Black Lives Didn’t Matter When It Came To Working Out A Deal With A Serial Murderer: 2/2

Shirley:           What kind of deal?

Freddy:          A deal to give him a reason to tell us what he did. You see if we did not give him a deal on his sentencing he would never have confessed about the murders. So to get his confession and to learn he was the one who murdered them we made a deal.

Shirley:          What good is knowing someone murdered someone if they are not going to get punished for doing it? This Martorano murdered three people and because he tells you about it he gets a deal. What was the deal?

Freddy:          He will be sentenced to twelve years in prison.

Shirley:           Twelve years? He murders our brother and sister and friend – that’s three murders and he gets only twelve years? Did he murder anyone else?

Freddy:          Yes, he admitted to 17 other murders which he committed.

Shirley:           Oh, so he’s going to get more than 12 years, how much more?

Freddy:          No, he’s getting only 12 years, that’s it.

Shirley:           For 20 murders he’s doing twelve years? That’s, that’s less than a year for each one murdered. That makes no sense. We don’t understand.

Freddy:          It’s involved.

Shirley:           Can you explain it?

Freddy:          He’s going to testify against other people who committed murders.

Shirley:           Who are they?

Freddy:          Well mainly against Whitey Bulger.

Shirley:           Did he murder our three relatives and friends.

Freddy:          No, he had nothing to do with it.

Shirley:           Then you are letting the guy who murdered Elizabeth, Douglas and Mr. Smith do very little time in order to get him to testify against a guy who had nothing to do with their murders?

Freddy:          Yes, it may not sound right to you but that’s what we are doing. Our U.S. Attorney Donald Stern said: “The only thing more distasteful than signing this agreement was not signing the agreement. If we didn’t go forward with this agreement there would always be he lingering suspicion that part of the reason for not going forward with this agreement was to protect the FBI.”

Shirley:           Do you mean the FBI may have had something to do with their murder?

Freddy:          From what we know now, that is not the case. But let me go on, Mr. Stern said that Martorano: “has agreed to testify ; against any current or former member of local, state, or federal law enforcement, including without limitation, any prosecution based upon any illegal or corrupt relationship between that individual and James (Whitey) Bulger or Stephen (The Rifleman) Flemmi.”

Shirley:           This is getting a little too much for me. Are you telling me that Martorano will not testify against any people who may have helped him murder Elizabeth, Douglas or Mr. Smith. Are you saying if others were involved – you know he had to have been driven there and gotten away with help – are you saying he doesn’t have to tell us who helped him?

Freddy:          Yes, he only has to testify against Bulger or Flemmi or some law enforcement people..

Shirley:           And what you are telling us neither of them had anything to do with our murdered ones but those who helped him he isn’t going to testify against? Is he going to testify against any of the people who helped him with all the other 17 murders?

Freddy:          No, he’s not going to testify against any criminals who may have been involved in other murders with him. He’s going to testify against Bulger and Flemmi and crooked cops, that’s it.

Shirley:           So a boatload of murderers get set free, 20 murdered people get brushed off, and a couple of guys I never heard about he’ll testify against. Is that it?

Freddy:          You can put it that way. But that’s the way it worked out.

Shirley:           Why didn’t you make a deal with Flemmi or Bulger to testify against Martorano? If he’s murdered so many people I’d think he’s the one that should be the target. Or, are you going to make deals with Flemmi and Bulger so that no one goes to prison for life.

Freddy:          No, no more deals. We’ve done what we’re going to do.

Shirley:           I wish I could believe you but nothing you’ve told me makes sense. I can’t get over the feeling you’ll be dealing with Flemmi next.

Freddy:          I don’t know what the future holds but I think it’s time to adjourn. Thanks for coming in.

Shirley:           Obviously we’re very disappointed. It seems because we’re black the massacred of Elizabeth, Douglas and Mr. Smith is an afterthought. We’ve always thought that because no real investigation was ever done. Now your letting a guy get off without hardly any punishment as if they never existed and we are unable to do anything about it.

Freddy:          Sorry you feel that way.

Shirley:           This is so unfair. I suppose the next thing I’ll hear is that when Martorano gets out you’ll give him $20,000, a thousand dollars for each person he murdered.






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  1. Kamala Harris : Did you watch her testimony against you !!!


    All he had to say . Still applies !!!

  2. This Kavanaugh episode is a watershed. ,” ED MARKEY ” MY WORDS: The rabid viciousness, regarding him, of a morally stunted and ethically malformed, twisted, and gloatingly ugly former FROSTY THE ICE CREAM MAN CUM FORTY YEAR TOUCH ON THE BODY POLITIC is staggering in its CONTRAST TO JUDGE BRETT KAVANAUGH, A PARAGON OF EXCELLENCE who the distempered mutts of the DEMOCRAT DOG PAC (sic) want to try and take down.


  3. Two Mass. Governors, Baker and Weld, spoke about Brian Joyce’s death . . . and once again demonstrated how low we’ve sunk as a nation . . .they spoke as if Brian had been tried and sentenced . . .each forgot that in America you are innocent until proven guilty by a jury of your peers in a court of law . . . .or until you plead guilty . . . .Brian pleaded innocent . . .He was innocent of the corrupt FEDs charges, piled-high double-talk phony charges . . . . . .He died an innocent man . . .in America, as it once was . . .

    The Governors, and the FEDs owe Brian Joyce’s family an apology . . . .at least an explicit statement: “Brian Joyce is innocent of all FED charges.”

