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In examining this case it is necessary to look at different aspects of the justice system to give people a better understanding of what is going on.

We Will Have These Sentences To Remember: Paul Manafort and Catherine Greig

Paul Manafort. Lied to the federal prosecutors; lied to the federal grand jury about everything under the sun.

Judge Jackson said of Paul Manafort that he had used his many talents as a strategist to evade taxes, deceive banks, subvert lobbying laws and obstruct justice — all so he could sustain an “ostentatiously opulent” lifestyle with “more houses than a family can enjoy, more suits than one man can wear.” That’s even aside from the millions of dollars he was paid by Viktor Yanukovych the former president of Ukraine under the table to keep that Russian Stooge in office.

Judge Jackson said  “It is hard to overstate the number of lies and the amount of fraud and the amount of money involved. There is no question that this defendant knew better and he knew what he was doing.”

Judge Ellis also sentenced Manafort in another court for bank fraud, stashing money in overseas banks and defrauding the IRS by making false claims on his tax statements every year from 2010 to 2014.

There is Something Different About Rachael Rollins: What Is It?

Yesterday I asked if there was something different about Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins that made Governor Baker’s Secretary of Public Safety Thomas Truco III do what no other person holding that position had ever done which is to write a lengthy letter which became public criticizing her office policies. I mentioned Truco was an officious intermedder because Rollins does not operate under his jurisdiction. I also suggested the normal and traditional manner of airing disagreements is in private. Truco’s actions were so abnormal and out of the main stream that one has to consider whether he was motivated by Rollins being an African-American.

It seems what got Truco’s goat was The Rachael Rollins Policy Memo, which can be read here. I read it shortly after it came out. I found it refreshing and enlightening although it could have done with some professional editing. I have written before of the need to change the criminal justice system – I give her credit for trying. I especially give her credit because she is changing it in a way that would not have occurred to others – it is from the perspective of a black woman who has lived in her community.

“Let’s . . .to Rumble!” Charlie Baker in the white trunks vs Rachael Rollins in the black trunks

It was clear the color of the trunks reflects the background and experience of the fighters. They come into the ring having had different training and experiences. Baker who reminds me of the guy Orrin Markhus who used to skate in the Ice Capades who was part of the Old Smoothies duo is an old hardened pro of the Republican style; Rollins recalls an up-and-comer not confined by any previous style but new to the slippery gang-up tactics used by old timers within the ropes.

The fight started with a hard left hook by Markhus Baker. Baker was taught that hook by Thomas A. Truco, III who is the Secretary of Public Safety having been appointed in December 2018. Truco, a life-long public servant from Auburn with a background in probation work and a short stint in the corrections area, with no background in police work – which is very different from probation work – and no street sense having hardly settled down in his office after four months began feeling his oats so he decided to become an officious intermeddler by publicly chastising Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins about her plans for running her district attorney’s office.

Can MacKenzie Con Saylor?

(1) out of stepKevin Cullen has an interesting column in the Boston Globe about Eddie MacKenzie from South Boston who wrote a book telling how he was associated with Whitey Bulger and managed to get it published.  It was called. “Street Soldier: My Life as an Enforcer for Whitey Bulger and the Boston Irish Mob.

The book is written by MacKenzie and Phyllis Karas. The latter has found a nice gig for herself co-writing books about Whitey as other authors have done. Another of her books is the one with Kevin Weeks called: “Brutal, Untold Story of My Life Inside Whitey Bulger’s Irish Mob.” She has an upcoming book about Whitey again with Kevin Weeks called: “Hunted Down: The FBI’s Pursuit and Capture of Whitey Bulger” about which Weeks has little knowledge.

But that hasn’t deterred Karas because Cullen tells us if Whitey is to be believed he met MacKenzie only once and otherwise had nothing to do with him.  Which, as I’ve noted before, since both are gangsters you can’t believe either one.

The Absurdity of FBI Agent John Connolly’s Incarceration: Part Three

Here’s what I don’t get. How any right thinking can person believe justice is served by having John Connolly rot in prison?  To bring that about the Department of Justice (DOJ) attorneys had to literally make deals with evil.

Connolly joined the FBI in 1968. He got in through a hook. No, it wasn’t through Billy Bulger’s help as some media mavens would have you believe. Billy was a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives at the time who had little pull in Washington, DC at the time and none with the FBI. It was through a friend of his father, John W. McCormack, who happened to be Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.  McCormack picked up the phone and J. Edgar Hoover knowing on what side his bread was buttered opened the door for Connolly.

It was probably through the same connection that he returned to the Boston office of the FBI in 1973. McCormack had retired by that time but you can rest assured he still maintained his relationship with the next speaker, Carl Albert, his long time right hand man. Connolly stayed with the FBI in Boston until he retired in late 1990.

The Absurdity of FBI Agent John Connolly’s Incarceration: Part One

“Mean bastards,” is what I answered a person who asked me why the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI want John Connolly to die in prison. That’s my explanation for what is going on. They have no reason other than they are vindictive people who have the power to work behind the scenes to continue the unwarranted imprisonment of him.

It’s not that John Connolly knows anything that could hurt them; even if he did, few, if any, would believe him since he has lost all credibility in the public eye after the incessant hammering he has taken in the media and books by malicious people using him as a foil for hurting others. A tragic part of John Connolly’s plight is that he has yet to fully grasp after all these years in prison that he was betrayed by the FBI. He knows he did the job that he was supposed to have done; he knows the FBI knows that is what he did; because of his brain washing by that Bureau he cannot understand that it is because he did the job that the FBI had to turn on him and try to destroy him.

The Bum’s Rush of FBI Agent John Connolly in Federal Court: Part One

You know Frank Salemme was one of the big hit men during the gang wars of the 1960s in Boston according to both him and his buddy Stevie Flemmi. Both men were indicted for blowing up an attorney’s automobile. They fled the area. Flemmi was caught in New York City by FBI Agent John Connolly, returned to Boston, incarcerated in Walpole prison for 16 years, and finally released in the late 1980s. He eventually became the leader of the New England Mafia. Not a nice guy by any definition of that word.

He testified against Agent Connolly at his trial in 2002. He blamed Connolly for him having been shot at a Pancake House in Saugus. He testified Flemmi told him the gangsters were paying money to Connolly; he testified that he gave Flemmi money to give to Connolly; and he said he got information from Flemmi which Flemmi said came from Connolly. Pretty good information that Connolly is corrupt to any juror who is paying attention.

Prosecutorial Abuse of the Grand Jury: The Silence of the Media

(1) constitutionThe Boston Globe has advised us that the Boston federal prosecutors have brought Catherine Greig back to Rhode Island from the Midwest because the federal prosecutors want to question her about the assets of James “Whitey” Bulger.  I know the newspapers are not supposed to be mouthpieces for the government but given the very close relationship between that newspaper and the Boston federal prosecutors what is written has the ring of truth.

What I found disheartening in reading that newspaper report is the failure of the reporter to question what the federal prosecutors were doing. Perhaps she is too close to them to do so. It becomes doubly so when another reporter uses the first’s story to add his two bits. He too because of his closeness leaves out the heart of the story.

This is why reporters and prosecutors should not have such symbiotic relationships. They cannot see when their sources are acting in violation of the Constitution. They report as if what they are doing is fine and proper. If these reporters are telling the truth then we are seeing a huge abuse of our Constitution by the prosecutors. It should be decried. It is not a matter to be taken lightly when those who are supposed to be guarding our liberty are intent on stomping upon it.