Billy Bulger and The Worst Spy in Recent American History

XX The Spy With The FBI Connections
XX The Spy With The FBI Connections

I’ll call the person who is the worst spy XX for the present purposes. I’ll give you a few hints so you can easily figure out who this person is. XX worked for the US government. XX caused more damage to America’s interests than any other person between the early 1980s up until 2001. XX is believed to have caused the deaths  of many people who worked for the United States in foreign countries. XX also had connections with the FBI.

Have you figured out yet that it is Robert Hanssen the FBI agent who worked for the Soviets? If so you’re wrong. XX was more highly placed than Hanssen. XX had access to many more top secret documents which were passed on to the Cuban government. XX has been accused of being “directly responsible for the death of Green Beret SGT Gregory A. Fronius who was killed at El Paraiso, El Salvador, on March 31, 1987 during the FMLN attack.”

XX probably did more to undermine the USA’s interests in Latin America and the Caribbean than any other person in history. The full extent of the damage caused by XX will never be fully known. Yet in 1997 the CIA Director George Tenet gave XX a certificate of distinction.

XX had two connections with the FBI, actually more, who were very close. XX met with them on occasion while spying for Cuba. One FBI agent was L.M who worked in the Miami office. L.M was a “veteran FBI language analyst who translated wiretaps and other sensitive communications.”  Another of XX’s contact was A.M., an FBI agent who worked in Atlanta. XX called him Tito.

By now you know who XX is. If not I’ll give you a few more hints.XX was a high-ranking official in the Defense Intelligence Agency. XX was called upon to brief the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the National Security Council about Cuba while working as a spy for Cuba. XX drafted a Pentagon report on Cuba with the help of Cuban connections. Just before XX was caught another promotion was in store. XX was to receive a prestigious fellowship with the National Intelligence Council which advised the director of the CIA.

By now you must know that XX is Ana Montes. Her connections with the FBI are L.M. her sister Lucy and A.M her brother Tito. They are embarrassed and humiliated by having their sister become a spy.

Other big spies such as Robert Hanssen got life without parole; Jonathon Pollard got life without parole (he spied for an ally); Oliver Ames got life without parole; For some reason Ana only got 25 years in prison.

Ana is unrepentant. She has written from prison that “some things in life are worth going to prison for” and “I owe allegiance to principles and not to any one country or government or person.”  What does her sister Lucy the long time FBI agent say of this?  She says when Ana walks out of prison in July 2023 she’ll  offer to let Ana live in her home for a few months to get settled.

Lucy said: “There’s nothing acceptable about what she did. On the other hand I don’t feel like I can turn my back on her, because she’s my sister.”

Lucy still works for the FBI as does her brother, Tito. No one condemns them for the actions of their sister. They do their jobs and do them well.

By now you’ve guessed how Billy Bulger works into this story. He, like Lucy,  has a sibling who has committed criminal acts. Although Whitey’s actions aren’t as bad as treason, they may if proven come close to it. Nothing is worse than treason which puts us all at risk and causes more loss of life than ten Whiteys could do.

No one condemns Lucy for feeling an obligation because of her sibling relationship. Billy on the other had has suffered much because of his relationship. He’s lost his high position. He’s been roundly condemned in the mainstream media and by the newspaper writers who have authored books about Whitey.

Why is that? How can it be that none of us blame Lucy or Tito for Ana’s treachery yet so many blame Billy for Whitey’s actions? Is it because Billy is a person out of favor and money can be made by humiliating him? Sadly, that seems to be the only reason, greed and ganging up.

And one other thing that’s strange in this matter. Ana the master spy who is responsible for an uncountable amount of losses of life among people who were supporting America will do less time in prison than John Connolly whose conviction of the murder of one person is highly questionable.

What is it about the Whitey case that has so thwarted rational thinking and normal justice?

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  1. I think the intended target was the power base of the Senate President and the unions along. By using “anything they could get against the Senate President” (maybe even setting him up???) they would weaken the “Democratic” stronghold and depth in the Southie community. Sometimes I think the “campaign’s” switch from a focus on the LCN/Italians (with the Winter Hill group used as pawns to take them out)to a focus on Winter Hill/Irish themselves as the target shows that the mob/mafia entities were not the targets per se, but rather the unions/labor for which both “Demographically Democrat” groups controlled/had connections. It has a very “political agenda” feel to it. The timing of the 80’s and 90’s was interesting. There had been much complaint over “Liberal Judges on the bench” driving the country’s agenda. In response, Republican appointed federal judges were appointed/placed on the bench to rule over “political” matters. Don’t forget Southie was a Democrat base for a lot of high level politicians in the past. It would be the natural inclination for conservative entities to therefore “target” Southie in a “Political” form of strike force op. If this is part of a larger, more orchestrated, or “organized agenda” that is anti-liberal, anti-Democrat, and anti-union – then….(I wonder how many Republican politicians have gone before Republican judges and faired poorly? What party was Sal DiMasi again? Who appointed Judge Wolf?)

