Billy Joel’s Prescience: Charlie Bratton for President

It’s all coming together. Having elected Trump (the moron who keeps attacking a dead senator) the electorate now realizes that the old-time long-held American belief that anyone can be elected president is true. The one qualification is a person be 35-years old. Nothing else matters. Look who holds the office now.

Billy Joel’s Piano Man tells of America’s future: “And the waitress is practicing politics as the businessmen slowly get stoned.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the new star in the Democratic horizon who is practicing politics and has, to the disbelief of many, the Democratic Party stalwarts like Ed Markey following her lead. True to Joel’s prediction her job before becoming elected as the only Hispanic candidate in a Hispanic majority district was a waitress/bartender. There is no doubt were she thirty-five she’d be the Democratic nominee for president. She could practice, like Trump, being president.

I’ve been reading about some of the candidates who have qualified to tee off in the Democratic Party debates. At one time only Democrats would have been permitted to run for the Democratic Party nomination; now Socialists and Crackpots are heartily welcome. What’s the sense of having a political party when you allow candidates who are against your party’s philosophy and the goals of your party like Bernie and Warren and Ocasio-Cortez to run under your umbrella? Their ultimate goal is to do away with the long-term system of government in the United States which is based upon capitalism and replace it with one where the government takes over traditionally private functions as if it can do it better.

“As the businessmen slowly get stoned” is exemplified by “businessman Andrew Yang [who] put a counter on his homepage to drive the online energy past 65,000 donors for his candidacy, which is based around the idea of giving every American adult $1,000 every month.” That goes along with MA senator Markey’s endorsement of Ocasio-Cortez’s proposal of giving a living wage to those unwilling to work. I’m not sure if Yang intends the $1,000 a month to be on top of that living wage to freeloaders but apparently Markey suggests it is.

I’m wondering if on top of that how the reparation program proposed by Warren is to fit itself into that. Perhaps this other Democratic candidate Marianne  Williamson, “a self-described spiritual teacher who gained fame for her work with Oprah Winfrey” can enlighten us. Then there are people like Beto O’Rourke and Stacy Abrams whose pitch for the Democratic nomination is that they lost in their statewide races.

There are so many Democratic (and Socialist) candidates running for the Democratic nomination that it really is hard to keep them straight. I’ve reviewed them all and figure none can beat Trump except perhaps Klobuchar but her chances of getting through the Democratic slug fest aren’t that great. Bernie’s the odd’s on favorite because like Trump he can always get around 28% of the vote leaving the other 72% to be divided up among the others.

Bernie is an admirer of Eugene Debs who had the decency to run for president under the party banner of which he was a member which was the Socialist. Bernie will be the candidate to lose to Trump. It seems the Democratic Party is more interested in political purity than winning.

I’ve been scratching my head over how to stop this. There is only one way. We need a loudmouth like Trump or Ocasio-Cortez to get the Democratic nomination. The biggest loudmouth I know is Charlie Bratton. The only problem with promoting his candidacy is securing for him the necessary 65,000 voter support which is required for entry into the Democratic primary.

Therefore I am asking you to reach out to all your friends and secure from then a pledge to support Charlie Bratton for president and a pledge to donate one dollar to his candidacy. Like Beto O’Rourke he has no concrete ideas on anything other than he will be a president for all Americans. He can’t promise a thousand dollars to every American adult but he can promise a chicken in every pot. What America needs most at this critical time in our history is another loud mouth.

2 thoughts on “Billy Joel’s Prescience: Charlie Bratton for President

  1. The only strategy I can see for traditional Democrats to get elected without cow-towing ala Markey, is to concentrate on traditionally Dem strongholds and stay out of the primary by running as an independent and getting the identity politics extremists one-on-one.

    The small percentage of voters who go them past an indifferent primary will be dwarfed by the electorate at large.

    PS This worked well for Joe Moakley versus Hicks.

    1. I think a Moakley, Lynch, Paul White type moderate democrat could give it a good show, but we’ll wait and see if the new DEMs can get away from leftist cant and it’s gotta be a woman-minority-gay ticket. I liked Bill Clinton, and think he really meant it when he said he wanted to make abortion “rare”, but Hillary pulled too many strings in that house and that White House. How about an old fashioned southern Arkansas or a Missouri type moderate DEM, a Harry Truman from the Heartland DEM?

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