Bill Clinton’s Masterpiece: Trump and His Trumpeteers Leading America to Perdition

CharlatanTrump will not win. There’s a better chance for Rosie Ruiz to win the Boston Marathon than for the Trumpeteers to have their candidate elected president. In revulsion to him America will turn its sad eyes to a person the much lesser of two evils who not only should not be elected but once she is then she will bring about the Trumpeteers worst nightmare — an activist Supreme Court filled with Strangers who will decide the future direction of the country. She will so stack the Court with the left wing’s version of beautiful people with hearts on their sleeves that for the next thirty years, if not forever, America will be under their control.

The great irony is that with so much at stake the Trumpeteers decided to back a person with no public experience based on the idea that he will surround himself with people who know what to do. No one would hire a sharpshooter who knew nothing about firing a gun because he would have good instructors standing next to him. The presidency is not where you start learning things. Trump knows nothing about governing nor about foreign policy so he has no internal basis upon which he can decide anything.

I keep going back to the telephone call between him and Bill Clinton before he announced his candidacy. What was it about. Had Bill, the master politician that he is, figured out Hillary would only have a chance if she had a person like Trump as an opponent? Did Bill encourage Trump to get into the race? Why would he have done this other than knowing the one person Hillary could soundly defeat would be someone as obtuse as Trump who thinks the American people like a bully.

It is amazing that the Trump got such a good turnout in the Republican primaries which were open; those where people could vote in either the Democrat or Republican primary. Did you ever think that many who voted for him did so knowing by giving him the nomination he guaranteed Hillary would win? Trump is right when he says the election is rigged. It was rigged when he was made the candidate of the Republicans since that was handing the presidency to Hillary on a golden platter. It was rigged when he decided to use his brand of dividing America against itself to get the nomination.

The Trumpeteers are unhappy with the direction of America. Wait until they see what happens because of their blindness in thinking that an ignoramus in public service and foreign affairs could change it. The White Supremacists, the rednecks, the hard core pro-life (although Trump is about as pro-life as Betty Friedan ), the Ayn Rand worshipers, and the disgruntled-in-general worrying about the free loaders in society give us a candidate who acts as if he is brain damaged. He can only lose.

The most simplistic American understands that losing a child in combat is a sacrifice. That working hard to get ahead is in no way comparable. Trump cannot see that. Trump thinks he sacrificed by working hard inheriting millions of dollars and putting them to work; the people who work hard are those working two and three jobs to get by, the mother and father in our new society who must work to survive and while doing that have to raise their family.

The Trumpeteers have forgotten all those who really work hard in their hatred of others. Not one in Trump’s family has sacrificed anything for the nation yet he assails a man and woman who lost their son in combat. My mother was part of a Gold Star family – not a day went by when she did not think of her brother who died in a B – 17 in WWII. The American people know what sacrifice means.

What Trumpeteers in their blind hatred  mainly miss is that America will never elect a candidate who preaches hate of other Americans.  American history teaches that there is a great middle who elect the president. They will not vote for Trump. Trump will be slaughtered in most states.

The enormous tragedy in all this — a tragedy so extraordinary that it is enough to make me want to wail  — is that it will have been the Trumpeteers who put Hillary into the presidency. In a year when the presidency was theirs for the  asking they picked the one greatly flawed candidate to represent them. Deep down I cannot escape the feeling that this is Bill Clinton’s masterpiece.

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  1. Who thinks Trump will shine in the projected debates? I despise Clinton, but, believe she’ll make a laughing stock of Glorious Leader. I follow Trump, closely. He hasn’t said one intelligent thing in all the times he’s been in the media. There’s no substance to the man. Intellectually speaking, Glorious Leader might be considered an unread dolt. I wonder if any of his sinister brood have any book smarts?

    As far as his business acumen goes, he’s just a bankruptcy grifter. That is the best he could do ,despite a million dollar leg up from his old man. Glorious Leader is all front, like the Wizard of Oz.

    Only brown-shirts and bone-heads take his bunk at face value

      1. If he actually had positions, I’d argue against them. Instead you are just left with his personality, and, frankly, that begs for ad hominem. Now that Glorious Leader has fully embraced white nationalism, and, the sectarianism, and, racism, it represents, how can you top that? I can’t think of a more insulting thing to say about a person, and, Glorious Leader revels in it.

  2. “The presidency is not where you start learning things.”

    True. You should be learning things every day, whether you are President or not.

    The only experienced Presidents of the United States are one the ones who have served in the office. That does not necessarily make them good Presidents, just experienced Presidents.

    Being a good military officer, a good Vice President, a good Speaker of the House, a good Representative, a good Senator, a good Cabinet officer, a good governor of a state (or the Philippines before its independence), a good judge, a university President or a business leader does not necessarily make you a good President. However, at some point they all think that they are, or could be, or would be, a good President.

  3. Jon,
    That is very interesting.
    I know about “haiku” and like the flow of it.
    So, do you think he did it intentionally?
    How could someone be monitoring and calculating that in real-time, while speaking at the same time? But I know it exists, because I have seen more than a few old timers (and some young-timers) from Southie and Dawchastah that speak in that rapid, sing-songy cadence. It might be a linquistic anomaly distinct to Bostonians, and it seems to be disappearing over time.

    It is a highly readable, and enjoyable style when it appears in print.


