Blaming the Federal Prosecutors For Whitey’s Lengthy Impunity Is Plainly Wrong

Janet Uhlar’s book “Truth Be Damned” is well worth reading if you are interested in following the reaction of a juror at the Whitey Bulger trial. It also gives insight into the thinking of Whitey Bulger. Along with that, it sets out much of the Carney/Brennan idea of something being wrong in the Department of Justice especially the Boston office of the United States Attorney.

I suggest that Uhlar has been led astray by Whitey’s defense counsel. She may not have understood the need for them to put the blame on the prosecutors. The First Circuit Court of Appeals had ruled that promises by FBI agents to people about immunity are not enforceable. It said that only a U.S. attorney could make those promises.  Thus, to attempt to save Whitey they had to advocate for the idea that something was rotten in the Boston U.S. attorney’s office. The “corrupt U.S. attorney” argument was specious but it was the only one that Whitey’s lawyers  had available to themselves.

Whitey’s defense consisted of saying “sure I’m a bad guy who committed lots of murders and other crimes but the Justice Department is worse than I am so set me free.” It was a hard sell, even beyond a Hail Mary type defense. It was like dropping a bean bag from an airplane at thirty thousand feet and hoping it lands on a catch basin outside 47 Belfort Street in Dorchester.

The gist of the defense was the U.S. Attorney William Weld, his deputies and assistants, and successors, were all working together to protect Whitey. “Look,” they point out, “there were no prosecutions of Whitey during the 1970s, 1980s or early 1990s. How could it be if the local U.S. attorneys were not part of a scheme to protect him and his buddy Steve Flemmi?”

It was an absurd defense because there was no showing that any of these individuals were aware Whitey’s criminal activities. Yet it seemed to work. It did result in the Court of Appeals removing Federal District Judge Richard Stearns from presiding over the case because he was in the U.S. Attorneys office at that time in question. In retrospect that was wrong but at the time with the hysteria sweeping through the Boston media about all things Whitey it was not unexpected that it would infect the judiciary. In fact, the way all things were handled relating to Whitey in the federal district and appeals court showed minds were made up before the cases arrived.

The assistants in the U.S. Attorney’s office do not investigate cases. They rely on the federal investigative agencies such as the FBI, the DEA, the ATF, and the like  to do that. These investigative agencies bring cases to the federal prosecutors who review them and add their two cents. If no one brought a case against Whitey to the attention of these prosecutors, the lack of prosecuting Whitey does not fall on their laps, it is the fault of the investigators. If one agency is protecting Whitey from prosecution the blame falls on it and not the prosecutors. There was no showing anything relating to Whitey was brought to any U.S. attorney other than the head of the Organized Crime Strike Force Jeremiah O’Sullivan which was back in 1979.

There is one incident where the FBI assistant special agent in charge in Boston, Robert Fitzpatrick, said he went to Bill Weld to complain about a decision being made by O’Sullivan in refusing to let Brian Halloran into the Witness Protection Program. Within days of doing that Halloran had been gunned down according to witnesses by Whitey, Weeks and Nee on the South Boston Waterfront.Even had that not happened, it is doubtful Weld would have interfered with an O’Sullivan decision.

Aside from that, there is also a problem with what Fitzpatrick stated because he testified for the Carney/Brennan defense during Whitey’s trial. He later pleaded guilty to having perjured himself with some of his testimony. As long time readers of this blog will recall I had lots of problems with the statements contained in Fitzpatrick’s book some of which I knew were plainly wrong.

The Whitey mania that swept Boston through the irresponsible media and subsequent books, everyone wanted in like the Klondike Gold Rush, was similar to the Fells Acre Day care mania. Dorothy Rabinowitz aptly described it as:  “The accusations against the Amiraults might well rank as the most astounding ever to be credited in an American courtroom, but for the fact that roughly the same charges were brought by eager prosecutors chasing a similar headline—making cases all across the country in the 1980s.”

 Massachusetts has something in the drinking water that causes the people to lose perspective and quickly join in a lynching mob without second thought. It is the state after all that also brought us the Salem Witch Trials. 



26 thoughts on “Blaming the Federal Prosecutors For Whitey’s Lengthy Impunity Is Plainly Wrong

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    1. “What do think FBI agents will put in taxpayers stockings?”

      Rufus T. Firefly to Ambassador Trentino: “Could you loan me $12 till payday. I’ll give you my personal note for thirty day. If it isn’t paid by then, you can keep the note.”

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  4. People are still afraid of Jimmy because he could still get himself whacked like that .