    You think our corrupt FED Prosecutors have the integrity to issue that all-American statement? You think they’ll loudly repeatedly proclaim that fact with a Press Conference as they proclaimed the phoney indictments? You think Weld and Baker will apologize?

    This country is sinking fast. . .shifting far from its original intent . . .

    Andy McCauley was right when he said, “It’s time to take the muskets off the walls.” FED/STATE power run amuck, far from the Framer’s Intent. We’ve forgotten what we had a Revolution for . . . .freedom from imperious oppressors . . . .from bully boys . . . .from overseas overseers now stateside who constantly tread on our constitutional freedoms . . . .FEDs . . .imperialistic persecutors . . . .FEDs who often do the bidding of liberal-leftist Media, Academia . . . .how often have we’ve seen judicial/prosecutorial process abused in the Boston area, political targetting, at the behest of the MSM?

    Prosecute the persecutors . . . .depose the heads of state who think a man who pleads innocent dies guilty . . . .purge the government of unconstitutional actors who abuse power, insult the Constitution and insult us, We the People . . .

    They’ve forgotten who rules in America . . . .the FEDs and GOVs have forgotten they’re mere Public Servants, bound by a Constitution . . . .it’s tyranny, my friends . . .

  4. an ugh update….

    Gun reportedly stolen

    Gun reportedly stolen from FBI agent in Baton Rouge

    Release government files on Malcolm X assassination

    Mexican federal forces disarmed local police in Acapulco. Will it work?

    Kate Linthicum
    SEP 26, 2018 | 4:20 PM

  5. no country for an old prosecutor with
    squishy,squishy peanuts trying to
    put Wyshak down for the count with a
    thousand paper cuts.


    in other newes

    Welcome to our website about the murder of Vince Foster, Deputy White House Counsel under President Clinton. Brett Kavanaugh was in charge of the Foster death investigation and led the cover-up inside the Office of the Independent Counsel. A federal court ordered Independent Counsel Ken Starr to include evidence, found in government records, of an FBI cover-up, to the final Report.
    Photo: Pablo Martinez Monsivais, AP

    Brett Kavanaugh: A week offers plenty of time for FBI to investigate allegations, former officials say
    Week expected to be ample time for Kavanaugh FBI probe
    Author: Kevin Johnson and Aamer Madhani, USA TODAY
    Published: 3:05 PM EDT September 28, 2018
    Updated: 6:26 PM EDT September 28, 2018

    FBI fitness app asks users to agree to ‘all of their activities monitored and recorded’
    Jaden Urbi

  6. I re-post now the comment I appended to the first part (1/2) of your essay of yesterday.

    . . . .Remember the men, Brian Joyce, Aaron Scwartz, driven to the grave by the power-abusing federal prosecutors in Boston.
    Remember all the men and women, and their families, persecuted by federal prosecutors abetted by federal judges abusing federal prosecutorial power.

    Pause, for one minute, and remember the link between stress and disease, stress and heart failure, prolonged, intense stress and or even sudden intense overpowering stress and suicide, between stress and cancer, the effect of prolonged unrelieved stress on the immune system. A weakened immune system can’t fight off disease. A family under stress can’t fight off addictions, drugs, sedatives.

    Now point to a Federal Statute that says the Punishment is Crushing with Stones, Crushing the life out of families, Crushing until Dead, Crushing with the Weight of the Federal Prosecutors Office until every drop of blood is crushed out of the victim we choose to prosecute and his family, friends and associates, WE the FEDS.

    Now show me a FEDERAL STATUTE that says the punishment is BANKRUPTCY . . .bankruptcy of a lifetime of savings, of all family savings, of all family income, of loss of college tuitions for the kids and grandkids, of loss of house and home . . . .Can’t find it? Look at the 100-plus nebulous federal counts the FEDs piled on Brian Joyce for the crime of Practicing Law while a State Senator . . . .100-plus counts and the corrupt FEDs even tried to have his lawyer fired so the corrupt FED Prosecutors could then use his lawyer as a witness against him . . . .Even Sterns and the ACLU opposed THAT move of our corrupt FED Prosecutors . . .

    Shakespeare has words for such Persecutors who abuse Federal Prosecutorial Power . . . . . .

    I, your humble correspondent, Billy C, just another Savin Hill Billy, born in Southie raised in Savie, Savin Hill by the Sea, have written a half-dozen books addressing Corrupt FED/STATE POWER . . . .the evil men do . . . .I’ve also written a two volume book (Shots Heard Round the World: Americans Answer the Call to Arms) addressing the all the good that Americans have done.

    The Time to Hesitate is through . . . .

    Prosecute the Persecutors who abuse Federal Prosecutorial Power or who abuse any Federal or State Power . . .

    I see that Third Lamp lit in the Old North Church . . . .

    Peace to persons of good will; to persons not of good will, Special Forces.

  7. Well crafted, Matt. An accurate re-play, true, the cinematic, HBO or stage version, like Death of Salesman or To Kill a Mockingbird, so the average viewer can comprehend Injustice Writ Large.

    It boggles the mind, stuns and appalls persons of conscience, all at once. Suddenly, the enormity of it hits us once again. It really took place, it and worse, all over the last 20 years due to the grotesquely unjust and duplicitous dealings of the STERNS GANG (Sterns, Durham, Wyshak (“The Jihadi Javert”) and their foul progeny, their associates, successors and assigns in the Federal Prosecutors’ Offices and Federal Courthouse in Boston.

    Injustices that wreak to high heaven for redress!
    Injustices that are on going.

  8. Matt:

    Really no need to comment.

    This is a Shirley Temple of the God’s Honest Truth post !!!

    And your way into it is … Novel .

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