Biden’s Speech To Congress Tonight: Send In The Clowns

President Joseph Biden will address the U.S. Congress tonight in his first address to it after he has been elected. He has been in office almost 100 days. In the past the newly installed president would speak to Congress a month or so after his inauguration. Biden is breaking with that tradition.

It is a wise move. He will have something to talk about which he has already done while others could only speak about what they hoped to do. Biden has done much of what he stated he would accomplish in the first 100 days in office. He told how his plan was to concentrate on making Americans safe from Covid-19. He did not view the presidency as a place to pass the buck on to each of the states as his predecessor; he was accepting responsibility as a good leader should not ducking it.

The American people have rallied to his side in this fight. Over two-thirds of them approve the way in which he took control and has managed to protect them from coronavirus’s deadly and long term effects. He brought on real scientists and medical experts to handle the problem. He led.

He will soon sign into law an infrastructure bill that will start to bring America back to where it once stood in the world as the nation with the best transportation and roads. One of the most disappointment experiences I have had in my travels to Europe is to see how clean, efficient and modern their public transportation systems are compared to ours. (Try being a foreigner unfamiliar with the English language carrying luggage going from Logan Airport to Norwood on America’s public transportation.)

We will hear more about President Biden’s plans tonight to make the lives of the working class folk of all races, ethnic groups and religions better tonight. He seeks to lift up America to move on to what we can be; he is not trying to take it back to a time, that if it ever existed as imagined by his predecessor and the Trump followers, where certain Americans did not enjoy the same freedoms as others.

President Biden started his time in office seeking bi-partisanship. The other party, call them what you wish: the Republican Party or the Trump Party, would have nothing to do with it. The leaders and members of that party in Congress have shown – even when it came to fighting the scourge of the pandemic – it would oppose Biden’s every move. These elected cowards fear Trump who has made it clear he is “interested in exacting revenge against GOP incumbents who had voted to impeach him or dismissed his election fraud charade.”

Tragically, these Trump Party members in Congress refuse to recognize Biden as president. Thus the stage is set for a circus tonight during Bidens’s speech as the GOP Clowns like Senators Hawley, Cotton, Paul and Cruz and the Reps like Jordan, Tenney (who said the January 6 insurrectionists “probably weren’t ever Trump people.”), Greene, etc. will vie to gain Trump’s favor. That can be done by causing a commotion – and why not if you pretend to believe the guy speaking is not president.

Let’s hope against hope they behave like rationale respectful people. But with Trump watching, they will want to curry favor with the chief clown so the temptation will be great. Stay tuned.


11 thoughts on “Biden’s Speech To Congress Tonight: Send In The Clowns

  1. Just heard Biden’s speech.

    Just heard the Republican reply

    My next team for President and Vice President:

    President Tim Scott, South Carolina, age 55; Vice President Ted Cruz, Texas, age 50

    1. If the wishbone I just broke is worth its marrow, Ted Cruz is already dead. What a horrible, fucking fleshbag he is.

  2. MSfreeh,

    I agree.

    Remember, UGH, spelled backwards is HGU. and jumbled means HUG or GHU like gnu which sounds like new.

    Vilhelm of Dissonance dances to his own hard rock drummers, however measured or far out.

    1. Who is your favorite rock drummer? Mine is Ginger Baker, but he has always claimed he was a jazz drummer.

  3. Matt: I seem to remember “NOT MY PRESIDENT” was the Democrat mantra in 2016.

    Did you agree?

    Then why complain now when your ox is gored?

    “Tragically, these Trump Party members in Congress refuse to recognize Biden as president.”

    1. Good question. Don’t they’re called hypocrites who said 2016 was hijacked, and condemn those who say 2020 was stolen?. How about Markey claiming the Supreme Court was “stolen”. Have these people, Markey, Pelosi, Hillary have no sense of their own hypocritical inconsistencies? One rules for Dems, the opposite for Repubs.

      What I never got was Dems saying their sticking with Dems because their parents or grandparents were Dems, yet many have ditched the religion of their parents.

  4. I disagree: (1) I don’t give credence to CNN affiliated opinion writers; some liberals only read their ilk.
    (2) I hope Senator Ted Cruz is our next president.
    (3) Obviously, we have opposing opinions of Biden. I think he’s an unprincipled man, shallow, hollow, a waverer, a war monger, a two-faced turncoat.
    (4) I pray for America.
    (5) I am optimistic about Covid waning.
    (6) I am pessimistic about Biden’s competence and judgment.
    (7) Biden is divisive, and inextricably tied up with leftists and out of kilter liberals in the Democratic Party.
    (8) Biden will never “unite” America behind his pro-abortion, Big State, Big Tax, America-Second policies, et alia.

    1. For Ted Cruz from the Lodz Ghetto.

      “A zissen toyt zolstu hob’n – a trak mit tsucker zol dich ibberforen!”

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