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How Beck’s Beer Shows the FBI Agent John Connolly was not Corrupt: Part 2 of 2

beck(Continued from yesterday)

At FBI Agent John Connolly’s trial according to my book, Don’t Embarrass The Family, Weeks testified: “Jim Bulger beeped me. He told me not to move the car. He said that FBI agents Morris, Connolly and Newton were at his house drinking Beck’s beer and sitting around and talking. Morris had a few beers too many. He told Bulger they had gotten the license plate of the car involved in the hit. Jim Bulger said to me, “Thank God for Beck’s beer.

Now stop a second and think of what that tells us.

First, the FBI knew a description of the car and its plate number right after the murder happened on Tuesday; neither Weeks who was planning to move the car nor Whitey knew of this. They would not learn of it until three days later. The information would be inadvertently leaked to them by FBI Agent Morris who had a little too many Beck’s beers. Whitey was highly relieved that Morris could not hold his liquor and had developed loose lips. He told Nee “Thank God for Beck’s beerIt was because of that he learned this crucial information.

No One’s Pal Joey: The FBI’s Big Arrest

Joey BurkeI thought most of the Charlestown morons were wiped out when the McLaughlins got caught up in the losing end of the fight with the Somerville crowd in the 1960s. Joey from Charlestown shows there are some still around. Joseph Burke (Joey) age 51 has a record going back to at least 1988. Then he was twenty four-years-old and was sent to prison for five years for multiple robberies. How times have changed, Whitey in the Fifties got 20 years for the same type crimes. Joey was then convicted of possession of cocaine with intent to distribute in 1993. He got ten years in prison and is still on federal probation.

Joey’s just been arrested. He was “hired” by an undercover FBI agent to kill another guy who just happened to be an undercover FBI agent. The thing that I cannot figure is how did the FBI agent and Joey get together in the first place? Was Joey handing out cards saying he’d murder someone for a price?  My curiosity compelled me to look at the criminal complaint against him signed by FBI agent Benjamin A. Alves who has been with the FBI six years and with the Harrisonburg, Virginia police for seven years prior to that.

Are We In The Early Days of A Yellow Scare?

(`) ConfuciusYou may not remember the Red Scare. How could you be expected to? It happened almost 100 years ago back in 1919.

You want to know who was behind it. It was J. Edgar Hoover who was operating in the Bureau of Investigations’ Radical Division. (The name was changed to Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) in the Thirties.) Although it was blamed on the Attorney General Palmer, Hoover, though a young man, was pushing all the buttons.

Where it got its name was because Hoover’s group was scaring the bejesus out of the American people to such an extent the average American thought there was a Red (which at that time was a term for any type of radical such as an anarchist, communist, socialist, or the like) under every bush in every park getting ready to strike. The country had been pushed to a panic that the Bolsheviks were about to take over.

In this atmosphere Hoover and his men launched raids that captured upwards of five thousand people. They held them in jails without warrants for days on end. They deprived them of counsel and the ability to communicate with the outside. The constant stream of false information pouring out of the Bureau of Investigations saw a country that was willing to look away from those abuses of the people’s civil rights.

Unanswered Questions: Where Did Organized Crime Go? Why Was Rahim Shot When He Was?

article-2000227-0C72775100000578-502_964x654Has anyone noticed that for the most part that organized crime in the Boston area has vanished. No one is involved in taking bets on the NFL or other sporting events; the great white sharks have devoured the loan sharks; the leg breakers have gone into extreme boxing; the extortionist have become contortionists; the war on illegal drugs has been won with Nancy Reagan’s “just say no” campaign finally taken hold. I would not be surprised if many of you are not right now standing up and singing FDR’s 1932 campaign song: “Happy Days Are Here Again.”

Could it be that with the departure of “it came from outer space the man who terrorized Boston for decades” in late 1994 we became crime free with respect to organized crime? Was it only because of Whitey that drugs flowed into South Boston and had he not been around there would have been no overdoses or drug dependent kids in that area?  Did he have such power that had he not been on the scene there would have been no organized crime outside of the Mafia? Where have all the bookies gone?