    1. Alex:
      Good points, some of what I have thought about myself. I’m amazed at how effectively the unions who made middle class America during the 1950s into the 1980s when they represented upward of 33% of the workers in the private sector have been destroyed so that they now represent only 5% – and a lot of it was done to the cheers of the children of union workers who forgot how their parents were able to provide for them. Democrats and unions were strong at one time but the Democrats also sold out the unions as time went along. Along with destroying the unions the Government destroyed the savings accounts of all the Americans who had put money aside for their old age by reducing the savings rate to 0% – from the normal 5% – which amounted to the taking of over 20% of the expected income of these people – sort of what the Malta government did by taking 12% of the savings from people who had been earning 12% a year.

      1. Your statistics on the “taking” of savings from those who saved to prepare for old age is horrible to hear. They did the “right” thing, followed all the rules, and still got the shaft? So, then we in turn take money from them again (via taxes) to bail out the big bank executives who still got their bonu$e$ and probably profited from the savings “reallocation formula” that you mentioned above, too?

        We’ve talked about the future generations and how they are not preparing youth to sacrifice for their country – it appears we are not preparing youth to even return the sacrifices to their own parents who had sacrificed for them. I hate that we have forgotten/ignored the duty to family and to country (I often think of a country as similar to a larger family in many ways). I know, from a historical standpoint that the US as a countru is still considered a “teenager” in many ways, but it seems that the “people” as “parents” are not imposing enough structure and discipline on the Congress and Executive Agencies – as such we are now faced withraising a bunch of power cliques that are the metaphoric equivalents of “pretty little liars.”


        I am so nostalgic for the country our country could grow up to be…oh, I hope it Grows Up soon.

        1. Alex:
          It’s not my thoughts about what is happening but a person more skilled in finance and economics. I was saying how it didn’t seem right that Cyprus took 20% or whatever it was from those who had money in their banks. The person pointed out that those depositors had been earning 12% interest each year so it was really just cutting back on the past interest they had been paid.
          In the US we’ve undergone a rape of the savers. We usually could count on somewhere around 5% if we saved our money. When the banks collapsed the Government decided (via the Bernanke and the Fed) to strip us of any return on our money. That way the US savers, mostly the older fold who had been putting away money for years, got taken from them (as much as with a gun) their returns on their savings. This drastically shifted the US economy forcing many of the older folk to continue to work thus depriving the younger folks of chances for advancement.
          It took out of the economy a huge spending power and coupled with the inability to live of the rising equity in the homes, the US went into somewhat of a death spiral for an economy without manufacturing and relying on services. The upper echelon continued to live well; the rest who saved have been losing their money at a rapid rate since the crises in 2008 due to inflation. The lesson is that better not save but rather spend and speculate. As you know we have’t had inflation for years even though the food and gas costs have risen markedly. The Government has schemed to steal the savings from people to pay back the deficits.
          It’s just another one of the things our government is doing that slips by without a peep.
          Our culture has changed. Sacrifice is no longer required. Greed is in – deserve is the word. It’s the now generation. Those who come later will have to pick up the scatterings left from this latest binge.

  2. The only purpose of any Congressional hearing is to help the Congressmen get re-elected. Once you accept that truism, a great deal of what is transpiring in this case falls into place. The Congressmen never really went after the FBI and there have been no real reforms after their massive Congressional investigation. The Congressional investigation was strictly a dog and pony show for the Congressmen to feed the media and give their constituents a false sense that their Congressman is powerful and working hard on their behalf. Those Congressmen knew the FBI’s power exceeds theirs many times over. The Congressmen acted like a defense attorney who is saddled with a losing case. At trial, the attorney with a weak defense often yells more, blusters, and crushes extraneous witness with extraneous cross examination. He lacks the evidence to change the outcome of the trial, but he will put on more of a show to appear effective to his client and other observers. Bill Bulger was such an extraneous witness before Congress.
    The Congressmen are not going to pick a real fight with the FBI. The FBI has been through the Congressmen’s closets and know everything they have done in their lives that could be used to embarrass them and ruin their re-election chances. These Congressmen are seasoned enough to recognize real power when they see it, and the FBI has the real power.
    Viewed this way, it’s easier to see how the FBI can still use a Rosetti as a TEI despite being a heroin trafficker and suspect in 6 homicides. The FBI knows full well that the Congressmen who have the duty of overseeing the FBI are vulnerable and controllable due to their need to remain electable. The Rosetti affair will remain secret because it is not in the interests of Congressmen to confront the FBI. Nor is it in the interests of the US Attorney’s Office to review the Rosetti deal. To do so would support Whitey’s and John Connolly’s respective defenses. I suspect that after Bulger’s trial, Rosetti will be given a better deal via a sentence reduction to keep him quiet.
    To conclude, the Congress can not effectively oversee the FBI. Nor can the FBI oversee itself.

