Black Mass: The Boston Globe, The Boston U.S. Attorney, and the Devil’s Deal

Lap DogI have written before how the Globe compromised the Boston U.S. Attorney Ortiz shortly after she took office naming her its Bostonian of the Year. At that time it pumped her head  full of dreams of higher office: a governor’s seat or a seat in the U.S. Senate. She was aware that cooperating with the Globe would help her advance her political connections. She seemed ready to listen to the drum beat from the Globe’s offices on Morrissey Boulevard in Dorchester and fall in step with its demands. A tacit understanding appears to have developed: she would do what the newspaper wanted in its endless request for a Pulitzer prize or another movie; it would do whatever it could to advance her career and protect her.

The Huffington Post which noticed the questionable relationship between Ortiz and the Globe wrote a follow-up column in which i was mentioned suggesting the reaction of the Boston media proved its point. To date none in the Boston media think this is worthwhile mentioning. The Globe’s response to it by Joan Venocchi ducked the issue of its incestuous relationship with Ortiz.

There is widespread fear in the Boston media of the Globe.  That is the big corruption story in Boston – how the Globe and the U.S. Attorney have made the Devil’s Deal which gives the newspaper the right to decide upon prosecutions. I have decried this arrangement for years. I first became aware of it during the trial of FBI Agent John Connolly.

Corrupt FBI agent John Morris was testifying how he disclosed to the Globe that Whitey Bulger was an FBI informant. He admitted that was a violation of his duty as an FBI agent and also that the public disclosure in a newspaper that Whitey was an informant might very well bring about Whitey’s murder. He admitted that he felt as long as Whitey was out there he was in peril because he had taken money from Whitey and in exchange gave him information about investigations against him and believed Whitey might have recorded him.

He testified that he did not have many friends in the FBI. But he did point out he had one friend who was Gerry O’Neill of the Boston Globe’s Spotlight Team who he had been feeding inside information to. It would turn out he had been doing this for a long time and that when he found no criminal involvement in one investigation O’Neill urged him not to close it out since the Globe wanted to keep it open.

It intrigued me that the newspaper would be so closely connected with the doings of the federal government. I watched as time went on. I saw how the Boston U.S. attorney’s office gave the Globe the secret grand jury testimony of Bill Bulger. Their animus toward him was clear, as I also discovered during Agent Connolly’s trial. They apparently made a deal to work together to get him.

I have mentioned before how it was the Globe that demanded Probation Commissioner John O’Brien be indicted by Ortiz’s office and he and two associates were for racketeering even though the proof showed they were involved in patronage– that matter is scheduled for argument in the court of appeals later this month. I mentioned how the newspaper complained about a mean taxi cab owner and Ortiz caused a raid on his place even though no crimes were involved.

Two recent cases show the ongoing Devil’s Deal: the investigation of Senator Brian A. Joyce. The Globe gets inside information from the prosecutors about the subpoenas being issued as is shown here and here. Much of  the content in its story against Joyce seemed to come from prosecutorial leaks.

The most significant deal involves thwarting the will of the people of Boston in their plan to oust Boston Mayor Martin Walsh from office or at least make sure he does not get reelected. The Globe went to court to have a judge order the mayor to disclose whether the mayor was subpoenaed and what the subpoenas asked for. I have suggested that it already knows this and in the past would have routinely published it. But now because more and more people are awakening to the Globe/Ortiz Devil’s deal it needed cover.

The judge gave the Globe an astonishingly quick hearing . He ordered the mayor to give the information over to the Globe unless the U.S. attorney objected. He forced her hand. If she did not object it would be clear she wanted the mayor embarrassed; fortunately, she did object. The Globe cannot write the story about the subpoenas without jeopardizing the Devil’s deal.

Finally, two intrepid reporters at a national news service, the Huffington Post, who have been watching Ortiz since her ill-founded treatment of Aaron Swartz have noticed the connection. They have lifted the lid and exposed the Devil’s deal. No longer is it just this one small voice shouting out how wrong it is for a private money-making organization to be controlling federal prosecutors or for the federal government to be working to help a private enterprise make money.

Hopefully more reporters will find the courage to challenge this sordid arrangement. The media is supposed to be a watchdog on the government. It is not supposed to be a lap dog wagging its tail to please it in exchange for being fed by it.

5 thoughts on “Black Mass: The Boston Globe, The Boston U.S. Attorney, and the Devil’s Deal

  1. Matt, in the 13th Century, the Mongols killed 30 million people without firing a shot. Guns had not been invented. If you took away all the guns in America, crazed individuals like the Tsarnaev brothers in Boston, still would kill – – – with bombs —- or with bats or knives or by arson.
    2. How many fewer deaths would there be if Dallas or Orlando involved repeating rifles and shotguns?
    3. Charles Whitman, the Texas Tower Shooter, shot 43 and killed 18. He was armed with three rifles, two sawed-off shotguns and pistols. He’d killed his mother before he climbed the Tower at the University of Texas in Austin. Lee Harvey Oswald used a rifle.
    4. The point is: Amending the 2nd Amendment by judicial fiat will not protect us against society’s maniacs.

    1. Bill:

      1. True doing a better job controlling guns will not stop someone being knifed to death.

      2. Probably a lot fewer especially in Orlando.

      3. There will always be some killings with guns; we can only try to limit them.

      4. It was judicial fiat that changed the Second Amendment. Putting it back together again is the right thing to do.

  2. Dear Matt, A clear example of federal law enforcement/media collusion occurred after TWA 800 – bound for Paris on July 17, 1996 – broke apart in midair off Long Island minutes after taking off from Kennedy International Airport. All 230 people aboard were killed.
    New York Times article (July 16, 2013), “Leaving No Survivors but Many Questions ‘TWA Flight 800’ Examines a 1996 Tragedy” ends with:
    “The agencies involved in the original one come off poorly in this film, and it’s hard to imagine any entity that would command the authority that could put the Flight 800 case to rest.”
    Bill Clinton was running for re-election. Your blog seeks positive change. Hillary Clinton being elected president will make that harder to happen.

  3. Keep banging the drum Matt. It is going to cause someone to ask questions .

  4. I think it would be fair to say
    the FBI and it’s mother ship
    the DOJ would cease to exist
    were it not for the public relations
    work done on their behalf by main
    stream media MSM.

    The good research done by Mathew
    Cecil and his book detailing the FBI
    control of the media as well as Dirk Gibson
    doing similar research graphically show
    how the MSM has been complicit in
    covering up the FBI assassination of
    President Kennedy,Martin Luther King
    and Robert Kennedy.

    Hoover’s FBI and the Fourth Estate: The Campaign to Control the Press and the Bureau’s Image
    Book by Matthew Cecil
    The Federal Bureau of Investigation was an agency devoted to American ideals, professionalism, and scientific methods, directed by a sage and selfless leader—and anyone who said otherwise was a no-good … Google Books
    Originally published: 2014
    Author: Matthew Cecil

    ERIC – A Quantitative Description of FBI Public Relations., Public Relations … › …
    by DC Gibson – ‎1997 – ‎Cited by 13 – ‎Related articles
    Gibson, Dirk C. Public Relations Review , v23 n1 p11-30 Spr 1997. States that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) …

    in other news

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