Boston’s Major Marty Walsh Has A Big Week

(1) savin HillIt has been a big week for Major Martin Walsh soon to depart from my home town of Savin Hill. Trying to figure out exactly why he intends to move from a mainly blue color neighborhood filled with three-deckers that was a short trip down Dorchester Avenue to downtown to the more uppity neighborhood of Lower Mills was not difficult. Everything became clear when I read the part of the article telling of his move that said: ““Everybody loves the mayor,” said Russell Hutchinson, a 76-year-old who moved to the street less than a year ago and feels a connection to Walsh, even though he has never spoken to him.”

 If you know Russie Hutchinson you’d know Tuttle Street was not big enough to hold both men. One had to leave. It wasn’t going to be Russie.

Good luck to the major on his move. Now that he has convinced his Lorrie Higgins to leave Savin Hill with him perhaps he can get her to take down the Walls of Jericho that kept Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert separated and follow their example.

That, of course, is not the big news about the major. Whether it was the audience with the Pope or the break he took that took him away from Boston which gave him time to hob nob with other mayors, he came back to the Hub intent on making it perfectly clear to the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) that runs the show in America, the committee that decides what American city will be able to bid with the World Olympic Committee on hosting the Olympics, that Boston was not going to be the sucker guaranteeing the debts of the games.

I have noted before that the Olympics traditionally go four times over its budget. That would have made them cost around 20 billion with the estimated revenue somewhere about a quarter of that. Even with the state willing to pick up some of it, as Governor Charlie Baker seemed intent on doing, the taxpayers in the city were going to take a big hit. Being basically a blue-collar guy, Mayor Walsh knew that for many Boston homeowners that would be a crushing blow. He knew from the Pope that his job was to make life easier for these people.

It is good he put Boston 2024 out of its misery before too much more time was wasted on that pipe dream which depended upon the Commonwealth of Massachusetts spending an additional six billion dollar on highway projects. Without being privy to his thought process I have to think that he recognized his ability to move the city forward would have been hampered by outsiders. He could have made no bold moves without having to run it by these strangers on the  USOC. He would also have to run things by the governor and the Boston 2024 group.

Now that he has freed himself from these restraints, he can take the plans that were developed by Boston 2024 with respect to the recently discovered Widett Circle,  Colombia Point and other parts of Boston and use them to come up with his own plan on expanding and improving those areas. Within two to three years he could be in a position to move forward with those plans rather than having to wait until after the 2024 Olympics were finished.

There is however one real downside to the major’s discussion of the Olympic bid. He said of the opposition to Boston 2024  that it its “for the most part is about 10 people on Twitter and a couple people out there who are constantly beating the drumbeat.”  That shows a complete misunderstanding of the people who were opposed to those games. Worse, it shows a major who does not have his hands on the pulse of the city. Is he becoming too isolated; too surrounded by sycophants?

The statement about the “10 people on tweeter” and the move to a more exclusive neighborhood are unwelcome portents. Do they show the major is forgetting on what side his toast is buttered? I hope not because I think he can be a great major.

But if he is not careful, Russie Hutchinson might decide he would like to move into City Hall.



6 thoughts on “Boston’s Major Marty Walsh Has A Big Week

  1. Photo is the story . Expectation is a mutha’ ain’t it? … MAC THE DOG written by William Connolly, former witty /frequent contributor. He deplored spam.

  2. Cool Photo! I went hunting for it on google images to see what the story was that went with it. Nothing.

    Anyway, I remember my father saying something about Savin Hill being called “Swedeville. ” It turns there was a small section of Savin Hill called Swedeville and I must have mis-remembered or misunderstood. Anyhow, in my search for Swedeveille I found a google book link for “Mac The Dog” by William M. Connolly, which gives a very accurate description of the neighborhood in the 40’s as my father had described it to me.

    1. Kerry:

      Swedeville was a section of Savin Hill that was over the bridge which means it was on the side of the beach, the woods, the ball park, the marsh, and the culley (the culvert under Morrissey Boulevard where we often swam). Going over the bridge you would go left and the road ran parallel with the tracks for a copld of hundred yards and then took a sharp right as it ran down toward Morrissey Boulevard. It was that section that was Swedeville: the prettiest girl in Savin Hill Beverly Carlson live there in one of the six-deckers as did my life long friend RED (Eric the Red).

      Mac the dog lived in the Barry’s house on Sagamore Street next to my house. He’d go off in the morning with the kids, hang out with them all day, and come back to his house when they went in for the night. He was a wonder dog who loved hanging out and was afraid of nothing, sort of like a lot of the kids at the time.

  3. What’s that Faulkner said about life being stranger ( and more wonderful) than any fiction , Matt . 🙂

  4. * Twitter/drumbeat just a snappy funny throwaway wise crack. I remember meeting a disgruntled gloomily glowering Marty at a store in Perkins Square, Southie, back when as an old blues player said of Gleason … ” I knew Jackie back when he couldn’t get arrested, he would get me work, he was just a really good guy who treated everyone the same. ” … The convenience store owner was an old hand. It was him, me, and another seasoned savant and we were @ the Lottery ” helm.” This young guy walks in. His brows were knit. He was in that deep dark gallows shadow and … ” frankly I don’t give a flying F if I was a bad boy last night, that guy had it coming “…. Study, that the Irish carry like an Emerald Chip on their Shoulder. …. ” HELLLLLOOOOOO MAHHHHHTTTTTYYYYY ” … Boomed … the owner, with a welcome and clearly tickled grin. Marty just kind of … shuffled a bit … rolled his shoulders … and wordlessly conveyed his young man’s sardonic assessment of the Universe on that early afternoon. We three older statesmen just looked at him … wordlessly … expectantly. After a meditative and penitential pause … I nodded at the Kid … Absolution granted young Man. I walked out. Always remembered that encounter. The Kid became Mayor of Boston. He is not your average bear . 🙂

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