognize there are some very bad actors in the world and that a society needs all hands working. He is also popular because his opponent is so disliked.I don’t know why I even write about him because Hlllary has a lock on the job.

      3. I don’t sugggest there may not be some good Republican candidates; I’m just saying the ones they are going to let us choose among aren’t any good.

  5. Three additional points:
    1) It really is not Putin Bernie would be comfortable with today. Netanyahu would be more appropriate.
    2) In that commie kibbutz Bernie would have been a paramilitary. Everyone was. It was on a front line, not in Te Aviv. But Bernie made multiple bogus claims to be a conscientious objector when drafted back here. He ran out the clock with appeals to avoid military service to America.
    3) And this is most important. He sired, he never fathered, an illegitimate son. He never thought the kid was worthy of support. He lived off welfare and one must suppose left the boy to the same. Bernie Sanders was and is a deadbeat dad. Use this as a measurement of how much he cares about any other human being.

    Never has a lower form of the human animal sought office in the United States – not for dog catcher, not for President. The Numero Uno reason for not voting for Bernie Sanders is Bernie Sanders.

    1. Tadzio:

      1. Don’t think Bernie and Netanyahu would get along that well. The latter is a tough guy; Bernie’s a wimp. If you said Netanyahu would have a field day bossing Bernie around you may have been right. As for Putin he too wold have Bernie running in circles – Bernie would give him the Baltic States in a New York minute and perhaps throw in Hungary and parts of Germany.

      2. I doubt Bernie was a paramilitary. He is a talker – he’s not a fighter. He was a conscientious objection but his objection was not one recognized. He just did not want to wear the Man’s uniform and fight for a democratic state. Like all reds he wants to direct others to do the fighting.

      3. Of course he’s a dead beat dad since he couldn’t earn a living so he couldn’t support his kid because he was on welfare and food stamps while stealing from the Man. He ran an extension cord to the basement for his apartment’s electricity since he didn’t want to pay for his electricity because the Man supplied it. He wanted to steal it.

      4. Agree – he is lower than a snake’s belly but people are voting for him. There is a great forgetfulness in America about how we got to this point. Had guys like Bernie ever taken over in first part of the Twentieth Century into the Thirties America would be no different than the Soviet Union was. The world would have become one large concentration camp. Like in the Brave New World we would be requried to gather for four hours each day in large halls and listen to guys like Bernie prech at us.

      1. My reason for suggesting Bernie was a paramilitary is that the kibbutz would not have allowed him to stay overnight a single day if he did not do his share of policing the area. It probably would not have involved training. But it would have entailed carrying a gun, a la night watchmen. The point being that he likely took up a gun and it was not for Americans and that he lied about having moral scruples against such behavior. This is consistent with your evaluation. Perhaps there is a more appropriate term than paramilitary that has escaped me.

        1. Tadzio:

          I understand your point but Bernie is the type of guy who would have talked someone else into doing his night duty. It’s hard though to criticize him for dodging the draft since so many others of our political leaders pretty much have done the same thing. Bill Clinton, Dick Cheney, George Bush (National Guard) Wolfowitz, Howasr Dean, and most neo-cons. Exception was Al Gore who went in as an enlisted man from Harvard. It became fashionable to view those who wore the uniform as suckers and the smart guys those who ducked the war.

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