Black Lives Matter: Boston Racism: Cops, Feds, and Media : Part 4

hoover with gunIn his book Martorano told us his version of why the triple-homicide took place. The day before the murder he received a call from Stevie Flemmi who told him he had beeb beaten up at Basin Street. He said that Smith held his arms while the other guys did the job on him. Martorano was offended that his friend Stevie was beaten up at his club. Martorano told Stevie he would take care of it.

At the time Basin Street was owned by a Mafia guy named Lamattina. He and Martorano swapped the ownership back and forth between themselves but Martorano always considered it was his place.

A Boston police vice-squad officer filed a report on the day of the murder about what he observed at Basin Street. He wrote that Smith was there between 1:15 and 1:30 am and he was drinking. He also saw Martorano there and described how he was dressed. Even knowing this about Smith within a couple of hours of his murder no one went to Basin Street to inquire.

Martorano in telling of the murder said Smith told him he knew of a new after-hour joint. He asked Smith if he would take him there. Smith agreed and said he would meet him on Normandy Street. He got a ride to the meet after getting a .38. It was around 3:30 am and snowing heavily.

He got out of the car and told the driver to circle the block and come back. He went into Smith’s car and as soon as he could he killed the three victims. He left the car after taking the keys and walked toward Blue Hill Ave. the driver never returned to pick him up. He walked to Blue Hill Avenue, hailed a cab, made a call at a pay phone to get Flemmi’s address, and the cab drove him to Flemmi’s house in Milton.

He wrote in his book that , “The police investigation reached a dead end very quickly.” That was an understatement. Knowing Smith was at Basin Street around 1:30 am and dead sometime before 5:10 am; and that whoever murdered him had to know him and have a beef with him; they never went to Basin Street to investigate. They might have learned of Flemmi being beaten up by Smith at Basin Street. That was apparently done in front of many people. They never figured if a guy had to walk away from the scene he might have had to hail a cab. They apparently never checked the cab companies. Why did no one pull Flemmi’s phone records to see he had a call at 3:45 am from Blue Hill Avenue; or get the records of pay phones along that street for that time. Evidence was bubbling over but the police couldn’t or didn’t want to see it.

I knew a Boston homicide detective. For many years we talked. He look all murders whether black, white or some other person in the same manner. He took personal offense to them and was determined to solve them. He wasn’t in homicide at that time but it is difficult to accept that none of the Boston cops cared about three dead persons– but then it seemed no one else did. The higher ups in the police and City Hall had nothing to say that I can find.

How can this be explained? Is the only explanation that the Boston police did not think black lives mattered. Or could there have been something else. Something more sinister. Were the Boston police told to let it go?

Lurking in the background of these murders was Stevie Flemmi on whose behalf they were done. Stevie was connected. No, not with the Mafia but with the FBI. He was a Top Level Informant of Paul Rico. It was Rico’s job, in the same manner it was Whitey Bulger’s FBI handler John Connolly’s job, to keep their top level informants on the street to provide information to the FBI.

It is likely Rico knew of Stevie’s beating. If he knew Smith held his arms and that Smith had been killed within a day of that incident, it is likely he knew why Smith was murdered. If he knew that, he would also know that perhaps his informant Stevie could be jammed in as an accessory before or after the murder. That would not be good for Flemmi would be of no use to him in the can.   (continued in part 5)

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  1. nic

    Still why no investigation?

    That is a question best
    answered by a
    volunteer police review board
    with subpoena powers

  2. JKM makes some good points. Is there any credibility to Gucci’s story? He boasted in one of those books how he was able to make a deal with the feds without implicating his brother and his friends in any crimes. Is the Flemmi beating an invented story? Could Smith have been stealing from the Martoranos or be suspected as a police informant? Could brother Jimmy be the shooter or the driver of the get away car? Could other pals from Roxbury be? During negotiations with the DOJ he realizes they will make the deal whether he admits to fifteen or twenty murders. He will receive no additional punishment and can help others. Still why no investigation?

    1. NC- Great points. If Johnny would do anything for a friend? …Than what would he do for his brother?

  3. Khalid

    we took his brother Phil Berrigan
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    to celebrate the anniversary of
    the Bill of Rights.
    Also part of the tour was attorney
    Linda Backiel and Joe Deom with Mohawk
    Nation Elder Lorraine Johnson
    Defense Lawyer Is Jailed Over Client Confidentiality –

    Feb 15, 1991 – “I can’t be turned into a witness for the prosecution,” said Ms. Backiel, a criminal defense lawyer who has practiced in New York, Philadelphia and, most recently, Puerto Rico. … But Ronald H. Levine, the Assistant United States Attorney in Philadelphia who is the prosecutor in the …

    I later spent a week in DC with Phil
    videotaping his pouring blood
    on the Pentagon and Guatamalan
    Embassy spending one night in
    the DC homeless shelter, the largest
    such facility in the United States.
    Phil’s friends who joined him from
    around the country also padlocked
    the doors shut at the. World Bank
    at 8 am during a work week.

