Black Americans Again Save Our Nation.

I always have been mystified trying to figure out why black Americans love our country so much that despite their treatment and lack of appreciation from some of their fellow white Americans they continue save our nation from going over the cliff.

The latest example is the vote in the states with a large percentage of black voters for Joe Biden over Bernie Sanders.  They prevented a dire situation that looked almost inevitable that two Putin friendly candidates would vie against each other for the American presidency.

Bernie’s clear allegiance to things Russian was hard to ignore. A fan of the Soviet and Cuban dictators, a voter against Russian sanctions, a voter against the Magnitsky Act, and other things clearly showed his fascination, if not love, of Red things. His mimicking of Lenin’s 1917 take over of Russia by his rhetoric cleared away any doubt what his call for a revolution was about. It appealed to the youth ignorant of history.

The black voter eliminated this Russian friendly character. They left  us an American for whom we could vote. I suppose I should have recognized they would reject the cry of the Old Socialist from their history of allegiance to our country.

Lincoln’s emancipation of them freed them up to fight for the Union which they did at a desperate time helping to turn the war’s tide. They were emancipated but  quickly put back into the almost same state by Jim Crow laws.

Despite this black soldiers from the Buffalo battalion were the force behind Teddy Roosevelt’s attack on San Juan Hill, Cuba. Six earned  Medals of Honor. The same battalion fought well in the Mexican war. After that being stationed in Texas the local authorities objected to their presence. The result was after a shooting they were all dishonorably discharged.

In WWI where they were recognized for their bravery against the German by the French, their own government disdained them. They returned from serving overseas to meet lynch mobs and riots in America. All they sought was equal rights. They hoped by serving that the Jim Crow laws would be eased. What they saw were their conditions worsen as the KKK gained membership and prestige.

They likewise showed their courage, fortitude and devotion to  the United States during WWII despite being again in segregated units. They returned to segregated schools, housing, and public transportation.

Black men and women were greatly feared by FBI Director J.Edgar Hoover who grew up in Jim Crow Washington, DC. He would not hire them as field agents. His fear was predicated on his knowledge of their shabby treatment,  the memory of the plan of John Brown and  the American Communists desire to convince them to go with them as their foot soldiers to overthrow the US government by force.

Hoover thought the rise of  a similar type leader as Brown among black Americans meant dire days lurked in the offing. That accounted for Hoover’s targeting of Martin Luther King especially after learning two of his white advisers were  closely aligned with the Communists. Hoover was incapable of recognizing the Communist or Socialist philosophy had no appeal to most black Americans . They had no  desire to lose the little they had in the supposed brave new world they were being promised.

The 1964 Civil Rights Bill passed under LBJ began the process of treating black Americans as equals. It caused the Southern political leaders who were appalled that black people sought equality-to change from Democrat to Republican. Slowly, inexorably, black Americans moved toward gaining equality under the law. The election of a black president seemed to have been the message that equality finally had neared. Yet little time passed before the Tea Party sprang into existence after some Americans bothered with the idea a black man occupied the highest office determined to oppose him.

The idea black Americans are not equal to white Americans still persists among some groups. How can it be I wonder after seeing how much they have brought to our country? Fortunately black voters refuse to be put back into the back of the bus. They fought hard for the right to vote; for preserving our country because it is as much theirs as any others. Their resuscitation of Biden again saves our nation.








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  1. Matt, I strongly recommend Thomas Sowell’s 1984 opus ETHNIC AMERICA, about the struggles and rise of nine American ethnic groups—the Irish, Germans, Jews, Italians, Chinese, African-Americans, Puerto Ricans, and Mexicans.
    Also, during Biden’s 40-plus years in office his family (siblings, children, in-laws) became fabulously wealthy cashing in on government contracts by using his name. See the previously cited: PROFILES IN CORRUPTION, by Peter Schweizer.
    Food for thought.

  2. When it came to hiring agents, Hoover showed a marked preference for white Catholics, Mormons, Marines and to a lesser extent, other U.S. military veterans. Why? They knew how to follow orders. Hoover had a phobic dislike for those who had sweaty palms detectable when they shook hands with Hoover.

    1. Ed:

      That’s true about Hoover. He didn’t particularly like Catholics but liked the idea they would be cowered by authority and would blindly follow his orders. The story by the new agents of standing in line waiting to be congratulated by Hoover who were told that if they had sweaty hands when he shook them they could be drummed out is an interesting look into Hoover and the people he employed.

  3. Trump-Liar-in-Chief (Here’s my tax return, Tax cut for the rich, Pandemic a hoax, Putin a great guy, North Korea our friend, and our allies suck, etc) finally unmasked. America is getting what it deserves if it does not show some sanity in November-unless cancels it.

    1. Hutch, two counterpoints: 1. Trump doubled the tax credit for children from one thousand to two thousand; middle income families have benefited from other tax cuts, too. 2. Trump did not say the virus was a hoax, he said the MSM saying he underestimated its impact was a hoax. Few in February anticipated the widespread social disruption and economic disruption that the virus would cause. Within the last few weeks, colleges and schools were still debating whether they should suspend classes. Some still are.
      All of us are relying on the public health experts for guidance. Hopefully, treatments will emerge soon. The anti-malarial drugs show promise.

