Black Lives Matter: Boston Racism: Cops, Feds, and Media : Part 3 of 10

IMG_4389 (2)I mentioned how Martorano wrote a book along with Howie Carr bragging about all the murders he had committed. They split the blood money profit fifty-fifty. Martorano wrote about murdering Elizabeth.

Tragically, rather than just telling it straight out without impugning any of the dead they could not resist tearing down the reputation of innocent Elizabeth to make it seem that somehow she deserved what she got. If there is anything lower than attempting to slander a young teenager whose life was taken I have a hard time thinking of it. But it gives a glimpse into the character of these men.

They wrote,  “The papers described her as a “go-go dancer” That was intended to suggest she was dancing at night clubs or even was a stripper.  The was wrong. The paper said she was dressed in “a purple knit “go-go outfit”.  It mentioned nothing about her being a dancer.

They write, “she had taken up in recent weeks with Smith despite their age difference.” Mentioning the age difference we are supposed to wonder what type of young woman age 19 would be involved with a 47-year-old man. The innuendo from “taken up” suggest a greater involvement than a friendship. All they knew was that she was a friend of Smith’s.

They wrote her head “was resting against the driver’s right knee. There was a cigarette case in her hand.” Again this suggests some type of involvement. None of it was necessary. Even if she were a go-go dancer and Smith’s girlfriend it was not necessary to mention other than to tarnish the reputation of the young black woman. This sordid duo, Carr and Martorano, use villainous means to besmirch poor Elizabeth to justify Martorano’s horrid act.

I wondered if they would they have written about a 19 year old kid in such a way if she were white? The Carr book wasn’t written back in the nineteen fifties — it came out in 2011/ They write about a young black woman in the same manner as some did back in the Jim Crow days when they lynched blacks.

The vile treatment of Elizabeth is not the worst that happened here. The great tragedy is with a little effort the case may have been easily solved. Unfortunately little effort was expended. Why was that?  Was it that black lives did not matter?

The three black victims were found as I said at 5:50 am by the Boston police on a snowy winter morning in January. Each had been shot in the head behind the ear on the left side. Each still had money on them which ruled out a robbery. From their positions the police concluded each was caught by surprise. A trail of blood led away from the scene for a block. Detective Lieutenant James M. McDonald said: “All three had excellent reputations and had never been in trouble with the police.”

The police concluded according to the two reports in the newspaper that the killer was well-known to the victims. Or, at least was known to the driver of the car who would have controlled access to the car. The gunman was let into the back seat. When he got into the car no one showed they had a reason to fear him.

The report noted the driver, Herbert Smith, was “an assistant manager of a South End night club, Basin Street South.” That was a nightclub that was owned by Martorano and some Mafia guys and it was where he hung out all the time. Obviously, the first thing to do was to trace back the doings of Smith. That simple step was apparently never done.   (continued in part 4)

2 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter: Boston Racism: Cops, Feds, and Media : Part 3 of 10

  1. Matt- I know exactly which part of the book you are speaking of, you
    are bullseye spot on, regarding the way Carr wrote about the female victim being a stripper. Blood Money is exactly what this partnership between Carr and Murderman is/was. Howie Carr actually wears Flemmi shirts and hats that depict the slogan “The Rifleman” Does this hate-monger know he is promoting a pedophile serial killer apparel? Does this not register in his head?? it is insane. A grown man who is a fanboy ,peddling clothing and ball caps of pedophile-serial killer- individuals?? It is mind blowing.

    1. Doubting:

      Good comment – my sentiments exactly but it tells a lot about what Howie Carr is about – there is nothing that he will not do for money – plus it speaks legions to those who want to be his fans. During Whitey’s trial I watched lawyers, court officers, and fellow reporters from the Globe all sucking up to him. Sad.

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