  5. For all the wannabes and never fucking wanted to be :

    THE BULGER MYTH = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    $$$$ IS NEVER FUNNY . Thomas Crown

    1. <<>>

      Gotta thank you for that one. I am going to incorporate it in a slightly different idiom but rest assured, you will receive full credit.

      As I read the many posts throughout this blog concerning James Bulger, I think: At least Clarice Starling retained her humility. Because of that character in her she allowed Doctor Lecter to improver her without catching any of his disease. Whether she knew it or not, she used him.

  6. “Martorano, Flemmi, Morris, Nee, Weeks, and Connolly aren’t viewed as “Monsters.” Only Bulger is — because the Myth says so.”

    What? Maybe to the dentist reading his Boston Globe over a coffee in Weston.

  7. Don’t think you’ve ever understood where I’m coming from, Matt. I wouldn’t expect Bulger to get immunity from the FBI (nor did his attorneys) because Bulger was not an FBI informant! That is what started the “Whitey Myth” of which he played no part.

    The Johns — Morris AND Connolly (aptly & prophetically named “John” considering the many meanings attributed to it!) were selling information to Bulger. Information which they knew would lead to the murder of certain individuals. Bulger paid them close to $1 million for this information (and a few explosives as well).
    Morris ran to the Globe and said Bulger was an informant to save himself and get Bulger killed.

    About 10 days of the “trial” were devoted to “Bulger’s informant file.” Why? The jury never had to make a determination in deliberations about the damned file. So why? (Matt, weren’t you in the courtroom for the testimony of 4 retired FBI agents who stated under oath that Connolly was “bad” and that he was stealing information from their files to put in his “Bulger file.” Lifting direct quotes and changing the date and identity of the actual informant to that of Bulger. You don’t remember? Or, is it that you chose to believe these 4 agents were lying? Do you know how many jury members came to the conclusion from testimony that the so-called “Bulger file” was fake?

    Bob Fitzpatrick stated in his testimony that upon interviewing Bulger he determined he WAS NOT an informant and needed to be made a target. This aspect of Fitzpatrick’s testimony was corroborated by Desi Sideropolis (Do you remember her testimony? It was a testimony the media — and perhaps you, Matt, failed to relate.)

    Fitzpatrick was railroaded for challenging Wyshak and Kelly with his testimony. The charges of perjury and obstruction had nothing to do with his testimony about his interview with Bulger and memo he presented to SAC Larry Sarhatt (and Washington). AGAIN, Sideropolis stated under oath that the memo was indeed presented to Sarhatt and placed in his office safe for years (were you there for her testimony?)

    Bulger said that he received his offer of protection from O’Sullivan NOT the FBI. The jury was not allowed to hear about O’Sullivan (Wyshak blew a gasket the 2 times the name was mentioned by the defense. It was a name I determined to find out about after the trail while sitting in that jury box. Wyshak and Kelly were simply too livid. There was “power” in that name.)

    Matt, you state, “I suggest that Uhlar has been led astray by Whitey’s defense counsel. She may not have understood the need for them to put the blame on the prosecutors.”

    Their “blame” on the prosecutors had more to do with evil dealings with their proffers! How do the combined crimes of their highly paid witnesses weigh less than those of Bulger? Why wasn’t Bulger allowed to plead guilty to all charges and take an expedited death sentence? Why does no one ask these questions and seek for the answers?

    The “Whitey Myth” fed the desire for Bostonians and organized crime junkies to justify their need to hate — and gave them the focus for this base emotion. Those who bought into the “Whitey Myth” don’t hate Martorano, Flemmi, Morris, Nee, Weeks, or Connolly (oh yeah, I almost forgot, Connolly is forever viewed as a “good guy”).

    Martorano, Flemmi, Morris, Nee, Weeks, and Connolly aren’t viewed as “Monsters.” Only Bulger is — because the Myth says so.

    One day these followers of the Myth will realize they were all duped (a lot of false testimony paid for by an obsessed AUSA assigned with clean up by higher ups in the DOJ and perhaps the CIA…? The MKUltra story is even more reason to shut Bulger up. He didn’t even know the depth of it until I shared with him the 1977 US Senate Hearing on it. Have you ever read it, Matt?

    The “Whitey Myth” — a lot of fake news by the Boston media (and believe me, I hesitate to use that term because that man in the White House uses it so frequently, but, when it comes to the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, and WBUR, it certainly seems to fit!)

    Bulger’s trial needed to happen under the strict confines of a Boston Federal Court and before a highly compromised Boston media. The jury wasn’t sequestered — and constantly bombarded with news headlines about Bulger’s criminality. For God sake, it was handed out when boarding the subway, which many of us took. Not even sequestered after a witness was murdered! Come on!

    Bulger’s imprisonment was supposed to silence him. It didn’t — he wrote to MANY people.