  4. How corrupt is today’s Democratic party? Harry Truman said if you come into politics with no money and leave rich you were a thief. Clintons, Bidens and Obamas had no assets entering and left wealthy as did LBJ. Carter was an honest man. He never enriched himself. 2. Blacks saved America in 2016 by staying home and preventing Hillary, a career criminal and a career politician from being elected President. Hillary denounced Bernie as being just a career politician. What is Biden? If as in 2016 two thirds of the public think the country is heading in the wrong direction Biden could win but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Four more years.

    1. NC Would it be inconvenient to remind you that there’s a guy who runs the Senate who is a Republican Named Mitch McConnell who came in as a poor lad Having been dismissed from the army and cloudy circumstances and is now worth over 38 million. Well perhaps I should mention Trump who is now seeking to get his own hotels bailed out. Biden By the way left with very little money after being in office for 35 years. The money he made was made over the last four years giving speeches and advise to others just as Reagan did when the Japanese gave him two million after he left. Then of course we would not want to mention the Bushes and their connections with the Saudi royalty. Or perhaps you forgot about Spyro Agnew who was taking bags of cash and his boss Richard Nixon was a paragon of rectitude.

  5. Americans of every race, religion and ethnic group have made America great. Blacks, Catholics, women, Tea Party folk (fiscal conservatives) have all honorably voiced their opinions and fought for their place at the table.

    1. Eight percent of blacks voted for Trump. Fifty-one percent of white women voted for Trump.
    How will blacks vote in the next election? NEWSDAY, December 3, 2019. “The new Emerson poll puts Trump at 35 percent with black voters and 38 percent with Hispanics. “If you add in Asian voters at 28 percent approval,” notes Emerson’s director of polling Spencer Kimball, “our number is very close to the new Marist poll,” which finds Trump’s approval at 33 percent among non-white voters. A recent Rasmussen Reports poll has Trump support among black voters at 34 percent, and even the new CNN poll has Trump’s approval among non-white voters at 26 percent.
    “Why is losing black voters by a two-to-one margin something to shout about? Because if Donald Trump came anywhere close to those numbers on Election Day, he’d likely win a 50-state sweep. Minority voters — and black voters in particular — are an absolutely vital part of the Democratic base. And they don’t vote for Republicans, particularly for president.”

    2. Old Joe Biden (dementia? “we hold these truths to be self-evident . . .you know the thing”) stands for nothing. For 40 years he supported the Hyde Amendment, then switched when he decided to run for president. Joe’s a big government, tax and spend liberal: “The first thing I’ll do in office is repeal all the Trump Tax Cuts.” He says he’s for more taxes, bigger government, the Green Deal, no fossil fuels . . .Joe will say anything to get elected. Speaking to a black audience he promised “40 billion dollars” for historically black colleges; he promises to nominate “a black woman” to the Supreme Court. He panders. He panders to pro-choicers, too, by promising to “codify Roe v. Wade as modified by Casey.”

    Biden’s been in Washington D.C. for nearly fifty years advocating leftist policies, interventionist wars, abysmal trade policies, higher taxes, more useless regulations, and now he wants 8 more years. When he got to Washington the national debt was two trillion, when he left it was 20 trillion. No one doubts that he’s always been in the tank for the credit card companies, incorporated in his home state of Delaware. Biden’s an empty vessel. Whichever way the wind blows goes Joe.

    Read Peter Schweizer’s book, “Profiles in Corruption” about how much the Biden Family has profited while Joe was in office. I would not be so happy about Joe Biden being the Democratic nominee.

    1. William: Surely you joke when you suggested the Tea Party made America great unless you meant they made it greatly split with their hatred of Obama. Nothing great comes from preaching hatred. I expect at the next election the black voter will make sure that we are in this nightmare.

      I figured you being a true Trump team member would have swallowed the idea that was promulgated during the team-back that Biden is demented. Your hangup and him really seems to be he is not in the pro life camp.

      1. Bills comments on Trump remind me of a line in Bobby Burns wonderful “Address To The Haggis “.

        Auld Scotland wants nae skinking ware
        That jaups in luggies……..

        The soup (substance) of his posts couldn’t be much thinner. MAGA kneepads stock is still a solid investment.

        1. Honest: I never understood the patois of Scotland. Don’t quite understand Bobby Burns. But agree that in this horrible market MAGA kneepads are a buy.

      2. Matt, the MSM found a few members of the Tea Party who were racists and tried to label the whole movement racist. Typical leftist tactics. The Tea Party was a great movement.
        The reason I oppose Biden is that he’s a typical big government liberal; tax and spend; he’s been for interventionistic wars and anti-American trade policies (The Obama/Biden Admnistration gave us the debacles in Syria, Libya and Yemen; Senator Biden supported the war in Iraq); and, yes, he’s enthusiastically pro-abortion.
        Moreover, Biden is a political hack for 50 years, an empty suit, who stands for nothing. His waffling on the Hyde Amendment is Exhibit A.

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