  4. Dear Rather Not, I commented on your mention of the “Irish gift of gab.”
    I stated Gaga would often repeat sentences – making them a little longer or a little shorter. I also said, “It’s the only non-children’s book in Western literature (that I know) with a numeric code.” Sadly, I didn’t give you the correct “numeric code.” Here’s the code used by Gaga (almost 160,000 words) – any three or more sequential sentences (excluding within parenthesis or quotations) rising in number of words, will rise by at least two words and fall by at least one word (most will fall by two or more words).

  5. Dear Matt, The book that mentions your blog is live on Amazon Kindle: “HILLARY CLINTON – WHY SHE MUST NOT BE ELECTED: GOD – A PHYSICAL EXPLANATION.” The price is $2.99 and the money goes to a charity (National AIDS Brigade). The introduction has three golden light photos. The last chapter, “LETTER TO DR. RAYMOND SACKLER” contains a smoking gun against the former-Clinton administration. That chapter is a letter with attachments (White House letters, letters from Senator Kennedy, laboratory analysis, etc.) that show Bill Clinton’s administration ignored information that helped kill many people of color. This information was given at a meeting sponsored by the White House and at a White House conference.

  6. Matt, Tadzio, GOK and NC have the better perspectives.
    As I see it, the American people will face this choice: elect Trump, a sometimes blustering sometimes bumbling, sometimes trash-talking man, who is new to politics, but who has a lifelong proven track record as a highly successful businessman; or elect Hillary, a lifelong politician, cold, calculating, dishonest, a veritably power-drunk personality who promises more big-government liberalism. The polls are narrowing. The American people will chose: Hill and Bill, old time pols, singing the same old songs; or Donald Trump, a new voice.

  7. Western civilization is in turmoil. The tribal memories that have been censored by the globalist coalition are being reawakened. Loyalty is being rediscovered as being more important than hypocritically postured idealisms. The nonsense of egalitarianism is being discarded.

    In the UK Brexit triumphed. Labour is dissolving. In Spain the two mainstream parties are paralyzed by two new parties redefining them. In Greece the crudest repressions are holding back the tide. In Austria a presidential election was voided due the the undeniable and all too obvious fraud of the left. Hungary is defying the EU poobahs and closing it’s borders. Nationalists have bulldozed the opposition in Poland. France’s Hollende has single digit poll numbers. It goes on.

    Before all these events every country had multiple prognosticators getting it wrong. Each one could have been named Matt Connolly if he were judged by the hysteria of his analysis. You are missing the boat. There is a new ideological phoenix arising. Win or lose Trump is a success.

    The bankster slave owners of politicians like HRC are in overdrive. Whatever happens in November will happen, but the Silence imposed on the issues of immigration and free trade are not going away. John the Baptist preceded the Christ.

    Since LBJ these issues have been suppressed. Racism has prevailed. Negroes have pursued their interests in Racist Affirmative Action. Jews proclaim they ask, “Is it good for the Jews” before casting a ballot. Hispanics are organized around dreams of Mexifornia. Asians are taught to that their high incomes are a sign that they too are oppressed.

    All these Racisms are praiseworthy in the eyes of the hostile elite that is destroying America. But if a White person opines that he too has an interest he is a Racist. No, he is not. He is a human. The strangling hands of the left, the globalists, Wall Street, the Democrat party, PC thugs, whatever you want to call them, are going to be removed.

    Over the past year, across the West, the Old Order of anti-White Racism has fallen despite prophecies such as yours. The odds on the board above the two dollar window are nowhere near as good as you think. Look at what has happened elsewhere and don’t bet the farm.

    1. I nominate that for “Comment of the Year” hands down.

      Tadzio, thank you for so elegantly and eloquently articulating the feelings of a what I bat a large group of T.T.T.T commenters, including myself, have been thinking since last year.

      Rebuttal please……….Counselor…..

  8. Matt: you urged us to “keep pace” with the changing world. Neal points out that one million abortions a year in the U.S. is “not progress”. Hillary promises to abolish the Hyde Amendment, which prevented our tax dollars paying for abortions. Also, the Great Society now boasts that 73% of births to African-American women are out of wedlock. Not progress! Hillary will expand the “Great Society”! She’ll make more people dependent on the Federal Government. She promises free college for many and “debt-free” college for all. She promises to curtail the free speech rights of corporations and unions. Free speech matters! Marriage matters! Human lives matter! Honesty matters! Hillary cannot be president.

  9. Bernie said Trump was the worst candidate the Republicans have ever nominated. That may be true but Hillary is also the worst the Dems have picked. Plus Hillary is an obvious criminal ( E-mails and perjury before Congress)). Not the optimum choice. Two thirds of the country think we are on the wrong track. Usually not good for the incumbent party. 2. The last twenty five years we have had presidents experienced in government. How have they done? Could a novice do any worse? Did Trump vote for the Iraq war or did Sen. Clinton? Who gave us ISIS and Libya? Not Trump. Who has produced a 1% growth rate? The country may embrace the culture of death but we will see. 3.If poor lives matter and Black lives matter do babies lives matter? The heavy weight champion boxer was less than two pounds at his birth. The new world record holder of the 400 meters was two pounds at his birth. How many millions of children have been killed by the culture of death? How much human talent has been wasted? Do you want to continue that slaughter? Is that progress?

  10. “…America will turn its sad eyes to a person the much lesser of two evils…”

    No, not much less. Both Hillary and Donald are devil-class candidates. With their candidacies, the two parties have gotten the upbraiding they deserve.

    Hard for me not to go with the political novice here. Billary will rule this country like we’ve never seen before.

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