16 thoughts on “Breaking News: Florida Reverses FBI Agent Connolly’s Conviction

  1. Matt, Wow indeed. Your moral support is rather … underwhelming . Let me offer you another version of what a STAND UP GUY is as you were laboring with the definition earlier today. He is a person who has got a persons back when that person has had theirs. I have contributed to your blog when interest in it seemed flagging and those who profess concern about its contents now were deafening in their silence. Wow !!! .. Now there is a thought provoking word of contribution !!! … Well Matt, I have nobly disagreed at times with you, but just as nobly defended you : when for instance that idiot called you a ” Republican chicken hawk ” that time. This is my nature. This is why I am known to folks you have probably more of an academic acquaintance and understanding in your former professional capacity of a A.D.A of as … A Stand Up Guy πŸ™‚ … I know James Bulger is no saint; I just don’t buy that he is a woman killer. That has always been what raised my ire. I will not add my comments to your blog any further. Henpecking by the ilk of GOK and your seeking its refuge apparently , convinces me you have no heart for the argument anymore. Are you a Stand Up Guy Matt ??? … I thought you were. Now, I am not so sure. Good Luck and may all your contributors be … Spirited … contributors !!! πŸ™‚ SLAINTE

  2. GOK, ” AN HONORABLE MAN ” was that laconic enough for you ??? … that started the conversation between Matt and I in today’s threads regarding John Connolly. I recollect you weighing in a time or two, but not much more. If you have something to say then say it and contribute to the wealth of the discussion without persnickety remarks about word count that actually have no basis in reality. The PC policing of arguments you don’t like by such … huffiness …. is … bullshit. Is that succinct enough for you ??? … Don’t be so precious. Jump into the hurly burly and swing away with the rest of us. Or stay on the sidelines, and if the going gets too thick for you then scroll man, scroll !!! Regards πŸ™‚

  3. I can’t help thinking that some replies here (the lengthy ones in particular) are best replaced by an exchange of private emails. Other readers of (and contributors to) this blog tend to get lost and confused, I imagine — unless it’s just me.

    1. GOK:

      I agree. That’s probably my fault and I should be more diligent in my editing.

  4. Matt, No … you took a shot … for reasons unbeknownst … How my stating for clearly and rationally explained reasons that I cut Howie some slack compared to other purveyors of media nonsense about so much that concerns this blog … morphed into … ” Your friend Howie ” … puzzled and disappointed me. You know Matt … that old expression about not pissing down someone’s back and telling them it is raining. It was a remark calculated in its sarcasm. So, I responded cooly, diplomatically , and with careful reason. You answered with uncharacteristic … gobbledygook : Circus horses circling and some stuff about the restorative power of opening marijuana clinics for the career weary … blatantly misquoting your own predicate utterance and entirely predicating your response upon this curious, illogical, and fantastic inversion. That is not talking past someone. That is talking nonsense. You took a run … got a direct response and challenge to … intellectually … defend a position. And then ran from that. I expect better. I leave it at that.

  5. Matt, Perhaps its been a long day on the track, but you are a racehorse no ??? … So pick up your gait. The expression was ” Your friend Howie … etc. ” … You are neither obtuse nor ready for the boneyard so don’t play mickey the dunce with me . I don’t … like others … ” like to call him, Jimmy ” …. Rather … like some others in his wide circle of acquaintance in Boston… in my case as commented I met him when I had just turned fifteen under … neutral circumstances … which I will diffuse the private power of Memory no further with than to note that he introduced himself to me as Jimmy … and this is the name by which I hereafter addressed him. Yes, we do like to banter with each other Matt, so in that spirit please put my mind to rest that you are not presently back at work with old boss Bill Delahunt doing product testing in his Medical Marijuana franchise πŸ™‚ … When I read your response and arrant misquotation of your own remarks that I had pointedly responded to I said to myself … He’s putting me on … Winding us all up, as the brits say. This guy is a former prosecutor with a witheringly incisive intellect, who dissects legal issues as easily as he breathes, and this is the best he’s got ??? … C’mon Matt … stop playing to the peanut gallery πŸ™‚

