Can One Who Is Non Compos Mentis Say Mea Culpa?

I suppose one has to be compos mentis  to offer an apology. Certainly a a person not of sound mind would be unable to do so. I wonder this because lately the manner in which I have gone about making decisions about this blog has had me questioning my mental state. Why it was only about two weeks ago I was apologizing for having gone off on a tangent and arbitrarily decided to change the name of the blog.

This was done as I explained because I was going to start another blog that dealt with gangsters. Then, as I explained, I realized that was a mistake. The name of the blog was not changed.

I proceeded with the second part of my plan to have he gangster site. I was finally able to do that. Once I had it up an running I posted a couple of articles. I really did not like the looks of the site but I found it difficult to change it. I spent more time on it that I should have done.

In the meantime, three people (Jason, John, Jerome) wrote to me asking me what I thought of the documentary, My Name Is Bulger. The last person to write me about this named Jerome did so yesterday. Being between things, I though that was a good time to watch it. I am now in the process of writing about it. I hope to publish my thoughts soon.

Then I started thinking should I publish it on this blog Trekking Toward The Truth (  or on my newly created Gangsters Gambits blog. Thinking that, I started to wonder about my sanity. I am having a hard enough time keeping one blog going without having a second one. It seemed somewhat absurd to have my readers come to my main blog and then to require them to go to another one to read and article.

While thinking all this  I got another message from Jerome. He wrote: “I think it’s better to post the gangster articles on mattofboston. All your old posts are on there for years back.” Ah, a voice of sanity to steer me back from the conundrum I had put myself into.

I  thought that it made more sense to keep everything on one blog and perhaps have certain days to post gangster stuff and use the other days for everything else. That will allow those people interested in my opinion on one or the other not to be bothered by a topic in which they have no interest.

Without rambling on anymore, I’ve made one firm decision and that is to keep this blog as my only blog. The other one I set up I will not use.

Now that I am compos mentis I can say mea culpa for the nonsense I have put you through. Thanks for your patience and understanding.



5 thoughts on “Can One Who Is Non Compos Mentis Say Mea Culpa?

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  2. Matt
    I appreciate you taking my advice. Hey no one is perfect. You tried something new and took a risk. All part of LIFE. Besides some readers enjoy both the gangster and non- gangster articles. Now if WE could only get to read yourI rish War book. That would be Christmas in the summer

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