    Bulger had to be silenced. Setting him up to be murdered was the only way. Dead men don’t talk — but those he spoke and wrote to will.

    Detox from the “Whitey Myth,” and then try to put some logic into the research about why Bulger (and Connolly) were the focus of the DOJ (and CIA?)

    The Myth is dying… The throes of its death will be painful for those who have so much time and emotion invested in it…

    1. Janet :

      Let me amend that . You know a lot about shit .


      Well , What do you have Sparky . Are you gonna tell us all as we darkly contemplate detox from the ” Whitey Myth ” ( OH, THOSE DIRTY IRISH ) that you know who actually killed whom. Do you seriously mean to suggest that Jimmy did other than intellectually diddle you around like the moralizing little fussbudget you are . He had some fun with you . That is all .

      You are such a colossal phony Janet . You did not have the strength of convictions that you parade now ,before what is actually a surprising number of legal beagles and assorted criminals in and out of that profession, when it came to stepping up to the Communion Plate .

      You could have saved him . Now you whynge on like the brittle , testy , sanctimonious vampire you are, trying to style yourself as a paragon of high wisdom in matters Jimmy and matters Murder .

      You are so deep over your fuzzy fuzzy head . And yet you keep up your pratings , prattlings, and inflated ratttlings about matters you are not privy to know .

      Idjit … If you are going to , SO LIBERALLY, gas on about the ” WHITEY MYTH . ” Then give attribution to the person who introduced that term into the lexicon on this blog , and elsewhere, ME . If you were not such a dilettante who eschewed the labor of deconstructing the WHITEY MYTH over a period of years on this blog , as I have . You would realize that .

      Janet , don’t be the rankling skunk at the Garden Party . There is a lot on the table . And , you are not the worst person around , but as far as what you meaningfully have to contribute :


      1. How fucking stupid is this woman. says I to myself , that she waltzes onto a blog replete with capable characters, and I do mean characters , who have forgotten more about the Trial issues she strumpets on about than she ever knew .

        Janet , MAJOR OBVIOUS , The Church Hearings and Mk-Ultra were being discussed on this blog before the Trial started or you were appointed a Juror.


        Wake up and smell the Café Au-Please Go Get Laid and Chill The Fuck Out .

        What you were too stupid to realize was that when I defended you , consistently and courteously , when you were attacked and derided on this blog , that people in the -Know Know Know now Janet- said to themselves : Well she is OK with Jack .

        You no longer are . You breathlessly challenge Matt about details from the Trial known by a Legion Press .

        You have just as breathlessly been reading my NONPAREIL accounts of —Life with Uncle Jimmy Before The Age At Which Rimbaud Died — On this blog for some time now . Your clumsy appropriation of terms and themes I explored , with a host of sharpies , not harpies , on this Blog long ago , in vigorous debate for years now , is singularly creepy example of plagiarism.

        Welllll Janet … So you want to be in bed with Jimmy ?!?


        Wanna Play

        1. ★ If you consider yourself a professional in whatever you put your hand to, in any pursuit or passion, or painful and enduring labor, then you, like St.Exuperé’s Little Prince , ….Become responsible for what you have loved .

          I hate amateurs almost as much as I hate hypocrites .

          Drive on James ….. Poppa’s got a brand new bag .

          1. Janet :

            I never stay angry very long . You had an experience . You want to relate it . We get it . You at least put the damn thing in quotes . So …. Just don’t be a twit about it .

            Jack still likes Janet .

            Plucky little pirate Janet .

  8. Matt :

    There will be a prevailing southwesterly wind on Northern Ave. tomorrow . Just so you know which way to lean as you shoot past the Moakley Courthouse .

  9. Ah, I get it. The Feds didn’t know what the Feds were doing? So who’s watching the Feds? Why did Mueller keep resisting release of persons jailed by lying witnesses even after it was known they were lying. They all persisted in the cover-up.

  10. But who’s gonna mind da puppies ?!?

    That, Friends , is the poetry of real compassion !!!

    So puzzling, huh ?

    I have been called worse things than morally ambiguous, said the man .

  11. You are right. The Whitey hysteria swept the media the way the Trump- Russia collusion hysteria has swept the national media. China is a much larger threat to America than Russia ever will be. 2.. The judge in the Flynn case used the word treason for Flynn;s lobbying for Turkey a NATO Ally. Would lobbying for all allies and non allies be treason according to His Honor’s view? Should Congress make it a crime to lobby for a foreign government?

    1. NC: It is a crime, if one conceals their activities. You must register as an agent of a foreign power. Man, you gotta try deep reading the news. Don’t just skip over the stuff you don’t like.

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