    Joe Deom was part of a armed
    standoff with the Canadian Mounties
    trying to stop a golf course from
    being built on a Mohawk burial

  4. in other news
    yes J Edgar Hoover was the principal architect
    behind the JFK assassination

    Jimbo the sociopath is just another active barometer
    on how systemic the gangarene is in law enforcement

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  6. Doubting T :

    Machiavelli wrote to the effect that you should never humiliate a man in front of his family. Unfortunately, a waggish sort of mug working down the Rotary packy made the .. we’ve got a dumpster waiting for you .. crack, allegedly and more likely than not to Carr. It was impolitic . It was imprudent. I doubt Jimmy countenanced it. I know if he genuinely wanted Carr dead it would have been Professionally done. He had that resource. His confederates knew it. Ir held them in terror check during his reign. Forget the clown posse C-4 basketball tales from the garrulous and lovable Weeksie with his DAY OF THE JACKAL sniper tales. Carr himself scoffs at them. If Jimmy Bulger wanted Howie Carr assassinated then HITMAN would never been written . 🙂

    I don’t get into Judgments about moral compasses with all these characters. I have known too many thoroughly corrupt ” Good Guys ” and too many ” Bad Guys ” who had decent hearts in certain ways , not to realize that decency and corruption are found in the individuals of each group ; be they wearing a scally cap or a Quantico baseball cap.

    “Know thy enemy” was Sun-Tzu’s injunction in THE ART OF WAR . What the Bulger crew should generally realized, which I think Jimmy with his survivor’s instinct did clearly know, was that Carr had his own power base. He still has it : He is a civilian : He is a solid citizen : He is a newspaper columnist, novelist, and popular radio show personality : He is politically hooked up and is super tight with the feds : He has extensive Underworld contacts and can cross between and play off factions in that world : He got terrorized and he kicked back as he can be as much an irascible character as Jimmy, this is the paradox of personalities that has long bemused me ; under different circumstances they would have each quite amused the other is my belief.

    So, I look at Carr realistically. He is generally the Script Consultant on Set as it were, but the overall Production has many, many, authors. Always remember though that Carr knows much more than he can ever tell. So, commercial efforts like HITMAN that he just beat the other ink stained wretches to are just that , attempts to cash in before someone else beats you to it. I am dispassionate when it comes to reviling the seasoned Carr. He is not the problem .

  7. Mac- Trance- Script, i love it. Bullseye my pal. I wish you were able to read the book, i would be really interested in what you thought about the notion of Johnny being the person to do anything for a friend, which is the common theme/excuse that attempts to justify his horrendous actions.

    The Trance- Script comment is spot on and really is the theme throughout the entire book. One also gets the impression Carr is extremely impressed with Johnny and seems to also be pretty impressed with himself, even considering in a previous book i believe he called Johnny not a very bright individual or something along the lines of being a person with low intelligence. Howie is a real snake with no moral compass.

  8. * Like swirling flakes of snow they disappear beyond the car beams of an alleged accomplice who drives him to Normandy St. , is instructed to circle the block, and then leaves him in the lurch.

    Ya’ see what I mean about Trance Scripts gentle reader ??? … It is powerful stuff … Very MK – Ultra Sir … Welcome to the dance in the hypnotic arena 🙂

  9. * Elizabeth Dixon’s cigarette ….

    * An alleged accomplice who drives him to Normandy St., is instructed to circle the block, and then leaves him in the lurch.

    1. Rob H.,"we'd need to have a more thorough exploration of Venus to determine crustal composition of Earth-sized planets that did not suffer a massive coa;3sion"Thlt&#i9ls assuming Venus didn't. It's a very odd world.