    1. Patty:
      Thanks – you seem to be able to focus into the exact circumstance that we face. Well put, as usual. Congress is like the angry water boiling in a tea pot blowing the whistle demanding attention but calming down once the heat is off. The FBI won the battle years ago. I expect they are not springing Rossetti until after Whitey is off the front pages. I think it is time to start a Rossetti countdown.

  3. Dear Matt,

    In regard to your final question of what distinguishes the fraternal relation of William and James Bulger is not attributable to Howie Carr. Let us recall that Carr had been making such claims for years, yet these claims neither gained a wider audience nor good faith credibility, until the Committee on Government Reform popularized him in the weeks leading up to December 5, 2002, and finally, on June 19, 2003. Sadly, this inquiry functioned to legitimize what had largely been commonplace in gossip circles. How many other siblings have been subject to a subpoena by a Committee of either house of Congress, publicly questioned about that relationship by members of Congress during a live national telecast, and outright accused by members of Congress of harboring a fugitive brother? Did Lucy Montes receive two congressional subpoenas? Recall that Carr’s first book did not come until 2006, more than three years AFTER these hearings. Carr is not to blame for what happened here; he was merely a means to an end.


    1. Jay:
      Can’t say I disagree with your analysis. The Congressional hearings began as an investigation into the FBI misconduct in the Deegan murder. It then morphed into a hearing on the Wheeler murder and into Whitey and Connolly who had nothing to do with Deegan and finally to an “embarrass Billy Bulger” hearing which had nothing to do with its original goal of onvestigating the FBI but did get the committee what its members lusted after, publicity. Plus it allowed the committee to avoid taking on the FBI.

  4. Dear author, rational thinking and normal justice went out the window decades ago regarding the Whitey Bbulger saga. A view from afar has a thought process that says to them, number 1 how could Whitey Bulger not get arrested between 1965 and 2011? Now people realize that Whitey was a top FBI informer. You already went over Mr Margolis and Mr Osullivan and the roles they played over the years. I always thought Billy Bulger was behind the scenes all those many years protecting his brother. You have laid out many facts that have now convinced me otherwise. I write now something you will not like. Someoneone who lived in Florida like I did, Texas with its Mexican border has read for years about quote unquote rough justice for criminals. You also have gone over this in regards to Massachusetts police during everything legal and by the book, in regards to trying to catch Whitey doing something illegal. The FBI needed a scapecoat and John Connally fits the bill. Some of the people who comment on your blog have very interesting comments but I can tell a lot of them have lived in New England all their lives.People outside New England think the fix was in regarding Whitey Bulger and Billy was a big part of that. I no longer think that but it is hard to convince people otherwise who are not in depth on the topic. regards,

    1. For years, the vast majority of French people believed Alfred Dreyfus was a traitor and two French juries convicted him. When craven bullies with money and Power (Character Assassins) (usually media types)single someone out to be fried, the masses sheepishly go along with the burning. The Salem Witch Trials, The Inquisitions, the Catholic and Protestant witch hunts, the Dreyfus Affair, Doctor Samuel Mudd, Raymond Donovan, Tawana Brawley’s poisonous finger-pointing, the Duke Lacrosse Scandal, John Connolly. Why schackle the innocent? Sadists, misanthropes, bullies revel in gang-rapes, gang-bangs, gestapo-like abuses of government/media power. Why shackle the innocent? Because they get cheap thrills from persecuting, prosecuting, humiliating, framing and bullying.

      1. Bill:
        I drove by a historic site which was the home of Doctor Mudd. You should have been with me. I agree with what you write about POOFs.

  5. Bill Bulger is no mere mortal,an examplary man with an inordinate grasp of the smallness of too many of his fellow beings.

  6. Collective guilt only applies in South Boston. A Gambino crime family member was Tommy Bellotti.( could he be a distant relative of Frank Bellotti?) Would anyone suggest the former AG is culpable for Tommy’s crimes. It would be absurd. Pres. Clinton for his brothers crimes? Never. But you have those in the press like Carr who have created fabrication after fabrication. According to the prep school boy from Maine everyone from Southie is bad. Be their name Flaherty, Connolly, Bulger or McCormick. Voltaire was once described as ” a vicious defiler of everything that is good and noble in humanity”. That assessment would apply to the limp wristed sissy Carr. Carr labeled former FBI agent Rico ” a gangster”. His evidence was only what he was told by Mafia hitmen. If a career criminal and serial killer labels one a gangster it must be so. One can take Flemmi, Martorano amd Salemme’s account as reliable. There is nothing in their background to undercut their credibility. Their word must be accepted. 2. Bill Parcells the football coach described those who do sports radio as carnival barkers. It applies to more than sports radio. Keep up the good posts and be wary of some of those Cubans.

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