Black Lives Didn’t Matter When The Money Was Being Paid Out By The Federal Government:

The insouciance of the law enforcement community and the news media to the murders of Herbert Smith, Elizabeth F. Dickson and Douglas Barrett is hard to imagine. It was far from front page news; it was far from investigated; and no one from the DA’s office bestirred himself to wonder what happened to these three black victims.

Martorano writes about how he murdered them. Of course, he doesn’t know he’s murdering a young girl and a young boy, he suggests he thought they were three men and he had to act quickly. The police reported that “each had been shot several times in the head”; Martorano says he took each one out with one shot which seems more likely.

This was not a well done crime. Clues were all over the place if only one was interested in looking for them. Herbert Smith worked at Basin Street South a nightclub owned by Martorano and some Mafia guys. According to Martorano “the club kept changing hands, going back and forth between the Martoranos and the Lamattinas . . . . But as far as everybody in the city was concerned, Basin Street would always be Johnny Martorano’s place.”

The night before Smith was murdered he helped two guys beat up Steve Flemmi at Basin Street. How many people do you think witnessed that event? Aside from that keep in mind Steve Flemmi is an FBI top echelon informant being handled by FBI Agents Paul Rico and Dennis Condon. Don’t you think they knew something about it?

Now get this. When Stevie Flemmi called Martorano he said he had been beaten up by Smith. It turned out he was beaten up by two Mafia guys, Rocco Lamattina and John Cincotti. Martorano wrote: “Steve is humiliated, but he can’t do nothing about the two Mafia guys, so he blames it all on the black guy. That’s when he calls me.”

Martorano also sets out an FBI report: “Informant stated that recently STEVIE FLEMMI had been beaten up over $300. FLEMMI had tried to collect and met some fast talk. FLEMMI later went back to a bar where he was beaten up by a Negro bartender . . . Informant stated that STEVIE FLEMMI was in pretty bad shape; however, stated that he would take care of the matter himself.”

Got any idea who the informant is. He gives the same fake story to the FBI that Martorano was given. That’s right, the informant is Flemmi telling Rico or Condon of his beating.

I said there was a hot trail of clues. How many people saw Martorano talking with Smith hours before he was killed, how many people saw the Greek (Steve Brucias) and Martorano leave Basin Street? What about the taxi driver who picked Martorano up in the area at 3:00 am and took him to Flemmi’s house? On and on, there was much to go on. Why didn’t the Boston Police follow-up? Where’s the DA’s office?

Overshadowing it this farce of an investigation seems to be the FBI. We’ve seen how far it will go to protect its top echelon informants. When Flemmi told Rico and Condon he was beaten up by Smith and Smith is found day a day later did they not figure out there was some connection especially when he said “he would take care of the matter himself.” Wouldn’t Flemmi also have told them about helping Martorano out after the murders? Wouldn’t the FBI agents know that he would be an accessory after the fact to a triple homicide if that was discovered?

I said yesterday the clues were all laid out before the Boston Police on a silver platter. A decent investigation would have put Martorano and Flemmi out of action.  Did the FBI influence the Boston police’s investigation because it wanted to protect Flemmi? Was it something easy to do to suggest they were just three blacks so lay off the case?

We’ve seen how the families of the white victims of Whitey Bulger got to share in some of his money because he was protected by the FBI; we’ve seen huge amounts of money awarded by the government to people because the FBI protected Whitey. How is it that nothing has gone to the families of these three black individuals because the FBI protected Flemmi?

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  3. just a reminder no country for old prosecutor
    that the invite is still on to meet with Ed Tatro
    at Doyles in JP

    in other Black Panther meets Django Haiku

    Phil Nelson: “The Stalking and Death of Martin Luther King”

    also see

    Black Female Lawmaker in Vermont Resigns After Racial Harassment
    Kiah Morris, a Democrat, resigned from her seat in the State House of Representatives one month after she ended her re-election campaign over harassment and threats.

  4. Matt
    Your story reminds me of the time I invited
    Stetson Kennedy to speak at our conference
    dealing with crimes committed by FBI agents.

    Kennedy has been called America’s Schindler


    I loved it when he started his own Klu Klux Klan branch
    comprised of blacks,jews,orientals and others.

    Jean Paul Satre wrote the forward to his book The Klan
    Unmasked. The book details the FBI protecting of the KKK
    during the 30’s thru current times.


    The Klan Unmasked by Stetson Kennedy – I Rode with the Ku Klux Klan
    Stetson Kennedy › klan
    Stetson Kennedy is our nations No. 1 Klan-buster. He’s done a painstaking and patriotic job in exposing the KKK. Everyone interested in the future of America should read this book. Drew Pearson, Washington Merry …


    Blue by day, white by night: Organized white supremacist groups in law enforcement agencies: Michael Novick

    Blue by day, white by night: Organized white supremacist groups in law enforcement agencies [Michael Novick ]

  5. This was 1968. The world saw South Boston and busing in the early 1970s.At a Red Sox game just a few years ago what was said to an opposing player? The schools, Red Sox,Celtics and Patriots have given Boston very positive public acclaim but do not for a moment change what was always thought as one of if not the most racist city in America.How far back does a city have to go to pay for crimes commited by some of its residents? Who were under the FBi TEI Program? NYC,Vegas, LA? Where else? Where does it all end?

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