  6. * Outside the tent pissing in. Of course … that I freudian slipped it as ” inside the tent pissing in ” probably reveals the truth of my Unconscious belief that this variant aptly addresses your behavior with a crack like that Matt … But to WIT πŸ™‚ …. I like you and as we have danced in the hypnotic arena together on this blog in private and publicly these past three years now, I have established RAPPORT with you. I had my own reasons surrounding this effort in terms of defending Whitey ( As you would call him πŸ™‚ ) Bulger. And I succeeded. I like you though I have disagreed with you on many points. I have always championed your undertaking in what I consider a highly worthy Blog as you have always defended Billy Bulger. So, the like and respect are genuine, and because you are bettter than such cuteness in your remark to me I am committed to putting you right.
    Don’t get me going on Howie. I had my own reasons for establishing a rapport with him. Among the results of it I believe he dialed back his mockery of Senate President Bulger. You preach not to the choir but to the Preacher himself concerning his sins. That is all just obvious stuff. What requires more discernment is to realize that for better or worse Howie is part of the Story … And … BELIEVE ME … It is a Hell of a Story … The Show is just starting … One Appeal down … ONE TO GO πŸ™‚

    1. John:

      My statement “your friend Whitey” was in the context of the relationship we’ve where we like to toss a few well-intended jabs at each other. It should be taken lightly and not in any manner malicious. I said it basically because you like to call him Jimmy as some do, others who used to hang around where he hung around call him Mr. White just in case he was in earshot. I call him Whitey because I’ve always known him as such from my days in the Old Harbor when we’d all scatter when someone yelled “here comes Whitey.”

      I said it to you as they say tongue in cheek and not that I had any thought that you had a friendship with him. Sort of like I’d say to some lawyer who just got pummelled by Judge Sullivan that “his friend Judge Sullivan” did this or that in a jesting manner: I guess it comes from too many hours leaning against street signs and engaging in mostly verbal conflicts.

      I don’t have any trouble with anyone having a good relation with Howie. He’s a likeable guy in person and comes across as everyone’s buddy even though with his pen he is able to do much evil; I suppose that’s why so many people get taken by used car salesmen because the facade hides the blackness. If you were able to influence him in any way for the good so much the better but even today he still is writing about the Bulgers.

      The more I think of it he has become a one horse circus but the horse is getting tired; going around in the same circle. He better spruce up his act a bit; if not he might want to go into the medical marijuana business

  7. Matt, Like you I am familiar with the expression ” It is better to have him inside the tent pissing out than inside the tent pissing in ” … I believe Winston Churchill coined it of DeGaulle. You are too cute by far with locution ” Your Friend Howie ” to me. I have spoken in a temporizing fashion about him for a number of reasons you perhaps are not in a position to appreciate. I met Jimmy Bulger in early March of ’74 when I was fifteen. I am familiar with him and loathe his detractors who think he would ever harm a woman. ” Ah yes, the chair detects the needle ” as the Senate President would say Counselor. It’s a bit like accusing Elie Wiesel of being a Nazi apologist, but let me humor this unusual

  8. Matt, Rather good news we all agree I think. It is a new day after a long ordeal for FBI Agent John Connolly. John is going to be booking some of those who ” booked” him I am certain. That will be a Book well worth reading !!! Very Pleased today for John’s Redemption/Resurrection this day !!! πŸ™‚

    1. John:

      I’m wondering if those guys and gals who wrote that he was a murderer are transfering their assets into someone else’s name. Your friend Howie should be sweating a little – he’s worked hard hawking his books and grovelling for his money at book shows on his weekends off and to think he might have done it all for John. πŸ™‚

  9. GREAT NEWS THAT’S WHERE I GOT THE 28th from I just sent you something

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