  10. ” He left the car ( Mr.Smith’s) after taking the keys, and walked to Blue Hill Ave ” … ANOTHER HYPNOTIC DETAIL … This is indeed a TRANCE SCRIPT : If he was in the car and the close quarters shooter then the grisly reality is that he was liberally spattered with blood : I have not read HITMAN by H.L. Carr, but understand that there is a detail therein that BPD rolled up on this so quickly that they found Elizabeth’s Dixon’s cigarette still smoking in the ashtray ; this detail is apocryphal ??? If true then a shrewd John Martorano is to be believed by his own account to have been gorily traipsing around in the near vicinity wirh the incredible and inexplicable ” Trophy Car Keys ” from Mr.Smith’s vehicle in his possession, a totally and absolutely damning piece of evidence. There was no practical reason to take the keys. Yet, such is the suggestibiliry of these Trance Scripts that have become revealed religion when the killer”s suit, one would suggest, has many tailors, that an experienced ex-prosecutor recounts it above and without drawing a breath just continues on . He is not to be faulted. These are powerful Scripts. : Steve Flemmi is the aggrieved party, yet, miraculously, as in his account of the murders of Deborah Davis and Deborah Hussey, he has a Mobster Knight Errant, this time Johnny Martorano, ride to his rescue. We are to believe that John Martorano took three murders, at supreme personal risk to himself, upon his head to satisfy a Flemmi vendetta ??? Not likely. A motive of outraged dignity over Basin Street South having been the hallowed precincts where such an affront was committed is also pretty thin stuff. The place was a bucket of blood. In ’66 a fellow named Mr. Jackson was stabbed in the face and killed by a Mr. Geary at the front door over a imagined insult that happened inside earlier in the night. : Flemmi is not a Hitman though Martorano was. Flemmi was more classically a serial killer . He had a pathological lust for, and really simply enjoyed, killing people. Elizabeth Dixon, like the two Deborah’s , was a person he had no moral compunction about slaying. He is the much more likely Normandy St. Stevie The Ripper.

    Martorano furnishes the hypnotic details. Like swirling flakes of snow they disappear beyond the car beams of an alleged accomplice who drives him to Normandy St. , are instructed to circle the block, and leave him in the lurch. The shrewd Johnny is incriminatingly hailing a cab on Blue Hill Ave. after apparently needing to call Flemmi to get his house address. ” Hey, Who is that white man fumbling coins into the pay phone in the snowy Blue Hill Ave. vista at four O’ Clock in the morning as sirens continue to converge on a massacre site nearby, my good fellow ??? ” … It is all utter and ” uttered ” ROT !!!

    Hold it all up to a strong light and it is seen for the fable it is. But it is a hell of a good story. The affable Johnny has entranced you with it. You have more in common with another person who understands the power of an entrancing story to get people to suspend their disbelief than you realize, Howie Carr 🙂

  11. The Flemmi/Martorano- angle is where i feel alot of unchecked evidence is rotting away.
    Flemmi is missing in the BOP, it is damn near impossible to get any concrete background on this guy, in the day and age of the internet that is telling.
    I feel strongly that if we could get deeper in Flemmi’s life and timeline, a few things might open up a wave of information, he has been tucked away, impossible to keep tabs on and is a pathological liar will real history with Rico and Connolly.

    I know people are sick of Bulger, he is only 25% of the carnage involved with this saga.
    Flemmi i feel is a subject that has to be pursued. He has vanished and i for the life of me want to know where he is.

  12. What a pastiche … What a farrago …. What a hodge podge … What a totally F’d up story and combination of unlikely elements this seems : There was a Martorano / Smith connection certainly : There was a precipitating incident with rhe Flemmi beating : There is a snowbound car in the heart of Roxbury at 3:30 a.m. where Mr.Smith against all narural instinct and caution makes an unlikely assignation with a mobbed up guy after participating in the humiliating beating of the mobbed up guy’s mobbed up best friend – ” Hey Johnny, wend your way in a snowstorm in the wee hours so that you can slip behind my left ear, take a ” back seat, Johnny, while a teen associate of mine is sitting shotgun, and I’ll take ya’ to a great little after hours joint ” 🙂 : This unusual scenario does not comport with Johnny’s ego or any sort of credible circumstance that would have him filling out this Normandy St. heart of Roxbury pre-dawn in a blizzard quartet . – Did he walk there ???????

    Who can really say what happened ??? Did Mr.Smith die by criminal misadventure that morning completely unconnected to the Basin Street crew. Do good things generally happen at 3:30 a.m. on Normandy St. in the Berry back in the day ??? Was a coincidence of events, the Flemmi beating and Smith and the teens’ murders, an opportunity for the knowing wiseguy ” I / We got him wink by Johnny Martorano ???

    You’re an Investigator . Put it together. The deal wirh the feds was made and book and movie deals were in the future. Who volunteered this account … Johnny !!! Does it really all feel right and credible to you ??? Does it hold up or is it yet another WHITEY SAGA TRANCE SCRIPT ???

    The deficit for Johnny is that he is a lying, strangely or not so strangely , self-aggrandizing Mob hitter, putting all the notches on his gun that he could once the game was truly up and murders could be cleared in ” The Big Picture. ”

    On the + side for Johnny Martorano is that ” Roxbury ” killed Mr. Smith, Elizabeth Dixon, and the other teen at that unusual hour and trysting place , not John Martorano. This is how this ” Detective ” sees it .

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